Square’s New Reader Takes NFC Mobile Payments, Launches Today

Square, the payment dongle that you see stuffed into iPads at all of your favorite overpriced coffee shops in hipster neighborhoods across the US, has a new reader out today that allows merchants to accept mobile payments over NFC. Square has teamed up with 100 local businesses for today’s launch, but the plan is obviously to make this a much bigger rollout over time.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Should a Smartwatch be Round or Square?

Square or round? That seems to be the debate about smartwatches in 2014. Motorola decided long ago that they were ditching the rectangular smartwatch design for something closer to a traditional, circular time piece with the Moto 360. We have even seen LG already jump to the idea as well, with the G Watch R. But then you have Samsung sticking with square (semi-curved square, to be correct) throughout their half-dozen or so watch releases. And of course, Apple went square with the Apple Watch in this week’s unveiling.

We are curious which you prefer? Clearly, you think the Moto 360 is the best looking watch of the bunch, according to our latest poll, but that could be because of the overall design. Maybe you could buy into a square watch if it looked amazing. You tell us – square or round?

Should a Smartwatch be Round or Square?

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Square Cash Publicly Launched, Could be the Easiest Way to Send Cash Via Email

Square Cash

Could sending money to a friend be as easy as sending an email? Apparently, the answer is yes. Square, the company best known for its little square card readers that many merchants have been adopting for the past couple of years, launched a new program called Square Cash. According to the product manager of the program, sending money via an email is 100% secure, and can be done without the need of an app or creating an account, as long as you have any debit card in the US.  (more…)

Forget NFC Payments, Pay With Square Wants You to Pay Just by Saying Your Name

NFC and Google Wallet seem to be all the rage these days, but mobile payment machine Square has figured out a way to make things even simpler than tapping your phone to a terminal. Pay With Square is their new app which allows you to pay without anything but your face and name. Confused? Through this app, you create an account that has a picture of you attached. You then use the app to find your favorite local business and set up a “tab” with them, sort of like you do at a bar. When you go to pay for your goods or services, you simply tell them your name, they look for your picture and name on their screen, verify that it’s you, and you walk out. From there, a receipt is generated and sent to your phone for confirmation and also so that you can leave a tip.

Ready to give it a try? Some of your favorite food carts, photographers and other Square users may already have activated the service. (more…)

Square Receives Update to Version 2.1, Fast Transactions and Easier Tipping are Go

Food truck owners, Saturday market entrepreneurs, musicians, and all other transactional based businesses, be aware that Square has been updated to version 2.1 to make your life so much easier.  For those not familiar, Square is that little white box that you keep seeing on top of the phone of the late night burrito shack you frequent that runs credit cards.  It truly is one of the great mobile inventions of our time for anyone looking to sell goods on the go.

Here is a list of new goodies:

Faster transactions: You can now check out customers in as little as 4 seconds and avoid long lines.

Easier tipping: Optimized tipping interface so customers can quickly add gratuity with a single tap.

Ability to skip signature: To expedite transactions, you can waive the signature requirement for purchases under $25.

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