Video: LG Posts Up Two Minute Nexus 4 Commercial


Today, LG posted up a 2 minute spot for the Nexus 4, showing off some of its killer hardware and software features. Naturally, it gives us a look at Photo Sphere, that gorgeous HD IPS+ display, Google Maps, and a whole lot more. Surprisingly enough, when they are showing off that shiny backside, their’s doesn’t have a crack down it though. Weird.

Now, if this commercial has you sold and you need to buy this phone, good luck! The device is still marked as “Sold Out” on Google Play for both size options.

Cheers Damian!

Video: Hands-on With Photo Sphere and Camera App From Android 4.2

Today, we posted up the camera apk from Android 4.2. We have finally pulled ourselves away from the desk long enough to go outside and try out Photo Sphere which we’re very happy with so far. Down below, I go over the basic enchantments that Google has done with the app’s UI and then after that I take Photo Sphere on a test drive. Check it out.  (more…)

Upload Your Photo Sphere Images With Google Maps and Share With The World

Much as we assumed yesterday and heard rumors of, after taking a Photo Sphere image on your Android device, users can then choose to upload the images via Google Maps for use in Google’s Street View application. Awesome, right? It marks the GPS location of the photo and then makes it available for others to view on Google Earth, Google+, and even Google Search.  (more…)

Video: This is How Google’s New Photo Sphere Camera Works


One of the most exciting features that Google just announced for Android 4.2 has got to be Photo Sphere. This is Google showing that it is already moving far beyond simple panoramic shots. In fact, Photo Sphere lets you do more than sweep from side to side – it lets you take photos in all directions, seamlessly merging them into one big beautiful “sphere.” This video is the perfect demonstration of it.

Cheers Giorgio!