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ISIS to Change Name Due to Islamic Militants

Michael Abbott, CEO of ISIS, announced today that the company will be changing its name and branding, due to the rise in media coverage of a militant group whose name, when translated to English is Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ends up with the acronym of “ISIS.” 

This group is responsible for much suffering in certain parts of the world, so in an attempt to distance his company’s brand from any type of relation, they have decided a major change was necessary. 

In the following blog post, Abbott states that they have not yet come up with a name, but are putting a lot of effort into the decision. Check out the full statement below.

Anyone here have a good name ISIS can use?

Recently, we have observed with growing concern a militant group whose name, when translated into English, is Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – often referenced by the acronym ISIS.

The ISIS militant group has been linked to sectarian violence against civilians and government forces in Iraq and Syria.

However coincidental, we have no interest in sharing a name with a group whose name has become synonymous with violence and our hearts go out to those who are suffering. As a company, we have made the decision to rebrand.

Changing a brand is never easy, but we know this is the right decision – for our company, our partners and our customers.

We are actively working on a new brand, and I’ll share more with you as our journey progresses in the coming months.

  • Michael Hammond

    Is it bad that I thought the opposite way when ISIS was mentioned in the news? I thought “why on earth would a mobile payment option declare holy wars on its neighbors?”

  • Higher_Ground

    Hmmm how about just drop the whole acrconym moniker and come up with something that will let people know what you’re about. E-wallet or something.

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  • I think they should change their name to “Tap”. It is catchy and fun.

  • tomgillotti

    All I could think about every time I heard ISIS on the news lately was this company. I was thinking that they couldn’t appreciate sharing that same name… so, good move here.

    • steerlang

      All I could think about is how it’s the name of the spy agency in Archer…

  • master94

    This is why you use Google wallet.

  • Kiril Vatev

    When I Google ISIS, there are a lot of hits for a lot of different groups or institutions named ISIS, and none of them this militant group. There is a CNN article on page 2… then next hit is on page 5… basically, it takes some digging. This rebranding is not because they object to the name, but because they are failing with their current one and need to try again.

  • ryguy1860

    I was waiting for this.

  • This is BS! What an outrage! ISIS should not have to change its name just because some new entity out there wants the same name. Maybe those terrorist folks should be the ones forced to change their name. Something like “Bad-Ass, Take-No-Sh*t Brown People With Guns” should suffice. Win-win.

  • Mr_Bucket

    I really wanted to write an overly snarky comment but it’s all been said already. On a more serious note: rebranding may actually give ISIS more attention than it’s ever had and lead to user growth. The general public has no idea what NFC is or that it can be used to make payments, and it would be an even further stretch to assume these same people have even heard of ISIS. Maybe they’ve seen a techie friend use Google Wallet or heard them talk about Google Wallet, but have no idea where to even begin using NFC or are technophobes who are afraid to try it (like my roommate who still refuses to set up Google Now on his Moto X 6 months later).

  • TC Infantino

    As much as I disliked ISIS for how the carriers joined forces and tried to make it the only NFC electronic payment system (blocking Google Wallet at every turn), I respect them for wanting to disassociate themselves from a radical hate group that shares it’s name.


    Change the name to Google Wallet

  • Smeckle

    “This group is responsible for much suffering in certain parts of the world…”

    The militants are bad, too.

  • MKader17

    I saw ISIS on the news this morning and thought about how sad it was that a group of militants can become more popular than a payment method that carriers are trying to force down your throat.

  • Ryan N

    This just in…

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is changing its name as to not be associated with the flop of a payment service ISIS.

  • John

    Google wallet made it impossible to get it set up. I can buy stuff on the play store but I can’t send money to a friend or tap to pay without sending them all this stupid information. ISIS, the other hand was sooo easy I literally handed Verizon my phone and 10 mins later I had $25 dollars free to use without even giving them a credit card number or adding a card.

    • cwillen

      I’ve had Google Wallet since it came out and I can’t even remotely fathom how anyone could consider it difficult to set up. If it was any harder than ISIS, it would only be because they already have all your information from the carrier.

      However, ultimately, it’s your right to have an opinion and use whichever service you want. Just remember the only reason ISIS exists is because the carriers blocked their customers from being able to use Google Wallet.

      • John

        Yeah I needed to copy all this stuff and mail/e-mail it to Google… even my drivers license. So dumb.

        • cwillen

          They just needed to verify your ID. The only reason you didn’t have to do that with ISIS is that your ID was verified when you signed up with your carrier. And because the carriers OWN ISIS, there’s no need to verify you again.

