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Verizon’s New Early Termination Fee Policy Makes You Pay a Full ETF Up to 8 Months

Verizon made a major policy change this morning to its customer agreement that directly relates to your Early Termination Fee (ETF), a change that makes it more expensive for you to cancel service with the carrier in the first 8 months of your a 2-year contract, when compared to the previous policy.

The ETF with a 2-year contract used to decline by $10 for each full month of your contract term that you completed. With the new policy, you won’t see a reduction in your ETF fee until the 8th month of your contract term. In other words, you will pay the full ETF fee should you decide to leave Verizon, even if you have been with the carrier for six or seven months. 

With the old policy, you would see a substantial reduction in your ETF after completing up to eight months, but the new ETF policy lays out a much different schedule. In the new policy, you are stuck with the full $350 ETF on “advanced devices” for the first seven months of a contract. From months 8-18, you will then see the ETF decline by $10 per month. Then from months 19-23, it will decline by $20 per month. In the final month of your contract, your ETF will reduce by $60.

The new policy only applies to anyone who signs a contract on or after November 14. If you signed a contract before November 14, the old $10 per month reduction still applies.

Here is how the new ETF policy reads:

If you cancel a line of Service, or if we cancel it for good cause, during its contract term, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee. If your contract term results from your purchase of an advanced device on or after November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $350, which will decline by: $10 per month in months 8–18, $20 per month in months 19–23, and $60 in the final month of your contract term. For other contract terms entered into on or after November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $175, which will decline by: $5 per month in months 8–18, $10 per month in months 19–23, and $30 in the final month of your contract term. If your contract results from your purchase of an advanced device prior to November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $350 minus $10 for each full month of your contract term that you complete. For other contract terms entered into prior to November 14, 2014, your early termination fee will be $175 minus $5 for each full month of your contract term that you complete.

As you can see, a new tiered approach also applies to devices that fall outside of the “advanced device” tag.

Cheers Aaron!
  • Frank E. Licata

    I think what it all boils down to is people do not realize that when they buy an advanced device the carrier is subsidizing the cost of that device about $500 or so. So therefore they are entitled to recoup that over the course of two years. For example The new iPhone cost $700, of which $500 is paid by Verizon and $200 is paid by the customer. Nothing in this world is for free.

  • Phil Hyde

    Would this change invoke the “60 day” clause in the customer agreement?

    “you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice [of the change] with no early termination fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it.”

    • anon

      no because this is on NEW contracts…….

  • Bryan

    Instead of offering a quality product at a fair price, they change their terms to make it harder to leave. Pathetic. I’m already going to leave Verizon for Tmobile next week when the N6 comes out due to Verizons trap called a data meter that I got caught in a few months ago and this is just icing on the cake

  • Elizabeth Zima


  • StankyChikin

    $30 T-Mobile Plan 🙂

  • Me

    This is why I’m no contract for life. I don’t care if I have to rock a N4 for the next 3 yrs.

  • Vanquishgc

    On the surface, this is crap, and as a Verizon customer I facepalmed. However, it’s actually smart business. It’s a two fold strategy : for one, it makes it much harder for other carriers to buy out contracts, so essentially a shot at T-Mo. Second, it’s a way to steer more people towards Edge, where in the event of cancellation, Verizon doesn’t eat the loss of phone subsidy. And along those lines, it does help prevent fraud. Someone else mentioned it, but being a former employee, I witnessed many cases where people would want to add or start up 3to 5 lines, all iPhones usually, only to turn around and sell them on the street, or Craigslist or whatever. This sort of thing doesn’t just affect Verizon or whatever carrier, but the salesperson as well. You don’t just lose commission, but you eat a portion of the equipment loss, which can be crippling to your paycheck. My only issue with this is that at the 8 month point, it shouldn’t just go down 10 bucks each month from the $350 point, but rather the ETF at that point should be lower. Essentially, at month 8, drop from $350 to $270, then go down ten bucks going forward.

  • Tom Bryant

    Oh hey, by the way, Mr. Average Joe consumer who thinks it is a great idea to buy a phone then let T-Mobile pay your ETFs… your sales rep is docked from his commission pay for THE FULL PRICE OF YOUR HANDSET(S) IN ADDITION TO ANY PROFIT HE ORIGINALLY WAS PAID — FOR UP TO SIX MONTHS after you activate service.

    You aren’t hurting Verizon… they got big pockets. You are hurting a working man/woman who is trying to feed a family and support themselves. Remember that when you play these games.

    • StankyChikin

      Cry much?

      • Laymans Terms

        Someone makes a valid point about how people working the system hurts real individuals and you don’t care? Sad day on DL.

        • StankyChikin

          I will agree with you once I see a valid point made.

    • Artune

      We all have challenges at the work place. Make sure you’re a rep that is so good at the demo/presentation they won’t switch over to the next company. Also Verizon cares about each gusto lost trust me

      • Laymans Terms

        You say that. But previous comments show how people want to purposefully take advantage of these gaps in the system regardless of the individual who is stuck processing the transaction. Worst yet I am willing to bet most people who go into the stores get upset at reps upsellig as part of their jobs. Least they could do is order the devices online so only Verizon is hurt and not the rep.

  • Think about like a game of chess, TMO’s move put VZW in check the had to play a defensive counter but still gives TMO leverage. Their campaign to buy contracts was a success.

