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Is This the Back Casing for a New Motorola DROID?

The crew over at HelloMotoHK posted the image above this morning, which looks like the back case for what could be an unreleased Motorola phone. To be more specific, if real, I would peg this for the back casing of a new DROID device. Motorola, as we know from last year, has the exclusive on the DROID brand with Verizon going forward, a brand that tends to use materials like kevlar which is seen here. 

So what’s with all of those holes? Well, my guess would be that we are looking at a camera lens hole at the top, centered in between a dual-flash setup. The hole directly below that could just be a slot for a Motorola logo, like we saw on the Moto X. The odd thing there is the dimple on the Moto X was a piece of the back casing, it wasn’t filled by an attachment to the hardware of the phone, if that makes sense.

There were rumors surrounding the Moto X last year, which suggested that the dimple could be used for controlling parts of the phone. Motorola reportedly killed that after testing. Should they have figured out a way to add that touch-sensitivity back to this year’s line of DROIDs and the Moto X, then maybe that bottom hole will be filled by some form of button. I do not see this being an HTC One-esque dual camera setup, if you were wondering.


Via:  HelloMotoHK
Cheers Antony!
  • disastrousrainbow

    Goodness can’t wait. I’m rocking a 2013 Droid Maxx which I absolutely adore. However, I’m not going to lie by saying I don’t want a fancy 1080p screen or improved camera plus refined design because I do. Those are my only quips about the Maxx. Everything else is fantastic, especially the software, timely updates, and speaker.

  • Higher_Ground

    “…then maybe that bottom hole will be filled by some form of button…”


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  • marciarandolph

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  • As much as I loved owning the first 2 DROIDS, I’ve moved on already. {{-_-}}

  • John Friend

    Far too curved to be a droid. Droids will be a slim form factor from now on. The moto X is too thick. The photo is of the rumored x+1.

  • Shadowstare

    *Crosses fingers* Please no dual camera. Please no dual camera. Please no dual camera

  • vzwuser76

    In regards to the lower hole, if it’s like my Droid Maxx, the Motorola logo is actually separate and is the contact point for inductive charging.

  • poop

    No keyboard, no care.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Power buttons on the back a la G3.

  • Cruiserdude

    Can we safely assume it’s not an ultraviolet sunburn sensor?

  • Bassenza

    I just threw up a little

  • Cameron Laudick

    Damn that is ugly

  • Scott Strool

    slow news day?

  • tyguy829

    For what it’s worth, TK TECH NEWS who has had hands on time with the new Moto device in exchange for a $25000 bounty posted this a week ago. I think that might be a dual camera after all. https://twitter.com/tktechnews/status/487695424514314240

  • nosedive94

    DROIDs have been pretty lackluster the past couple of years. I’m going to assume that Moto’s biggest successes this year will be the X+1 and 360 in terms of reception by the tech community.

    • Lackluster? Says who?

      • nosedive94

        Just read the reviews of last year’s Droids. People were not impressed, especially compared to the X.

        • B!

          Which doesn’t make sense since they’re pretty much the same.

    • dizel123

      If by “Lackluster” you mean “last year’s Droid lineup which was only available on Verizon outsold the Moto X which was available on every carrier” Then I will have to agree with you.

  • David Pat

    Me and many others loved the Droid MAXX

    • hoodieNation

      You and 11 other people? Haha

      • JoeTi

        Nice catch on the 12 user reviews, though I do love this phone……

      • Lucky Armpit

        I’ll bet you Verizon sold a lot more Droid Maxx phones than Moto X phones. Make that 12 people, as I love mine.

  • Me and many others loved the Droid MAXX

    • chris125

      Except for camera lol

  • Firelight

    Turn the “M” into the speaker grill?

  • Ryan O’Neill

    They haven’t added the Motorola logo yet. The dimple is made from a different material. This is only the Kevlar cutout for the back.

  • No LG for me

    Yay, some Motorola news today.
    I have no interest in the LG devices, so there hasn’t been much for me to read the last week!

  • Guest

    Is it just me or is it really wide?

  • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

    Could the other hole be for speakers? Don’t think they’d do front facing speakers unless they’ve eliminated capacitive buttons. I really hope they haven’t. Current DROID MAXX user bias here, but I love capacitive buttons.

    • HonkyHaze

      The back is rounded. They would not put a speaker on the part of the phone that rests on a surface. For example, the Moto X has a back speaker to the side, which stays a little elevated off the surface.

