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Instagram to Introduce Follow Suggestions and Trending Hashtags

It looks as though Instagram is set to bring a few new features to its application, reportedly “channeling its inner Twitter.” According to The Verge, Instagram is set to announce a few new features for both Android and iOS – follow suggestions, trending hashtags, and “curated” content.

Follow suggestions will allow users to find more profiles which they should follow, depending on who you already follow. For example, if you follow the SF Giants, IG might suggest that you follow Pablo Sandoval or Hunter Pence. If you happen to follow Dan Bilzerian, IG might then suggest one of the many young ladies he surrounds himself with.

As for trending hashtags, it’s quite self explanatory. Just like Twitter, as a hashtag is used around the world, a numbered list will showcase which tags are being used the most, in real time. You can then explore various photos and profiles using this hashtag. For example, if you search #PaulGeorge, you might be met with thousands of photos of his accident or a few of his greatest plays. Once introduced, it will be about finding content surrounding events which are taking place as you are searching.

No word from IG as to when Android users can expect to see this integrated, but we will keep you posted.


Via: The Verge
  • Jada Mitchell

    hello people look and be your normal self on instragram

  • Jada Mitchell

    I see kids on instragram

  • God

    I’ve had suggestions for at least 2 weeks. Once you “Follow” someone, it then shows a list of about 3 other people that you might want to follow. If this is the same thing that you’ll are talking about, then you all are extremely late with this news.

  • BillySuede

    so which one of you guys is the fan of the captured tracks label? #diiv #macdemarco

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    How about adding the “Follows You” feature to peoples profiles already.

  • Fresh360

    I have had “Follow Suggestions” for a while now, maybe since last update or the update before. No trending hashtags as of yet tho, maybe it’s a Google-esque staged roll out…

  • Mitch Joa

    The Instagram icon is ridiculously well drawn…it’s beautiful.

  • KariJRay

    Just like Twitter, as a hashtag is used around the world, a numbered list will showcase which tags are being used the most, in real time. http://num.to/264274489255

  • AndrewScottRox

    Because clearly this is more important than improving image quality and security. #wewilljustignoreyourrevelentfeedback

  • Cesar

    If you follow Dan Bilzerian, you should probably take a long walk off a short pier.

    • Michael Schnider

      I seen his name on here as I have a couple other places and looked him up. And I can only concur with you.

  • Thomas


    • JSo

      I wish

  • JSo

    “Hashbrown Selfie”

  • kyle

    It seems to already be integrated with android since it showed up on my moto x last night when I went to follow someone