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Verizon to Introduce $20 Activation Fee on Device Payment Plans Starting November 15 (Updated)

November 15 is shaping up to be quite the day for Verizon. Not only are they increasing unlimited data pricing by $20 per month, but sources of ours have also been told that they will start charging a $20 activation fee on device payment plans. That may not sound new, but it is. Currently (see image), Verizon doesn’t charge you an activation fee if you sign-up for their device payment plan (they “waive” it) even though others like AT&T do. 

Edit:  This may only be for new lines that buy via device payment plan.

Starting November 15, when you buy a new phone on Verizon through their monthly device payment plan, you’ll not only pay for the full retail price of the phone over 24 months, you will also pay an additional $20 on top, just because it needs to then be activated. Of course, your activated SIM probably already works in the phone, so the only real “activation” going on is an automated portion, which is Verizon’s network reading your SIM and that it’s now inside a new phone. Is that worth $20?


If there are other details to pass along, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Update:  Verizon has yet to respond to us, but additional sources are under the impression that this may only be for new lines only, not existing lines. We’ll continue to update this post as we have more.

  • unixchick

    I’m confused. I just signed up with Verizon. I am not on a prepaid plan. It very specifically says in my order confirmation email, “Activation Fee: FREE”. Then about an hour later I received an email stating that I have a $20 activation fee on my first bill. Lol. Not getting off to a great start here…

  • Christy Watt

    No, I had to change plans to avoid the $20 dollar unlimited fee…they changed the activation from $9.99 to $20 for each of my three devices. Verizon has become a terrible company to deal with.

  • Higher_Ground

    How about a loyal customer tax while you’re at it? an extra $15 just because?

  • Concerned_Citizen

    The solution is simple, just quit Verizon and get a prepaid phone, problem solved.

  • Kenteman

    Switched to T Mobile yesterday after 8 years of unlimited data with Verizon. At some point enough is enough with all these fees, and their LTE in my area has gotten worse over the past 2 years.

  • Ben Capili

    These articles are biased. You need to take the same approach to all your reviews not lean towards one company over the other. You lose a lot of credibility when you always give your side of things instead of delivering the information and allowing the people to feel how they want to feel. This site is pro t mobile thus the magenta color and hates verizon. I dont doubt they get a tmobile kick back(quid pro quo) There is definitely no integrity here and a huge conflict of interest. go to android police, none of the articles are biased from what I have read.

    • Holy Grail

      Dude get over the fake outrage. People want good service, without having scam fees. No one is biased here. People here just call it like they see it.

  • Jeff Mowbray

    Verizon is the Comcast of cell phones.

  • Verizon is just content with sucking every penny out of you,

    I was a customer of theirs for over 10 years and 4 months ago I took a leap I never though would happen I switched to T-Mobile. I am a very happy camper. I have 4 lines on my account 10gb per line an pay 40 dollars less than what I paid on Verizon for 2 lines sharing 10gb.

  • Ebon Hand

    I have had it with Verizon’s fees. As soon as I pay out of my contract, I’m going project fi with my 6p.

  • Chris M

    Was told this was only for new activations not on existing lines

    • Holy Grail

      You were told wrong.

      • Chris M

        friend works at vzw…not sure why he would lie

        • synplex

          I can also confirm this via a VZW Customer Rep.

      • Chris M

        just called VZW myself and they confirmed.

  • Chris Hughes

    Every Comment:

    Good thing I left for . It was the best decision I ever made

  • Gforce1963

    What’s next?? Bet it will be a $20 fee for walking into a store and looking at phones.

  • Mark Drummond

    I think that they should change their name to Fee-irizonWireless. Bastards.

  • Mary Marshall

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  • JP

    Wasn’t one of the justifications for them raising UDP’s $20 was that UDP customers could now use the device payment plan system to buy new phones?

    • Holy Grail

      UDP customers use to have free upgrades, where is the justification for taking that away. Tmobile offers you a payment plan for free…..why can’t Verizon?

      • JP

        I’m not trying to defend VZW, I was just pointing out their reasoning. AT&T still lets their UDP users upgrade at a discount and they can do device payments as well (I think). VZW just holds their service to a higher standard allowing them to charge more since they are the holy grail in terms of UDP’s in the US.

