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Contest: Win 1 of 5 Chromecasts From DL to Celebrate the Dongle’s Birthday!

Since Google is taking the time to celebrate the 1st birthday of the Chromecast by giving away free 90-day All Access subscriptions, we wanted to join in on the party by giving away additional goodies. Instead of handing out All Access subscriptions – that many of you can’t take advantage of because you have already taken it for a trial run – we are instead giving you free Chromecast devices! We will put up 5 for 5 lucky DL individuals. 

The contest can be entered by following the simple rules in the Rafflecopter widget below. There are a number of ways to enter, but not all are required. In fact, you can pick and choose the options that look the easiest, or do them all to maximize your chances of winning.



Prizes:  5 (five) Chromecast devices for 5 winners.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Our 5 winners will be chosen tomorrow morning at 10AM Pacific.

  • Guest


  • D Nice


  • Six6Sicks

    Guess I’m not the right John B. 🙁

  • Ryan Laursen

    Screen cast (mirroring or whatever it is called).

  • SchwannyT

    Youtube is the most, netflix is a close second

  • Jordan Seaich

    Netflix and YouTube all day!!!!!!!

  • seanharman01

    I keep getting an error when I try the Twitter thing.

  • Ryan Mc Allister

    Fingers crossed!

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Probably Netflix and screen mirroring on my phone.

  • Tyler Bowden

    Netflix and Google music are my most used Chromecast apps.

  • shakypete

    I entered the wrong twitter account for myself. please refer to my tweet as appropriate.

  • Wooyi Jeon

    Big YouTube person

  • SonicPhoenix

    YouTube or mirroring the Nexus 10 screen

  • Demolition505


  • Nomi T

    I stream mostly Youtube and Dailymotion

  • matt

    HBO go and netflix

  • iiBinxx

    Netflix, Youtube, Music apps, Plex

  • Jason Kirk

    YouTube for sure

  • Ryan

    HBO GO, Netflix, Waiting on Max Go

  • Corey Loughrey

    Netflix and YouTube

  • I love my Chromecast, I wanna gift this to someone special.

  • psycho

    Netflix over Chromecast to a dumb tv – now that’s smart.

  • Blackmanandrobin

    Screenshare my phone and my chromebook

  • gtdtm

    YouTube and Netflix.

  • play music

  • Erstam

    I would give it to my girlfriend as I already have one, but it’s painful to watch tv at her house without one of these!

  • big007hed

    Yes please,

  • leviwhite9

    I think Youtube would look nice on the big screen.

  • Aaron

    Probably plex

  • Trevor m

    Plex. Plex plex plex!

  • Randy Gindy

    Already more successful than Google TV

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    Netflix and YouTube all the time. It is nice to see other video streaming apps updating with cast capability!!!

  • p4

    the utubes …

  • Lonnie Brownell

    Google Play movies to the TV!

  • bluesquid413

    Netflix and Plex!

  • Frank S

    I’d use it for TV streaming

  • Bunjiweb

    I’ve got one, but I’m sick of moving it between two TVs, so my entry is born out of pure laziness.

  • Ryan Haffner

    If I win this, I will be able to CHROMECAST.. yeah!

  • Kelly OBrien


  • Nick

    YouTube & Google Play Music

  • Bharath

    I would use it to stream Formula 1 from my laptop.

  • Eric Hauser

    I use YouTube, Videostream and cast my devices screen the most.

  • Bharath

    This would be perfect gift for my parents before they head back.

  • justin

    Please let me win the $30 dongle.

  • Andrew

    First you get the Chromecast, then you get the power, then you get the women

  • richjackson

    Need a gift for my dad.. this would be great

  • Jason James

    I need one for my mom

  • DanThompson87

    I would keep this in my pocket for on the go entertainment!

  • i would stream crunchyroll and hbo go everywhere i go.

  • Craig

    I want to use the Cards Against Humanity knock-off game with the ChromeCast!

  • m13

    Stream from chrome tab, for sure.

  • Justin Fosco


  • jolt.ball

    i want one.

  • Mike White

    Pandora and Netflix in the bedroom

  • ckruppy


  • Cedric G

    waiting for my streaming device..

  • Joey Wollenburg

    There is a cards against humanity chrome cast app that I want to play with my friends on Game night!

    Also when Amazon Prime Video app comes out, that is something I’ll be using alot!

  • Jared Krinsky

    I would mostly use screen mirroring.

  • Daniel Spaulding

    Netflix, and SCREEN CASTING pictures and videos of my kids on my TV

  • Uday Kiran

    I bought two and both were taken away from me, by friends who liked what they saw.

  • Sal Piña

    I would likely use Netflix and Hulu Plus the most. The screen mirroring feature is something I’d like to try also.

  • Định Trần


  • Gregory Manzano

    Been wanting one for AllCast!

  • iceburgh

    Since I don’t have a chromecast I don’t know what I’d do…If it gives me unlimited power to control the universe through my TV, I’m ready to take the plunge.
    Probably Netfix and Playmusic.

  • Chris T

    Sweet, This is what I want to win. Thanks guys

  • ScoobySnack

    MLB at Bat and Google Music since I’m an All-Access subscriber.

  • Jason Carlisle

    NSFW Photos…all day long.

  • saradduclos

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  • challenge_accepted

    Just got a new tv and was looking for a chromecast

  • Youngfella

    I would use YouTube the most and Netflix would probably be second.

  • Pat

    stream music mostly

  • Mark Bailey

    I mainly want to stream movies from my server and, of course, visit droid-life.com!!!!!

  • Wilman Reyes

    Helloooooo Give me this !

  • androidaw

    Netflix, Play Music, and YouTube.

  • Tron_67

    I have no idea… I need to win and find out!

  • Midhun Murali

    I like to have one

  • Philly

    Netflix and localcast

  • Great! 🙂

  • Jason Navarro

    Allcast would probably be my main use of it.

  • Steven Hall

    Netflix for sure.

  • John Scolastico

    Would like another one for my other house for streaming Music and Netflix.

  • Zack W

    Mostly Netflix. Will be Twitch whenever they finally come out with chromecast support

  • Alex

    YouTube and music.

  • Aaron

    I would stream all of the Netflix

  • Erik B

    Netflix, Youtube and music.

  • housry23

    HBO Go, Netflix and Plex would be my most used apps. Plex to stream my sexy video’s if you know what I mean!

  • Specter597

    Netflix … but I’m dying for an AmazonPrime Instant Video app. (Amazon slackers!)(And don’t tell me to buy a Fire.)

  • aint2proud2beg

    i wants..do the right thing…

  • Shubham

    I would love to enjoy online video and music on TV.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Write in the title itself that it is US ONLY!!!! >_<

  • Guest

    For now YouTube, and will discover more after I get it 🙂

  • Alex Goings

    All Access Music and Youtube.

  • Mandy Garcia

    Awesome contest!

  • cswin72

    netflix or youtube

  • Mickey

    It’s great for taking anywhere.

  • CasperTFG

    PictureCast and AllCast.

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Play Music, Youtube, and I’m still trying to get Allcast to play nice.

  • Rissj3

    Need one to watch HBO

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Probably Netflix and YouTube.

  • jmh

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Artagen

    I would stream everything

  • Artagen

    Too cool

  • I like to use. I hope I win one and I can give it to my parents there.

  • Screen casting games to my shiny new HD TV!

  • betax25

    I’d probably use Popcorntime more often on my phone! 🙂

  • cast my phone’s screen in a 42″ °-°

  • Rob S

    Watchever (a german video-on-demand service) is my most used app on chromecast. Followed by youtube

  • Jason Greathouse


  • !@#$%

    yipeee kai yay1

  • David Bradway

    I am hoping to use Chromecast to help me keep the cord cut. Football season will be a challenge!

  • Lenny R

    Thanks to Droid Life for offering this giveaway. I would really love a chrome cast because I think its a really cool piece of tech I also love that now in android L you could screencast your screen to the chromecast. Finally I think the chromecast is great because it makes transferring media from your devices to your tv really easy. I really hope I win, thanks again for offering this giveaway!

  • I would watch new films and serials on it!

  • Edward Manson

    I’d use it to stream music and watch Youtube

  • dguy25

    Anime fun

  • Justin Oliver

    Use Allcast. All day long.

  • JohnLClark

    I could actually use my PS3 to play games than watch netflix.

  • socalrailroader

    He said Dongle, hehe hehe ehe hehehe

  • Nathanael Carrier

    I would use it to stream all the movies I have on my tablet and phone to my TV.

  • Kiff

    I’d probably only use it for Plex, but hey… what else do you need?

  • Gagik Etibaryan

    Hope I win 😀

  • Moses


  • Mel P.

    YouTube for me.

  • roberthenderson

    I’ve got a 46 inches being fit for a dongle

  • Ezequiel

    I’d use Chrome, YouTube and games.

  • azholio

    I loves some you-tube on the big screen

  • Jeff White

    Netflix would be #1

  • Joshy Ostlind


  • Trevon


  • jslater316

    Sign me up!

  • masterxchief

    Netflix since my TV isn’t smart enough.


