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Xposed Developer Nears Release for Android 5.0+

While our personal rooting and custom ROM days may be behind us, for now, there will always be a large group of folks who enjoy the tinkering side of Android. In big news today for these folks, we have learned that the developer behind Xposed is teasing a release for devices running Android 5.0+, aka devices running ART.

Xposed is a powerful tool once placed on your device. While it does require root, it allows for soft modifications to be installed like applications, making it easy to change up your device’s look and how it runs. There is no more flashing of ROMs, which takes away a lot of the dangers and stress involved with rooting. 

For a few months now, Xposed was not supported on Lollipop devices, but if this tease ends up coming to fruition, then anyone wanting this powerful tool on an Android 5.0+ device is in for a huge treat.

Of course, we will keep you posted on when and if it is released. Hang tight, rooters.


Via: XDA
Cheers Kevin!
  • Mindchatter13

    omg omg omg omg a double rainbow has appeared!!!!!

  • EnterTheNexus


  • CoolSilver

    I’ve actually gotten along without Xposed. Though I do miss a few key things like the power menu.

  • Trevor

    This just makes me so happy in pants. Will Gravity Box be there for us too? I’ve kept my distance from Cyanogenmod ever since discovering that Xposed let me tweak everything I used to tweak with CM. Then I bought a OnePlus One….Xposed may get me back to using my Nexus 5….or maybe even think about buying a Nexus 6 🙂

  • M C

    yeaaaaa 🙂 hopefully root cloak will get an update when xposed does or round about that time and ill be all set for 5.0+ 🙂 i seem to be needing root for less and less these days asides installing the latest cm and ti backup thats about it anymore which is nice, but because some games / apps need root hidden this caused me to look into xposed + rootcloak for the last 4 months. soon as these get bumped to 5.0+ or the games dont care about root being there ill be sent and ready to jump back on the cm12 train 🙂

  • btolley13

    Love XPosed. I will not update to Lollipop until XPosed supports it.

  • Captain Spaulding
  • BoFiS

    This is amazing news, and one of the key reasons I was not seeking out Lollipop ROMs for my phone, because 4.4.4 with Xposed is already so far and above better than even most custom ROMs that I see no need. Perhaps now I’ll be excited once Sony pushes 5 to the Z3 Compact (and other devices obviously)

  • nemosfate

    There is no more flashing of ROMs, which takes away a lot of the dangers and stress involved with rooting.

    No, it doesn’t take away any dangers.

    • flosserelli

      I disagree. It takes away the possibility of (1) flashing a rom/kernel not made for your device, (2) unintentionally wiping the system/data/internal storage partition in recovery, (3) screwing up while unlocking the bootloader, any of which could result in an expensive paperweight if you don’t know how to recover.

      • nemosfate

        That’s fine on the rom flashing point but Tim said Rooting. Xposed doesn’t take away any dangers of having root. Yeah I know nitpicking but “IF” someone new reads it then they’ll think Xposed is safer than other rooted mods that you can set to ask for SU constantly.

  • pookietookie

    AWESOME news.

  • VAVA Mk2

    Can I haz apk plz?

  • Raven

    Sweet! I have been eagerly awaiting ART support for my OG Moto X Dev. I was really hoping that it would be available before they start pushing out a 5.0 OTA update to it.

    • Gr8Ray

      Yup, if they release this then I guess I have to start whining about 5.0 not being released yet.

  • Droid Ronin

    I wonder if this means that I can finally migrate my CM11 on my XOOM to ART.

    • Neel

      Keep me updated. That would help my xoom a lot I’d bet

  • Neel

    What are some features that are great with XPOSED? I don’t use it but I would like to get into it and find out what I can use it for to help me.


    • Dan H

      per app dpi settings is what I am patiently waiting for. with it I can force the tablet version of gmail, google calendar and chrome on my phone while leaving everything else normal sized. just so many things.