  • Justin Kos

    Glad Ive been prepaid since 2012

  • they should be less concerned with screwing us on the ETF and more concerned with screwing us on the Nexus 6. come on.. announce something already!

  • ck125

    What are they going to cling to once contracts are a thing of the past and they don’t have all these BS fees they can charge?

  • SJ

    Anyone else remember this???? (Dec 2009)

    6. It appears that if a customer cancels a two-year contract after 23 months, the
    customer would still owe an ETF of $120. Is this correct? If the ETF is meant to
    recoup the wholesale cost of the phone over the life of the contract, why does a
    $120 ETF apply?

    (From http://www.fcc.gov/document/verizon-wirelesss-early-termination-fee-advanced-devices-and-access-verizon-mobile-web )

  • Todd Bettenhausen

    Boo frickin’ hoo! READ and KNOW what you’re signing. Do your RESEARCH. Take the time to COMPARE carriers. Then go make a good decision. This is consequential to only those who don’t do these things, those who try to game the system, and of course, T-Mobile. I’ve been with all of the big four at one point or another–here in central Indiana Verizon’s the hands-down best there is period.

  • yummy

    Plus now they have sharks swim to your house and leg bite you, if you want to bust your contract

  • flosserelli

    Get “More Everything” on Verizon…including more inches up your arse.

  • David Narada Brown

    theyre gonna make it hard for them to get people to sign their life away in a 2 year contract. I already absolutely refuse to sign a contract with them now. My next phone will be the nexus 6 and when i feel like it i will take it to the next carrier just like that.

  • Michael Quinlan

    This increases the ETF well being the 8th month, since the rate of reduction is virtually the same, but reductions don’t start until later in the contact term.

  • Dave

    So now they’re making it harder for people to buy a iphone 6+ on contract, cancel and sell it for $1000. My neighbor sold one for $1250…easy money.

  • Bigsike

    Simply offer unlimited plans at reasonable rates and none of this is necessary! See I fixed it for you Verizon now you can fire all the people it takes to try and out smart the other guys and just employ that one item, that’s it that’s all. Now I want money for the free advise. 😛

  • Jon Parker

    It’s amazing to me what people get their undies in a bunch over. As I read many of these comments, I am struck by the thought that I wished people paid this much attention to the crap federal government throws at us from all directions. I promise you that Verizon looks like a bunch of saints compared to the control freaks in our nations capital…..but I digress. Still clinging to UNLIMITED data!

  • JeffColorado

    Like we need yet another reason to hate Verizon. I am so glad I left them.

  • Colin Huber

    You pay for what you get. Their coverage is outstanding, top of the market. They have all the leverage.

    • Artune

      Very true, which is why I’m staying another 10 years. Doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to gripe.

  • J

    This has nothing to do with other carriers buying out contracts….people need to get there facts straight when it comes to the cell phone industry and why things are in place….and on a side note if a company has LTE they don’t have unlimited data anymore….if they say they have it read the fine print, they throttle you to 3G & 1X once u reach 2gb

    • jimt

      It has everything to do with other carriers buying out contracts.

  • Chippah

    Verizon is Hitler.

    • jimt


      • tjubb

        Obama, tss, tss.

        • jimt

          worse yet, Satan!

  • Mark

    Actually, this looks like a response to T-Mobile and every other carrier paying off your ETF. That must mean that Verizon feels threatened for once, which is good. I’ve convinced several friends and family to switch from Verizon and they all seem happier elsewhere.

    • Artune

      That’s a very good point, (best one made yet lol)

    • Anthony Walker

      I’ll be leaving them once my contract is up on my Moto X 2013. I’ve been using Cricket Wireless on my Nexus 5 and now my Moto X 2014 for the past 6 months and I don’t have a problem with the service.

  • NickA

    Keep this in mind Verizon haters: Most people aren’t like us and get new phones every few months. People get a phone, an agreement, and 18 months later they maybe upgrade. Most people don’t even upgrade, especially if they are iPhone users.

    You act like it’s your right to want to cost a company money, or have the right to break contracts at your will under your own terms. Grow up.

    Bottom line: save money or get a better job and pay full price for the phone.

    • Anthony Walker

      Why does it bother you so much? Do you have stock in Verizon? Verizon has great coverage but it’s a horrible company.

      • NickA

        I wish.

  • Ben Notaro

    Say it with me everyone “scumbags!”

  • Cael

    Way to go Verizon, you continue to make it oh so appealing to sign a new contract with you.

  • Mark R. Graves

    Verizon’s coverage is great compared to all the others if you live in a small town outside a major metropolitan area. The only other options for me are C-Spire and ATT. I’ve used both and – to me – Verizon was an upgrade from them.

  • Jayracer7474
  • trwb

    Prepaid Verizon (All Set plan) has a pretty good deal. Thats what I use now.

  • Robzw

    This is why I stick to prepaid.

  • Sporttster

    They will never have another contract from me then….

    • Artune


  • Al Werner

    People are freaking out over events that rarely occur. If you sign up for a two year contract there are fees for getting out of it. Has anyone tried to get out of a lease early? Get out of a rental agreement early? If you don’t like two year contracts go month to month. You chose to enter into that agreement.

