Google Search is Ready for the World Cup

Google Search is ready to bring you up-to-the-minute World Cup news as you need it on your mobile device. As Google noted today on G+, they have “you covered with match schedules, group information and more.”

For example, you could search for “world cup” starting today, and see the upcoming daily match schedule. Once the action starts on June 12, a quick search of “world cup” or your favorite team will bring you live scores, team rosters, and major plays.   (more…)

theScore Receives Major Update to Get Ready for the World Cup

Are you ready for the World Cup? One of our favorite sports apps, theScore, released an update today to help get you ready. The update allows for “deep personalization,” including data and news from favorite games, teams, and players that automatically appears and is updated in real-time.

You can do things like add your team’s schedule to your calendar, so that you never miss a game. You can receive alerts for breaking news on teams or for goals, red cards, match start/end times, etc. You can get the same info on favorite players, see the biggest news, track shots, find player stats, and check out the entire “bracket view” of the Cup.

The update is live now, so feel free to go grab it.  (more…)