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T-Mobile Adds Another 1.5 Million Customers, Takes VoLTE Nationwide, Plans to Expand Coverage Outside of Metro Areas

T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to his company’s newsroom today to talk about how his crew is “firing on all cylinders.” In other words, T-Mobile is still killin’ it for the most part.

The wireless carrier added another 1.5 million new customers in the last quarter, making this their 5th consecutive quarter with at least 1 million or more net adds. In the past 15 months, T-Mobile has brought in a total of 7.6 million new customers, which is well, a lot. In fact, according to T-Mo’s numbers, they topped all of the other three major carriers combined in terms of postpaid phone adds. Not bad, right? 

In other news announced today, Legere noted that T-Mobile has launched VoLTE nationwide. Just two months ago, they launched their first VoLTE market, which was Seattle, and were hoping to complete the full rollout by the end of the year. Clearly, they topped that prediction or expectation or timeline, whatever you want to call it. To date, T-Mobile customers have made more than 52 million “crystal-clear” calls over VoLTE, thanks to devices like the LG G Flex, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Note 3.

Finally, T-Mobile has been “aggressively” rolling out their Wideband LTE, upgrading their 2G network to LTE, and getting their new low-band 700MHz A-Block spectrum ready. Legere points out in his post that they have only held this spectrum for three months yet are already equipping sites to handle it and testing devices. This low spectrum should greatly improve in-building LTE connections and coverage outside of metro areas, two things we all constantly complain about when it comes to T-Mobile’s coverage.

Big things seem to still be happening with T-Mo.

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  • TC Infantino

    I can’t wait for T-Mobile to become as big a player in the carrier game as VZW and AT&T. As much as I love my VZW coverage, and my grandfathered Unlimited Data, I want a solid, workable, alternative should VZW continue on it’s persecution of those with Unlimited plans. Currently, VZW is the only carrier that has good coverage in all the places that I need. AT&T has coverage in Most of the places, but switching I would lose my fairly affordable and needed Unlimited. T-Mobile has fairly affordable Unlimited, but switching I would lose coverage in Most of the places that I need it.
    I am rooting for T-Mobile because either I will be able to switch to them and have the coverage I need, in the near future, or their more customer friendly service will cause VZW to loose enough customers that VZW will have to adjust their prices and options to keep the ones they have left.

  • mofoliar

    I was on their network back 6 months back and i will say i was improved in my area, i live in a 2G area,i did c some 4G/LTE in some parts of town… I am not sure how accurate the map is but where the map says 2G i had 4G and visa versa!! i would love to change back to tmobile completely but they have to have upgrade the 2G part and hope my town is one of the rural areas by ends yr.. I hate you verizon

  • Herard Ortega

    So that means whoever is on T-Mobile now would have to purchase a new phone to take advantage of their new low-band 700MHz A-Block spectrum based on what new phone supports the band?

  • Ssl0408

    They’re only cheaper because they have to be; lack of coverage. If they acrtually provided excellent coverage they’d be priced like Verizon. I certianly won’t be leaving AT&T; plus I get the corporate discount which T-Mobile stopped offering.

    • AngryBadger

      Yeah, T-Mobile stopped offering my corporate discount just as I added my lines (but got waived in b/c my start date was before that announcement). Otherwise I would have went AT&T (jumped from Verizon).

  • d-rock

    I really really hope they go rural and try and compete coverage with AT&T and Verizon.

    • hoosiercub88

      If they do, they win. Hands down.

      • d-rock

        Well they will raise their prices if they do this investment into their infrastructure. They only provide cheap service because they don’t have the money invested that AT&T and Verizon do. Can they keep their prices significantly cheaper? who knows

        • hoosiercub88

          That’s not true. They simply need to maintain the profit margins they’re working with now. Rather than the bloated ones Verizon and AT&T have. T-Mobile isn’t all that much cheaper overall than a single Verizon plan. You just get a much better deal with T-Mobile.

  • b00sted

    that is all they need to do is keep ploping down towers and everyone else will be giving the finger to big red.

  • curtis reinholdt

    I live in a suburb about ten minutes from Portland, and only a minute or two from Clackamas. In my house I get almost zero reception except my bedroom and living room. I got out into the garage and stand in front of the back door and I’ll get a few bars, take three steps so I’m in front the wall and bam emergency calls only. But besides that data is blazing fast, it’s cheaper for me and my mom, and I love the nexus 5!