    • JSo

      Verizon offers a Month to Month plan? What’s the catch?

      • trwb

        You pay full price for the phone

        • JSo

          Hmm. i didn’t even know that was an option.

          • trwb

            Yea or there is prepay Allset plans too for Verizon. Which you pay full price for phone but the monthly fee is usually lower that a regular plan.

      • Al Werner

        No catch outside of paying full price for new phones. I have been out of contract for a year and bought my Moto X on eBay.

      • John Friend

        You won’t get 25 off a month on your line fee

        • akellar

          Actually you do get a discount being out of contract. They don’t advertise this though.

          • teevirus

            Why don’t people who have completed the 24 month term see a reduction in their bills then? (assuming they didn’t purchase another phone)

          • akellar

            Have to be on one of the More plans and call in to get it from what I’ve read.

          • Jeff Badger

            You have to call Verizon to ask for it and cannot have unlimited data.

          • PoisonApple31

            I successfully added the line access fee reduction on my open line just by finding it on My Verizon. Calling them would probably be even easier to do it. If you are on the More Everything plan that is.

            I have no idea where it was because since I added it, I do not see it listed anywhere again.

          • teevirus

            Yeah I don’t doubt that I could have gotten a deal with Verizon when I ended service in Month 25 of my contract. Even if they had let me keep unlimited data I would have said no because I am tired of the BS. I moved to T-mobile pay slightly less now and when my phone is paid off I will pay significantly less.

    • SJ

      If you break the lease at my rental, you pay me until we get someone new or your lease is up (That’s the law). Worst case scenario, you pay for the remaining months. NOT 100% of the agreement until you are 1/3 through, then we lower it a little more.

    • jimt

      You are right, pay cash and buy it from someone besides Verizon. This new contract may even be illegal. I think it is just to punish Tmo but it does show Verizon noticed the people leaving. Makes it more expensive for Tmo.

  • epyon

    Fancy that, I just made my final payment to Verizon yesterday, $100 ETF included.

  • Artune

    This is why my last three phones S5, G3 and Nexus 6 were all purchased full priced. Besides the unlimited data i still have I’m sick of these policy changes. VZW is still the best where I am (NY)

    • Also in NY, also buying outright to preserve unlimited (It just makes sense given the data I blast through).

      But why do the new ETF policies / changes make you sick? They haven’t affected you in years. In fact, I’d say that the only people who should really complain are the small minority of folks who were planning to sign a 2-year deal in the next few weeks and then sell their phone and/or jump ship to TMo. For the rest of us, it simply doesn’t matter.

      I’ve been with them for years and I hate on them for other stuff like: Bloatware, Locked-down phones, No Nexus 4/5, Assuming I’m a stupid consumer, etc. But I know I’m in the minority as an enthusiast/power user. You really can’t hate on them for trying to maximize profits and preserve their place in the market. That’s just what successful corporations do.

      • Artune

        I understand your point, i’ve been with them for a decade now. Use to sell their phones when I worked at bestbuy/staples. There are numerous changes that took place, don’t want to list them all but it’s just not a good look for the company. I understand maximizing profits but if you lose customers along the way you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. My family members/gf are stuck on contract and they’ll be suffering with this if they decide to go that route.

  • mcdonsco

    Wish I could leave verizon…tmobile data coverage isn’t solid enough here, sprint is a joke, and at&t would cost me a fortune with my data use.


  • Jayracer7474

    Ol’ red

    • Ben Notaro

      You’re trying to hard lol

  • Godzilla

    The best device decision I ever made was to buy a PURE X and leave verizon. They can seriously suck it.

  • Tom S

    So, this is for contracts, which means that it doesn’t affect people on Edge.

  • thenew3

    So how does that math work? Months 8-18 is 11 months at $10/month = $110, months 19-23 is 5 months @ $20/month = $100, month 24 is $60, so $110 + $100 + $60 is $270, what happens to the remaining $80 of the $350? Does that mean even after you are done with your 2 year contract, if you decide to leave, you still have to pay an $80 termination fee?

    • monkeybutts

      After you are done it drops to zero. They won’t make your 23rd month super cheap.

      • thenew3

        So after the 24th month they drop the remaining $80?

        So convoluted. I’m glad I”m still under the $240 ETF with $10 monthly reduction.

  • Adam

    This has to be setting up for Nexus 6 on their network, maybe?

    • How are the two related?

      • Pakmann2k

        I don’t think it is related but I think he is eluding to someone picking up a discounted Nexus 6 on VZW and then canceling the contract to take the phone elsewhere. It is unprecedented because this is the first major Verizon device that can be used on all of the carriers.

        • Justen DeBowles

          I don’t know about ATT and Sprint, but for T-mobile, when you take your phone and contract elsewhere and they buy the contract, you have to trade the phone in also. They don’t allow you to keep the phone from the other carrier also, you still have to give it away in order to complete the ETF payment process.

  • djdsf

    “In other words, you will pay the full ETF fee should you decide to leave Verizon,” Did you just write “Early Termination Fee fee?

  • Alex Niehaus

    Who cancels a contract after 8 months anyway? The fact you got your phone for probably $300-400 off retail bc you signed a contract and then can sell said phone when your contract is cancelled, I don’t really see how Verizon is being evil other than the fact they changed their terms which, obviously, does benefit them in a way. Selling the phone you got for a discount should easily cover that ETF anyway.

