OneDrive Promo Allows Users to Keep Their 15GB of Storage if They Want It

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would lower the amount of storage free users were receiving on OneDrive, bringing them down from 15GB, to just 5GB. Naturally, people were pissed, taking to the forums and calling Microsoft out for the move. Now, Microsoft has announced a new promo for those who intend on fighting for their 15GB of free storage. (more…)

Free: 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive Storage by Signing Up for Bing Rewards

Google may have given you an additional free 2GB of Drive storage for life this morning, but what if you happen to be a heavy Windows user (or someone who loves free sh*t) and would rather have bundles of free storage added to your OneDrive account? If you somehow fit that description or situation (most of you will on some level), then well, we have a deal for you. Through the Bing Rewards program, you can secure an additional 100GB of free OneDrive storage for the next two years, basically by doing nothing…other than joining Bing Rewards…and then clicking a button.  (more…)

Microsoft Hands Out Unlimited OneDrive Storage to Office 365 Customers

Microsoft announced today that Office 365 customers will soon have access to unlimited OneDrive storage. Yes, unlimited. With plans as low as $6.99, this might be one of the best cloud storage options you will find. In fact, one of our readers already received an email from Microsoft that said he will be one of the first and that they are adding 10TB of storage to his account as they ramp up to fully unlimited. 10TB.  (more…)