      • Neel

        What else besides dpi? I’ve read about that. My oneplus is convenient because it allows me to set icon row X column on homepage without a launcher or root

    • Daistaar

      I use it on my S4 to control headphones with controls made for iPhone (pretty much all of them), primarily my Beats earbuds. Makes skipping tracks forward and back as well as controlling volume a breeze. I also use it to disable the Loud Volume warning in the Music player which is great when the phone is in my pocket on the train. I use it to turn on the flashlight by holding the home button (as long as the screen is off) and lastly to disable to video ads in the Youtube app.

      • Torin

        What module do you use to enable the apple style inline controls? I’ve always wanted this functionality and I haven’t found a module that does it.

        • Daistaar

          PBMC Mappings. Physical Button Mapping Control. It works pretty nice. You press the button on your headset cable or on your phone then assign it an activity. It works for taps and holds. Really convenient for using with my Beats (I know, I know lol).

          • Torin

            Thanks, this module works great. I have more apple style earbuds than I know what to do with and the controls never working right always ticked me off.

    • jruasap

      Pandora Patcher is awesome for streaming music. You can add AVRCP, no ads, unlimited skips, and even download songs if you want.

      • Gr8Ray

        AVRCP doesn’t already work for you? I’ve never had a problem with it, with the stock Pandora app.

        • jruasap

          No…It’s never worked for me without pandora patcher.

    • I use it to theme my G3, control wakelocks using Amplify, setup Snapchat groups and allow any image to be shared via Snapchat, YouTube Ad Blocker, and a few other misc things.

    • Youtube Adaway. No. More. Youtube. Ads. Period.

      • Jprime

        Sounds amazing

    • T4rd

      ChromePie – Adds Pie controls to Chrome (beta as well).
      Snapshare – Lets you Snapchat anything you want.
      Snapkeep – Saves all Snapchats to your phone.
      Pandora Patcher – Basically gives you Pandora One for free.
      Amplify – Track any app/service causing wake-locks and block or limit them.
      Gravity Box/Sense Tools/Wanam Xposed – Basically add any features you see in other custom ROMs into your stock ROM on your device (stockish Android, HTC, or Samsung phone respectively).
      Youtube AdAway – No ads in Youtube whatsoever.
      UnbelovedHosts – No ads in all apps/games.

    • Raven

      My favorite feature is the Greenify Exposed module. It makes Greenify even better for massive battery life saving.
      I also use APM+ (Advanced Power Menu) to have several other long press press power button options like Reboot, Volume/Vibration control, Flashlight, etc.

    • Jon George

      Pretty much if you wish your phone could do something that it doesn’t…Xposed pretty much has no limits..I’ve been running lollipop for awhile now so I forget all the modules I used but there were at least 10 of them…there’s hundreds to choose from..YouTube Ad Blocker might be the most useful if you watch YouTube a lot though. You can check out the modules and what they do on Xposed Repository

  • rreich49

    Great news. That’s the only thing my N6 is missing.

  • WK

    damn it. now i need root for my VZW Moto X 2 even more now.

  • Roger K.

    LG G2 owners rejoice!

    • OF

      LG G2 with Blisspop 1.9 and Render Kernel V9! Braps!!

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    I know the quality is bad but this is how i feelhttp://youtu.be/b1CWpWmcoD0

  • Ahmed

    The only reason i haven’t gone to AOSP LP is due to lack of xposed..

  • evan brown


  • Chippah

    Still no goddam root or signs of L on VZW-ATT Note 4 with a $14,199 bounty…

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      You can thank Knox

      • ddog511

        it has nothing to do with Knox. It’s an encryption locked boot loader that is the issue.

        • guest

          ATT & VZW are the real issue

          • ddog511

            If you get down to it, it’s ultimately the OEMs for bending to VZW and AT&T’s demands for the locked bootloader. If the OEMs would say NO to that crap, are the carriers really going to stop carrying that phone? Maybe, maybe not. It would certainly take away from their subscriber base if the end user can’t get the phone they saw on the commercial from one place, they’ll go to where they can buy it. – imo

          • I hear ya, but not always. I’m married to my unlimited VZ right now. (Until they decide to part ways with me by taking it away)

            That means that I will buy the best available phone on Verizon every 1-2 years.

