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New Bill Wants to Free Us From Those Ugly FCC Symbols on Your Mobile Devices

Whenever we get in a new device here at Droid Life, we love taking out glamour shots. One of the hardest things to do is to get a nice picture of the back of a new smartphone without showing the ugly and intrusive FCC logos on the bottom. If a new bill passes through the Senate, those physical symbols might not be needed anymore. 

The E-Label Act was introduced yesterday is a push to make the FCC in favor of electronically tagging these devices, instead of physically writing on them. This would give OEMs more options on how to comply with the regulations set forth by the FCC other than just putting all these unnecessary stamps on the back. If this new legislation passes, the FCC information normally reserved for the back could be brought up on-screen like the IMEI, MEID and other crucial information already does.

The bill is brand new so don’t expect anything to happen immediately, but we are hoping this can pick up some steam. It may seem like a small gripe for phones and tablets, but for new Android Wear devices, this could lead to a cleaner and sleeker look on the outside. Something that would go a long way if the new platform is looking to garner a premium market.

Via: The Verge
  • James Vincent

    Finally. That’s good news. But also, I think the Network Operators [or Wireless Carriers] should be banned from putting their Branding all over the phones too. The Operators here in Britain don’t do it anymore. I just think it’s a shame that America Carriers still think it’s ok to knock the look of a lovely new handset. [I have noticed Verizon is the worst at this]

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  • Joe b

    Really?? why would anyone care about the FCC symbols..or any of the symbols on the phone..your not looking at the back of it very long..

  • bob

    Who cares.. everyone covers the logos with a case. Dumb article

  • sk3litor

    thats odd my note 3 doesnt have any of these things on the back. maybe theyre underneath the battery

  • Kayonesoft

    I know it’s been said a number of times already but the FCC logos don’t bother me at all.
    It’s the ENORMOUS VERIZON LOGOS that bother me.

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  • Dirty Sanchez

    Why focus on petty things like securing our boarders to keep our the filthy criminal aliens when there are important phone marking issues to address?

    • hoosiercub88

      Because there is only ever one thing going on in Washington at a time.. and there’s probably only like two or three people to handle said thing too!

    • lostadventures

      Spell borders correctly before being racist you took.

  • Trevor

    Definitely a minor thing, but it’d be cool. It’s pretty discreet on the Nexus 5 (and most phones that have it on an exterior basis, I presume).

  • Thaddeus Brown

    With a Note 3…I don’t have this problem 😛

  • Daistaar

    Eric, why would this be an issue for Android Wear devices? If they normally stamp the back of the device, you’d never ever see this on a wearable. Even on my Gear Live, it’s insanely tiny.

  • Chris

    sweet…. all other problems are solved….we should probably legislate cosmetic changes on smartphones. Seriously, does anyone stop for a second in Washington and think?

  • JD

    Sprint never puts logos on their consumer devices.

  • mbaldwin85

    I’m sure the senate has better things to worry about than the appearance of your phone.

  • Guest

    (OCD eye twitch) Why is the micro usb port not centered?

    • Michael Luscher


  • John Christensen

    I was just thinking that i would pay at least $15 to get that removed.

  • Tony Byatt

    They should go further and include carrier branding…

    • A Maker

      Yes, because the more government gets involved in every aspect of our daily lives the better. In fact government should control all parts of a business and all businesses. Not all of us need government to decide how our phones should look or provide for us to survive, Welfare Tony.

      • Adrynalyne

        FCC is a government organization, I think we will survive this encroachment upon our freedoms.

  • tzoller

    Lobbying at its highest. Since Congress is dead locked on important issues, spend time on the mundane that has a payoff for your next election bid..And those who encourage such garbage in the name of phone beautification will wonder why nothing works right in Washington. Shame on a BS cause…think of some one struggling in life but at least your phone is cool…

  • coolsilver

    I rather have something like freedom to unlock our damn bootloaders on OUR devices. Some ugly logos I can deal with… I am on Verizon. Much practice Such Logos. Wow

  • jowaldo


    • bettydlemons

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  • Stinker

    If this isn’t a good use of our senators’ time and our tax dollars I don’t know what is.

