New Google Play Web Layout is Live in the Books Section (Updated)

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Update:  At least a couple of readers mentioned that this layout has been live since I/O or at least for a few weeks, since they allowed us to upload books of our own. That shows you how much we use Google Play to read books…in fact, I don’t think I have ever entered the My Books section through the web. Moving on.

Yesterday, we showed you some additional views of the new web layout for Google Play that should arrive any day now. It was first on display at Google I/O, during the day 1 keynote, with an expected public rollout of “over the coming weeks.” We are now technically a few weeks removed since we first got a peep of it, but the new layout has failed to show it self. Well, until today in the My Books section of the Play store.  (more…)

Google Play Books “Turns the Page” With Update – Adds Dictionary, Notes, and More

If reading on your Android device is something you do from time to time, then it may have become a bit easier today, thanks to an update that Google pushed out to Play Books.  The update adds a few features that basically makes it a brand new app. When you open the app after the update, you’ll find additions such as a quick translation tool, a dictionary feature, the ability to highlight and take notes, and even Places, which shows you a certain location on Google Maps when it’s mentioned on the page.

Go pick up the update and let us know what you think.

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Google Releases Updates to Movies, Books, Chrome, Google+, YouTube and Maps

Many of Google’s applications are receiving major updates starting today. Maps now has the ability to store offline data, which means no more worrying about having to rely on a steady data connection to have in-depth and highly detailed maps wherever you are. Chrome, as we suspected earlier last week, has officially dropped its Beta tag. Google+ was a main point in their I/O presentation, with its new “Party Mode” and the ability to view feeds all from your notification bar in Jelly Bean. They also released the special tablet UI.

YouTube has received a complete UI overhaul, with navigation now happening on the left side of the screen and the ability to download videos over WiFi in the background for smooth playback while you’re on the go. Google’s Books app has received a few new features and you can now tap the top corner of a page to set a bookmark, along with video and audio playback when they’re embedded in the books.

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Google Play Books Receives Update for Froyo and Gingerbread Devices, New 3D UI and Homescreen Shortcuts

Along with the update to Gmail, Google Play Books is also receiving a little update for users on Gingerbread and Froyo devices. There is the new 3D interface, a homescreen shortcut available for a single title you are enjoying, in-book search works offline, and the screen stays on during TTS. All in all, it’s a pretty solid update for the ‘older’ devices.

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Google Music and Books Receive Updates, Google Play Branding Included

We love coordination like this. Moments after Google’s new “Play” media market went live (a rebranding of the Android Market), we are already seeing the first updates to their suite of apps with Google Play branding on them. If you jump into the market, you should see Google Books and Google Music updates, changing the names to Play Books and Play Music respectively. That is really all that is changing though is the branding, however, the Books update does mention that it is “now integrated with Google Play.”

Market Links:  Play Music | Play Books

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