          • needa

            it is samsung. they don’t have to lock the bootloader down so tight. if the nexus can be sold on carriers with an unlockable boot… then so can others.

        • Mark Aaron Collado

          Oh ok. My bad. Then blame Verizon

    • Guest

      it sucks to be struck with a Note 4 without root, knew this is gonna happen with VZW Note 4 and upgraded to Nexus 6, rocking with custom rom/kernel on my N6

    • Siriously_

      That’s why you don’t buy a device assuming it’ll get rooted. If you care about root more than anything else, nexus.

      • If you care about root more than anything else, check which current flagship phone has already been rooted before your purchase. Then decide between them based on desired features/Network.

        There. I fixed it for you. 🙂

        • Siriously_

          You did? That’s not wise advice.

          What happens when the OEM releases an Android update that also patches that root method being exploited?

          This happened with the moto x 2013 (non-dev edition)… And it’s happened to other phones.

          If you want to take that risk of losing root later on, go ahead. Or don’t update your phone.

          If you care about root, get a nexus.

          • Sorry, still wrong. Almost all modern non-nexus phones have methods to block OTA updates. This not only keeps root, but ensures the phone isn’t updated until a new root method has been verified in the community.

            Nexus devices are great. I’ve owned a few. But they’re not the holy grail for rooting anymore. I’ve also owned plenty of skinned devices by Moto, Samsung and now LG. I’ve never lost root on any of these devices because I did my homework ahead of time. The same great tinkerer community that supports Nexus devices also embraces flagship skinned devices.

            Don’t be such a fanboy.

          • Siriously_

            I am aware that most phones have the capability to be rooted through some exploit. You don’t need to “block” any update through rooting, you can simply choose not to install the update. Obviously this applies to a non-rooted phone too.

            I say that because generally the fixes/updates OEMs include valuable features or bug fixes people actually want. And it might include a new version of Android.

            Switching from a nexus device to the 2013 moto X, I had the same belief as you do. I was excited when a root exploit was available. Then Motorola updates the software, offering improvements to the camera and battery life. Do I give up root for these valuable updates? That’s an interesting question. When I sold my moto x there was still no known root exploit for the most current version of software.

            My point stands that if you care about root, you get a nexus because you know you don’t have to worry about an exploit being patched. There’s no hassle. My argument was not about which phones have root, I’m aware most have it. Not having a guarantee is a dealbreaker if I want to update my phone.

          • Siriously_

            You are completely missing my point and trying to insult me along the way. But I’m actually not wrong. Please read why so you can stop spewing your BS to others.

            Since we are sharing our great phone histories, I’ve been around since the very first Android smartphone but that does not add to my credibility, nor does your phone history add to yours. And like you I’ve owned devices from the main Android OEMs, except LG (not by any bias, just haven’t). If anything, it tells me you are confused.

            To your point, yes, a lot of non-nexus phones have methods to achieve root, I understand that fully. These are back-doors that someone found that are not guarantees for future updates.

            If you want to maintain that root(after a software update that patches the root), you have two options: simply never update your phone again or wait for another root method to be found. That generally does work, like you described.


            Not all phones have the capability to get root (VZW 2014 Moto x, Droid Turbo, VZW Note 4 are examples of current flagship phones which do not have root). More importantly it is NEVER a GUARANTEE a future root method will be achieved after a software update patched that exploit method(2013 VZW moto x, had root, lost root ability after being patched). In that situation, one is stuck either not updating their phone in order to keep root, or they choose to get the update and lose root.