        • Holy Grail

          Understand, all good JP

  • Vermin_Cain

    They won’t stop until the can bleed out the last cent out of their customers.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    For some reason whenever Verizon announces something, it is negative followed by Crickets in the background…

  • I guess they really are trying to push this 15+ year VZW customer to T-Moblie. I’ll be calling T-Mobile tomorrow. Their new unlimited video and audio streaming is just too hard to resist.

    • Tony Fortunato

      I wish T-Mobile worked well where I live. I’m intrigued by their latest announcement, too.

      • I don’t know how well T-Mobile works in my neighborhood. I’m in a canyon area of Los Angeles where even VZW is spotty. But somewhere in these comments I read that you can “suspend” VZW while you try another service. Worth a try.

        • Holy Grail

          Yeah, you can. I did that, and tried Tmobile……been great for the last 8 months. Just ending my unlimited account with Verizon tonight. Been with Verizon for 10 years.

        • flosserelli

          You should test T-Mobile service before leaving VZW. Ideally, borrow a GSM phone and buy a month of T-Mobile service, then use that phone in all the areas you plan to be. If you have a hard time getting VZW signal, chances are T-Mobile will be no better.

    • Francisco Peña

      Same. I went yesterday and got a SIM card and activated a new 1GB Simple Choice line on TMobile. I slapped that SIM card into my Moto X DE and reconnected my old Rezound on VZW. Spent a bunch of time running SpeedTests on it to compare.

      Overall….. Text, voice work fine. At home, inside, i’m dropping to H+, but overall, the speeds between my Rezound’s LTE signal and the Moto X’s H+ are similar. At times the TMo is faster by a bit, other times VZW. INSIDE my house, a slight edge to VZW.
      In my neighborhood, again, similar overall speeds. some TMO are faster, some VZW. but when verizon is faster, it can be much faster (40mbps vs 15-20mbps). That’s not all the time though.

      Today at work, TMo has a clear advantage. Vzw hasn’t reached the Tmo LTE speeds, and the speeds i listed above are flipped in TMo’s favor. Even inside teh building, which is VZW’s nemesis, TMo is pulling 15+mbps and VZW is below 5mbps. Upload on one run was .28!!! POINT TWO EIGHT!!! ummm no. This is why I want to leave.

      I stream more music and while i also stream Ministry of Sound, I can stream DI Radio instead, which is free and just as good. I use about 9-13GB a month so that should come down if I have free audio streaming. Now if Youtube comes on board the BingeOn, that is set and I don’t have to worry.

  • c

    You know it’s only on new lines where there is no pre activated sim card to use right?

  • schlanz

    What do droid life visitors love more than android phones? Complaining about Verizon. As if anyone here knows whats involved with the costs and overhead of a company with 100 million subscribers.

    Bottom line is Verizon is competively priced for being the market leader. Average people (read: not you) only need between 1-2GB of data monthly. 4 lines with 12GB of data is $160 which breaks down to $40 per line. Not bad for unlimited talk text and 3GB of data per line on the nations best network.

    Yeah, you have to buy your device now for that price. Everyone demanded lower monthly service charges and thats what they got. This is the compromise. Fortunately smartphones dont have to be $600-700 anymore. The problem is a lot of people are either a) addicted to upgrading (guilty) or b) think insurance is a rip off and then break/lose their device. These new policies dont benefit these individuals because now it benefits you to hold on to your phones as long as you can.

    • Holy Grail

      Bunch of talking points. Verizon scams you every chance they get.

      • I am not a UDP abuser. My one data “vice” is Google Play Music All Access (at least that’s what they used to call it.) I use about 5GB/month and I’ve been paying VZW $29.99 a month for the privilege. Now they want to up that to $49.99 a month? And T-Mobile is offering unlimited Google Play Music to everyone for free whether they have UDP or not? (Not to mention their Binge video offer!) I’m outta here VZW!

        • Ebon Hand

          Verizon charges me 50 dollars for 2 lines with 3gb of shared data , plus a 40 dollar fee per smartphone, which adds up to 110 dollars for 2 lines. It just isn’t worth the price anymore.

          • William Epps

            Ebon, that was cheaper than my VZW 2 line plan with 3gb of data. They were charging $140 plus taxes. I jumped to T-Mo in September and got 2 lines with 10gb each for $100. Plus, my music streaming on Pandora, SiriusXM, and Google Play Music does not count against my data. Best move I ever did was dumping VZW.

