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Free: $140 in Apps Available From Amazon Today

You like free stuff, right? If you can handle having the Amazon Appstore installed, then you can have $140 in free stuff today (or maybe even the next couple of days), thanks to a bundle of apps that Amazon is giving away. Apps like Trivia Crack, Battery HD Pro, mSecure, Shazam Encore, Runtastic Pro, and Listure are on the list. There are 37 apps in total, so you are bound to find something you will like.

Again, you do need the Amazon Appstore installed. You can grab it from here. Then go get some free apps.

Amazon Link

  • Nick

    WTF is “Battery HD Pro”? That has malware written all over it.

    • Naibas9

      I didn’t dl it because it didn’t seem like something I needed or wanted, but seems well liked on Google play store

      • VaporishArc

        Don’t judge an app based on its reviews. People can buy spam accounts to leave positive reviews on their apps to get people to download them the same way people can buy likes and followers on twitter/instagram. Before downloading an app check the permissions and if you see that it’s not too obtrusive (you’ll know based on what app you’re downloading) then download the app, use it, and then judge it for yourself.

    • guest

      How do you know there is malware in it? just speculating?

  • Alan Marchman

    Here’s a fun fact about the Amazon Appstore: unless they’ve updated it recently, it has no parental controls. I guess they assume we all own Fire tablets.

    I added the Amazon Appstore to my 4 year old’s Nabi Jr. to install that Despicable Me running game, and blocked him from getting to the Appstore app with the Nabi’s parental control. About an hour later I got an email from Amazon saying I had just purchased Minecraft Pocket. The conversation went down like this:

    Me: Hey, watcha playing?
    4 year old: Minecraft
    Me: Where did you get Minecraft from?
    4 year old: Oh, I bought it.
    Me: How did you buy it?
    4 year old: My game let me.

    Upon further investigation the Despicable Me game had a link to other games in it, Minecraft being one. When he tapped it, the Appstore opened and he tapped install. At the time, the Appstore had no setting to require a password for purchasing. Oh, and if you remove the Appstore, most of the apps you purchased through it stop working.

    TL;DR – Thanks Amazon, but no thanks.

    • Tyler Durden

      Teach your kid to be responsible? Don’t rely on others to make sure they’re acting right.

    • Mr.B

      How about the parent being parental control…sort of like how they all did for the past few hundred years..

      • Guest

        except we aren’t living in the past. we’re in an age where there’s just so much stuff going on everyday that its impossible for parents to monitor every little thing their kids do. if you’re a parent, you would understand. and kids aren’t dumb either. they get more and more tech savvy by the day.

    • Chahk Noir

      In the time it took you to type this out, you could’ve found Amazon Appstore’s parental controls. They are under Menu -> Apps & Games -> Apps & Games Settings. In fact, I would venture to say Amazon’s parental controls are ahead of those on Google’s Play Store. Not only can you protect purchases by PIN, you can disable in-app purchasing altogether.

      Amazon Appstore has had a form of parental controls from the start. It was a bit clumsy in initial versions, but it was most definitely there. I know because I used them on my son’s Acer Iconia Tab A500 back in 2012.

      • michael arazan

        I swear The Settings menu is complete Taboo for some of these people.

    • PoisonApple31

      Maybe you should just ask your kid where the Parental Controls are?

      • michael arazan

        Obviously the kid can work the device better than the parent.

        Wonder if the kid does that parent’s taxes too online

  • homemadehitshow

    You don’t need the Amazon Appstore, apps can install directly from the regular Amazon app.

    • guest

      Not any more

  • patt

    I dont see anything good but trivia crack for chicks…

    • guest

      Doggcatcher is there and it’s a good podcast player

  • LOL, Amazon app store.

  • jimt

    Amazon.com is a good thing. Amazon appstore is a No No. Why do they keep trying this?

    • Naibas9

      I’d be curious to know what ‘No No’ is? What is the concern, apparently I’m either living under a rock, not had any problems, or just last to find out. (possibly all the above)

      • jimt
        • Naibas9

          Checked it out and the only substantiated complaint is that you do have to be logged into the account to use the account. For the most part, not a big deal, but I can see from a user standpoint I can understand that isn’t convenient with 1 exception—offline mode.