    • Chris Hilbert

      They give out signal boosters if you call. Sounds like you’re a candidate since you get signal outside.

      • mike young

        Most of their phone have free wifi calling

        • JG

          I don’t know about most… None of the AOSP based phones (e.g., Nexuses, GPEs, Moto X) have it. Personally, those phones are one of the biggest draws tempting me (and I would assume most other Android enthusiasts) to T-Mobile from Verizon. Getting guarenteed quick updates directly from Google (or close enough there to in the Moto X case) is a real plus.

          They did announce there would be some upgrades to wifi calling coming soon. Personally, I’m hoping they’ve figured out a way to make it more app based so those of us with AOSP based phones could use the abilities than the current firmware based… But we’ll see…

          “Launching VoLTE is our first step toward a host of rich communication services and additional innovations around Wi-Fi calling that we’re looking to deliver to our customers over the coming months” ~Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer 22 May, 2014

      • AngryBadger

        I tried one and they work great. Ended up returning it since I had to manually switch my phones over to prefer 3G broadcast to actually get them to use the booster. Once I did that, I noticed I had good signal anyways. So booster was just extra hardware sitting around. Props to T-Mobile for offering it free to customers (Verizon wants one time payment and I think AT&T rents it).

      • curtis reinholdt

        Really? Is this something they provide?

  • David Harrall

    As soon as T-Mobile LTE comes to my hometown Verizon is getting ditched. Hard.

  • shamatuu

    I’ll be switching to them in November from ATT.


    I just switched over. For a family of four it was $265 per month with Verizon. The same plan on T-Mobile is $130 I haven’t noticed any difference in speeds or call quality. I wish I would have switched over earlier.

  • I haven’t seen any improvement in New England in the past year, all 2G sites are still 2G.

    • yankeesusa

      They said 50% of 2g sites will be converted by end of year and then the other half starting next year. Luckily it seems tmobile is the opposite of sprint, when tmobile says they are going to do something, it seems they do it faster than they say. Hopefully your town is one of those on the books for this year. I know I’m looking forward to it. In the town I work I get LTE and its blazing fast. Once I head back home I go through a 2g section that has mix of hspa then I hit my house which is gprs. I am definitely looking forward to the expansion.

  • enigmaco

    Should have had shakira say for those hips don’t lie.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    As soon as T-Mobile gets something bigger than a turbo 4 banger, I don’t care how many cylinders they’re firing. Need more power and speed T-Mobile. 10 pack or more haha

    • yankeesusa

      Hey, its whatever works for you and also if you don’t travel for a living. Other than that if you get tmobile service then your good to go. I ended up switching my personal line to tmobile and won’t be switching to anyone else for now. Its been the fastest LTE Ive ever had. Only verizon in my town gets slightly close. As for my wife I still have her on sprint because they still cover some areas in the outskirts that tmobile doesn’t. Once they do its bye bye sprint too, that is unless they merge.

      • Mickey A Valentine

        Car guy joke, whooshed right over your head. Its okay 🙂

  • I’ve already made the JUMP! to Magenta months ago from big red. Good coverage here in Colorado, I have LTE in areas that I didn’t even have it in with Verizon. No complaints so far.

  • gokusimpson

    Switched a couple months ago from Verizon to T mobile and I’m pretty happy. Southern California has good coverage everywhere, but the only downside is that reception can be iffy indoors. Many times when I walk into a store or restaurant reception drops down to edge or simply 4g.

    • hoosiercub88

      HSPA would still be preferable to getting EDGE all the time, even outdoors.

  • Jason B

    Well they added LTE in my smallish city, so they’re certainly on the move. I’ll probably switch soon.

  • DC_Guy

    I wanted to give T-Mo another try since it’s been about 3 years so I bought a Sony Z Ultra from Expansys (thanks for the tip DL). Today I went into my local T-Mo store and got myself a sim card for a prepaid account. Now the LTE speeds are pretty good. I’m consistently getting 20 Mbps up and down, both indoors and out. The problem is that I can’t stream Netflix or Hulu in high quality on LTE. Don’t get me wrong, it streams with zero buffering, but what’s the point of having unlimited data with this beautiful 1080p screen if I can’t stream movies and TV shows in high quality? Sure I could wait until I get home and use WiFi, but them I’d just watch on my HD TV.