    • monkeybutts

      people leaving the country?

      • Alex Niehaus

        Yeah okay that’s one example but how many people does that happen to a year that are on Verizon? I’d say less than 1000. And you can always suspend your service.

      • Pakmann2k

        If I remember correctly, you don’t have to pay an ETF if you leave the country. You do have to return the device though. Basically, there is a clause that if you move to a place without any coverage, they can cancel your contract. This does not include US roaming, but overseas, you can get out of it because the contract garuntees that they will provide you with service no matter where you live. Obviously, outside the US, they cannot do so.

    • thajack

      I’m not sure how it works at Verizon these days, but if you are at AT&T, you don’t get a discount when you buy the phone on a contract. Take the Moto X 2014 for example:

      Sign Contract
      Pay $149.99 for phone
      Pay $25 extra per month during the life of the contract because you bought the phone on contract.

      Cost to purchase the phone: $149.99 + ($25 x 24) = $749.99

      • Alex Niehaus

        That makes sense, but if you are leaving after 8 months you will have only paid what, ~$325 of that $749 phone with the initial discounted price and the $25 installment?

        Ive never cancelled a contract early and have upgraded every 2 years for 8 years on Verizon, so I guess I just don’t see the other side things in that regard.

        • thajack

          Actually, it’s not a $749 phone. It’s a $499 phone. And, it’s not an installment… it’s the additional surcharge to have any phone on a contract. You’ll pay the $25/month per phone to have a contract, period. If you do the installment plan, you’ll end up paying $526 for the same phone, if I remember correctly.

  • Tony Byatt


    Treating their customers to Vaseline free “toe touches”…


  • Verizon: every 15 minutes we change the terms of some contract or the other.
    Verizon, we have a team working around the clock to find new and creative ways to azz fvck our customers.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    I left these ass clowns 2 years ago and never once regretted it.

    • thajack


  • Maximus

    “Why compete when we can monopolize” – Verizon

  • I swear these guys are the National Socialists of the cell industry. Their doing this to make it harder for other companies to buy out the contract, something that I’m sure is happening a lot lately.

    • Jeff C

      theyre just really good at maximizing profit and most of the time its at the expense of its customers. in this case though, it really doesnt affect a lot of people.

    • Zacharypt

      No this is actually capitalism at its finest.

  • It’s cool Verizon. I don’t care. Grandfathered Unlimited fo’ life! (Or until they kick me off an onto TMo 🙂

    • soremekun

      I’m staying as well until I they pry unlimited from my fingers.

    • Exactly and I’ll chew up 60-100GB each month – Even with Wi-Fi available I purposely use 4G, since its not Tether use they can’t do anything about it.

      • This.

      • Jimneezy

        Good $hit! Before I left Verizon I used to leave Netflix running in a loop just to piss them off

        • John Friend

          So dumb

      • DanSan

        my brother is doing the same now. he use to always use WiFi and used maybe 2gb of data a month. the past 2 months hes been doing nothing but 4G. first month he did 20GB, and this month with 6 days left in the cycle hes at 46GB. hes sticking it to the man. im trying my best to keep up with him but thank god for 2 unlimited data lines.

        • Exactly you’re paying for it why not use it. Also with newer devices I’m noticing much higher upload/download speeds. A lot of my data is work related taking 40-50 project photos and 10min videos which are uploaded to google drive.

        • John Friend

          That’s crazy. But you’re not hurting verizon… If anything ur raising the average… Be a man and put forth real effort, some people actually hit 1tb. Ridiculous….

      • jlsushman

        Maybe I’m doing something wrong… I barely use my data for a little use and BAM I used 140gb. I wonder how much I can rack up if I actually tried.

        • Pr0n: You’re doing it right 😉

          • jlsushman

            Who knew I would have the upperhand against a cell company. Not only do I have unlimited, they’re locked in a binding contract with me till dec 2015 muhahahaha! They call them big red cause I just gave that ass a spanking!

          • jlsushman


          • Tom S

            What the heck are you downloading!?!? My wife and I were sharing the 3GB plan for a good long while and we usually didn’t even top 2GBs much and I spend my days on forums, browsing the web, and watching videos. I do have WiFi in most places, but if I’m a passenger in a car I’m plugging away like usual.

            I’m not sure I even use that much data at home on my FiOS connection and my kid watches Netflix a lot.

          • jlsushman

            It’s mainly md5 files and whatnot when I root and unroot and custom rom and this and that.

          • Nazzi_Muhammad

            Looking at all that porn on your phone has got to hurt your eyes.

          • John Friend

            Doesn’t matter. They still could revoke your unlimited. Or if you tether, Bill you.

          • jlsushman

            if they charge me then it is illegal. If they kick me out for that sole purpose, it is illegal. My contract states that unlimited means unlimited, if they kick me out it is illegal. They are stuck with me. Or atleast until they change from c block 700mhz spectrum.

          • John Friend

            I have two unlimited lines. But I only go above 5gbs 3 times a year when traveling.

            Look I get there are customers who live in an rv. Sure they can’t get wifi at home.

