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Star Walk 2 and Star Walk Kids Hit Google Play, Your Ticket to a Space Adventure

Star Walk 2, the follow up to Vito Technology’s original Star Walk, is now available on Google Play. Featuring an enhanced user interface, navigating through the app’s countless features has been made more simple, allowing you to spend more time looking up into the night sky.

If you have not heard of Star Walk, picture it as a highly detailed and feature rich Google Sky Map, which was that old app you could point out star, planets, and constellations on. With Star Walk, you get the same experience, but exploring the galaxy is made more fun thanks to facts about stars and richer graphics.

Most of the original features that made stargazers fall in love with Star Walk are still present, such as detailed planetary tours, constellation outlines (with 3D graphics), and complete information for star systems and astrological phenomena.

On top of this more info-heavy app, the same company also published Star Walk Kids. As you can guess, this app is more kid friendly, with cartoon-like graphics and stories.

Star Walk 2 is priced at $2.99, and SW Kids is also $2.99. If you enjoy stars, planets, nebulas, and the wonders of space, give it a look.

Play Link ($2.99)

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  • michael arazan

    Thank you for this app

  • mike

    Thanks, but I just bought the original app less then 6 months ago (at the recommendation of DL). Why not just update the first one with these new features?

    • cnlson

      because then you can’t charge $2.99 again. they’d have to give you the app update for free. plus, are there a bunch of IAP’s in the first one? Stuff like this pays the bills for site’s like Droid Life but it would be nice if you could tell they were paid commercials not a real review.

  • John

    Slow news day. Anything of interest at least.

  • Suicide_Note

    Nubulae, not nebulas.