RadioShack Deems DROID Bionic as “Unsellable”, Removes From Direct2U System (Updated)

Update:  We have been assured that this is a RadioShack-only situation. The device as we have been told, has no issues and will continue to be sold nationwide just as it always has been.

Talk about an alarming message coming from inside RadioShack, right? The DROID Bionic has been flagged as “unsellable” in stores and has been removed from their Direct2U system. Our source says that it is likely a software or security issue that needs to be addressed before they can begin to sell it again. So it doesn’t sound like the phone is gone for good, but there is something going on that we will do our best to get to the bottom of.

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RadioShack Expecting the HTC Vigor on October 20, Stratosphere on October 6

Last night we got a random tip suggesting that the HTC Vigor was to be rebranded as the DROID Incredible HD and would be out on October 13.  Whether that date and name are legit remains to be seen, but we know now that RadioShack is at least expecting to see the device as the “Vigor” on October 20. Well, via direct fill anyway.  And if that is indeed the case, then I would say that Verizon must be planning a pre-order for it that week?  Something to consider.  Just over a month away, folks.

And as to not shun the Epic 4G Samsung Stratosphere, we should point out that it also made The Shack’s list and is expected to be available via d-fill on October 6.  So much for this being a slow Fall?

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RadioShack and Verizon Making Sweet Music Together on September 15, Cutting $100 Off of Select Smartphones

It has been almost two months since we heard about RadioShack’s new partnership with Verizon, a deal that is set to go live tomorrow.  When stores open, customers can expect to save $100 on almost any Android smartphone that they may have been eyeing from afar – including the newly released DROID Bionic.  The deal runs from tomorrow (9/15) through October 15.  There are accessory bundles to be had as well, along with a $50 discount on that other phone made by Apple.

Not a bad way to kick off the partnership.

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RadioShack To Dump T-Mobile, Teaming Up With Verizon In September

Oh snap, more carrier drama? I wouldn’t say this is as big as 2-Pac and Biggie, but it definitely holds some weight (rap puns, anybody?). RadioShack has announced today that in April, T-Mobile had breached their contract with the tech retailer. They didn’t go into specifics about the breach, but did state that they will be dropped as a partner. To take T-Mo’s place is Verizon, and they will begin selling pre-paid and post-paid services in stores starting in September.

RadioShack will now hold accounts for Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. You think T-Mobile is going to be hurting after this just a little bit? Well it looks like RadioShack is in a very comfy position after this announcement, with their shares going up 19 percent. Verizon will also benefit with from yet another source to sell their tiered data, and blurred out Motorola phones. Everybody wins?

Maybe we should start hitting up RadioShack employees and start asking about the Bionic?

Via: WSJ

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