    It would be for my parents

  • Brian

    probably plex

  • Sebastian Lundgren

    This could change my entire TV!

  • MichaelWiebe

    I use vudu, hbogo and Hulu a lot.

  • Josh Wagle

    I’d probably use YouTube the most to be honest. I’m a pretty social person and having people over and being able to watch either the music video or whatever happens to be playing while we listen to music would be awesome on my main TV.

  • Robert Joe

    I would honestly just stream my phone to the TV and experiment.

  • Jared

    Netflix, for sure. We use that all the time as it is.

  • Chris Hannan

    Netflix and BubbleUPnP.

  • Daniel

    I would probably use YouTube and Google Music the most.

  • Michael OBrien

    I would use it to stream media from my device to my TV

  • Russell Cowdery


  • Youtube and Allcast.

  • Charles Michael C. Poniente

    I don’t know what this is but it’s a giveaway, I must join all giveaways 🙂

  • Mitchell Steele

    Netflix and YouTube for dayz!

  • NYCdroids

    I’d like one please.

  • Luis Munoz V

    YouTube and Netflix

  • Trinidru


  • reverov

    Netflix, Play Music

  • dashw

    YouTube and Netflix!

  • Wayne Holly

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks, Droid-Life!

  • Amin Nadirali


  • André Berry

    screen casting, media content, pretty much all that I can

  • Eric Fryer

    Happy Birthday Chromecast!!

  • Johnna Rhodus

    Hulu and Netflix!

  • jamesp352

    Most any video I access from my phone or tablet.

  • R Andrew Wright

    Cast whenever that happens

  • Jamal Martells

    streaming netflix would be cool

  • opustv

    Need to stream!

  • I would watch videos on Youtube a lot more often.
    Getting one would be great as it is not available in my country

  • Guest

    Chromecast is not available to buy here in my country. Getting one would be awesome.

  • Ben Rollier


  • Craig P


  • Shockey62

    Netflix, youtube, and watch espn are the big 3 that I use.

  • 66pens


  • stephen h

    I’d use the Plex app with Chromecast, if I had one…

  • George

    I would use Netflix, and YouTube mostly.

  • Davros

    Probably Netflix or pics/ vids/links I want to show somebody.

  • MagMan

    DSVideo to stream from Sonology

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Lol. ShowBox/AllCast, already do!

  • Mono41

    I’d use it for Netflix and music mostly.

  • Brent Newcomb

    I like to use Google Play music and Avia with my Chromecast

  • Jesse McCall

    I want one so bad!

  • matt headrick

    Netflix by far

  • seriyavasi

    worth for youtubeee support

  • BrianBrick

    Now that I can mirror my screen, I’ll be casting pretty much everything, but mostly Netflix, play music all access, and pandora

  • Rob(ert)

    Netflix and plex. I really want one of these with moving into a house. Would be better than using the damn ps3! Haha

  • Andrew Dreissig


  • Nick Bohl

    U would love to stream twitch to my TV, and winning a chromecast would mean if be ready when it’s finally possible. (natively, doing it through the chrome browser was not a good experience when my friend brought his to my place)

  • Colby

    I want to be able to mirror my screen so I can show games and other apps easily. Youtube videos would be so much easier to search for!

  • Jeffrey Silcock

    youtube pandora crackle google +

  • Jeroen den Dulk

    Netflix, music, screencast!

  • legalkill

    All gordon ramsey shows

  • Rafter

    Youtube for sure

  • hfoster52

    Play Movies and Netflix.

  • ajm531

    google play movies and neflix

  • Dodger

    definitely allcast

  • Croq

    Netflix, make it so!

  • I just finally grabbed one today and used songza all afternoon!

  • mrjayviper

    I commented

  • Tamie

    I want to feel like I have a smarter TV.

  • Mike

    I could use one for my bedroom

  • Kevin Fite


  • speed4evr

    A chromecast would go great with my new G3!

  • elijahblake

    I want one

  • Clayton Burnett


  • brad6570

    Would love to give it as a gift to my parents!

  • Mustafa


  • Philip Pepin

    Mostly Netflix. A little Play music

  • Jean Desulme

    I would stream music all day!!

  • TJ

    I would use Netflix and Play music the most!

  • mike

    i need one for my living room!

  • Kal5el

    Netflix, Cast extension for Chrome, Mirror in quick settings on Nexus 5.

  • Joe

    I usually use Chromecast for Youtube videos and sometimes for Netflix. But now that they implemented the screen sharing feature, I will use that a lot.

  • Daryl Henson

    Netflix and Plex. And any future Amazon Prime Video app.

  • Justin Foster

    YouTube, Asphalt, 8 and Avabel

  • Snorski

    Blah blah blah

  • GiantNeko

    No idea yet but I use discover the app that I like IF I won

    • GiantNeko

      Nexus 5 giveaway? I’m in

  • Jackie Chen

    Netflix and Youtube.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Google Play Music and Plex

  • Kristian Sandoval

    I would use it to watch Netflix

  • Carolyn Daley

    I would use Netflix the most.

  • skylog

    i am JUST about to buy one…

  • Justin W

    I use it for Netflix and AllCast (Twitch and local videos).

  • ego

    Netflix and popcorn time!!!!!

  • Pandelicia

    Youtube would definetly be my most used app.

  • Benito Wood

    Avia and showbox is my go to combination right now

  • Timothy K.


  • Amar Shergill


  • tejas


  • Andrew Egger


  • alladam

    I haven’t bought one yet…maybe free is the way to go. Thanks DL

  • Joe Mihalich

    Pandora, you tube


    Nice giveaway.

    Ian N

  • DroidDoes

    Ezcast seems to work much better than Allcast. So mostly ezcast and YouTube for me. Droid Maxx here.

  • Brandon Giesel

    I’d really like to use this to stream Frontier FiOS TV Everywhere on to the TV in my living room from the Chrome Web Browser. I’d probably also stream some Netflix, YouTube, and Maybe Redbox Instant if it works with Chromecast. Hopefully someday, I use it to sling my cable up on a TV while on Vacation too.

  • hasso

    All the Netflix I can handle without having to move the wii

  • Tbone1151

    YouTube, Play Music and Netflix would probably top the list!!

  • Nick

    netflix and youtube are why i got one

  • monkeytacos

    youtube, screen mirroring

  • I would use Netflix!

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Netflix would top the list followed by YouTube and Play Music.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Watching movies with my family.

  • Brandon Greiner

    Watching the Droid-Life show and other vlogs would be a viewing pleasure if I could win this contest!

  • vonny571

    netflix, youtube, watchESPN

  • terry12s

    I would love to win a Chromecast!

  • geeky1

    it’s my birthday – that should count for something!

  • Yes prease!

  • gallen408

    I’ve been thinking of picking one of these up lately. I’d love to use Screencast for Android along with Netflix.

  • Rafa


  • Pick me pick me 😉

  • Mark Menning

    cast away! need more casting!

  • T0ny

    What wouldn’t I use this for?

  • James Richards

    I would use both Google Music/YouTube/Netflix

  • Leonard Wong


  • BillJude56

    YouTube, Netflix, HBO GO.

  • seryozha

    I use HBO GO the most right meow. If i had another one i could use it for you porn.

  • Francis Scardino

    Not many apps actually. Mostly stream from my Synology and Youtube through my Nexus.

  • Alex Im

    Netflix yo

  • Adithya Sairam

    Youtube, Movies, and YupppTv.

  • Brett A. Wcislo

    I’d love to use this with my Netflix.

  • SteveG12543

    I would use it for YouTube mostly. Good luck everyone!

  • kminer1


  • Steven M

    I have wanting to try this. Would love it!

  • Michael Manuel

    I’d probably watch Netflix, YouTube or HBO Go

  • Austin Gee


  • Joe Landry

    I would use Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Music All Access

  • holisk

    HULU and Netflix!

  • VBM

    I’d be using HBO go the most. Too many good shows on that channel!

  • Robert Kuhlman

    Google music for sure!

  • blackshowman

    The main apps I use with Chromecast are Youtube, Netflix

  • Michael Graef

    I don’t need another Chromecast. I just wanted the thrill of repeating the words, “Dongle’s Birthday.”

  • jra716

    youtube.. pandora. I haven’t done much with mine so far.

  • jrstark

    If I can get the offer to work, I’d use Google Music. Otherwise YouTube.

  • SubMatrix

    AllCast for sure!

  • Jim Foskett

    I’d love to get my hands on one of these.

  • cheasfridge

    I would use it to stream music from my phone to our hifi

  • Josh Houff

    i would use it watch netflix and hulu, also to mirror my device on the tv

  • Kevin

    Happy Birthday Chromecast!

  • Frank Baker

    To watch all the “Seahawks” highlights from last year 🙂

  • Chris


  • Free sounds good! It could become my Netflix machine on my spare monitor!

  • jbeise


  • International?

  • Phil

    Definitely Netflix the most to watch in my room! And also to watch my local files on my laptop.

  • hormosapiens

    time to try one. you tube and screen mirroring from nexus 5

  • gpaine

    Net. Flix.