          • Ebon Hand

            That sounds about right. I left out extra things like phone insurance, monthly cost of the phone (edge), and taxes, but after all is said and done it totals 160 a month for me. Compared to TMo and Project Fi, it has become way too overpriced. That is probably why Big Red has been lowering their prices.

      • schlanz

        Sure but if you think that then virtually every carrier scams you. Activation fees are an industry standard, like them or not. Verizon waived them for awhile to promote Edge/Device payment and now is bringing them back at $20 which is still less than they have been historically.

        I see nothing to cry about here. Its all business as usual according to industry norms.

  • [email protected]

    it is sad that mobile fees are increasing rather than decreasing every year ………

    • Sporttster

      It’s going to get to the point where folks will just say screw it, I’m going back to a much much cheaper dumb phone. Folks will get sick of it….

  • Ethan Brunson

    Activation fees are only charged on new lines of service, not when you’re upgrading the phone on an existing line. You wouldn’t have an existing SIM in the new phone in this case. It helps to fact check before publishing an article.

    • [email protected]

      yap then you will have upgrade fees for that.

  • droidbeat

    Just popped my previously activated VZW SIM into my new unlocked HTC One A9. I assume I’m exempt from the “activation” fee.

    • SilentPatriot

      They are feverishly working on a new fee for “exempt” people. =P

  • rj-b

    Can’t wait until the world is covered in WiFi, with WiFi calling. Won’t need carriers and their data tiers and their coverage maps and their $20 activation scams and their stupid banana cream pies *.
    * sold separately

    • TopXKiller

      Giant Tesla coils everywhere also

  • Paul Santos

    I’m sick of Verizon and their penny pinching non sense. I’ve never been more excited to see my Project Fi invite show up in my inbox…so long b!tches!

  • Gfame103

    Even though my Verizon Bill will increase, idgaf!!! With the $20 increase I’m still only paying $83 with taxes. I will never sign up for their payment plan.

  • Desertwhale

    If I wasn’t locked into my unlimited plan for 2 more years, I’d definitely be leaving Verizon right now.

  • flosserelli

    Network compatibility fee
    Device retention fee (for not upgrading & extending contract)
    Automatic bill payment fee
    New Verizon logo fee

    • David R.

      Daily battery recharging fee
      Coming within 500m of a VZW store and not going in fee
      Spending too much time on wi-fi and not on 4G fee

    • Lucky Armpit

      Don’t give them any ideas.

  • Mike Aurin

    Q: How do you know if someone left Verizon for T-Mobile?

    A: Don’t worry…they’ll tell you.

    • MrOrange645

      I just left Verizon for T-Mobile.

    • yankeesusa

      I left Verizon for t-mobile

      • CasperTFG

        The I left Verizon/grandfathered unlimited data for T-Mobile last year. Couldn’t be happier.

        • Sporttster

          Which is going up in price the same time Verizons is…..everyone will chase the better price till company pricing collusion prevents a cheaper option and then? Back to the dumb phones we go and they can ‘eat’ their “expensive” high speed world beating 5g or whatever it’ll be…..

      • Supraman21

        I just saved a bunch of money by switching to geico.

        • yankeesusa

          I also saved switching to Geico, then saved even more by going to progressive.

          • JLV90

            I saved money by switching to geico then I saved another 30% by taking some online driving class cause me clicking buttons on a computer makes me a better driver 🙂

        • Tyler Durden

          i saved more by backing up and driving away

    • pyro74boy .

      I definitely left Verizon for t-mobile and haven’t looked back since but it was not recently

    • Me

      I left Verizon for boost then left boost for T-Mobile

      • Sporttster

        And now T Mo is going up in price, where to next??…

        • Me

          Cricket. Just waiting on the 20 GB promo.

  • world_wide_wes

    Just re-upped 2 year contracts on both mine and my mom’s UDP plans, locked in without the $20 rate hike on both lines by transferring our upgrades to a 3rd, non-UDP line. Anyone with an upgrade available should try this out before 11/15.

    • Princesation

      I thought transferring the upgrade to a non-UDP line still cancels out UDP? Did you go in store to do this? Or how?

      • world_wide_wes

        Did it online.

        Transfer UDP upgrade to non-UDP line. Upgrade non-UDP line. Phone arrived, activated on non-UDP line for about an hour making a few calls/texts. Then change the non-UDP line back to it’s original phone on vzw.com and activate the new phone on the UDP line. Then I repeated it again a week later using my mom’s UDP upgrade and it still worked transferring and upgrading on the same non-UDP line as before.

