Uber Revamps In-App Customer and Driver Support

Since the beginning, customer support on Uber has equated to only emailing its support teams across the country, but going forward, things are going to change. With the company’s latest announcement focused entirely on customer service, whether it be for drivers or passengers, many of the help you might need is no more than a few taps away.

Instead of emailing messages to teams, you will handle claims from within the Uber app, thanks to an updated Help menu that will guide you on which steps to take in order to resolve any issues you may have.  (more…)

Report: AT&T Might Sell a Bloatware-Infested Cyanogen-Powered ZTE Phone

According to a report out of The Information, AT&T is looking into a Cyanogen-powered phone, because it thinks that Cyanogen could make a compelling Android-alternative option to its customers. That may be better put as, AT&T thinks that by partnering with Cyanogen, it can load up even more garbage bloatware on phones to help push you into their other services, like DirecTV.  (more…)

Uber Intros Family Profiles, Pay for Your Kid or Friend’s Ride

Today, Uber introduced Family Profiles, the easiest way to make sure your children, friends, and loved ones are getting around safely through the city.

When a Family Profile is created, multiple users can request rides from the same account, with Uber billing a single payment form. For example, if you have a kid in college in a different city, that child can request an Uber and pay for it using the Family Profile (mom or dad’s credit card), instead of using their own money.  (more…)

Google Maps Integrates Ride Services With Dedicated ETA Tab, Fare Estimates

Starting today, users of Uber can simply open up the Google Maps app, plug in a destination, then get detailed information on whether an Uber is the best option for you to get somewhere.

Usually, if you want to use Uber, you must open their app, hail a car, type in your destination, then you will be on your way. With this ride service integration in Google Maps, a newly dedicated tab specifically for ride services will show you estimated time to your destination, as well as the cost for the different tiers of Uber service. This is in addition to the other ETAs the Google Maps app provides, such as public transportation, walking, and biking.  (more…)

UberEats Will Soon Bring Food Delivery to a City Near You

According to the Wall Street Journal, Uber is preparing to launch a full-scale food delivery service called UberEats in a number of cities in the coming weeks. If we look at the dedicated UberEats website that already exists and lists out the participating cities, it seems as if Uber is going to expand their current UberEats lunch-time service to include dinner. The WSJ also says that we should expect a dedicated UberEats app.  (more…)