  • John Bush

    I use LocalCast to stream movies from a hard drive I have connected to my router to my Chromecast. Works great!

  • Barlog

    I definitely use Netflix the most

  • Poogle

    I purchased a chromecast and it sucks. Oh wait, I was hoping this was a contest to take our chromecasts back.

  • Rodin

    I would to stream all my TV show and movies from my library

  • John Stonebraker

    Youtube ftw

  • reversal

    Mahalo and Aloha!

  • chowhoundb

    Count me in

  • g_what

    Localcast and mirroring

  • Brian Rosman


  • justjmatt

    I usually use Songza and YouTube. Would love to have one for the kitchen, though.

  • foobarz


  • C.N.

    Youtube DIY’s and viewing lectures. SWEEEEET #collegelife

  • Corey Hedberg

    I would watch the Droid Life show on YouTube every day and twice on Sundays.

  • Nikos Koufos

    I could mirror things to the max


  • Luke Pellegrini

    Youtube for days.

  • The Dude

    Droid Life rocks!

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    allcast is the best app to use with chromecast.

  • Jeff Martin

    This would be great in my waiting room at work.

  • Alfons Vako

    I’ve been reading Droid life from almost the beginning and sometimes I laugh at myself with this addiction… I hear VLC is coming on chromecast so there is a lot to stream from there 🙂

  • Mavericksfolife

    Netflix and HBO Go

  • Michael Gregory


  • Alex Niehaus

    My wife wouldn’t leave the bedroom with Netflix on our TV with a chromecast. And you know, that’s where magic happens. Heh

  • Keyan X

    The main apps I use with Chromecast are Youtube, Netflix, and Plex

  • ProfessAndObey


  • Will


  • pball_inuyasha

    I would use the new screen mirroring option with my N7 and S4.

  • maccham

    Stream movies

  • Brandi Brewster


  • stephen shavers

    Hulu and Netflix. But since I have a nexus 5 I would do some screen casting as well.

  • Colleen Boudreau


  • Lester Washington

    YouTube for starters.

  • roy69

    Netflix is my main Chromecast app in the household for the kids, just wish the kids would stop watching the same episodes over and over!

  • Tyler Shortt

    Can’t have enough of these things.

  • I could definitely use a second Chromecast for travel. I use the device at home a lot with Allcast. It also comes in handy with Hulu Plus and Google Play Music. It has really improved the TV experience in my living room.

  • Sam Paasch

    I tend to use Play Music, YouTube, Netflix. I would love to mirror my Moto X… can’t wait until that is possible!

  • bweiand

    Gotta love me some Chromecast.

  • Phillipe Viana


  • Kyle Null


  • Anant Shinde


  • Ricky Bonilla

    Hope I’ll be a winner, luck to everyone!

  • Iskandar

    pretty much everything hehe!

  • Jashanjit Singh

    I use youtube app a lot for streaming.

  • Packratako

    Sweet ba-jebus! Happy birthday Chromecast! 🙂

  • Noble Star

    Me wanna

  • david mastros

    Everything i could get my hands on

  • B C

    Play Music, YouTube and Netflix!

  • Netflix probably

  • Abdoulah Soulami

    Cast everything!

  • Buzzy42

    Finally join the casting universe for music from my new G3!

  • CW

    I would stream Netflix all day via Chromecast!

  • Daniel Castro

    I’d use the screen casting feature and Netflix along with HBO Go.

  • I’d use Chromecast the most for Netflix or Google Play Music.

  • jromash

    Plex and screen mirroring

  • tdpietrini

    Youtube for sure

  • Anthony Cook

    I’m always on Netflix on my phone and tablet, I would to actually watch it on my TV too

  • jrbmed08

    I’d probably use Youtube the most. Not too creative, but that’s how it is.

  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Mainly for movies..

  • Ryan N

    Definitely Google Music All Access. Can’t get enough music.

  • MJ

    great contest, I’d use it for netflix

  • David Martinez

    I would use it for streaming movies and music

  • nabooska


  • Marshall P.

    My tv set up is almost perfect, i just need a way to stream my music to it.

  • John

    Netflix 9 times out of 10.

  • Yoderz

    Sweet! Thanks for letting me know if you have any questions about the same time as a result of the most important part of my favorite things. Gotta love predictive text nonsense.

  • David Triscari

    Netflix would be the overwhelming majority, I would imagine

  • Jason13L

    I would use Bitcasa. I keep my “family” movies on there.

  • pppanda88

    YouTube and Netflix

  • YouTube

  • marka_450

    Netflix, YouTube, Plex, AllCast

  • Daniel Marcinkowski

    Casting screen of my nexus! 😀

  • jlam


  • Kyle Luis

    I would like to try to use a SNES emulator to play some mario kart.

  • Paul

    YouTube and casting my screen!

  • Jason

    Netflix is definitely my most used chromecast app

  • Travis Harrison

    Netflix and casting my screen on the 55“

  • Russell Saisho

    Netflix, Pocketcast, and a little Play Music.

  • bacchus71

    Cast screen from the nexus is a neat feature allowing you to showcase any app

  • cgmv123

    WatchESPN and Hulu Plus

  • Stephen Huffman

    Plex and Netfilx

  • Michael Lebowitz

    Plex, Netflix, Pandora, Google Music

  • roswellraygun


  • CyJax415

    I stream Netflix and YouTube everyday!

  • mArt Mooney

    I’d totally dig VLC with Chromecast for sure. Thanks in advance, guys!

  • Gerardo


  • JoeTi

    YouTube and Netflix streaming is my most used apps for Chromecast.

  • Monroe Campbell

    I’d stream Netflix mostly. I’d also stream educational stuff for my four year old.

  • teejaycard


  • sweaty chocolate

    but what would I say?

  • Craig


  • I would use emulators to play Pokemon on the big screen!

  • hochoch

    YouTube, PLEX and Netflix

  • Chuck F

    Netflix, Plex and HBO Go.

  • Raven65

    I’d use it to stream Netflix to my the non-smart TV in my bedroom.

  • Christopher Moore

    Chromecast is now added to Qloud media streaming. Better than plex.

  • Jacob Mata

    omg I could stream my music to this .

  • John Om

    stream netflix!

  • nolee

    I’d love to stream music and screen sharing. This would definitely make me more inclined for a chomebook

  • Scott Hill

    Netflix, YouTube and chrome.

  • Bub

    I need another one to use in my garage TV.

  • Sam Freistedt

    I’ve wanted one for a while but been too cheap to make the purchase.

  • objektiv_one


  • Ilya Smith

    1st place by a pretty wide margin – YouTube
    Also music, films and TV shows streaming.

  • Jordan Dewey

    I probably use it most for Netflix, (who needs a smart tv for that?). But now that there is screen mirroring, I am exploring new possibilities!

  • Martin


  • Henry C

    I had to do a double take when I first saw the price of the Chromecast last year, right away you could just imagine the possibilities that the GOOG could do with it and they are coming through.

  • fyrhtu

    I would LOVE another chromecast!

  • Luke Grissom

    netflix and youtube are the most used for me.

  • Jess Gibson

    Sure, I’m in for one

  • Tyler Lipshutz

    I use it everyday, it’s constantly on. We only have one TV for cable, and instead of paying for 2 cable boxes, we hooked this up and it’s all we really needed. I can’t wait for trivia games, and constant weather and news updates.

  • Julian Coronado

    I would use the Chromecast for Youtube, and Play Music. I gotta have my entertainment!

  • Trevor

    Netflix and HBO Go if my buddy comes over since he’s the one that pays for it.

  • Sven Enterlein

    I used Chrome to cast the worldcup games since I only have basic cable 😀

  • Eclipse

    I wish Spotify would actually get around to making a Chromecast app. Sometimes I get tired of casting a tab.

  • Jay Ward

    I’d use this to throw my sex recordings up on the tv in real time so I can watch myself have sex while having sex… It’s a sexeption.

  • Doug8307

    I’d like to stream Plex to a non-smart TV

  • Zach Stone

    Either youtube or plex would be my most used apps.

  • Santino Raimondi

    I use Hulu Plus and All Cast the most!

  • Hesham Othman

    For the win

  • Greg

    screen sharing!

  • chaoslimits

    I wonder if it works with Linux

  • TravisHannon

    youtube on the tv!

  • ASH

    Great piece of technology!

  • abhisahara

    YouTube and YouTube and games 🙂

  • Shaun

    I’d use it to stream things from youtube

  • James Serao

    Pick me pick me

  • Rusizzle

    I want one

  • bruin

    would love to stream some Netflix 🙂

  • OnlyNexus

    Yes Please.

  • Russel

    I was about to buy a 40ft hdmi cable. Then I saw this and realized that this device is 100x better!

  • cr5315

    Netflix all the way

  • Enderson Tejada

    I would most likely stream youtube videos and netflix 🙂

  • schmaltzy

    I would use it for screen mirroring the most.

  • Ryan O.

    Netflix for sure. And WatchESPN.

  • USandrew

    Pick Me

  • Turd_Ferguson

    Contest entered.