            But we are both lucky network optimization was dropped. But just because ur under contract doesn’t mean you can’t lose unlimited, you could be optimized in the future. They changed the terms of their press release. Being under contract doesn’t protect you from Jack squat…

          • jlsushman

            I really could care less whether they drop me or not. I’ve been using it like this since lte came about and I will continue to. To each their own. And there is a reason why network optimization dropped. If contracts mean nothing then our economy is gonna be in a world of hurt my friend. Let’s just stick it to big corp and shake hands.

      • John Friend


        • haha don’t hate cause you can’t do the same, worse thanks for paying for my additional bandwidth use ;}

  • nmaxfield

    well hopefully when i leave this time i won’t be going back

  • emoney

    that’s a pretty douche move on their part

    • Zach Cline

      Thats verizon for you.

  • Alan

    Good thing other carriers pay your ETF when you sign up with them. Some also/instead give you $100+ to trade in your current 2+ year old smartphone.

  • mike

    Whatever. Who signs a 2 year contract then leaves that soon?
    They’re just doing this to take more money from TMO’s wallet.

    • jimt

      Verizon just plain sucks!

      • That statement is just not accurate. In 15 years of service, I’ve had a total of two dropped calls and maybe 48 hours worth of no-service dead zones. Can you say that about your carrier? =)

        • SVem26

          Verizon sucks..

        • Marcellus1

          I live in a major metropolitan area and have issues with Verizon reception all the time. It drives me crazy. But Verizon also has all sorts of policies that are horrible compared to other carriers. Customer service for me has also been awful. Switching as soon as my N6 arrives on my doorstep.

          • Major Metropolitan Area and Bad Verizon service? You sir, are clearly in the minority. What city, if you don’t mind me asking?

          • Marcellus1

            Salt Lake City, Utah
            [EDIT] yes, I realize I am in the minority, and I’m not sure why I have issues with reception, but I’ve had enough of it.

          • Tyler

            I live in SLC as well. I switched to tmobile in September and I’m switching back to Verizon. The dropped calls just plain suck. I’ve always had great coverage around here with Verizon and have at least a few dropped tmobile calls every day.

          • Marcellus1

            I am looking forward to Tmobile wifi calling for one, because Verizon is always dropping calls when I’m in my house or other buildings. Also, inexplicably I’ll often be out in the wide open in the middle of the city and Verizon will give me 3G or 1X data. In addition to hoping for a better overall experience with Tmobile, I also like a lot of Tmobiles initiatives and policies and resent Verizon’s in many ways, so I’m voting with my wallet.

          • Tyler

            Hopefully your experience will be better. Tmo has been super easy to work with, I just wish their coverage was better.

          • Greg Madhere

            Has it always been that way with different devices? Some devices just have crappy radios.

          • Marcellus1

            My current phone is a Galaxy S3. It’s my first smartphone, so I don’t really have anything else to compare it to.

          • Greg Madhere

            Well the phone itself definitely plays a part in whether or not you’re able to lock into a tower with a good signal. I know Moto radios are solid.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          So do you keep a spreadsheet of dropped calls? I find it really hard to believe that 99.9% of the population could keep track of an insignificant thing over the course of 15 years.

          • Since when does “2” need a spreadsheet? It’s easy to keep track when there’s nothing to keep track of. 😉

          • He is a twat.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            No need to resort to name calling, we can be civil here.

        • LiterofCola

          Only idiots would whine about a service provider that provides an excellent service. b-b-b-b-but VERIZONN SUX!!@

          • Zach Cline

            And gouges you for data. $70 a month for 4gb of data is ridiculous

        • Tom S

          Seriously. Only problems that I ever had with VZW were on 9/11 when everybody was flooding the system with calls and after Hurricane Sandy and the power was out for the entire county and some towers were PHYSICALLY down around my job. Other than that no problems, really, that I couldn’t trace to something that I personally messed up (changed a setting on my device, flashed a beta ROM that was glitchy, etc.)

          • MD

            Drive over the Whitestone and you’ll loose Verizon service everytime. Happens all the time on both mine and my wife’s phone. Also some neighborhoods can be spotty – Bay Ridge has horrible 4G service where my brother’s TMo service shines.

          • Stop playing Angry Birds while driving over the Whitestone Bridge lol

          • Tom S

            Where I am in northern Jersey I’ve always had coverage wherever I go. Admittedly, I don’t go into NY very much, but if I do it’s Manhattan and I’ve never had a problem there.

            I work in a self storage facility, which is built like a big Faraday cage, and I even get signal in the center of the building on the first floor where AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint all lose signal anywhere but inside the office.

        • jimt

          Where I live Verizon was 4 times slower then Tmo, I have saved $1100 since last December that I dumped Verizon with 3 lines. I have no problems with Tmo except on a trip to Canada where there were dead spots. I was with Verizon for over 15 years and love everything about Tmo, including the attitude of their reps at the stores. I love the whole uncarrier thing. Verizon will continue to lose people as Tmo continues to grow and eventually become profitable. I even paid a $350 ETF on one line when I left that was before the uncarrier stuff started, still super happy. I also have had the Nexus 5 all that time which is a good phone except for the humble battery. The new Verizon ETF is just to stick it to Tmo, really. Go Tmo.

  • akellar

    This is clearly in response to people getting ETF’s paid off by other carriers. Should be a non-issue for most people. If you are cancelling before 8 months you probably shouldn’t have entered a 2 year contract to begin with.