    It’s a shame that T-Mo still isn’t there yet. Say what you want about Verizon, but at least I can stream all the high quality, HD video I want with my Verizon unlimited data plan…for now anyway. Network Optimization anyone?

    I really wanted this to work out T-Mo, but I’m not willing to settle for a subpar Netflix/Hulu viewing experience. For now, Verizon is still very much worth “the hassle” and the extra $20 a month. Sending back the Z Ultra and not renewing my T-Mo prepaid account.

    • Suicide_Note

      Glad to hear a well thought out overview of your experience, and that you at least gave them a fair shake.

  • opustv

    Wait….um…there’s a story here? I was looking at Shakira. I vote for more T-Mo stories with Shakira pics!!!!!

  • Cael

    And it all goes to hell if Sprint buys it.

    • Droid22

      Should make it better, Sprint said they would switch to GSM. All they would have to do is upgrade their phones and towers. It would give them coverage in the rural areas where t-mobile isn’t so good.

      • Cael

        Nextel. Wimax.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Were led by Sprint’s board. You really think that they are going to be allowed to stay after Softbank got the team leading T-Mobile’s turn around? They’d be sent packing wholesale if Softbank were smart.

          And that’s the important distinction. It was Softbank trying to buy T-Mobile to combine with Sprint, not Sprint buying T-Mobile directly.

          And now Iliad is just going to drive up the price.

          • WickedToby741

            Iliad isn’t driving up the price. They bid half of what Softbank is rumored to have bid (in fairness, only for 56% of the company). And they don’t need to outbid Softbank, just make themselves look like a better fit to regulators. Between T-Mobile’s newfound success and the Iliad bid, there’s about a 0% chance a Softbank bid would be aloud to go through. The government wants to see 4 major carriers, not 3, and with Iliad that’s possible, not with Softbank. Softbank can bid as much as they want, but if the government says no it doesn’t matter. The only way I see Softbank getting T-Mobile is by selling Sprint (Iliad? Dish?). Let’s face it, Softbank bought the wrong carrier. They should have let Dish have Sprint when they wanted it.

        • Droid22

          You got me there.

      • WickedToby741

        If said merger were to go through (doubtful with an Iliad bid on the table), they would presumably unify under LTE and not GSM or CDMA. But until that point, the Nexus 5 stands as proof that a single phone can be made to be 100% compatible with both networks. They wouldn’t have to change a thing, just continue their respective shifts to LTE and have manufacturers make phones with the same bands as the Nexus 5.

    • WickedToby741

      If said merger goes through, I’m doubtful that the Sprint leadership will stick around long, and if rumors are to be believed, neither will the Sprint brand. T-Mobile’s leadership, brand, network, and plans are all better than Sprint’s. I think if said merger goes through everything about T-Mobile remains the same and Sprint merely becomes a resource for customers, spectrum, and cash. And even if Softbank couldn’t fly the T-Mobile banner, I’d introduce Softbank branding before I’d continue under the Sprint brand. But that’s just me.

  • sev

    Wow T-Mobile was close to death less than 2 years ago.

    • WickedToby741

      Then the crazy SOB Legere came into the picture.

      • Justin Kos

        He’s the man, I love his appearance on stage his attitude.. And his results

  • dawggystyle

    I switched from Verizon earlier this week to T-Mo and the only thing I’ve noticed is much quicker network speeds (about 30% increase). I live in LA. Idk why it took me this long to make the move

  • BroRob

    I’m one of the 1.5 that jumped ship from VZW and let TMo pay my ETFs. Have noticed absolutely no difference between carriers in the Phoenix, AZ area except my data speeds are now faster. I can’t say I’m going to miss VZW at all.

    • flosserelli

      I bet you have noticed a difference in your bill.

  • Who gave T-Mobile that low band 700MHZ Spectrum?

    • khha4113

      Verizon sold it to T-Mobile for $2.4B in January.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        They gave up some of their excess Band 4 LTE spectrum as well in the deal. Verizon is already using that to ease congestion in some areas; that’s what their whole XLTE thing is about.