    • Turd_Ferguson

      Videostream & Youtube

  • Droid_Junky

    Netflix and Plex are my top two choices.

  • Ankur Singh

    never won anything in my life! would love something simple yet satisfying (like your MOM, DL!) 😀

  • DS

    Love Google Music with the Fireplace Lab. So romantic!

  • Brandon

    awesome! need!

  • Pooh Bears

    I’d stream vids of course! Probably share pics.

  • cns2007

    Netflix almost exclusively

  • D Smith


  • bethcwhitehorn

    Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job I’ve had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail

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  • bartclantrash

    Netflix is the big winner in our house, closely followed by YouTube. I typically stream Netflix from my Roku, but when the Roku pukes and dies, I head straight to Chromecast–and I’ve typically found the quality is better with the Chromecast. I’d love to see more multi-player games available, particularly card games.

  • antwonw

    At Bat is the number one app I use with my Chromecast. Second and almksted tied with At Bat, Chromecast.

  • skylordusa1

    I would use Youtube and allcast as well as casting any and everything to my tv from my phone.

  • yummy

    I dont know, I live in a cave

  • zapote21

    I love to use it with Google play movies

  • yggy

    Never got a Chromecast since there’s no way to stream lossless music to it, but the number of useful features keep increasing, which is cool.

  • Luis Santiago

    YouTube, Netflix, and screen cast

  • BIG CAT #7

    I would use Netflix of course!!!! Please pick me!!!!

  • Steven Dolbey

    I’d finally have a reason to get Netflix.

  • David Dudovitz

    I’d love more Chromecasts

  • Abrahan Reyes

    Kool!! I want it!!

  • Rohit Kumar Singh

    Probably YouTube would be the most used app for me.

  • Jin

    Streaming music to the tv

  • Eric Geders

    Netflix and strait up screen casting.

  • sueinphilly

    the cast tablet screen to TV feature. Or cast screen from computer to TV (need to watch Daily Show on my own schedule, hate using Comcast on demand)

  • Michael


  • I want to use it for movies! Streaming from Netflix and other places on my TV is dreamy for me

  • Rich Eakin


  • Alex Fischer

    Awesome !

  • Mike

    Youtube, netflix

  • TheLurg1687

    Would LOVE one! My family has no PS4 or XBox..so we need it

  • Nathan D

    Plex is the best.

  • Ssl0408

    I don’t stream any apps because I don’t have one yet!!

  • IrishSid

    Thank you based DL!

  • Ben Garner


  • Pavel Lukyanchykov

    I use my 2 Chromecasts every day. Could another one at work.

  • chris_johns

    maybe i can finally use hbo go in my room since my flippin $500 xbox one doesnt have that capability

  • sakebomber77

    I would stream movies from amazon or youtube video

  • ItchyEyeball

    I would use it for guitar tabs

  • JL2499

    Youtube videos of cats!!!

  • My Name Is Fred

    Yes please!

  • LarryL

    I use youtube the most.

  • Steva_S

    I’d use AllCast to stream music from my phone and I’d stream various videos from YouTube! Thanks for the giveaway, Droid-Life!

  • PriestSyrinx

    Most likely Netflix and TVPortal

  • simoneachin

    I’d use the Plex App!! It looks awesome!

  • mjroberts22

    I would like to use Google Play movies on the Chromecast.

  • Duffy O

    Love my chromecast and could use another

  • Jake W

    Youtube for sure.

  • Torin

    Youtube and Netflix almost every day since I’ve gotten one.

  • Frank Messner

    I use Plex for Plexpass everynight to watch my TV shows. Would love another for the bedroom!

  • Aaron


  • Steva_S

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks, Droid-Life!

  • Jose Francisco


  • Jordan Collins

    I’ve generally used it with the Youtube app, but I haven’t gotten much of a chance to really have a more hands on experience with one.

  • David Weinstock


  • Luke

    Could really use a Chromecast

  • Stadi

    VLC PLayer PC support for Chromecast wold be great. They are working on it but are also saying Google doesn’t really like it.

  • Ryan Gullett

    MLB and Netflix!

  • Kamesen

    I’ve been holding out on the Chromecast because I have an HTPC but there’s is definitely functionality in allowing people to cast music to your TV from their own devices.

  • asorrentino

    He beat me… Straight up… Pay him… Pay that man his money

  • John Sweat

    I’ve been looking to get one of these so winning one would be perfect.

  • Grant

    I would use it to mirror my note 10.1 2014 tablet

  • Bryan Spina

    Netflix and HBO Go

  • Lars Callahan

    Yeah, baby! Slide that Chromecast right on over!! :-]
    I use AllCast already with my Roku, but Chromecast is oh-so-much-more cast-able. Thanks, DL, for the sweet giveaway. Makes me wish I still had Facebook, just so I could get another entry!

  • J. Gilbertson

    I’d definitely abuse youtube with this. Google Play Music and Pandora as well too

  • Phillip

    Yea! I’d use the espn app and youtube the most, but would explore a bunch of them.

  • Wojtas85

    mostly youtube and vimeo

  • iScream4

    I use CardCast regularly on my Chromecast to prove to my friends that they’re funnier than I am. :/

  • Ray Quinn

    Google Music and Pandora

  • Andrew Chiu

    Chrome! Youtube!

  • coolestmage

    I’d definitely use netflix and google music the most. I have an android mini pc on one of my tvs now, and it is sooooo hacky.

  • Finch

    Pick me! I’d love a second Chromecast for guest room.

  • h3artl3ss362

    I’ll be able to see what this device is all about, I’ll try to figure out how I can incorporate tasker into it somehow and have some mirroring fun.

  • Timoce Danut Marius

    watching movies

  • rafcop.smw

    Getting to be a mature product that can be more than a toy, now that 3rd party devs are doing their work!

  • David

    Couch tuner tv and chromecast for the win!

  • Jeremy

    I would use it in my sons room for 24/7 netflix!

  • novikov

    mostly use netflix and plex

  • mbagasao

    Can’t wait to mirror my screen and watch netflix on my chromecast. Thanks DL!

  • Corey Smith

    I would stream netflix and youtube.

  • realfoxm

    Need a reason to purchase All cast!!

  • John Kitchen

    I use HBO Go and Netflix all the time. I will use mirroring all the time once it launches on the M8

  • jonny6pak

    I would love to have one of these

  • Kieron Quinn

    iPlayer, YouTube and other catchup services in the UK if they worked (HINT HINT BROADCASTERS)

  • pavilial

    Plex for sure

  • Steve

    I would like to use XBMC, WATCH Disney JR, and PBS Kids Video with this Device.

  • SJ

    I would like to use XBMC, WATCH Disney JR, and PBS Kids Video with this Device.

  • Shawn Matello

    I need one of these to complete my collection1

  • hugdf

    Definitely be streaming video, maybe key up some games for big-screen action!

  • EvilLordFluffy

    I’m would watch so much youtube this way! I’ll never get work done again!

  • John R

    If I got another one I wouldn’t have to switch between my living room and bed room

  • Rob

    I would use youtube on the chromecast!


    Spotify. Oh, wait.

  • Ben Barrett

    Would love a chrome cast to cast my screen

  • Steve A. Reno

    YouTube and Netflix – I hate using the remote on my smart TV to perform searches, would be much easier on my tablet or phone…

  • VX2859


  • Netflix, Hulu, The Google Play Movie Store. Thanks for the chance.

  • Diana

    The Chromecast would be great for Netflix and Pandora. 2 apps we probably use the most.

  • Jeremy A


  • SplashMTN

    I would be using Hulu+ and Netflix primarily. Probably also screencast some games.

  • Reginald

    Netflix and Google Play Music all day!

  • Netflix and the Android Mirroring

  • Adam W

    Youtube, hbo go, and screen casting

  • tiptoptommy

    Yay for Chromecast !!!!!!!

  • TeutonJon78

    Would be so nice to move to Netflix on this rather than on my old Wii.

  • Sue Barney

    You tube, facebook n twitter 🙂

  • Chris Jones

    Looking to get the family some devices to share our favorite app: Plex!

  • middlehead

    I’d mostly stream local files with it. Everything else works fine through my 360 or PS3.

  • David Weber

    I commented.

  • Jeremy Miller

    Was about to grab another so this would be great

  • dg

    probably youtube 😀

  • mosbysjedi


  • br_hermon

    MLB At Bat and Netflix. And maybe Plex if I invest in it.

  • Stewblock


  • thefullritz


  • Menger40

    Chromecast is my go-to for Youtube. I use a PS3 for other video streaming, but youtube works much better with my phone and chromecast.

  • Chris Morales

    Everything now that you can cast the whole screen.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Google play movies.

  • billiebob808


  • William Peterson

    HBO Go, Netflix and Youtube

  • Bob Kersting

    Chromecast needs support for alternate resolutions

  • Ben Myton

    Need one for the new TV! 🙂

  • Tony Culliton


  • Nick Vargish

    Chromecast all the netflix!

  • Dominique Griffin

    Just got married and the wife needs one 🙂

  • DirksDiggler

    I’d use netflix, like a lot of netflix.

