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Wunderlist 3 Update Hits Google Play, Features Real-time Sync and Intuitive Design

A massive update is now available for Wunderlist, titled Wunderlist 3, which the company claims to be the biggest update the app has ever received. With Wunderlist 3, users can create fantastic lists, but list-making isn’t the most important aspect of the app.

What sets this app apart from many others is that it is cross platform supported, as in supported on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and Kindle Fire devices. That is quite the list of supported platforms, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone following along shortly according to the developers. 

The update also brings a revamped look for the application, which makes creating lists “feel faster than ever before.” In addition, real-time sync has been included, much like you would see with Google Drive. Users can also curate their lists, then share them on the web for others to view.

If you need a better to-do list app on your phone or computer, check this one out.

What’s New

  • New, more intuitive design and reengineered apps make Wunderlist feel faster than ever before.
  • Real-time Sync instantly updates your lists, no matter where you are.
  • Collaborating with Wunderlist is now even easier, with a simpler way to share todo lists.
  • Comments are now free to help everyone stay in the loop with family and colleagues.
  • Curate your favorite things to do, see and make for everyone on the web with public lists.

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Via: Wunderlist
  • andrew

    The widget still lacks transparency settings which makes it somewhat behind the times … Hopefully the new version solves the regular sudden shut-downs.

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  • sagisarius

    The big problem with Wunderlist has always been that it spontaneously stops syncing (or gets out of sync). That’s really the only feature they need to fix! We’ll see if this update actually fixes that problem!

    • David Mann

      Shared list syncing had been broken for over a year but it seems to be working again after the latest update. However, it can take up to 10 minutes to receive a notification.

  • calculatorwatch

    I have a serious problem with the way they pronounce the name of their app. If you’re gonna spell it like it’s German, you should pronounce it like it’s German.

    Besides, ” Voonderlist” is so much more fun to say.

    • David Mann

      I can’t pronounce it the “American,” i.e. English, way after visiting Germany. Every good language pronounces “w” with the English “v” sound!