    • Gideon Waxfarb


      • a) youth.in.asia


        • NIGHTSCOUT

          This is spartaaaaaaa!

    • velocipedes

      Better this than them passing new taxes or authorizing more wars or granting more welfare or authorizing more secret courts.

      • Adrynalyne

        Or not figuring out the national deficit, or fixing our crummy health insurance problem, or fixing the economy…

        Yeah, this is way more important.

        • velocipedes

          The solution to those problems is essentially undoing everything they’ve already done. And they are not about to do that. So yes…inaction is better than action from legislators.

  • Guest

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Those logos never bothered me…but I guess if there’s free time why not

    • JBartcaps

      Also depends if you have a removable battery or not

  • Guest

    Must.. upvote… all…

  • JSo

    I can barely see it on my Black Nexus 5. But it would be nice to have less logos. I’m just glad I don’t have a carrier logo.

  • Ajmobileguru

    What about a new bill to free us of Verizon logos

  • brkshr

    The important things that the government concerns itself with…

    • WAldenIV

      You should have 900 more upvotes.

  • Paul Hansen

    After reading this I noticed that my G3 has none of this… Anywhere. Not on the battery cover (inside or out) battery itself, under the battery… Nowhere. Weird. Made in Korea.

    • Cory S

      ….your Korean phone doesn’t have United States FCC certification logos? Are you sure??

      • Paul Hansen

        It’s the US T-Mobile variant. I was just noting that the only real text on the unit is the Made in Korea… Keep up.

        • Mark Mann

          Finish your thought, the way you worded it, I see why he thought what he did

  • chris125

    Now if only Verizon would remove their logos from the front and back

  • Deez

    My device doesn’t have any of that crap on it. Is that unusual?

  • epyon

    Is there a reason why some devices have that branding, while others don’t? For example, my VZW Moto X Dev Edition doesn’t have any of that. And come to think of it, I don’t think my Galaxy Nexus did either.

    • Lunkman

      Your Verizon Moto X just might have it… On mine, it’s camouflaged by my sweet woven white back- you have to hold it at a certain angle to see if.

      (Still love this damn phone after 8-ish months)

      • thedonxr

        Wow I totally didn’t even know! Damn moto x you still have tricks up your sleeve!

      • epyon

        Holy crap! I had to hold it just right and it faintly showed up. Maybe it would show up better if I held it under the full moonlight and spoke “Mellon”.

      • Gr8Ray

        Yeah, I was about to comment that my custom Moto Maker Moto X didn’t have any of this nonsense, but then I noticed when I held it at just the right angle, I could see some very faint writing along the bottom edge of the backplate. Sneaky Moto X!

    • chris125

      Removable battery devices have it on the inside (galaxy nexus)

      • James


      • epyon

        Confirmed. Thanks!

    • UniBroW

      Nexus 5 doesn’t have it, it has the regulatory information under about phone. I’m pretty sure my daughter’s moto x doesn’t have that FCC branding either

  • kilbasar

    I don’t have these on my VZ S3. IIRC, they were on an easily removed sticker. Not sure why any manufacturer would permanently etch them onto the device rather than put them on a sticker.

    Edit: Oh, I guess for removable-battery devices, this gets etched into the battery instead?

    • Eric R.

      In the S3 its under the back cover near or under battery, not entirely sure

      • kilbasar

        I checked, don’t see it there either (there’s a sticker with the FCC ID and the IMEI, but not the logos). It was probably ON the OEM battery, which I’m not using anymore. Anyway, another win for removable-battery devices 😉

  • tylerc23

    Yes please!

  • MotoRulz

    Is there any way this could me mandated for Verizon also?

    • Adrynalyne

      Switching carriers is pretty effective.

      • MotoRulz

        Why would I want to switch carriers? I love Verizons service hate the oversized branding they place on the front and back of their devices.

  • Mike Aurin

    I have still yet to own a device with an FCC branding on it. Always had the removable battery (Gnex, S4) although I had an OG Droid Razr as a loaner and despised it.

  • jb

    We can only hope that Verizon will fill that empty space with additional, larger logos of their own.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Totally beat me to it. Well played, sir.