  • Greg

    I dont see a spot on the back for a speaker. Will we see from facing speakers for the Droid moto X2 MAXX?

  • HonkyHaze

    Unless they changed the design of the Droid line to match the X, this is the New X. Dual cameras. Also lends credence to dual front facing speakers, as this casing has no grill.

    • Guest

      I suppose dual cameras is an option. But then why is the bottom camera so massive? We’ve never seen a camera module that large before.

      • HonkyHaze

        The HTC M8 has dual cameras and the bottom camera is considerably larger than the top.

      • Michigan Guy

        Nexus 5

    • chris125

      Please no. If they go “ultra pixel” like Htc it will be another fail. Stick with one, good sensor rather than 2 and resort to gimmicks

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Yeah.. What a terrible camera the M8 has…

        • B!

          That pic is not the greatest.

          • ApplesNAndroids

            Read my above comment. Nor did I ever mention it was the greatest. Ive got many more photos that prove the camera in the M8 can excel. Not all pictures are great, but its definitely better then most out.

          • B!

            I’ve seen it first hand. Before I left the wireless retailer I was working for on the 4th I used camera comparison pics as a selling tool. What I said was the truth about that particular picture. I’ve taken some with the M8 that rival the S5 easily.

        • Deez

          Wow! The colors on that pic really pop! /s

          No offense, but that pic looks kind of bad and only proves that the camera is pretty sh!tty…

          • ApplesNAndroids

            lol that was ONE picture that was snapped on a boat doing 35MPH on the st Lawrence. It doesn’t deserve the hate it gets.

      • Woody Hermey

        Just read a new rumor that says it is a laser sensor. Camera will not have a flash.

        • chris125

          Well appears to be two holes similar to the g3 with flash on one side and laser focus on other

          • Woody Hermey

            I agree. Just read this over on TK. Who knows. I know he has the device in hand, but he goes off so half cocked all the time, hard to make sense of it. He was the one that started all the dual camera rumors.

          • XvierX

            He seems relatively new to the leak game but only time will tell if he knows what he’s talking about. Even though he apparently has access to a new moto device it’s a little frustrating listening to someone talk so much without truly saying anything.

          • Woody Hermey

            True Dat!

  • Chippah

    Droid X or GTFO

  • BoFiS

    I wish this was actually a Droid 5… alas…

  • As great as my Droid Maxx is still doing, I’d really need some more exclusive features added to warrant an upgrade. A spec bump won’t be enough.

    • MAxxGuy2

      Ditto here. Front Facing Speakers would be a nice addition. And get rid of the Volume Warning whenever on Bluetooth.

      • bboyairwreck

        an upgrade in camera quality wouldnt be bad. But keeping the twist twice activation of course

        • Yeah, that is one thing I’m interested. On TKTechNews they showed a new moto phone with an 8mp sensor ON THE FRONT. A selfie cam? Could’ve just been a prototype or whatever, but looking for innovative ideas out of Moto, once again.

        • B!

          That & no SD expansion is why I got the Note 3 after a week with the Maxx. I hope this device brings me back to Motorola.

      • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

        For front facing speakers, say goodbye to capacitive buttons. Moto would be taking a step back to increase bezel to add front facing speakers AND capacitive buttons.

    • SD card, 5.2 (at least) inch display, Snap 801, better camera, even bigger battery….

      one can hope.

      • Those wouldn’t be enough for me to upgrade.

        I’m talking more things like camera start gesture, the active display, the ok google now always listening, motoaccess, etc. MORE things like that, that would actually improve my experience.

    • Blue Sun

      I’m sure Verizon is working hard to bring more bloatware to the next version.

  • paul_cus

    It’s ugly, so probably.

  • XvierX

    Fingerprint sensor…

    • if it were a finger print sensor, i hope its implemented properly where you can just touch it and not have to swipe it. I’ve got to give it to them, Apple did something right with that implementation. that’s one thing. dont go overboard everybody.

  • tony

    Perhaps one is a finger print scanner

  • Eric J. Peterson

    I currently use the Droid MAXX. The material here looks just like it. However, it has the lens, flash, and speaker in a rectangular cutout at the top and then below that is a circle with a motorola logo which is a different material which seems to be placed in a cutout. Seems like that could be going on here.

    • XvierX

      I don’t see room for a speaker. Perhaps the second hole is for the moto emblem that doubles as a speaker grill which will have a speaker hidden behind it.