        • Why would Verizon sell spectrum to anyone? They could of kept it and ruled.

          • Cael

            So they can buy morr

          • Kaptain75329

            Verizon sold 700MHz block A, not the beachfront property that is block C. Verizon wasn’t planning on using it since their 700 MHz bands are already saturated, so to keep paying the license fees didn’t make sense.

            Consider also that Verizon sold 5×5 and 10×10 bandwidth deployments and not the more useful 20×20, which of course Verizon kept. What they for in return was more AWS spectrum (1700+ MHz) to help relieve congestion, which they’ve branded as XLTE.

            T-Mobile got something good here, but Verizon gave them a boost without in any way sacrificing the upper hand. This a company that calculates every detail and doesn’t do anything that isn’t to its utmost advantage. It would be unwise to underestimate them.

    • Nobody “gave” it to them, they bought it with cash and spectrum to Verizon.

  • Curtis

    I’m on day two of T-Mobile’s 7 day test drive. Very cool program but, unfortunately their coverage is subpar here in Raleigh, NC and there is no chance I’ll be switching from VZW. I’ve now given it a shot and can say that their coverage is bad enough in some places that I couldn’t even make voice calls.

    • How easy was it to do the test drive? Would I be able to walk into a TMo store and walk out with the iPhone TODAY and test drive or is there a wait?

      • Curtis

        Just head to their site and scroll all the way down. http://explore.t-mobile.com/test-drive-free-trial?icid=WMM_TM_RVR_STKIIK1HFV364

        It took approximately 15 minutes to sign up and get it shipped to my house. You can only order online and you have to return it in store.

        No obligation unless you lose or otherwise cannot return the phone. Then you pay the full retail price. I was really excited about it until I found out their coverage blows in my neck of the woods. I wasn’t totally shocked but I certainly didn’t expect such poor coverage here in Raleigh. Either way it’s very attractive of them to offer this program.

        You’ll get a used like new iPhone 5s, new ear buds and a new charger. All you have to return is the phone. Here’s to some new ear buds and an extra charger for my wife’s iPhone.

        • Thanks for the link! Going to check it out when I go back to school (in Dallas), and I’ll come back home as well to rural east Texas. Get a good idea of what I’m dealing with. So no money has to go down on it? And they let us keep the ear buds and charger?!

          • Curtis

            Sure thing. They put a hold on your CC, until you return it, otherwise no money down and no hidden fees. Completely free! This really is a slick program.

            I talked with a rep to find out what I had to return and he said everyone gets a new charger and ear buds so I could either keep them or return them with the phone.

            Check out the FAQ.

          • Definitely will. Thanks again for the help!

      • FusionSaint

        I am on day 4 of my trial. It was extremely simple. You have to order online, but they give you free 2-Day shipping. So far (in D.C.) the coverage is better than Big Red. Especially since VZW’s answer to my signal woes was to buy a $300 signal booster.

        • DCist

          My coverage in DC is decent, though I do get a few deadspots here and there. Even travelling to Northern VA, its generally ok, but again a few deadspots here and there. Overall, I don’t regret leaving VZW. Went from a Galaxy Nexus, to a Nexus 4. Now waiting for a Nexus 6.

  • chris125

    Can’t wait for that expanded coverage outside of metros. It’s the Achilles heel of tmo

  • Ralph Bretz

    As soon as T-Mobile expands to my area I’ll be jumping to Big Magenta from Big Red.

    • Zoloft_User

      I am in the same boat as you. GIVE ME THE REASON TO LEAVE!

      • EleanorENewsome

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    • John Whitehead

      Me too! I am sick of Verizon’s BS!

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Yeah as soon as I can get some decent service outside of my house I’ll be leaving as well. Unlimited data or not. I’m sick of getting the shaft Verizon has been force feeding me for the past decade

        • John Whitehead

          I had T-Mobile for a few months and it was horrible here in SLC, UT, but if they can increase their coverage it would be awesome. I had 5 GB data, 100 minutes talk and unlimited text for $30 pay by month. My Verizon cost for 2GB x 3 family members, one unlimited family member, 700 shared minutes, and unlimited text is $275/month! If T-Mobile could pull it off, I could have my family covered for $120.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Yeah I tried that for a month a little over a year ago with the 30 prepaid. The service just wasn’t there. If they can expand their coverage I would leave in a heartbeat

          • Justin Kos

            There were random dead zones in my town..weird right? I live 15 miles out of NYC

            Now that straight talk supports LTE its a better option IMO

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Yeah I was looking into straight talk or cricket wireless (aio) as well. I just want to go back to a nexus phone when the next one is released.

