Uber Introduces Redesigned App

Uber dropped a new redesign on us this morning, one that flips the experience a bit by starting you off with a question, “Where to?” That’s in a way Uber realizing that when someone requests a ride, the whole point is that they have a destination in mind and would rather tell Uber where to take them upfront instead of telling it where to pick them up. That make sense?  (more…)

Pittsburgh Residents, Uber is Rolling Out Self-Driving Cars

Don’t get me wrong, Pittsburgh is a fine city, but did anyone think it would be the first area you can take a self-driving Uber from place to place? Well, starting this week, Uber is rolling out self-driving vehicles for public usage, providing the same experience as an UberX.

According to Uber, these vehicles will only be usable by Uber’s most loyal riders, and I have no idea what that actually means. While I don’t think Uber knows if you have ever used a Lyft before, anything’s possible. My guess is, if you find yourself taking Uber quite frequently, and you’re in the vicinity of one, you may see it pop up inside of your Uber app.  (more…)

Google Maps Gets WiFi Only Mode, Offline Maps to SD Cards

A Google Maps update will start rolling out to Android users today that includes a WiFi only mode and the option to save offline maps to microSD cards..

Google walked through a bunch of scenarios specific to each feature in today’s announcement post, but this stuff is really pretty self explanatory. In WiFi only mode, you get to tell Google Maps to only work when connected to WiFi. That way, you can save on data consumption and use Maps offline. The added bonus here is that you are basically putting Maps in airplane mode, while the rest of your phone stays connected. Sweet, right?  (more…)

Uber Introduces Scheduled Rides to Let You…Schedule a Ride

If there is one feature that Uber has desperately needed since launch, it would be the ability to schedule a ride. The thought here is that you probably know ahead of time that you’ll need a ride, but you don’t necessarily want to deal with last minute requests and would instead like to set something up ahead of time, you know, to cross it off the list of “Sh*t to do before my trip.”

Today, Uber is introducing Scheduled Rides globally. As the name suggests, you can now schedule a ride with Uber anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 days in advance.  (more…)

Uber Revamps In-App Customer and Driver Support

Since the beginning, customer support on Uber has equated to only emailing its support teams across the country, but going forward, things are going to change. With the company’s latest announcement focused entirely on customer service, whether it be for drivers or passengers, many of the help you might need is no more than a few taps away.

Instead of emailing messages to teams, you will handle claims from within the Uber app, thanks to an updated Help menu that will guide you on which steps to take in order to resolve any issues you may have.  (more…)

Report: AT&T Might Sell a Bloatware-Infested Cyanogen-Powered ZTE Phone

According to a report out of The Information, AT&T is looking into a Cyanogen-powered phone, because it thinks that Cyanogen could make a compelling Android-alternative option to its customers. That may be better put as, AT&T thinks that by partnering with Cyanogen, it can load up even more garbage bloatware on phones to help push you into their other services, like DirecTV.  (more…)

Uber Intros Family Profiles, Pay for Your Kid or Friend’s Ride

Today, Uber introduced Family Profiles, the easiest way to make sure your children, friends, and loved ones are getting around safely through the city.

When a Family Profile is created, multiple users can request rides from the same account, with Uber billing a single payment form. For example, if you have a kid in college in a different city, that child can request an Uber and pay for it using the Family Profile (mom or dad’s credit card), instead of using their own money.  (more…)