    • hkklife

      They are also doing this to put a strangelehold on the flood of “gently used” handsets on the market that undercut their full retail pricing.

      • ck125

        Not really. You will still get those who buy a phone and sell it right away while going back to their old phone trying to make a quick buck.

    • Tyler Durden

      Sign 2 years get note 4 for $299, ditch to T-Mobile and get ETF paid. Boom $300 for a Note 4 and $45 a month at T-Mobile

      • Marco

        You also have to port your number to t mobile and trade in your old carrier device to t mobile before they buy out your contract

      • Justen DeBowles

        In order for T-mo to pay your ETF, you have to trade in the phone that was associated with that Line at verizon. So you have to trade in that $299 Note and get a phone from T-mo

        • Dan

          how about I throw my old Droid X back on the plan and trade that in to T-mobile. Then sell the Note 4 on swappa.

        • Cab

          All you have to do is turn in any phone and buy any phone. I turned in a 10 year old flip phone (got $10 credit) and bought the cheapest flip phone they sell at $70. I wanted the Nexus 5 in 32 gb not the one they sell at 16gb and kept my old Galaxy Nexus to give to my 4 year old.

          • cromo8

            Yes, Ex Tmo employee here. this statement is correct. You can trade any phone as long as it powers on, even cracked phones work. Also must have IMEI or ESN available for us to input.

            Does not have to be the associated one with VZW or any carrier.

  • Now I don’t feel bad for Verizon when people sign up, buy a phone on sale, then cancel and sell the phone.

  • Subohm

    Why does this horrible company have to have the best service? Ugh

  • Lou M

    Hate Verizon. So glad I left for T-Mobile. Never going back.

    • SuperTongue

      Same here. Left Verizon almost 5 months ago and never looked back. T-Mobile has great customer service, better phone selection, and significantly lower prices.

      • Lou M

        Customer service is amazing compared to Verizon…actually compared to a lot of companies.

        • Lucky Armpit

          I guess everyone’s experience is different because for me, Verizon has always excelled at three things:

          1. Speed
          2. Coverage
          3. Customer service

          That’s why I pay the higher prices for their service and don’t really complain. But again, that’s just me.

          • jlsushman

            I came for the coverage…but I stayed for the unlimited. Unlimited vzw data hogs for life! Hurt them before they hurt you.

          • KR

            For me, VZW mainly had coverage and customer service. The speed was there, but got questionable for reasons I don’t know, though I’d guess it was the amount of users.

            T-Mobile has since exceeded them in speed, missed on total coverage, and I haven’t had to deal with their customer service, because everything is simple and worked. On coverage, it’s been less of an issue, since I spend the majority of my time in key areas (up and down the east coast). Beyond that, I’m usually on wifi (where I can also place calls).

            That said, T-Mobile absolutely smashes VZ on perks, price, and devices. As an Android fanatic, I just couldn’t tolerate the VZW abuse after they finally got the iPhone (no longer had to compete), all the way through their Galaxy Nexus fiasco. Not worth it (for me).

          • yankeesusa

            That is very true. If you need your phone for business most of the times verizon is your only option and if you travel for leisure and want good service, its either verizon or att or sometimes sprint if you don’t mind slow data. But if you can use tmobile that is a great choice since most of their LTE areas are pretty good in speed. But i understand what you mean about verizon being good.

        • ultravisitor

          I have never had a problem with Verizon’s customer service. They’ve always treated me well.

      • tu3218

        That’s great an all, but it lacks in the most important area. Cellular service. They need to pick it up. I feel like with the continued increase in customer base, they’d have to have some money laying around to improve their towers. I wish they would, cause I want to switch.

        • cromo8

          Lukcily tmobile has been doing so many improvements over the last 5 years. When I worked for them at first(five years back) i used to have to lie and say they had good coverage. Now the case is they definitely are better, expanded so much, LTE covers a large part of the US. in So Cal, Nor Cal, Portland, Arizona and Vegas tmobile beat verizon.(these are the cities I traveled to personally with both carriers in hand.) Better call reception, faster LTE. Granted fully support them here even with terrible coverage in my home.

  • monkeybutts

    Wow, thought only Sprint was this low.

  • Defenestratus

    They’re trying to make it more expensive for T-mobile to buy people out of their ETF’s.


    • JSo

      Exactly my thoughts. I’m glad I switched to T-Mobile a while ago

      • amy0983

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    • CoolSilver

      Right as the holiday buying season is starting up too. Take your family to T-Mobile for Christmas just got a whole lot more Jolly

    • mcdonsco

      Yea, I really don’t see any other reason why they would do it but this. Even if you factor in an etf to buy a phone for less than full retail, it rarely, if ever, saves you more than a couple bucks.

      • Verizon Scott

        This really prevents any fraudulent transactions that happen constantly. People that buy phones especially iphones, and sell them to make a buck only to lose $400 after cancellation. This would help, but not a fix for these fraud problems.

        • mcdonsco

          How is that fraud? They are buying it on contract and paying the stated etf…that’s not fraud, that’s math.

          • j

            They buy up to 5 iPhone under a stolen ID and then the phone for hundreds to thousands in US and overseas and they don’t pay the ETF…then the stolen ID customer has the problem

          • mcdonsco

            Ahh, he didn’t say anything about stolen customer id’s etc…thought he was talking about someone buyer a phone on contract then terminating and paying the etf…guess not.

