Accessory Review: Philips Fidelio AS351 Speaker Dock For Android Devices

We were very happy to receive one of Philips’ anticipated docking stations for Android in the mail a little while ago and knew that lots of people have been looking for something just like this. Finally, a docking station for our Android devices that has good quality speakers that can rock the house and charge our devices at the same time. A simple device that turned a bit complicated due to software constraints and silly ‘non-existent’ requirements. Let me try to explain. (more…)

SongBird for Android Sheds Beta Tag, Available as 1.0 in the Market

SongBird has been available for a month or so now on Android, but just this week, it dropped the “beta” tag and became officially official as version 1.0.  This is a fantastic music app.  It’s simple and “elegant”, but still includes all of the goodies you’d expect from someone trying to compete in the music app scene.  You get a simple yet polished widget, Flicker stream of artist images, search, and this handy “now playing” drawer.  This might not have Winamp’s llama or all of the neon lights featured in something like PowerAMP, but SongBird holds its own.  Classy keeps coming to mind.

If there is one negative, it’s the lack of a lockscreen widget.  They assure us all that it’s coming soon though.   (more…)