            Just because you did your homework before your purchase, does not mean the manufacturer can’t patch that exploit in the future and that nobody will find a new root method. The only phone I have had that had this problem was the Moto x 2013, but it proves the point that it’s not a guarantee. That’s not arguable. It happened to the Moto x (probably other phones) and it can happen again.

            My initial statement that you first replied to was not specific enough.

            It should have stated that if root was most important to you, a nexus is the way to go because:

            -You never have to worry about losing root in a future update.

            -You don’t have to hope someone finds a new root exploit after an update.

            -You don’t have to worry that you could be missing out on bug fixes or new features.

            Because I do not want to have to worry about those things, does not make me a fanboy, it only leaves me with one choice.

            Nice try though bud.

          • TL;DR

          • Siriously_


            The easy way to admit being wrong.

          • Nope. Just don’t feel like reading your novel. Just give up. You lost the argument when you finished typing your initial comment.

          • Siriously_

            I’m wrong because you don’t want to read an argument with evidence against your unsubstantiated opinion.

            Good logic. I don’t know why I waste my time with people like you. Hopefully others read it and learn.

          • Hopefully. *Fingers Crossed*

    • jruasap

      Sorry to hear that man, that’s rough. I miss the good old days when it was much easier to root phones, bootloaders weren’t locked, and there were custom ROMs abound.

  • xposart

    Great! Now I can stop using these ratchet Lollipop ROM nightlies.

  • ZachGalifianexus’s Beard

    After dipping my toes in the development water by making my own ROMs (at least attempting to) I am kind of disappointed by this and happy at the same time

    • needa

      making your own roms? maybe you can help me out with getting the 11s update on my mixed partitioned phone. http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/help/getting-stock-rooted-calkulin-rom-t3027434

      • ZachGalifianexus’s Beard

        I dont think I’m advanced enough to help you but why in the world are you using “mixed” partitions? And what does that even mean? Multiple filesystems in one partition?

        • needa

          f2fs is quicker at read/write speeds than ext4 at sending larger packets of info. this is great for the /data (user data) and /cache partitions. things like opening up the keyboard with its dictionaries and predictive words etc, and storing pics/vids (seens to cut the time in half), is a lot faster using f2fs. where ext4 excels is sending small packets of data. that is what the system partition does.
          thanks the horrid read/write speeds of the og nexus 7… a lot of tinkering has been done to find out what makes that hunk of junk (i own two of them) run faster. so we now know what the best setup is for our phones. the differences on the oneplus and most other mobile products are not as noticeable outside of storing pics, but there is a definite difference. so i run my opo on the same mixed/hybrid setup as my n7s.

          • ZachGalifianexus’s Beard

            OK. That’s very interesting. I have an of nexus 7 as well so I completely understand lol. Sorry I can’t help you though. Sounds like tough work since the system usually assumes it is in the same format as all the other partitions

  • MichaelFranz

    ahhh finally Xposed GEL. That is the main reason i’d use this.

    • j

      Xposed GEL is the main reason I haven’t moved to ART. Can’t live without, and I like GEL.. well, not enough to not fork the crap out of it.

      • What is this GEL sorcery you speak of?

        • T4rd

          Basically the Google Experience Launcher with Nova Prime’ish features. I prefer Novo Prime still though.

          • Oh ok. I like my Nova Prime. No need to rock the boat. Thanks mate.

          • Jon George

            Love GEL and XGels seals the deal..if you’re not on lollipop I’d check it out.

        • It’s officially GNL – Google Now Launcher.

    • nate

      I’ve had to make due with nova since I moved to ART. Miss the omnipresent Google Now but ART and Lollipop have been worth it to me.

    • My panties are soaked. Take me all the way Xposed!

  • Brandal Wagener

    Excited for this but there’s no way I’ll try it for at least 6 months after its initial release. I need stability and it’s not worth the risk at this point, lollipop is awesome

  • Suicide_Note

    Best news I will hear all day, no doubt about it. I can’t wait to have Gravity Box on my N6.

  • Primey_

    awwwwwww yiss