          So the minor price you pay for not succuming to the anti-competitive and anti-consumer whims of the carriers is sending in some information to verify your identity.

  • cwillen

    Now if only I.S.I.S. changes their name in suit to whatever ISIS changes their name to. This could be a fun game to watch play out.

  • nside1

    Michael Bolton: Why should I change my name? He’s the one who sucks!

    • EC8CH

      In this case, they both kinda suck.

    • TC Infantino

      Office Space! Hilarious movie.


      Lord Bolton would disapprove.

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    • Bush’s Magic Beans

      Bush’s UN ambassador Michael Bolton was an arsehole, and also lied about wmd’s in iraq to get their war

  • Michael

    Isis is the name of one of our systems at Kansas State. I guess we should change it otherwise we’re terrorists as well.

  • DC_Guy

    For all those asking “Who uses ISIS”, consider this…the majority of people using Android phones

    1) Are not rooted
    2) Don’t use Nexus devices
    3) Are not running Kit Kat (it’s at 18%)

    So, there are probably more people using ISIS than Google Wallet.

    • cwillen

      While those are valid points, how many people who actually use their phones to pay don’t meet those credentials. If I talk to someone with a “consumer” Android phone who isn’t an enthusiast, they don’t even know the concept of “tap to pay” exists.

      Until the iPhone comes up with some sort of NFC payment system, the only people using their phones to pay for stuff are people who are on these forums.

      • DC_Guy

        And you can already use ISIS to tap and pay with the iPhone (currently only if you purchase a separate NFC case), so imagine if you they do add NFC to the iPhone itself and continue to allow ISIS tap and pay. I wonder if they would allow Google to add tap and pay to the iOS GW app? Wait, what the heck am I saying. IF Apple adds NFC, they will introduce their own payment solution and both GW AND ISIS would likely be screwed.

    • Exactly

  • glimmerman76

    pay with epic fail comes to mind as a name

  • NexusMan

    My suggestion: Al-Qaeda

  • velocipedes

    ISIS in Iraq isn’t doing anything different than any other militant group the last century, including the US, the Brits, Saddam, and the Ottomans. Nobody can simply let those people govern themselves. Iraq wouldn’t exist if those people were given the freedom to govern themselves.

    Given that, I have absolutely no sympathy for that CEO. Maybe they should also distance themselves from the US for causing much suffering throughout certain parts of the world.

  • Kevin

    Funny because the terrorist group doesn’t go by ISIS they go by ISIL.

    • The key there is the phrase “when translated into English”.

  • Gumballhead1775
    • Firelight

      Does this mean we can use phrasing again?

  • chris125

    I wondered when this would happen.

  • sc0rch3d

    I think it’s a way to get attention….

  • Mordecaidrake

    People use ISIS?

    • New_Guy

      I use it for the free small Jamba Juice every day, but nothing else.

      • MKader17

        Wait what? $1 back and free jamba juice. where did I miss all this?

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Forgot to do your homework son.

        • New_Guy

          Just browse all offers. You’ll see we tell no lies :).

    • droider

      i get $1 back on every purchase i make. Because i pretty much only use it for vending machine purchases at work, it rather benefits me.

      • Michael

        crap, everything at the vending machine in my office is $.50 🙁

      • derk p

        isis blocks me from using google wallet at the vending machines at my job. wtf

    • dorarcheek

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    • Yep, and guess what…it’s Tap to Pay is much easier more efficient than Google Wallet.

    • Evil Empire = Corporations

      ISIS supports terror, money laundering, fraud, price gouging, greed.

      Where do you think the Terrorist got their Ideas from, corporation’s of course.

    • Ryan N

      I can see the confusion…

      One is a group of individuals who try to force their standards on innocent third parties and will do whatever it takes to get their way…

      And the other group is based in the middle east.

    • froyoman

      Like other said, I use it as much as I can for the $1 back on each purchase, mostly at McDonald’s (don’t judge me). If you do it right, you can also get a sign up bonus (up to $50) and referral bonus ($10 at Amazon). They’ve had good offers in the past, like $15 off $30 at Toys r Us, $50 for 2 direct deposits and spend $25 anywhere get $15 back (Verizon only). I probably wouldn’t use it if not for the offers but I do feel a little futuristic when I pay with my phone.

  • John Davids

    The brand you blocked Google Wallet for so many years now shares an acronym with terrorists which forces you to… rebrand.

    If this is not poetic justice then I am not sure what is.

    • James_75

      How did ISIS block GW?

