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Video: NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) Unboxing

Thanks to Snowpocalypse here in Portland, OR, FedEx had a hard time delivering a very important package. As you may have seen on Twitter this morning, this was the package we were anxiously awaiting. After a bunch of back and forth between me and FedEx, the new SHIELD TV from NVIDIA has finally arrived, so let’s get right into unboxing this thing. 

Featuring the same specs from the 2015 model, the SHIELD TV (2017) comes with a Tegra X1 processor and 3GB of RAM, as well as 16GB of built-in storage. However, if that’s not enough room to fit all of your HD and 4K content, dual USB 3.0 ports should have you covered. If that’s still not enough, the PRO version can be purchased for an extra $100, providing you with 500GB of storage, as well as a microSD slot.

On top of a solid Android TV experience, the SHIELD TV is also designed to offer top-notch gaming. Thanks to GeForce NOW, those not invested into a Steam library full of games can pay NVIDIA for access to their library, which is full of great titles, with new ones being added all of the time.

Inside the box, NVIDIA provides the SHIELD itself, SHIELD Controller, plus a SHIELD Remote. With the original SHIELD TV, that was a $50 accessory. Good looking out, NVIDIA.

The SHIELD TV (2017) is available for purchase starting today for $199, with a PRO model also available for $299.

Amazon Link

With a review soon to come, let’s get into the unboxing.




  • Orionsangel

    I’ve had the Shield TV for about a year now and have sideloaded all kinds of apps onto it. It’s a powerful reliable machine. It’s easily the best Android TV on the market. It has very good support. There’s really no other Android TV device to buy other than this one if you’re in the market for one. Did I mention it’s great for emulation? https://youtu.be/zCv53pL5JNw

  • Does it work on open WiFi networks like the Firestick?

  • Higher_Ground

    If I had even a remote interest in Android gaming this would be an awesome product. Sadly, I don’t have much of an interest in android games…

  • D. Sharer

    I ordered one for pickup at Best Buy (available Thursday) and got $25 off by using VISA Checkout. So heads to anyone else planning on getting one, BB in-store pickup through VISA Checkout automatically gets you the $25 off discount, no idea when it ends though.

    Really looking forward to replacing my old Minix box that has been on its last legs.

  • marcusmarcus2

    I’ve always been a functionality of aesthetics kind of guy when it comes to tech, but man that game controller is ugly, IMO.

  • Miguel

    Has anybody had an issue with the Controller update, it keeps giving me an error?
    The remote and Box update but the controller has not?

    • Brian

      It took a few tried for the controller to update for me. Same for the initial 5.0 update for the Shield itself.

      • Miguel

        I’ll give it another try tonight.

  • Johnny Hernandez

    The new controller looks great.

  • Brent Cooper

    Can I use the updated controller on my 2015 Shield? Also, since it has the same internals, will the 2015 version still support HDR?

    • blindexecutioner

      I am using one on the K1 tablet. It connects like a regular Bluetooth controller though so if you try to connect it using the accessories app it will seem like it isn’t working. You have to connect it like a regular Bluetooth controller now. At least that’s how I did it on the tablet.

    • Miguel

      HDR is a software update, so yes if you’re TV has HDR.

  • ctk4949

    Has anyone gotten the update on the previous model??

  • Cliff Keene

    Unrelated here but if you play the video at .5 speed Tim sounds hella drunk! lol.

    Also I want one of these! =D

  • Paul Hansen

    Only think I noticed in your video Tim is that you said MicroSD is gone from the 2017 models but it’s actually only gone from the smaller variant. Not that you should need it on the 500GB Pro… But it’s there.

    Overall I like the look of the hardware. I’ve got a Pro on order from amazon but just noticed that my local Microcenter is listing it as in stock so I may swing over there tomorrow and pick one up if they’ll actually sell it to me otherwise I’m waiting til the Amazon pre-orders ship.

    I’m looking forward to replacing my aging Nexus Player. Although, I will say that with the 7.1+ updates, most of the lag disappeared from my Nexus player so my replacement of it lost some urgency which I found interesting.

  • Michael Persico

    Pretty funny you guys think a foot of snow is Snowpocalypse.

    • Andy

      I think Portland only gets like 8 inches a a year. Ha

      Where are you located?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      People who have only lived where it snows a lot always say that – I lived in the midwest for a few years and trust me, you just don’t get it. Take a foot of very wet snow, add rain on top of it to turn it into ice, and then remove all of the plows you have from the equation and you have what snow is like in the NW.

      Oh, and hills. Add lots of steep hills everywhere.

  • Bob

    Love the time on the back of the box. 13:37

  • Tyler

    The flat angularness of that controller makes it look like it would be uncomfortable to hold.

    • Armaced

      It looks like a low-res render on a first-gen PS1 game. Virtua-controller?

    • Kayak83

      I wonder if it’s still better than than original one that I find if pretty uncomfortable. I tried the new XBone S bluetooth controller and it’s buggy as hell. Plus I miss the volume control on the controller.

      • Tyler

        Yeah it could be an improvement from an ergonomics standpoint even if the angles dig into your hand. Without using both old vs new side by side and comparing it to an xbox remote you wouldn’t know.

      • blindexecutioner

        I have one. It is comfortable. The dpad is now clicky like an Xbox One S controller. Also, it uses Bluetooth to connect rather than wifi direct or whatever the original model used. It is noticeable smaller int he hand. You can feel the angular aspects of it but it isn’t uncomfortable.

    • Alex Cutone

      It’s actually not that bad at all. It’s not the traditional round feeling, but the angular pieces feel more like a grip of a sort.

    • Miguel

      It’s actually not bad, I used it last night and it felt good, it’s more compact than the previews version.

  • hebrewHAMMER

    I just bought one of these. Love it so far. Dumb question here, but how do you charge the remote (not the controller)?

    • madduffy

      It’s replaceable, not rechargeable in the 2017 model.

    • Armaced

      Remote uses replaceable batteries (AA?) if I remember right. The old version needed to recharge, but NVidia says this version will last a year on a single set of batteries.

      • vidvox

        It uses a couple coin size batteries rather than AA’s.

    • Sandraaminor

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    • Jeremy Turnley

      Hey, can you give some feedback on the remote’s ability to control other things, like TVs and stereos/receivers/sound bars? My Harmony is dying, and if this can handle what it does I might just go with it.

      • hebrewHAMMER

        I have a Samsung TV and home theatre Blu ray player from 2011. I have the CEC feature turned on for the shield. I can turn on/off the shield, TV, and home theatre when I put the shield to sleep or turn it on with the shield remote or controller. The volume adjust from the remote and controller seem to working fine so far too.

      • Mayajbrune

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