          • NYCHitman1

            I presume you mean 15 miles north of NYC into the boonies lol.

          • Justin Kos

            That’s the thing… I don’t. My buddy’s backyard wouldn’t work in my town and my other friends living room wouldn’t work..wtf? This was with a nexus 4 so..no LTE I’m not opposed to trying it again with my n5

          • James Heyneman

            I live in the Columbus, OH area and most of the area is LTE on T-Mobile. At home and work I get LTE just fine (Verizon can’t even get 3G in my office). But driving home on the highway after work, data drops a couple of times. I think I’ll wait to switch until Verizon kills my unlimited data and/or T-Mobile finishes the expansion. I’m currently on day 3 of a T-Mobile test drive.

          • Cab

            I had verizon in utah since it came here. Left in Febuary with 3 lines unlimited data and have never been happier with Tmobile. Just switched to 4 lines 2.5gb each for $100 and while the signal in Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, Midway are not quite as strong as Verizon it really isn’t that much different and the internet it way faster. Currently have referred 5 other people and all are fine with the service for the price.

          • Riz Virani

            $100. They have a family plan of shared 10gb data and unlimited everything else for $100 now 🙂

          • John Whitehead

            Even better! That would save me $170/month.

    • RiceCake

      Me too. Tmo it’s the only other carrier that will be close price wise to what i am praying now. I could go straight talk but after dealing with their customer service it really isn’t worth it. Besides i have 6gb on big red and would drop to 3 at high speed to save 5 bucks a month, also not with it.

    • Rob

      I tried to this week, tested out a G3 from T-Mobile but the reception is only good in town. If you are anywhere else it is really spotty reception. I really wish their network in my area was better so I could ditch Verizon. I will admit though, the G3’s battery was terrible. At least the one I used was.

      • Justin Kos

        What phone were you coming from?

        • Rob

          LG G2. It’s a beast when it comes to battery life.

          • Justin Kos

            yeah it is, I thought my nexus 5 battery was crappy when I switched from the note 3.. i was spoiled lol

      • Ralph Bretz

        If I can find a way out of my Verizon contracts (2 Unlimited Lines, 1 2GB Line, 1 Dumb Phone line) I’d leave right now for Straight Talk or Cricket. I’m extremely sick of Verizon.

      • Keith Matocha

        My G3 battery life is excellent on Verizon. If you have spotty reception that’s more than likely why.

    • master94

      I’ve made the jump. The loss of service is areas I rarely visit was worth the $200 savings a month. Plus T-Mobile is faster

  • landon

    Now use some of that money to expand your coverage!

    • Buur

      I think it says right in the headline that they are.

    • Taokip

      I think T-Mo is doing great. I will admit I’m in kind of a shotty area for coverage but with all that they do I won’t even consider another carrier…

      • landon

        I wish I could use T-Mobile, but edge isn’t gonna cut it.

        • Taokip

          I completely agree…if that was the case where I lived I’d be with another carrier out of necessity. As things are right now I float in and out of 3G coverage. The way I look at it…I don’t want to (in any way) support any of the other major carriers, so I put up with the in and out service in the hopes that the cream will rise to the top.

          • MicroNix

            “I don’t mind if the car only runs in major cities and dies outside of them due to lack of gas stations. I pay less for my car so its ok if it dies.”

          • WickedToby741

            To each their own. It’s a free country. Personally I’m on AT&T. Great coverage and Nexus devices. Left Verizon about a year ago and don’t regret it for a second.

          • Taokip

            I left Verizon as for AT&T as well…then to T-Mo. Still get Nexus devices and decent coverage where I am.

          • Taokip

            Not quite accurate…I’d say it’s more like taking the 80 mph highway vs. the 45 mph road with a few stop lights. As stated previously a horrible, or absolute, lack of service would necessitate a different carrier…this is not the case.