  • Roddy Neff

    YouTube, Netflix, HBOgo

  • Paul

    Netflix, screen casting.

  • Jam Master Jim

    Netflix baby

  • lss

    HBO Go, Netflix, Google Music

  • AaronS

    I just bought my first one yesterday, I’d love another one!

  • xandr00

    I’d play card casts all the time!

  • kevinowdziej

    Yes please

  • Rushi

    I would screencast and use watchespn the most.

  • BA_Carroll

    I would cast the Netflix app for my binge watching of seasons!

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    YouTube most likely

  • wsmitty

    Netflix, Youtube and anything else I can grab

  • Zhi An Liu

    Still on the fence about this, maybe a free one will help me decide whether I need one in my life!

  • George Messiha

    Happy Birthday.. ChromeCast..

  • Codygo

    Hulu Plus, Netlfix, ESPN

  • Patrick

    I’ve always been curious about these, might be time to get one…

  • ColinShots

    I want it!

  • Sciaid

    I stream HBO and Netflix. Google music as well

  • Jeff Badger

    Netflix, All Access, and WatchESPN are my top three apps until the Moto X gets screen casting. All I need is for NBCSports Live Extra to gain Chromecast support and I’ll be all set.

  • Antti Elonheimo


  • Caleb Martin

    I use YouTube and Netflix the most.

  • Tony Cooper

    Netflix and YouTube

  • Snowbo13

    I steam all my shows from my phone to by tv. Netflix is a close second followed by my IP Cam with tinycam to the big screen. Also use it for youtube, photos, music, and now showing my entire screen with the screen cast. I need 3 more for my other tvs so lets win one!

  • michael hill

    I always wanted a Chromecast

  • Simion

    HBO GO & Netflix

  • Chris Stuart

    I need one for my second bedroom!

  • robertlwalters

    HBO GO

  • BeejRich

    Netflix and Youtube of course! Sometimes Play Music All Access

  • Most likely YouTube. Use it too much on desktop and mobile, would be nice to have it on the big screen.

  • Luiz Mattos

    I’d have a chromecast in every room! I’d use it with my plex server.

  • Chris Brunetto

    Hmm…HBO Go since comcast has decided to not allow it on PS3 for some reason, Seinfeld, mirroring my GS3 to my TV for whatever, streaming netflix from my phone for when I don’t feel like turning on my PS3, heck, pretty much everything I did before my old one died on me

  • papajohnny

    I need 1. Thx

  • subiedude85

    YouTube Gifs with sound all the time.

  • D Martinez

    Sweet. Would love to get one of these!

  • Scott MacDonald

    Even at $40 in Canada, my cheap mindset is still hesitating on buying one… So this would solve my inner financial dilemas!

  • ryan moreno


  • Brian L


  • WitnessG

    I watch so many Youtube videos so now I could just stream it to the TV.

  • Hunter

    Chomecast. Apple TV death by a thousand cuts

  • luisrb7


  • Aceplanet

    Tv Portal!!

  • JP


  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    HBO Go. Vudu. AllCast

  • Dustin


  • Lucas Johnson

    I’d use it mostly for netflix

  • ankit199

    Youtube, Plex and Netflix

  • Michael Jordon

    I would cast Plex all the time. Sounds so convenient!

  • Jonathan Snyder

    Could really use one in the bedroom. I can haz Chromecast?

  • Rodeojones000

    Already have one – purchased immediately when it was first announced. But could always another for one of the other TVs.

  • Mitch Joa

    I usually use it for Netflix, who needs to take their PS3 home from school?

  • Mani Kaur

    Youtube Nexus 5 mirror

  • giovanny

    YouTube, Netflix, and Google play music

  • tyler

    Chromecast ftw

  • Alseddiq


  • Mark Lukowitsky

    Would love to stream google plus photos!

  • Graham Schiffman

    I would love to use Netflix if I got a Chromecast

    • duke69111

      I started using Netflix because of the Chromecast and I have kept my subscription.

  • Caleb Rodriguez

    I use Chromecast for everything on my TV! Google Music, Netflix, Crunchyroll. I even use LocalCast to stream some of my local video files. Chromecast is THE best media streamer out there. You can’t beat $35 for all it can do.

  • misterhijinx

    Yes! I need another

  • Timfantry

    Need another!

  • webmosby

    We love our chromecast to stream Netflix, so much easier than firing up the xbox360. would love another one for a different room

  • Jeremy Gentry


  • Daniel Jenkins

    Might replace the raspberry pi with this so I can set up the pi as a dedicated web server

  • Chris Wedel

    It would allow me to to cut even more cables in my current grand technology abode.

  • schex13

    Having MLB.TV on Chromecast has been amazing, though I’m really waiting for WWE network to steup up. I did the screen mirror for the last PPV and it worked ok for a while, but then would lag or crash.

  • Juan

    I would use Youtube app and the new screen cast feature.

  • neo1738

    I can’t wait to stream my candy crush!

  • A BusinessMan

    I would use it to stream content from my phone to TV

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Because everyone should have a dongle to play with!

  • Samuel Victor

    popcorn time is what i want to use on this badboy

  • IntelCore


  • Wilson

    Shuffle and Allcast! looking forward to getting one!

  • maggiejcarter

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  • Sandra M.

    I wanna win pls.

  • I’m always using YouTube and Viki on my chromecast!

  • I don’t know, I have never seen a Chromecast in person

  • Victor Rubio

    Youtube and netflix

  • Herminio Gonzalez

    I want one.

  • ynksbsbll2

    Play Music would easily be my most used app

  • Kevin Hannigan


  • Mike

    I use mine for songza YouTube Netflix and HBO Go. Now give me that free chromecast!

  • redbar0n11

    Das Ütubenstein!

  • kdub

    New to android and would like to try one out.

  • John J

    YouTube, Netflix

  • Josh J

    Woohoo! Could really use a Chromecast!

  • Cory

    I have been looking at these, but I am super cheap and afraid to spend money on anything innovative that Google makes until it goes mainstream, because they seem to pull the plug on about everything I use if it doesn’t catch on. Would suck to buy one and then have it lose support because it didn’t catch on, but a free one would rock.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Mostly Youtube, but now with screen casting, I would also use it for reading “Press” and other apps.

  • Blue Sun

    YouTube, HBO

  • Brian Walker

    I don’t have one, but I’d use it to play my Google Play purchases on the TV. Not worrying about scratching my Frozen Blu-ray anymore? Priceless.

  • JC

    I need a spare for hotels and trips and such.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    plex, youtube and google music

  • Nate

    Netflix and Youtube!

  • Henrik Sewell

    I would use it with Netflix and Plex.

  • Christopher Garofalo

    I was thinking of buying one, this would certainly help me save some money 😛 I’d probably use the mirroring app and Netflix with it mostly. But if I get it to actually see which apps I’d use most

  • Cedric Wilmore

    I use Youtube, Plex, Dailymotion, Netflix, Avia (to watch movies and TV shows through ShowBox), Copy and I cast my screen to alot.

  • Mike Baustian

    My first one met an untimely demise…on the fence about buying another or waiting for an android TV option…now that screen mirroring works, I really want to try this again!

  • Daniel Gulyas

    Crunchyroll and as a capture card for my phone to stream TWEWY

  • Mr Glass

    I can use one for the extra room!! thanks

  • Francois Forrest

    Awesome I always wanted a Chromecast

  • TCM_89


  • Edward B.

    They see me streamin’, they hatin’.

  • Tony Byatt

    Youtube, Netflix, Allcast…

  • BoomerJMoore

    I’ve been thinking of getting one recently. I’d love to win one of these.

  • barry

    Screen mirror!

  • Christopher Gilliam

    Lmao at dud streaming porn lol

  • Colin Huber

    Netflix and HBO Go.

  • Jim

    I need another one!!!

  • Dave Molina

    I would mirror my phone screen so I could share my home bideos and pics with friends and family and play my games on a big screen

  • Jayayess1190

    Seems cool.

  • jdbarn

    Definitely be using this to screen mirror!

  • Ryan

    YouTube and screen casting

  • Kirk M.



    Screen Mirror!

  • Dave Rong


  • chnsawalex

    Chromecast has been clutch getting streaming services to my TV.

  • Greg H

    Definitely stream youtube, allcast, and PopcornTime!

  • epps720

    Netflix! and to Cast my phone’s screen

  • steve

    i use mine with localcast

  • Ian

    Screen mirroring FTW

  • cmiram

    I use it mostly for YouTube and Netflix. Also so glad they finally added support for YouTube live-streams now!!

  • Michael Nedoma

    Stream all the things!!!1one1!

  • Winning is always good.

  • Beatriz Baires

    This would simplify my college life. Please help!

  • engemasa

    I would use YouTube and Chrome the most on a Chromecast.

  • Jen Doe

    I would love to win! Netflix and YouTube.

  • Stew

    YouTube and Netflix!

  • Bill Anderson

    TV Portal

  • Alix8821

    Yes Please!

  • Ben Nicholls

    Best Plex and Netflix streamer.

  • Andy Stetson

    Lately, HBO Go, besides that, Netflix and Youtube.