          So I tested the concern, and sure enough you can’t use downloaded apps in offline mode. This is major pain in the butt and inherent flaw, so I will concede that is a legitimate concern and reason to ‘put off’ many user. Was never a problem for me until I forced the situation, but still a problem.

          I did, however, find a very simple work around [ http://www.whyaskwhy.org/blog/1272/howto-workaround-for-internet-required-message-from-an-app-installed-via-amazon-appstore-in-android/ ]

          I’m not excusing the flaw, just pointing out it is possible to still enjoy the App store and free apps without any major issues. Being that is all I found, I will continue to use the amazon app and continue to enjoy the apps I’ve downloaded that I otherwise wouldn’t have had they not been offered free.

    • gsDroid

      It seems ridiculous that not only do you have to have the app installed (not a big deal), but you must be signed into Amazon to use apps. I just d/l the MyRPN Calculator and I was required to sign in to Amazon to use the app.

  • Naibas9

    I actually took advantage from the last major Amazon bundled deal. Adding the Amazon app store wasn’t a big deal, got decent selections of fun new apps. Didn’t get everything on the list, but certainly found some I enjoy. The kids games were actually a plus, since often the little ones want to play with my phone and its good to have a selection of games they can enjoy and since my Amazon app isn’t link to any credit card info, I don’t have to worry about IAPs.

    • Inspector Butters

      Agreed. I don’t really see the fuss about having the amazon app store on my phone. I’ve gotten tons of useful free apps on there, and got my gf a tether app for free since she still has unlimited.

    • Tyler Durden

      Because people are entitled and don’t want to deal with free stuff if it means an extra 2 minutes of work.

      • Naibas9

        I’ve only heard bunch of griping and 1 instance of circumstance (but preventable), not one real substantiated concern. All apps I’ve downloaded (and even those I haven’t) are the same apps I could get on Google Play store, so I am really concerned what the difference is or the concern dl from Amazon vs Google?

        • I don’t like being tied to a second App Store. When I switched over to a new Google account, I had to use both and it was a PITA. I would much rather only use one Google account, than need to remember which app was tied to which account. I used to use the Amazon App Store, but it killed the battery, and I found app updates to always be later than the Google Play Store.

  • Futbolrunner

    This is almost as good as the Droid Life Deals

    • PoisonApple31

      Shipping time is almost as fast too! 😉

  • Larry Simpson

    Hahaha, they can’t be serious

  • Gautham Sivakumar

    The link doesn’t lead anywhere..?

  • Nice try Amazon

    • Tyler Durden

      Oh the horror of getting free stuff! They should just stop giving away free stuff and up price of prime because everyone complains anyways.

      • I couldn’t care less if they stopped giving away free apps. Prime on the other hand is fantastic, I don’t know of anyone who wishes that cost more.

      • TC Infantino

        My problem with Amazon free apps is that I have read plenty of stories about how Amazon is screwing over the app developers. From my understanding, second hand though it is, Amazon forces app developers to agree to their apps being given away during special promotions. The developers do not get any money from those apps that people d/load during the free app promotions.
        I much prefer to support the developers of apps that I like enough to d/load and use.

        • j

          Uhh boo hoo then don’t put your app in their store. They’re not screwing over anyone. Pretty simple.

    • sirmeili

      I get them every time I see they have free apps and I just have it not install them. We gave the kids Kindle Fires. The 5y/o got the new Kids edition, which comes with free play time and free replacement if it breaks for 2 years!!! YOu can’t beat that. So, I get the apps (All of them) and if one of the kids needs it, we can now share it via Amazon Households. So, you don’t have to take free, but it takes up literally NO ROOM at my house and if I never use it I have lost like literally 5 seconds to “buy” it for free.

    • BigTimmay

      Also, a tip for those of us who do use the app store. Don’t forget to always go into app store settings and disable this (same type of setting is also in Hangouts app settings) :