      • kashtrey

        Or perhaps the speakers are front facing?

        • Suicide_Note

          Or on the bottom?

        • Don’t tease me like that.

        • B!

          I would love that.

      • Soapbubble

        Or exactly where they are on the Maxx in the photo.

        • XvierX

          You may be right. Just seems like a very small hole to place a speaker behind. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

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  • jones8808


  • Jason Stanton

    The 2013 droid line has an aluminum moto logo insert. This looks the same to me.

  • Droid Ronin

    How about that rumored DROID 5?

    • Eric R.

      I would buy a Droid 5 with aa physical QWERTY. Moto is the only company that made high end phones with them.

      • katherinedbatista

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      • Brenda David


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  • Justin Duncan

    Verizon moto x is getting a soak test soon just got an email!

    • Scott


      • Kevin

        What part of his sentence don’t you understand?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    At first I thought maybe low grade carbon fiber rather than kevlar, but then some Googling revealed to me, “Kevlar backplate, chosen over other materials such as carbon fiber due to its resilience and lack of interference with signal transmission.” Interesting.

    • Higher_Ground

      interference with signal transmission? That is interesting. Just read yesterday where someone invented/discovered the darkest material yet measured. IIRC it was made from carbon nanotubles and was so dark that you couldn’t see any of the contours of the wrinkled aluminum foil it was growing on. It would make for an interesting backplate if they had the same textured design but used the dark color that rendered it nearly invisible until you feel it. Sorta like the glass back of the n4 as a neat gimmick, only this one won’t shatter.

  • Considering how often my finger ends up on the Moto X dimple, it’d be a convenient place for a fingerprint sensor.

    • Michigan Guy

      Would have to work right for it to be functional

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Just like everything else in the world that has ever worked…

        • Michigan Guy

          What I meant was that it can’t be too easy to activate or too hard to read the fingerprint. It has to be seamless or else it will be annoying and people won’t use it.

          • Craig P

            Considering the 5s has a fingerprint reader on one of the most used buttons, the home button, I don’t see how adding one on the dimple could be anymore, or less, annoying.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Not that bad…just don’t make it glossy red like something out of the Flash Gordon movie.

  • Kacho_ON

    yuck i thought Samsung was bad for trying to make plastic look like leather but this Kevlar nonsense is even worse

    • XvierX

      I have to agree. I love my droid maxx but I have most of it covered by a matte black decal I found online. The Kevlar and capacitive nav buttons are my only gripe.

      • evltwn

        Sometimes I miss my old Droid RAZR MAXX HD. That was a nice phone. Great build.

        • John Friend

          Me too. Loved the silver. But for some reason those phones had very bendable frames. Mine took one fall on to a carpeted surface on day one and cases never fit the same.

    • Detonation

      The Razr line and the Droid Maxx have all had kevlar backs and they’re pretty nice actually. They have a matte/soft touch feel and are relatively scratch proof and durable.

  • tharealoc

    Flash, Laser focus, Dual Cameras?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Dual cameras, also my guess, to make a pseudo 3D type camera option.

      • tharealoc

        I’d say more like the depth camera like the M8. the 3D gimmick is over.

  • Damian

    They’re obviously adding rear buttons like LG, it just makes sense!

  • austing

    Dosent look like a big phone at all

  • Snowbo13

    I have a proto type Droid that has never been used. Is it worth anything??

  • Daniel Walsh

    I was wondering what that extra hole was too. First

    • Robert Paulson

      4 holes for 4 cameras, each at 2MP, 2MP x 4 = 8 = still below normal flagship cameras BUT our pixels are ULTRAkill so much better, please don’t look at picture comparisons those are lies.

      Oh wait, this isn’t HTC.

  • M3D1T8R

    Bring it! Really can’t wait to see the new Moto X and possible new Droid too.

  • Burger

    I still have my Motorola Droid. I loved that Phone!

    • arthur2142

      My OG will be with me forever… I love that device!

      • bogy25

        I had the OG too and loved it – SO I bought the Droid Razr Maxx HD and wish every day I can get rid of it. I don’t want to loose my Unlimited data plan and I don’t want to shell out $600+ cash to do so. Moto got lucky with my purchase. Never again…..

        • Greyhame

          What is so bad about it? It’s on 4.4.2. Great battery life. Software is fairly stock. Just curious.

        • John Friend

          you can buy a brand new droid maxx 16gb on swappa for under $300…