    • Pakmann2k

      I tend to agree with your thought, but how are they bastards? With AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile paying all the ETFs these days, why should they make it cheaper? Are you implying they should adopt business practices that make it easier for the competition to steal their customers?
      If I were Verizon, I would give away premium devices (Nexus 6, Note 4, Turbo, iPhone 6) for free and make the ETF the full purchase price of the device with the amount dropping month to month over 24 months.

      • Nicolas Finn

        That’s exactly what their Edge program is. It’s not a “contract” but you can’t get out until you pay off the rest of the device. I think this move helps push new customers onto the Edge program. The benefit there is that they can change the terms without modifying the contract for Edge customers…

        • Pakmann2k

          My problem with the Edge is the pricing scheme. Example: 2yr contract $100/mo (example price for a plan) with the $200 dwn subsidized cost for a droid Turbo costs = $2600 after 24 mos. Edge pricing is 0 down, $30/mo for device + $100/mo for service = $3120 for 24mos. You spend more if you don’t leave. Yes, with edge, you can upgrade sooner, but that just ensures you stay even longer.

          • akellar

            You’re leaving out the discount for Edge. Among other things.

          • Nicolas Finn

            Except that’s not how it actually works… Using just the basic single line plan (1gb data per month):

            Without the Edge plan, you pay $200 up front on the Turbo and then you pay $60/month afterwards. That amounts to $1640 (plus taxes, but we’ll count them as equal for the sake of discussion, unless you think it relevant) at the end of 2 years.

            Alternatively, going with the Edge program you pay no money up front (besides the taxes), and then you pay $45/month for the plan and $25/month for the phone, unless you make a down payment on the device. That amounts to $1680. Overall, you pay $40 more over the course of 2 years with the Edge program, but you can get out anytime as long as you pay off the entire phone cost.

            So for a regular user, the benefits are: No down payment (except the tax on the device), no ETF (except the completion of the edge price), and the possibility of upgrading earlier (as soon as you pay of 75% of the device cost, you’re eligible for upgrade).

            Those make Edge much more appealing to a regular shopper…

          • akellar

            It’s even better if you are on a 10GB+ plan

          • Nicolas Finn

            I’m sure it is, I was just going with the easiest plan to read. It’s a GREAT deal for family plans too, unless all the devices you buy for the plan on iPhone 6+’s or flagships with max memory…

          • Pakmann2k

            I guess I should look closer. I honestly didn’t know. I am one of those folks that kept unlimited data so I haven’t really done much research. My plan is actually the Alltel 500 data enterprise pack from a million years ago if that gives you a clue as to the last time I sorted through any plans.

          • vzscrewballs

            Remember also there is no upgrade fees w/ Edge as there are with the contract pricing, that closes the gap a bit more even.

            Edge is a much better deal with the larger family plans when you get the $25/mo/line discount if you have Edge. It pretty much washes out the cost of most phones.

          • Ben Notaro

            You get a 15 dollar discount when you do edge with 8gb or less and 25 with 10 or more. So essentially if you have 10gb or more it’s not a horrible deal as opposed to a 2 year contract.

            Example: Droid turbo subsidized cost on 2 year Contract with 10gb single line.
            Phone cost : $200 + 30 upgrade fee = 230.
            Monthly plan: 120 + tax assuming you took advantage of the 10gb for 80 promo.
            Total 2 year cost not including tax 3110.

            Example edge: Droid turbo on 10gb single plan.
            Monthly installment: 25 a month.
            Monthly price : 95 bucks. Including the financing cost of 25 a month = 120 total.
            So basically you pay no upgrade free have no contract and all you come out paying for the phone is the sales tax.
            Total after 18 months in which you could upgrade again 2160. If you hold out the entire 24 months: 2880

          • Tom Bryant

            The real sweet spot starts at four lines on EDGE with the discounts on 10GB of data… that’s $100 off the plan (and how you get that $140 for four people you hear about in the commercials).

          • Clift


            Droid Turbo is ~$25/month, and you get a $25/month bill credit for being on Edge. With your example, the cost would be $25/mo for the device + $100/mo for service – $25/mo bill credit = $2400 for 24 mos.

          • Pakmann2k

            I am just figuring this out now. Didn’t know, never looked. I did think the new phones were all like $30/mo. Doh!

      • Kelvin Tso

        Just adding another point to the Edge program. Regular 2 year contracts charge $40/month per line for the life of your service. Edge charges $40/month per line ($40 – $25 discount + $25 phone payment) until you pay off your phone. So theoretically, if you keep your phone longer, or pay it off sooner, your then monthly line costs goes down to $15. This $25 discount only applies to 10gb plans and above.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      Downvote it but its going to make T-Mobile go broker quicker. T-Mobile can not sustain to keep buying out people’s contracts with the cash they have. Especially with Softbank not buying them.

      • flosserelli

        ATT will soon follow suit, and T-Mobile will probably stop paying ETFs.

    • Al Werner

      Don’t change your mind about a contract right after you sign it.

      • lost_limey

        8 months isn’t “right after” it’s 33% of the duration of the contract…

      • velocipedes

        What about seven months after you sign it?