      • Chris

        All of the carriers that created ISIS (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) banned the use of Google Wallet on their carriers just so they could come out with their own, crappy version. Aka Isis

        • James_75

          Isis is a stand-alone company with investments from the big 3 carriers as well as American Express. Isis is a competitor to GW and to it’s customers it presented a better business opportunity than GW therefore it got the business. Blame the carriers if you wish, but I see no need to bash on Isis for winning business over Google.

        • Except its not crappy

          • GJV

            It is if you’re rooted and it doesnt work

        • James_75

          Again, the CARRIERS, not Isis blocked GW.

      • derk p

        they prevent me from using google wallet at vending machines that say “tap to pay with isis”

        • James_75

          So? … and some retailers refuse to accept American Express or credit cards altogether.

      • John Davids

        Most of the major US carriers blocked GW from their phones with the reasoning that for it to function, it had to access the physical secure element of the phone, thus they had grounds to block it. It was shady as hell because at the same time, they were all working on their own payment platform (ISIS) that used the same secure element, yet it was widely available on all carriers. It was pretty obvious that the carriers sought block Google as a competitor. Google sidestepped this with Android 4.4 by virtualizing the secure element. And now here we are.


  • GJV

    Not to compare the death and suffering ISIS has brought to people in Iraq to mobile payment adoption BUT f-you, Isis Wallet. You and your carrier partners set mobile payments back a decade. Can’t wait to see you disappear altogether.

    • Yeah, it’s not going anywhere.

      • GJV

        I wouldnt be so sure – mobile payments via NFC are in trouble. I hope tap-to-pay doesn’t go away as I enjoy using Google Wallet, but the recent consortium of retailers who are developing their own mobile payment system, and the fact that NFC is still nowhere to be found on iPhones, does not bode well for the future.

  • Guest

    I first read the title as “ISIS to change name to Islamic Militants”…

  • litobirdy

    I for one love isis, lots of dollar backs every month among other specials

  • Kevin

    Haha I was wondering when this would come up.

  • TheWenger

    I read that last sentence “Anyone ever used Isis?”

  • Timothy Anderson

    In the way that they force their will on the public, they are alike. Perhaps they should keep the fitting name.

    • velocipedes

      That’s pretty much any government. Isis Wallet, being a collusion of crony corporations that depend on government protection, would naturally mirror that character.

    • How did ISIS force it’s will onto the public?

  • bogy25

    A wise decision

  • Zee Masai


  • Maxim∑

    Wow that must suck

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Yeah, but they should just kill it altogether

      • Zyre

        This means they have to start over right? Because of the new name.

      • Kevin

        This. Hardly anyone knew ISIS wallet and now they have to rebrand their name. Hopefully it just dies.

        • WAldenIV

          I think of “Archer” when I hear the word “Isis”.

          • Kevin

            I think of anchor when you say Archer. That’s a cartoon right?

        • It’s not going anywhere.

          • Kevin

            I never said it was.

  • soccerburn55

    Sell and become Google wallet.

  • coolsilver

    They dealt with Verizon against Google Wallet. It’s actually fairly suiting for them. They should keep it and say they were here first.

    • James_75

      So you’re mad at them because they pitched a better deal to Verizon?

      • Ian

        Verizon is greedy (shocker, i know). Verizon was not getting a cut of the $$ passing through Google Wallet despite Verizon not actually doing any work and so they set out to architect their own system meanwhile doing everything they could to block GW just so some execs and shareholders can further line their pockets. Their behavior was anti-competitive and so anti-consumer. So yes I feel justified in my dislike of Verizon and ISIS which I group as one in the same since Verizon started ISIS.

        • glimmerman76

          verizon OWNES part of isis wallet. As do tmobile and att

          • Jordan Webb

            That’s what Ian said.

        • James_75

          So let me get this straight, you’re mad at a for-profit corporation for, um, trying to turn a profit? You’re fooling yourself if you think any of these cell phone companies are interested in anything other than profits. You can’t claim Verizon started ISIS and then criticize them for “doing nothing”. Isis is a competitor to GW and one that made me sense to VZW in terms of their bottom line. You people love to pretend these companies are something they’re not and that they should only be “allowed” to exist so long as they don’t make too much money from WILLING customers.

      • coolsilver

        I’m not mad. I just think that Verizon had some shady practices to lock out competition.

  • Brian

    How about GWW or “Google Wallet Wanna-be”

    • Zyre

      The world doesn’t only exist of Google Brian.

      • Mele Kalikimaka


        • Zyre

          Alright we also have Bing. Nr.1 in porn. Also called Bang it!

    • Charles Walker

      Yeah, go away and let Google take care of this!