        Transferring upgrade from UDP extends the UDP contract another 2 years. I went into verizon store recently and they were super surprised I upgraded and still had it.

    • Jodeci888

      How did you do that, if you don’t mind me asking? Cause I have 2 UDP plans that out of contract and want to avoid the increase.

      • world_wide_wes

        This thread should help. The OP is very helpful if you put comments with questions. There are many methods depending on your situation. For me, it just happened to be super easy because A)my UDP lines had upgrades and B)We also have a 3rd non-UDP line that’s not eligible for an upgrade on it’s own. This lets me transfer from UDP to non-UDP and keep the UDP plan intact during upgrade. My method used was the “4ever” method.


        • Jodeci888

          Thanks. Unfortunately my situation is different, I have 3 lines, 2 with UDP and 1 dumb phone ALL with no contact and I’m gonna cancel the dumb phone on Sunday.

          • world_wide_wes

            I’m pretty sure it would work for you using a different “method”. It’s worth a shot to just post your situation on their and ask which one would be best. $20 a month times 24 months adds up quick.

          • Jodeci888

            Thank you again.

          • world_wide_wes

            You’re welcome. Just trying to make the internet blog comment world a better place! ha

          • Chris

            If your two UDP are out of contract, they are eligible for an upgrade. You buy a phone through Best Buy (online ONLY) and upgrade into a contract. Then you can keep that phone or resell it for profit. When the new phone comes, open it up and remove the sim. Don’t activate the phone with the new sim. Activate the phone with your current sim. If you plan to sell it, activate it with your current sim, then reset the phone and activate your old phone. Then you’re done! It’s called the Best Buy method, if you look at the slick deals thread.

          • Jodeci888

            Thanks but NO best buy method for me, 1 of my friends lost his UDP. EVEN after doing it the right way and destroying the SIM. They must have caught on…….

          • Chris

            Are you positive they didn’t do a step wrong? I successfully did this for myself and a friend at the beginning of the year. My brother successfully did this 2-3 weeks ago. Also, don’t destroy the sim. Wait a week or so and make sure you still have unlimited. If your unlimited goes away, just return the phone and sim.

          • Jodeci888

            Yes, it worked at 1st, THEN after a month it was a wrap. I’m not chancing it and actually returned my 64gb Note 5 tonight. I use 60-80gb a month so I can’t take that chance.

          • I did this method over a month ago with the Note5 and I have no issues at all. Neither did the hundreds of people commenting on that page in the last few months. Even if they did and you activated the SIM by accident, you can call Verizon and get it back and reverse the changes. Your loss.

          • tomn1ce

            I just did this yesterday got myself a GS6 for $1 from Bestbuy.com….. on my order it said “keep existing plan”. I used my old sim to activate the phone and until now on my account it shows the new phone with my UDP untouched. Keep in mind depending on the phone you get you might have to cut down your old sim so it could fit the new phone.

  • pyro74boy .

    It’s funny because in my area t-mobile actually out performs Verizon and AT&T in my first hand use with all three network proves this point

    • Mike Aurin

      So funny.

      • pyro74boy .

        I understand that the best network really depends on the area that you live in regardless of any test results I’m not that narrow mind of a person and realize that the best network depends on the area that you live in or work in or travel to

        • MrOrange645

          Don’t mind him. He’s jealous and bitter.

        • So true. Though Verizon did work just about everywhere I went to in DFW, T-Mobile did blow them out of proportion with superior speeds for me. I’m getting like triple the speeds than I did while I was on Verizon. And as long as I can get service out at Alliance Airport (once a year for the air show) or Cabela’s which is barely a couple miles from the airport, I’m all good.

          Its like those reports of people saying Sprint is excellent in their area. If that’s the case, more power to them. I just know they suck ASS here in parts of DFW.

    • Just as long as you don’t leave that 10 mile radius around your city 😉

      • pyro74boy .

        I know you’re not describing me because it covers way more than 10 miles try hundreds of miles. I’m sure there are dead zones but I don’t lie and I’m not going to Report dead zones until I actually run into one

        • Holy Grail

          Same with me. Sacramento Ca. In my area Tmobile out performs Verizon also. Was pretty surprise when I did my test drive with Tmobile which use to suck 4 years ago. Been with Tmobile now for about 7 months, an its been great. Their rollout of their network hasn’t been standing still, and their progress shows.

