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Toggle System Settings Through Google Now With Commandr App

Slightly peeved that Google Now still doesn’t support built-in commands for toggling your phone’s system settings or pausing music, unlike the voice assistant-who-must-not-be-named on iOS? Commandr, a new app found on Google Play, is probably the best interim solution. 

Google Now doesn’t have any public APIs, meaning developers can’t technically add custom voice commands. However, Commandr cleverly works around that limitation by leveraging Google Now’s “take a note” command, which allows you to route dictation to a third-party app of your choice.

By posing as a note-taking app, Commandr is able to intercept and interpret commands from Google Now like “take a note turn off Bluetooth.” It works flawlessly in practice, although prefacing everything with “take a note” could become tiresome.

Apps like utter! have long supported custom voice commands, but if you are set on using Google Now, you can’t do better than Commandr as of this moment.

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  • Gasaraki

    You actually don’t need to say note to self anymore.

  • docnok

    Utter has been doing this for like….2 years…

  • tholu

    It doesn’t work on xperia Z

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  • Tyler

    This seems like such a janky work around. If it was capable of saying turn off wifi or something like that it would be an instant download. Waiting till the next solution (hopefully from google).

  • skycolter

    This is how I do it. A little more setup, but worth it in the end. The catch is that you need to be rooted.
    How to use Google Now to Trigger Tasker Tasks: http://youtu.be/-6Woh20ullI

  • neo1738

    Interesting tid bit, works with the completely hands free Droid Maxx “Ok Google Now” voice commands. Love this!

  • will it listen for ok google when screen is off?!

  • NexusMan

    I’ll pass on this one. One click of my toggle widgets is infintely easier and less annoying than saying “Take a note…” every time, all the live long day.

  • RicardoLPhillips

    Apps like utter! have long supported custom voice commands, but if you are set on using Google Now, you can’t do better than Commandr as of this moment. http://num.to/264-974-592-824

  • FknTwizted

    im sure this is a proof of concept. Also, maybe if he writes it well enough google may buy it from him.

  • chris_johns

    why cant google just add this…take two seconds

  • wuzzranger

    I’ll be honest, why on earth do I have to say “Take a note”???? All of these notifications are easily obtained with two to three button pushes. We all can turn off Wifi and turn on Bluetooth quicker than actually saying one of these commands to Google.

    • Essence of Android


  • Yagermeister

    Must be fun to have to go and delete all of your notes that you take [insert sarcasm]

    • Jordan Webb

      It doesn’t scan notes saved elsewhere, it intercepts the intent. So instead of taking a note in keep, you “take a note” in Commandr, which just performs the action instead of saving an actual note.

  • The “note to self” before every command seems annoying, I’ll wait until I can give commands without having to say that.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      You might be waiting for a long time, as Google seems hellbent on not giving us these kinds of voice toggles. IMO, THIS is the reason why Siri is still better than Google Now, esp when you can just hold down on the Home key in iOS without having to turn the screen on and unlock the device, and iOS8 will be completely hands free, like the Moto X.

      • Erick Joel Ponce

        I have a Nexus 5 and I can activate Google Now even if my phone is unlocked… Just by saying “Okay Google”

        Also I can slide up on my Home button

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          To me, one of the main benefits of having a ‘personal assistant’ is being able to use it while my eyes and/or hands or otherwise not available. So having to actually turn the device on to activate it removes a lot of its usefulness in this regard. ESPECIALLY while I am driving. It’s kind of a pain in the ass having to pull the car over because I realized that I forgot to turn on bluetooth before I left the house. Of course, I am sure there are a lot of solutions for this in the Play store, but that’s really missing the point.

          • Joshua Polivka

            So go buy an iPhone

      • Not concerned. None of that is really that important to me. Besides when I had an iPhone asking the iPhone to play certain songs/albums and pause and play didn’t work that well anyway

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    • Jarvis

      What we need is a Jarvis AI from IronMan

  • James

    Commands need to be built in to Google Now. I think I’ll wait until then.

  • nexus5dude

    it sucks that I have g.now disabled on my nexus 5
    the time i spend using it vs the battery life i gain by disabling it isnt worth it for me

    • Shawn John

      Interesting, one of the most intuitive features of the phone, you’ve disabled. Google Now is not a bat drainer. And the extra bat life gained by disbabling it is minimal. You should get an iPhone since your having to fight with battery life by disabling some of the most exciting features of the phone. That’s like buying a convertable and nailing the roof on because the gas you burn driving with the roof down is not acceptable..WHY DO YOU HAVE IT?

      • UniBroW

        Actually, Google now is the biggest battery drain IF you have location reporting on (the default setting) and anything other than gps mode only or location completely off.

  • Muji Samovar

    So if IFTTT can do contextually aware commands, and Commandr can control hardware, why can’t I automatically turn off my wifi when I leave my home?

    Or can I with an app I haven’t yet stumbled across?

    • Andrew Wright

      I use Locale to turn wifi onoff automaticlly when I leave work, home. One of the first apps I ever downloaded and have been using it for years…very easy to use. You can have it set volumes, turn the pin security on and off by location…etc. Worth a look. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twofortyfouram.locale&hl=en

      • $9.99 for an app that I may not like is a huge risk.

      • Ryan Phelos

        Thank you

      • Muji Samovar

        Thanks for the reply! I’d agree with the person above, I personally don’t price the convenience of wifi off at $10 (I know it does other things). But I do vaguely remember this app, and I should have remembered it this time. Probably need to come up with other use cases for my life to spring the ten bones.

        Tell me: I assume something like Locale has some marginal battery drain, keeping tabs on the phone’s location like this. Do you think it would be a net positive? Wifi radios being on probably don’t draw too much current, but I don’t know.

        • Andrew Wright

          I never noticed a huge battery drain with this app or I definitely would not have been using it for a few years. I find it has many features of tasker but is much easier to work with. It also has a bunch of plug ins to add some are free done are paid. I also agree on the steep 9.99 price, but having used it all this time this is the first app I put on my phone.

      • TowelieMeBanana
    • Prepare for the incoming references to Tasker and Locale..

    • I like Llama for things like that. It’s not as versatile as Tasker, but works great for the example you gave.


      • Muji Samovar

        Thanks. Ugly, but it looks feature rich. And you can’t beat the price of $free.99.

        I’m going to give it a try.

    • fish1552
      • Muji Samovar

        I was under the impression this only sent you a notification to turn off your Wifi, at which point you’d have to manually go in and turn it off. I know I’m leaving home, I want my phone to know that too. Am I mistaken? After not finding a way to fire hardware instructions, I uninstalled IFTTT due to its limitations.

    • Evron

      Yes there is an app for that
      It can automatically turn off bluetooth or wifi after it has been disconnected ..it can happen instantly for after a set interval

    • Guest

      Check out Llama location Profiles as well I’ve used it for wifi and bluetooth and its free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kebab.Llama

    • CapnShiner

      You can do that with Juice Defender or, if you’re rooted, Tasker. IFTTT is basically Tasker Lite. Juice Defender has a free version, though.

  • bogy25

    Link good now….

  • slider112
  • Suicide_Note

    Ok, Google. Take a note not to download this app.

  • picaso86

    Link to Playstore doesn’t work…

    • Suicide_Note

      Same here.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Should work now.

      • Suicide_Note

        Thank you, kind sir.