        I agree though, anyone who signs a two-year contract binding them to a certain carrier for TWO YEARS is not making an informed decision. Dangling a “subsidized” handset in front of them shouldn’t be a good-enough incentive.

        • schlanz

          some people have been with vzw for 25 years and have 0 intention of leaving in the following 2. Not everyone is as paranoid about contracts and are quite happy with their carrier so long as they get good coverage.

          • velocipedes

            Not everyone is as paranoid about contracts

            Ad lapidem is an admission of defeat and ignorance.

            Maybe you’re just being obtuse, but this has nothing to do with “paranoia” about contracts. It has to do with having the freedom to shop around for another provider if your current provider is no longer satisfying your interests. Willingly giving up that freedom to hold the provider accountable with the threat of transferring your service in exchange for a couple hundred dollars off a device is short-sighted.

            I guarantee you that many people are NOT “quite happy with their carrier so long as they get good coverage.” Otherwise the ETF wouldn’t exist! People base their purchase decision on prices, and prices change over time. A two-year contract does not reflect that reality.

        • pdditty

          So everybody should buy their cell phones full price?

          • velocipedes

            What people “should” and “should not” do is up to them. Like I said, I just believe taking a couple hundred dollars off the full retail price of a handset shouldn’t be an adequate incentive for giving up your power to choose a new carrier when your current starts treating you like crap.

          • schlanz

            and the perception of being “treated like crap” is often extremely exaggerated by customers who make unrealistic demands when something doesn’t go their way.

            one of the only instances of needing to break a contract should be for a sudden change in network quality where you use your phone or if you move to a poor coverage area. otherwise its usually a case of someone crying about a policy they don’t agree with, often related to demanding new equipment at the sale price while in contract.

            edit: no contract is probably great for carriers with mediocre coverage. I would want that freedom on sprint, tmo, cricket, metro, ect too.

          • velocipedes

            Whether or not the customer’s demands are “unrealistic” is not really up to you or anyone else. It is up to the customers to determine if their demands are realistic or not. They’re the ones making the calculation of whether or not the service they’re paying for is worth the price. It’s their own money they’re spending.

            Also, your claims about the statistics of why someone “usually” breaks a contract are dubious. Unless you have actual numbers to support the claims, they’re worthless.

            No-contract is great for customers. Not so great for big companies that depend on the fixed revenue. They would actually have to compete more nimbly and adapt faster to a changing market if customers refused long-term contracts.

          • schlanz

            and your claims that anyone signing a 2yr agreement is not making an informed decision is equally as dubious.

            contracts aren’t always evil and there’s no reason to assume a one size fits all approach is a good thing

          • velocipedes

            You keep making absurd claims, as if I am opposed to contracts. I most certainly am NOT opposed to contracts. Contracts are a foundation of market exchange.

            Your claim that “there’s no reason to assume a one size fits all approach is a good thing” is pure irony, considering the “one-size fits all” nature of the two-year cell carrier contract. It’s precisely because market conditions change over time that binding oneself into a multi-year commitment doesn’t make sense. It might have made sense years ago, when the market wasn’t changing as fast. But with today’s environment, it’s against one’s own interests to give up the power to shop around for the best price.

            Which is why more and more people are switching to no-contract plans these days. There are well over 100 million prepaid subscribers now. Year over year sales of prepaid phones doubled in 2013 from 2012, and the market share increased by 11%.

          • Vanquishgc

            You mention about moving to an area with poor coverage. Great scenario to bring up because a lot of times, especially if you’re nice, your carrier will work with you, either by sending a network extender to your home, boosting your signal, or in extreme case, letting you out of your contract. I know this because I used to work for a Verizon retailer and while very rare, it came up about three times over the course of four years. Every time, vzw sympathized and did what they could to make things right. So yeah, some of their policies blow, I freely admit that. But in the rare case of bad coverage where you live, they won’t hold that against you. Now I’m not sure how other carriers handle such a thing, but that’s been my experience with Verizon.

          • bockscar

            T-mobile absolutely sucks where i live

          • velocipedes

            They’re great where I live, but I couldn’t get any service in my home after I moved, so I switched. Thank goodness I wasn’t tied to a contract.

    • michael arazan

      What’s next, a security deposit to even be on their network? People have to deposit a $350 ETF with them for new comers. Or how about just charging customers $350 to just join their precious network like a country club, along with the bills and fees for the network afterwards.

      In a few more years Verizon is going to be asking for people’s First Born

      • Brian Walz

        Verizon does or used to require security deposits if your credit wasn’t good enough.

        • lost_limey

          8 months isn’t “right after” it’s 33% of the duration of the contract.

          • lost_limey

            Damn it, posted in the wrong place. I blame disqus

      • Eric Jennings

        I had to put a $100 deposit down when I added the 6th line to my account. The sad part is that I have a 780 credit score and have been with Verizon for 25 years without missing one bill. I can’t wrap my head around that….

    • Jason Brown

      good point! i was thinking they were making these changes for “network optimization.”

    • br_hermon

      Yeah but watch out, if for whatever reason TMO can’t give you the services you need (aka crappy coverage, even though they assured you otherwise) they won’t pay your ETF so you’re hosed. You’re only option (to avoid paying the ETF) is to go back to VZ within a 30 day window to resume your contract. T-Mobile definitely isn’t the savior everyone makes it out to be.