      • William Epps

        Actually, I just moved from Dallas, TX to Raleigh, NC and never lost signal on T-Mo…. Every place I stopped along the Interstate 30/40 route, I had a decent 4G signal. T-Mo really used the money and spectrum from the failed AT&T merger to improve the network.

  • Brandon Giesel

    Man… Verizon is not trying to keep customers or compete with the rest of the industry. They’d rather charge us more and more. They are all like, we have the best network in the whole US and we are going to charge for it. Why should we pay for their lost sales? I tell you what. I’m really happy with the coverage I receive with Verizon, but that is about it. I fully intend to switch to T-Mobile down the road and finally get a far better value in Wireless. Faster upgrades, more data, faster speeds, innovation, and value driven brand. Plus, I can activate basically any GSM phone on their network.

    • Allyn K C

      If T-Mobile would add coverage in more rural areas, I would switch to them (or Project Fi). But, I travel – and when I’m a passenger on those trips, I like having data access. There are many rural highways where I travel on which Verizon has 4G, while T-Mo is lucky to have even 2G coverage.

      • MrOrange645

        The rural areas here in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri are covered. Looks like Texas is good too. You must live in a northern state?

        • Allyn K C

          Pacific Northwest. The T-Mobile coverage in the cities is excellent; but many smaller towns and highways between cities (especially crossing the mountain passes) are dead zones for T-Mo, but not for Verizon.

          • MrOrange645

            I’ve noticed T-Mobile’s coverage stops north of Kansas basically. When my GF and I went to Canada, we lost coverage about an hour north of KC, except the big cities.

            In your case it wouldn’t be worth switching. Wasn’t worth it to me until very recently when they really expanded their footprint in my part of the country. And it can only get better.

          • Hiran

            How is Verizon in those areas?

    • mosbo1654

      I will also be switching to T-mobile as soon as all lines on my account are off contract. I currently pay $230 a month for 3 unlimited and one basic phone, which will be increasing to $290 or so. Simply not worth it considering what T-mobile is offering for around $120 or so.

    • pyro74boy .

      A few years ago I probably would have agreed with you but not anymore as I’m actually getting much better service on tmobile then I did on Verizon or AT&T. Plus T Mobile in my local area just all performed both for Verizon and AT&T on the data side as well and was voted the fastest 4G LTE network in my local area

    • ck125

      My verizon speeds have been pretty awful. yes they have lots of coverage (reason I stick with them & UDP) but they charge all these fees yet the speeds have really tanked the past year or so.

    • Better Value? T-Mobile looks like a great value but it’s far from it. A couple years ago it was $70 for unlimited data, then they raised it to $80. With all the “uncarrier” stuff announced like free LTE in Canada and Mexico, they don’t allow that on the grandfathered plans unless you pay a fee. Now they are raising unlimited data to $95 (before tax!), and most likely any new uncarrier things they offer will only be valid for those on the latest plans. They also got rid of all employer discounts, so it’s actually cheaper to be on Verizon ($59.99 base price + $30 unlimited, and 15-20% discount for almost anyone).

      • JLV90

        Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint all made their employer discounts much worse if you ever changed plans cause then it only applies to data. Line access fees which are complete BS and most of the bill these days don’t get discounts.

      • Holy Grail

        Yes Better Value. TMobile new price is $95 for unlimited web, talk and text……including 14Gb hotspot. After this price hike, Verizon will be $130 for unlimited web, talk and only 1000 text, you have to pay another $10 for unlimited text. That’s about $140 compared to TMobile’s $95 and it doesn’t even included hotspot.

        • $60 for 450 minutes and unlimited text, plus $50 for unlimited data, not $140. Plus you are assuming no one would get an employee discount, or would stay under contract and only pay $30 for data for 2 more years.

          • Holy Grail

            You just prove my point……its not comparable or better value to tmobile’s plan that gives you unlimited talk. I didn’t assume anything, since you can get discount on both carriers. How is 450 minutes a better value the unlimited minutes? Again Tmobile’s plan price is $95 for unlimited web, talk and text……key word there….unlimited. For verizon, that would be $140 for the same unlimited web, talk, and text. And verizon doesn’t include 14Gb hotspot. Doesn’t sound like a better value at all with verizon. If you going to compare plans fairly, you should make sure all the features are the same.