  • Frank Urbanski

    Plex and Netflix for sure.

  • jmiranda3983


  • Darren Persad

    Still rocking the old Google TV and a Sony Blu-ray player with Google TV capabilities as well – I think it’s finally time for me to get an upgrade so I can stream all of my stuff without having to deal with unsupported hardware/software.

  • Alan Chavez

    I want one

  • B J Books

    Plex, YouTube

  • Nick Bogan


  • Plex is probably the app I cast the most. Although now Android has native screen-sharing, I mirror lots of games to my TV (e.g. Worms 3) 😀

  • Eric Soriano

    Let’s Allcast with Chromecast!

  • Cobravnm13

    Probably to watch videos and movies from my phone and laptop.

  • humidity

    I would use it to mirror my phone!

  • Okki125

    Netflix by far….. although with screen casting, that might change to include Comixology and QuickPic

  • Niles

    Plex Plex Plex!

  • Jason Whiting

    would be a nice present

  • Justin C

    Cast everything.

  • Jeremy Kacher

    I pretty much go with Netflix and now the whole screen

  • JOhn Fisher

    Finally !!! Mu TV would have something t o play 🙂

  • PhilD41

    Hummm… would love to have a second one for the bedroom. Not that I ever win these things.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Plex! I use Plex on it the most 🙂

  • Tung Vu

    Here’s hoping

  • lemkeant

    One for me please! I’d use a lot of Youtube but want the upcoming Amazon Video for Android app!

  • Scott Hardy

    I would use Plex with my Chromecast in my bedroom, just like the one that I currently have in my living room

  • FP

    I could use 1.

  • Carlos Morales

    Pick me

  • Eric

    Stream youtube videos!!

  • David Walch

    I would be streaming Google Play Music, Watch ESPN, Netflix and You Tube like CRAZY!!!

  • c4blimtizle

    I’ve never tried chromecast before and a free one from droid life would be an excellent way to start.

  • Woody Woodrow

    I’m tight! Waiting for it to drop under 30….

  • Ramiro Irastorza


  • Arungoud

    i basically watch videos and see the images in my gallery !! It woks really well !!

  • MistaButters

    Netflix for days

  • j boner

    Netflix and youtube are 80 percent all cast helps me with the rest

  • Bobby A

    I use XBMC (via screencast) and Youtube the most.

  • richoz30

    I would use it to stream TV and games all day!

  • Edwin M

    I have been using a lot of Netflix and Chrome Beta on it. I’m able to cast anime via the Chrome beta browser and I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black.

  • Sebastian

    Good Luck

  • CmRam

    Netflix and HBO Go

  • EightBitsShort

    I would stream Netflix and HBO Go.

  • Rones88


  • Steve

    Stream some twitch.tv with it

  • Trey Porter

    Netflix, Hulu, g play music, local media, and pornhub, oh wait…. No I would.

  • David Bouchard

    I use You Tube on my Chromecast daily.

  • Tenny Idowu


  • In our office, we use Plex with our Chromecast.

  • AeySimp

    Netflix, Youtube & Chrome Videos

  • dantespeak

    To stream anime from Chrome to my TV!!!

  • SnkBitten


  • joshuauy


  • Ron Landfair

    HBO Go and Play Music

  • Stephen

    I’d use the YouTube and Google Play Music apps the most with the Chromecast – I’d use it to stream movies if I bought them through Google, but as my network occasionally has a bit of a hiccup I tend to just get physical copies so I don’t have to deal with video stuttering.

  • Jase Quintanar

    Sweet, need one of these bad to stream some anime from Crunchyroll

  • Jarras


  • stabone

    I would like one!

  • n8wdavis

    Can always use another one!

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Hulu and Youtube and Mirroring

  • Ryan Clayton

    I’ve actually been planning on buying one as the girlfriend moved in and we now have her TV in the bedroom. Would love to stream Plex to the bedroom….or porn. Haha!

  • felix

    Never had the need for one but I’m always excited to see whats in store!

  • Norm

    XBMC, enough said.

  • mikewilson1021

    Netflix, HBO GO, and youtube. This next one will be all about music streaming.

  • berto79

    I would probably use Netflix the most…I don’t own one.

  • Stud Muffler

    As an owner of two Chromecast devices I would say Youtube.

  • Nelly547

    HBOGO and Netflix

  • beng8686

    Dongle me, bro. Google music, Plex, Netflix, and HBO go.

  • jnt

    Random question – how do you tie the comment to the entry if that’s the only way you enter?

  • Burtimus Prime


  • Jonathan Svor

    I would use Netflix and HBO GO for some Thrones!

  • ACR3597

    I would use YouTube a ton with Chromecast

  • phekno


  • Jason

    I need one of these to stream HBO to my projector that is currently cablebox-less!

  • pd

    Popcorn time

  • Kevin Liebler

    Top apps for me are: HBO Go, Netflix, Google Play Music, YouTube

  • Chris Doerman

    We do mostly Youtube and now the Chrome videocasting, but we also do a little Netflix and HBO Go.

  • jnt

    Screencast, Youtube, Hulu – I cast the screen ALL the time now to show pictures of our kids or whatever we’re doing on our TV. It’s great.

  • James Polak

    Diceplayer chrome

  • Sapko82


  • Sidahmed Sabek
  • drewbie_al

    WatchESPN and YouTube make it worthwhile by themselves.

  • John McG


  • Mark Duenas

    I would try it

  • JoeDirt2217

    Showbox, TV Portal. USTVNow via Web Video Caster, XBMC

  • Patrick Tudela

    Netflix and Hulu

  • Brett


  • andry_naples

    I’d use netflix

  • Metal_Link

    I would love to use Twitch on a Chromecast if it was supported.

  • hyperbeatser


  • Stephen Riss

    I would use this to try to cut ties to as much extra “Cable Provided” services that I could.

  • hesham


  • Admir Sulejmanovic

    Definitely Netflix!

  • Kris Turtle Tortuguerrez

    I would stream Netflix like never before…

  • tehserver


  • ugadroid

    Another chromecast for plex!

  • matt

    plex maybe amazon

  • imward

    Stream some of that Community via Hulu+ action

  • J.Lynn

    Pandora and Netflix I use the most, but also have started using it to show off Google + Photos

  • blkghost

    I want one sooooo bad… please please

  • Salah Salem

    HBO Go. Premium all the way!

  • James Bernard

    I’d use Chromecast to stream content in the classroom!

  • roeblatt

    I would probably use Netflix, Mirror, Chrome Beta.

  • H2Oyeah

    ESPN and youtube for videos. Chrome for some of my work I do using Google Docs.

  • Pfigurella

    Netflix Baby!

  • Prox

    yay free stuff

  • Joshua Waymire


  • YouTube I guess, since I’m in India. :/

  • Curtis Black

    Netflix, HBO Go, and Youtube!

  • Corey Foltman

    is it possible send my XBMC through the chromecast? either from pc or my android app


    I already use mine to watch HBO Go and listen to my Google Music all access on my stereo!

  • Matthew Glen Evans

    I watch Netflix all day every day on my living room TV using my Chromecast. Would love to have one in the bedroom too.

  • Mark Bailey

    Plex, Netflix, Casting screen… That’s about it

  • Hockeypuck55

    I would mostly use this for Youtube and HBO Go

  • Sparktweek

    I would use the new app Cardcast to play Card Against Humanity with my friends! Thanks DL!

  • jhouk

    I would stream ESPN for me and YouTube vids for the kids.

  • Solo2342

    I would be using Netflix and YouTube the most with Chromecast.

  • Duane Westerhaus


  • will


  • kwyrt

    youtube and chrome

  • Dave

    Id love to try a chromecast!

  • RXG9


  • SJ Prettyman

    I would use the Chromecast to play CardCast with my friends!

  • mtaylor924


  • Jim Houpt

    Youtube and Netflix mostly. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • soulfliesfree

    Chromecast for the win! I love Hulu, Netflix and Youtube!

  • Ryan Dombroski

    Netflix & Hulu

  • AJ Ishaque

    Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube! 😀

  • ohdoctor


  • Charles Sweeney

    The apps I’d most use with Chromecast would be YouTube, HBO and ESPN

  • Quentin J.

    Hbo Go ftw…

  • rodney11ride


  • Ben Olson


  • Joshua Rewerts

    Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus (with a side of Play Music All Access)

  • Mark Schleupner

    I would use it to stream my TV shows to it.

  • Youtube

  • MSlab

    I use Plex more than anything else. It would be nice not having to move the thing around as much by adding another.

  • bolski

    I’d use Netflix and Google Play Movies like crazy, but also Plex, and, if/when it’s released, Amazon Instant Video.

  • topherct


  • I would like to win this really cool device

  • Nicholas

    I would use HBO and Netflix til death do us part.

  • Fred

    Netflix for sure

  • Netflix and Youtube

  • Just bought a new TV, this would go well with it!

  • Chandra

    NetFlix, Watch ESPN, Youtube

  • Aidan

    I would stream Youtube or Music to my TV!

  • partnersinrum

    YouTube, movie trailers. Some browser based game sharing to tv.