          • You are assuming people need unlimited voice minutes, when many don’t, and even if you do there are many alternatives like Google voice that don’t use your minutes. I’m comparing $110 vs $95, but T-Mobile does not have employer discounts for the general public anymore while you can easily get 20% off at Verizon. T-Mobile also can throttle you at 23GB while Verizon will not, and they don’t seem to care if you use FoxFi or modded hotspot. Not to mention their network is vastly superior overall

          • Holy Grail

            No, you’re assuming people what less for more. Like you assumed many don’t want more then 450 minutes or texting, since your $110 doesn’t include texting or hotspot. If you gonna compare plans, do it fairly. Feature to feature, don’t pick and choose. There is no Value in getting less and paying more. I had verizon for 10 years, and I disagree, TMobile is much better where I live then Verizon was. Carriers are catching up and that means more choice.

            I have goole voice, and its not nearly as good or a clear as native calling.

          • The $110 does include unlimited texting. It will never be a fair comparison since tmobile doesn’t have discounts and their coverage is half of Verizons with no throttling. Most people these days only care about unlimited data anyways.

          • Holy Grail

            Half their coverage? And no it does not include unlimited texting, I would know since I have unlimited data on verizon. Ok will agree to disagree, Your too much of a verizon fanboy that makes up facts as he goes. Good day to you sir.

          • I hate Verizon with a passion. I only stick with them for the $64/mo unlimited data, text, and 450 minute plan that I’m on. What I hate more though are people following Legere and T-Mobile blindly thinking everything he does is the best thing ever in the carrier industry. Paying $95/mo for unlimited data with no subsidized phone on a carrier with the least coverage of the big 3 is insane. Back when it was $70/mo just a couple years ago it was great, but going up in price by $25 in such a short period is just a sign of things to come.

          • Sporttster

            T Mo’s plan ain’t true unlimited. It gets throttled at 23gb….Verizon’s is true unlimited data.

  • David Stevens

    Here come the “I went to T-Mobile and never looked back” comments.

    • MrOrange645

      I’m one of them

    • Holy Grail

      Must be a reason their saying “I went to T-Mobile and never looked back” and not saying “I went to at&t or sprint”.

    • Francisco Peña

      they are mixed in with the “I like to pay more because I’m paying for coverage I will actually never need in Shebanga, Montana” posts

      • Dan Letsch

        And the Tmobile can’t even cover phone calls on my way to work on a major interstate. 2 people in my van can’t make calls or receive texts for half of our commute, hence many are stuck with either US cellular or VZW. USC is basically the same price with same coverage in Iowa and no coverage for most of the rest of the country, so why switch.

        • pyro74boy .

          What you’re talking about can happen to any carrier Verizon and AT&T are not exempt from this as I’m getting the exact opposite experience in my local area I’m actually getting full single on T Mobile’s network with much faster data speeds vs Verizon in AT&T where most of the time Verizon and AT&T are struggling to get one or two bars of service in the same exact areas that I’m using t-mobile in. The bottom line is that coverage area is always going to depend on location and around here t-mobile is dominating

          • Dan Letsch

            Agreed, but I was replying to Francisco claiming everybody that dogs on t-mobile is doing it because of locations they will never visit. It is subjective, I am not trying to talk anybody else into switching, just showing that TMobile still has quite a ways to go. I would love to switch, as their policies seem awesome. From what I have seen, I have not found large areas with VZW you cannot even make a phone call, or send/receive a text, especially along major interstates (I80 in this case) for 30+ miles straight. That is pretty bad in my book at this point.

            I would love more competition, and really do hope T-M (and others) all step up their coverage.

          • Francisco Peña

            i didn’t say everyone that dogs on TMo…… reread.. you need to go back to David’s post as I did the same thing to him that he did.

            I actually have VZW right now, and just signed up with TMo this week for one month to compare. I put in the TMo sim in my phone and reactived my old VZW phone there.

            At home, in the house, I’m at HSPA+, and the speeds are about the same. Going outside in my neighborhood, I get LTE on TMo and generally the speeds are similar, but VZW is faster by a higher number (via Ookla’s Speedtest) than the speeds when TMo is faster. Once I get to my area of work though, the Tmo is consistently faster. Inside my building, TMo is way faster…

            Both VZW reads in the building are .8mbps and .49 DL and 16 and 18mbps for TMO.

  • Omar Amer

    Im sure some shmuck in the higher ups at verizon needed a new fleet of cars and found a way to fund it. Honestly… the fees just spiral out of control. Next an Service Recycling Fee, which would be another $20. And a Connector’s Fee, which would be $10. oh and the labor fee $10!

  • jimt

    It’s Verizon, Love it or leave it.

    • Fiorta

      Yea I left it. Glad I did

  • Character0

    Reminds me of The Dealership episode from Seinfeld

    PUDDY: (While punching up numbers on a calculator) That chick’s whacked. We’re history. (Back to the transaction) I just left out a couple of things:


    JERRY: “Rust-proofing”?

    PUDDY: (Reading off what he’s adding up on the calculator) Transport charge, storage surcharge, additional overcharge, finder’s fee

    JERRY: “Finder’s fee”? It was on the lot!

    PUDDY: Yeah, that’s right. (Continues reading off) Floor mats, keys..

    JERRY: ‘Keys”?!

    PUDDY: How ya gonna start it?

  • TypoCorrecto
    • michael arazan

      Verizon: That’ll be $20 for Lube

      • Francisco Peña

        another $20 to activate the lube.

  • faganm24

    The last time I bought a new phone on contract (a while ago) I was going to buy for my wife in the store. They mentioned the $35 activation fee, I said no. They said we can’t waive it. I said good bye and called customer service and reminded them how long i’d been a customer and they said Yes we can waive that. This was also the last time I went into a Verizon store…

    • pyro74boy .

      Yeah I can definitely relate to your in-store experience at Verizon Wireless as I had a very similar experience with the sales person that I talk to representing Verizon actually lied to me and told me that I was going to lose my unlimited data plan regardless of what I did and then I learned later that the reason why he told me that is because depending on the store whether or not it’s a corporate store they generally do not sell phones in the store at full retail price because they’re making their money on the plan that they try to sell you to go along with the phone. Verizon was horrible and I’m having so much better luck and fun over at T Mobile

    • Agreed the store reps are terrible! They will lie right to your face while charging you an extra 20 they said they would waive then act surprised when you notice it on the bill (again) and demand to have it taken off. All the while they act like it was a mistake that you were still charged.

    • tomn1ce

      I decided not to go to buy a phone from verizon when they came up with the great idea of killing unilimited data plan let alone not been able to upgrade at a discount if you still have you unlimited data plan. I only go into a vzw store just to play with the phones before I make up my mind on which phone to get and than buy it somewhere else.

  • Ryan Phelos

    You think Verizon is just going to sit back and let Comcast win the “Worst Company of the Year” Award YET again? I think not!

    • Tyler Durden

      Comcast still the worst

      • pyro74boy .

        Yes I agree with you Tyler

      • Ryan Phelos

        I agree, but Verizon sure is trying.

        • Mary Marshall

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    • Fitzgerald42

      Almost spit out my dinner, heh

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      Yeah Verizon is “the worst” even though at&t has been doing this for MONTHS. Where is your outrage about that?

      • pyro74boy .

        Did you hear the latest report? Sprint is now offering their customers unlimited 2g data and as I’m sure you know 2G speeds are basically unusable

        • Me

          As is most of Sprint’s network.

        • michael arazan

          Do the phones make the dial modem sound when connecting?

          Sprint has great service in the midwest, faster and 4x the coverage.

          • pyro74boy .

            No I think you’re confused because I was talking about the plans themselves as I’m not doubting that you’re getting extremely fast speeds with Sprint it’s just that they’re not offering blazing fast Internet with an unlimited option anymore in fact the only one that I know but still offering truly unlimited 4G data is T Mobile

      • Agreed. People just love to hate on Verizon, when AT&T and T-Mobile are making just as bad, or worse moves.

    • Cowboydroid

      Yet so many people here still keep giving them their business. They must find something of value in the service…I’m not sure what, but I guess they have their reasons.

      • Tim P

        Unlimited data for $29.99, locked in for next 2 years..

        • Same, except I still have my -$20 UDP discount so only pay $9.99/mo 😉

        • John Sand

          How? !?!?!

        • calculatorwatch

          You know they can still raise the price by $20 as long as they give you the option to get out of contract without paying the ETF.

        • AranelAlasse

          I still have UDP… but I’m not on contract. How do I get back on contract (before Sunday) so that the $29.99 is extended? I’m ok with buying a phone outright, but I don’t think that extends my contract… Can it be done in a Best Buy store? Or do I need to do it online via best buy’s website? (and is there still time?)