  • epidemik

    woo woo

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Mainly Youtube .

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    The Chromeca is a must have device on every TV!

  • DeAnna Sowder

    YouTube, Netflix, and Play Movies are the top ones for me.

  • Netflix.

  • stush0104

    I would definitely use YouTube and HBOGo the most with a Chromecast.

  • mizkitty

    Plex or Netflix

  • Lawrence_Hart

    I need one for my living room!

  • tyguy829

    I would really look forward to using it with watchespn and youtube (to watch dl shows of course) the most


    How to win a Chromecast today?.. Just pray to God

  • Kunal


  • shelderman

    Love me some chromecast

  • corgimas

    i do not know since i dont have a chromecast yet……youtube?????

  • indiecognition

    I’d cast HockeyStreams when the season begins!

  • Justin Bontrager

    I love chromecast!

  • Adam

    netflix and youtube, hoping to mirror with moto x at some point

  • Michael Burke

    Hehe, dongle.

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    I would use Play Music and YouTube the most.

  • Brian Ruden


  • BT

    I mostly use youtube, but with PocketCasts adding the ability to chromecast the podcasts, I am no longer carrying around my tablet everywhere throughout the house

  • i_am_cookielady

    I’d use to bring Netflix to the big screen and move my kids away from VHS tapes.

  • boardindude

    Netflix and Youtube

  • jlj3

    I definitely need one for my new vizio

  • ClarkAndrews

    I’d cast me some Vudu!

  • Adam Buchwitz


  • Asia

    I’ve been thinking about getting this for a while now. If I had it. I’d every app and function to its capability to get my money or gifts worth out of it. I think it’s a great device and I would love to have one.

  • Larry Franks

    Netflix, HBOgo, youtube

  • Brandon Hinson

    youtube all day!

  • Scott Breitbach

    Mostly Netflix, with YouTube a close second.

  • MrIg0Hard

    Neflix and local movies, of course:0)

  • Brian Corcoran

    Definitely check out Android mirroring, but mostly use it for Netflix, Android Prime Movies then probably Plex.

  • coh303

    Can’t believe I still haven’t picked one of these up

  • I would give it to my dad so he could watch Netflix on the TV easier!

  • MrIg0Hard

    I could use one in the bedroom! Bring it on, LOL!!!

  • Lakota


  • Joshua Polivka

    hulu plus…not exactly sure what all works with it but i watch hours upon hours of youtube videos daily

  • Ryan

    I could use one of these. I’m surprised I don’t already have one.

  • watchespn

  • Sebastian Atwater

    Would definitely use Plex and Netflix the most with a Chromecast.

  • mike dunham

    Google Play Movies, HBO GO, Netflix and Disney/PBS for the kiddos

  • Inspector Butters

    Cast all the things!

  • JD

    I would use Chromecast the most with YouTube to share and enjoy videos.

  • Chris Thompson

    Play Movies, YouTube, plus now with Android Mirroring, I could play my games on a big screen now!!

  • Nor

    This would be awesome for use with my chromebook.

  • Charles Kotsiopoulos


  • Carlos Lopez

    Hope to win this!

  • jeff laird

    Monday night Football

  • @rrie


  • CovXX

    I mostly use this bad boy for movies or pandora

  • Jared McClain

    I love teaching my daughter about technology while also playing educational games on the big screen.

  • lvnalolife

    This would be great since I bought a not so smart LED flatscreen.

  • moelsen8

    Youtube music!

  • Justin Costa

    I’m a Hulu Addict (since I am cable free) 🙂 Just catching up on my shows is what I’ll be doing 🙂

  • Stephen

    Please please please! Pick me!

  • Jared Wesolaski

    I would watch Netflix and YouTube the most

  • Irwin Bautista

    youtube and plex

  • KatieWilliams


  • Omar Mansour

    I love chromecast!!

  • Chrome!!

  • Travis Oakshott

    Netflix, crunchyroll, youtube ^_^

  • Kristen Beckcom

    Most likely Nextflix.

  • Zach Davis

    Would be nice to use it with plex or streaming music to my stereo setup

  • switchblade_bravado

    Pretty nifty

  • James


  • Gary

    ESPN!!! College Football!!

  • Casey Puyleart

    Probably netflix…maybe a little work productivity stuff too.

  • Franz

    WatchESPN is amazing. That’s my favorite.

  • Jack

    I would stop moving my Chromecast back and forth between my GF’s house and mine.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      You could accomplish that by getting rid of your girlfriend. win win.


    I would probably use it for HBO go and Hulu plus on my Sony google TV

  • litobirdy

    mem emememmeee oh meeeeeeeeeeee

  • Aardvark99

    I’d stream HBO. My Miracast stopped working on my TV (nice update LG), so if I can cast my screen through it that would great too.

  • ChrispyAndroid

    I’d use it with YouTube. YouTube’s incredible, but it really needs to be viewed on a big screen to truly enjoy it.

  • Hesedguy

    My wife and I watch TV shows with Google movies

  • Logan


  • DAsh

    I would watch youtube.

  • cmorty72

    Just want this to replace my data eating Roku3 so I can have another reason to tell the cable companies where to go with their outrageous billing plans.

  • mercado79

    3rd one for me!

  • Nayners

    Screencast and Play music.

  • Steven P

    If I win I should probably use my flat screen TV then.

  • Randy Sharp

    Hook me up!!

  • marechal

    Plex and Netflix

  • Kyle Ford

    Chromecast are awesome!

  • Zach

    Plex and Netflix.

  • Dedrick

    This would go well with my smartless tv.

  • Jason Brown

    youtube and netflix

  • Scott Manders

    HBO Go, since Xbox One doesn’t have the app yet. Also just realized that I share a birthday with Chromecast haha

  • Andrew

    Two is better than one.

  • duke69111

    I use Netflix the most and youtube second. Playing those russian car crash compilations is addictive.

  • Andrew Conklin

    I could binge watch all the Netflix!

  • Mateusz Loniewski

    Netflix, Google+ Photos, AllCast

  • Talonsmith

    Whoa chrome life

  • I want one. I suppose I’d need to update my TV to one with an HDMI receiver, though, huh?

  • Jeremy Buro

    I would use YouTube, Netflix, and the browser on my 55″ Sony bravia 240htz tv.

  • Alex Barnette


  • Rorix

    Use it to stream my screen while watching TwitchTV, pure win

  • Matt

    Netflix, HBO GO

  • Bill Gilliland

    I would love to give it a try.

  • Jay

    Netflix + HBO Go + Play Music +Screen Mirroring = Greatest friggen device!

  • Jay

    I would love to have another!

  • kwwwar

    I <3 Chromecast! I use Netflix and Youtube the most with it.

  • wyandt

    I have been wanting a chromecast for so long. I hope the wife can operate it with Netflix compared to the Wii.

  • Mr. Matt

    Videostream plugin!

  • Sweetness!

  • rfranken

    I have 1. but need more

  • SayHeyJayHey

    I need another one! 😀

  • Oğuz Uzun

    Youtube and Netflix

  • lanesc1979

    Wouldn’t mind checking it out finally

  • Joe White

    Stream Youtube live.

  • Michael Serra

    A Chromecast would very much make nice life.

  • Scott in MA

    YouTube and Netflix and Google Music All Share

  • TJ Perez

    I’m really wanting a chromecast!

  • SonOfEris

    Could totally use another one.

  • Echo Guzman

    Chromecast for all my Nexus devices!

  • Daniel Garcia

    I always wanted one for my living room

  • Fozzybare

    plex all day

  • RyanAndTammy

    I would definitely use Netflix and Youtube, especially since we’re getting our house connected to the fiber optics soon!

  • SysWiz

    Pick me!

  • Voyageur

    Netflix, Google All Access, gallery

  • Chris Wright

    HBOGO and Hulu plus definitely!!

  • MikeD675

    Netflix, youtube

  • rudy arenas

    I was going to buy one, but now I’ll wait to see if I win one!

  • Scott

    The browser for when I travel!

  • Pit

    I would use YouTube overall.

  • Gary Roisentul

    Google music!

  • bingho


  • Ryan McFadden

    HBO Go and Synology DS Video!

  • Mostly Youtube, Netflix, and Play Music. I’d use TuneIn Radio with my Chromecast if they had support!

  • Matt

    I use it to stream Netflix.

  • Dan

    Use Google Play Music

  • Dennis Payne


  • Zach K

    Netflix or HBO Go

  • itsdmise

    Netflix and YouTube. I bought my HDTV with Chromecast in mind.

  • Burger

    Watch Espn

  • conrad owens

    I want it so i can browse http://www.droid-life.com/ on my tv 😉

  • AndroidForMe

    This would be perfect for HBO Go, Netflix and Google Music.

  • Bman4000

    Mostly Plex

  • sean q

    I would love to try one out!

  • Joshu

    Definitely Plex

  • nmaxfield

    Need to get one for my living room. It’s been great in the bedroom with Plex. No need for the roku anymore!

  • NolBi-Wan

    Netflix and Youtube.

  • Hung

    I would use use Youtube the most with a Chromecast.