      • bigdav1178

        1 word – Coverage. If I could get coverage in all the places I need it with T-Mobile, or maybe even Sprint, I’d be gone. (I’d been with AT&T a long time ago, and won’t be going back to them.)

        • Hiran

          How is Verizon in your area?

          • bigdav1178

            Great, that’s about the only reason I’m still with them.

      • MattBoan

        Not sure if sarcasm, but…

        One: I still have an unlimited plan through them. Two: AT&T comes closest to offering the same signal strength/coverage in my area as Verizon, but it’s still not that good. So much so, in fact, that we do not have a full-blown AT&T store or T-Mobile store (They’re still on 2G here) in my town. Sprint has a store, but their coverage is arguably worse than T-Mobile’s here.

        • pyro74boy .

          Around here t-mobile owns all the networks in terms of coverage and internet speed I’m actually getting full single with T Mobile versus Verizon and AT&T well most of the timeVerizon and AT&T are sitting on one bar or less of service

      • pyro74boy .

        Verizon lost me as a customer last year and now I was a much better company on a much faster network and I haven’t looked back since

        • T-Mobile definitely has an overall faster network when you are in their LTE areas, my biggest problem with them is once you get out of the metro areas, they often have sparse cell placement meaning your speeds and reliability drastically go down. At least in New England, they like to have a single tower that services vast areas so they can make their coverage maps look good, which leads to lots of small dead or weak zones and poor in-building coverage.

  • Bobby Jordan

    I was a VZW customer for 15+ years. Project Fi is nice if you can control your data usage. I had a really old unlimited line. The 49.99/month charged pushed me over the edge. Switched one line of our family plan to test it. Will switch the remainder once our (old) contracts are over.

    • Ryan

      When is your other contract over and how many lines do you have?

  • I really wish customers would question these changes before forking over money to them, hopefully then the carriers wouldn’t feel like they can add on any fees they want without customer complaints. Activation fees, monthly surcharges, plan cost increases, higher retail prices for phones, it just gets worse and worse.

  • Character0

    When are they going to charge just for swapping sims? BYO is still free from this charge right?

    • Probably not. Still trying to confirm this.

      • David R.

        If not, would that mean that there’d be an automatic $20 fee on your account just for popping in a SIM into a new phone? So if we buy the Moto X Pure Edition from Motorola directly, we’d still be charged $20? I’m not sure what the difference is between this and theft, if that’s the case.

        • T4rd

          No, this charge really has nothing to do with “activating” your phone, it’s more like a “f*ck you” charge just for buying a new phone through Verizon. You’ll be able to swap SIMs in and out of phones freely without getting charged for it.. for now. But every time you buy a phone through Verizon, you’ll get hit with this BS “activation” charge.

          • David R.

            As if there wasn’t enough reason to buy unlocked phones at full retail, here’s one more. “Hey guys, guess what?! We’ll let you pay full price for a phone WHILE locking you into a two year contract AND charge you $20 extra for the privilege! LET’S GET PUMPED!!!!!”

          • David R.

            Oh, and if I hadn’t just won a Droid Turbo 2 through VZW’s contest, I’d be off VZW and onto a Nexus 6P with Project Fi quicker than you can say “blueberry pancakes.”

          • Marco Pérez

            Oh brother, you obviously aren’t that bothered about it.

          • David R.

            I am, in that my wife did NOT win the contest and WILL want to be upgrading soon.

          • MrOrange645

            Sell DT2. Buy N6P. Have your blueberry pancakes and eat them too.

          • T4rd

            They charge $40 for activating phones on a 2-year contract actually, lol.

          • David R.

            Only new lines of service. This charge is for upgrading, it appears.

          • T4rd

            Nah, wife and I just upgraded our lines to keep UDP at the current price. Got hit with the $40 activation fee on both lines. >-(

            Note that 2-year contracts and payment plans are not the same.

          • Tony Spencer

            “You’ll be able to swap SIMs in and out of phones freely without getting charged for it.. for now.”
            I’m wondering when that will happen!
            VZW “Oh, you have to activate a new line for each phone, that sim will only work the the device it’s currently assigned to.”

        • No_Ledge

          Putting aside Kellex’s comment up there, the article is specific to device payment plans. I would imagine the activation charge is only applicable when starting a device payment plan.