  • Edson de Jesus

    YouTube, Netflix, and Plex.

  • garbagedick

    i really want to try plex w/ chromecast

  • google play music and plex

  • Alex C

    Great giveaways, guys!

  • Lincoln M King

    Hit me!

  • Diego Diaz

    Plex is my cord cutter, use it everyday!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Steaming movies and music from my phone.

  • tishabarr216

    I would use it for Netflix and YouTube.

  • ewilliams1009

    Netflix and HBO Go

  • KCCO

    Use plex all day with it 🙂

  • mpledzeppelin2

    watchespen during the world cup now its mostly Netflix. they need more party game apps.

  • George of the Jungle

    I could stream so much pron to my TV with this!

    • jscofi


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        • btolley13

          even the spambot wants a chromecast

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    • Nick

      Hahaha I hope this guy wins.

    • Nomi T

      Hahaha ….. Good to be honest 😉

  • Sainttaz

    Love having this

  • Luke Strobel

    Plex, Google Music, and HBO Go

  • pdatsyuk

    I use Plex the most. My entire digital collection can play through my Chromecast. Beautiful.

  • David Cohen


  • tishabarr216

    Yay! I want a chromecast!

  • solarus2011

    HBO Go and Plex

  • Saurabh Shrivastava

    Youtube. And now screen mirroring !

  • a5modeu5

    YouTube, gotta watch stupid videos on a big screen.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Support for everything would be amazing!!! My phone will now be responsible for all my media consumption 😛

  • elemeno

    Netflix, Youtube, MLB.tv

  • Gunnar Jones

    Most used app right now is Netflix

  • Mikey D

    Need that Netflix and Youtube on the big screen!

  • Daniel Russell

    All the Netflix. Add some HBO go and youtube in there too

  • the.cyber.trekker

    I would use as many apps as I could find, thanks

  • Zach B.

    Netflix and ESPN

  • Sean Stone

    Google Music and Netflix.

  • Jakub


  • Jerry M.

    Pandora, ESPN and HBO

  • Walter Partlo

    Netflix, show box, and youtube

  • Gordon Higelmire

    Plex, Google Music, Songza, Pandora, YouTube.

  • Jeff Dunn

    Netflix, Youtube

  • Logan Jinks

    Google music of course. I’d really like to play all the music I get from the subscription in my living room.

  • chris125

    YouTube, google play music and movies

  • djab


  • PhillipNorris

    probably netflix in the bedroom for my wife when NFL comes back on

  • Marcellus1

    Lately mostly youtube and the chromecast app itself to mirror my device.

  • Brian Whitehurst

    All of them! Ok, some games, and ofc streaming Video.

  • David N

    Netflix, YouTube and showing off my phones features!

  • Jesse

    Netflix all day

  • Ahmad Asraf Hashim

    Yes please thank you. VideoStream

  • I like chromecast

  • I actually don’t use an app at most, I use the browser mirroring in chrome, then actually watch hulu on my TV without having to pay for hulu plus.

  • MahmoodBH

    Let me begin chromecasting 😀

  • John Giao

    I stream from Chrome on my desktop to my Chromecast, but I only have one.

  • Josh Linn

    netflix, youtube

  • KenBarnum

    WatchEspn, Google Music, Pandora

  • ZhanK

    YouTube and Show Box

  • Michael Persico


  • SnoPir8

    Looking forward to casting videos from my NAS!

  • valapsp

    to mirror my device’s display.

  • boehmer365247

    Close call between Play Music and YouTube.

  • Theo Queiroz

    Google play music, youtube and netflix

  • Aaron Swan


  • luis abreu

    streaming for all

  • ralphwiggum1

    I use it mainly for HBOGo and YouTube.

  • Oanh H.

    I use the Viki and Youtube apps most.

  • BleedBlueNYG86

    i like the music apps and multiplayer games. this device has a lot of untapped potential.

  • Buur

    I don’t know! I’ll find out when I win.

  • Chastin Mason

    Pandora & netflix

  • Kevin

    I’d use Netflix if I had a Chromecast. Might look into Plex, too.

  • Nick

    Netflix, HBOGo

  • iceberrrg

    Netflix YouTube screen cast play music

  • Erik Cho

    I would use it for YouTube and Music.

    Oh hey! It was also my birthday 4 days ago!

  • Jaime Andres Salame Borja

    The Chromecast is by far the best invention ever… i use it to cast everything, movies, youtube, music, etc….

  • Thomas Su


  • agottschling

    I would use a chromecast for streaming at my office.

  • Damien Luna

    netflix, and allcast

  • netflix, google music, screen sharing emulators with my moga pro controller, cardcast

  • Hokie05

    Netflix/HBO Go!

  • Charlie Black

    Netflix and Google Music with a sprinkle of YouTube on the side.

  • Tyler Stewart

    Netflix, Play TV, Music

  • geedee82

    HBO Go

  • Hulu and YouTube

  • Steve Tu

    Pandora, Google Music, and YouTube!

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    thanks for these contests!

  • devenstonow

    Chromecast=yay dorm room fun

  • zedlion

    greatest 35 dollars spent could use one for the other room

  • archercc

    Its WatchESPN followed closely by HBO Go. WatchESPN getting Chromecast has been a savior since I moved to a different part of the country and my Alma mater doesn’t usually get much coverage in our market.

  • Ricky Romero

    I’d really like to use HBO Go and Netflix most on the chromecast

  • Carlos Rodríguez

    Netflix, youtube, Allcast.

  • Petru Vicol

    Movies and video streaming from my computer. Maybe would start developing when I’d have free time.

  • UnashamedGeek

    Would be nice to replace the Google TV I bought that has been abandoned.

  • Brad Miller

    I use Plex, Netflix and Google Music

  • Kevin

    Hulu and Google Music.

  • Shifty

    HBOGo is my jam.

  • Christopher LaForest

    Plex and casting videos from my tablet

  • GL_R

    My wife loves Netflix

  • jessem1323

    YouTube and Netflix for my daughter!

  • Evan Garibay

    I would like to use Youtube and Hulu on Chromecast!

  • Joshua Dudash

    the only reason that I haven’t bought one myself yet is that I have the Sony Google TV set top box… basically only use it for Plex, Netflix and the Channel guide…

  • M3D1T8R

    I use Netflix the most. Used WatchESPN a lot for NBA Playoffs and the World Cup. I need another to replace the one I bought my brother in-law which never worked properly.

  • MrCapcomDS

    Plex to stream my library of videos/photos

  • Google Music All Access!

  • Kirk Hayes

    I love using Netflix on my GoogleTV, but is such a pain to use. The Chromecast would let me quickly and easily get Super Hero Squad on for my 4 yr old and let me share pictures/videos from my phone. Plus now that I have the LG G3, being able to cast my whole screen would be amazing to play Minecraft on the big screen!

  • legacystar

    HBO go for game of thrones!!!

  • Chazzhd3rd

    NETFLIX all day

  • BigFriend

    Netflix, since I cut the cable cord a long time ago.

  • Michael

    Netflix and TV Portal, Lakitu has also recently joined the list.

  • dsDoan

    Happy birthday, dongle.

  • imronburgundy

    My house needs some dongle.

  • decriptor

    Chromecast is really cool. Streaming Google play stuff to my TV because its otherwise stuck on this stupid device :/

  • DestructoChaz

    Netflix, duh.

  • Abdullah Alhazmy

    Happy Birthday Chromecast 😀

  • Jigga What

    Chromecast is awesome!!!! It would be a great gift for my parents as I move them away from Apple Land!!!!

  • Kevin O

    hmmmmmm more TV’s to set up!

  • Sam

    MLS Live and Netflix

  • Mitchell Toland Jr.

    Youtube and Netflix

  • Bill Slowey

    Plex and youtube

  • Jason Peters

    Netflix, Youtube, maybe Allcast

  • Silver Veloz

    Happy Birthday Chromecast. You’ve been great. Use it at home and vacation. I can always use one more. Thanks DL. Missed not having a Droid Life show this week, but I understand.

  • Daniel Reitzell

    Netflix and Goole Music

  • Vincent Banagas

    I would love to have one of these I need one for my living room.

  • Colin Dinelli

    Netflix has got to be the best app for casting!

  • Emmanuel

    Definitely Youtube and Netflix!!

  • Mordecaidrake


  • SkullOne

    Netflix would get used the most.

  • jwildman16


  • Matt Lang

    I use Pandora and Netflix the most when I cast

  • Crackmacs

    I’d probably use YouTube more than anything 🙂 – Thanks!!

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    plex, netflix, youtube, allcast. 🙂

  • cweb69

    i really need another one! my son has taken over the living room chromecast!!!

  • James Thomas

    I’ve got two already, but you can never have too many Chromecasts…

  • Sam Lin


  • AngryBadger

    Most likely casting screen / netflix type apps. Awesome. 🙂 GL everyone.

  • truth_cutz

    Please and thank you

  • randompsychology

    I primarily use Netflix and Plex, but also love the YouTube integration. Now…if we could just get Amazon to release an instant video app that supports it…

  • T4rd

    See how well it blends.