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Google Won’t Kill Its Nexus Program in Favor of Android Silver

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, Google evidently won’t kill its Nexus line of smartphones and tablets in favor of Android Silver devices. That’s according to the company’s own David Burke, head of Android engineering and the Nexus program.

Android Silver will reportedly be marketed as the “premiere” Android experience – manufacturers will build smartphones to Google’s specifications, pre-load them with minimal bloatware, and sell them through major carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon. Trained staff will purportedly be on hand at retail locations to explain features, and handsets designated as “Silver” devices would be guaranteed faster updates and perks like 24×7 support, a loaner phone program, and an anti-theft suite of apps.

Some publications took this to mean Silver would replace the Nexus line entirely, but Burke says that isn’t so. He explained to ReadWrite that the Android team develops new versions of Android with a device in mind to highlight specific functionality. History proves as much: the Galaxy Nexus included NFC to support Android Beam, while the Nexus 7 (2012) showcased Android 4.1’s reworked tablet UI.

We can safely assume, then, that the HTC Volantis won’t be the last Nexus device after all.

Anyone else relieved?

Via: ReadWrite
  • AndrewScottRox

    The sky isn’t falling anymore Nexus fans.

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  • Now my Nexus 6 will be hunted by Blade Runners!

  • Daniel Collins

    Relieved. Really relieved. I now really want a Nexus 6.

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  • Jeffrey Fazal

    But according to the news from trusted
    @evleaks it’s already confirmed that Google may ditch its Nexus series and
    launch its Silver series around February 2015. Well, if it is true then I will
    proud to be an owner of Nexus 5 which is last device on Nexus platform made by
    LG for Google. I could say that it is the best Smartphone I have ever had till
    date. However, I am little dissatisfied with its battery performance and in
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  • thank ala, that’s good news. After the weird Nav buttons they put in Android L, I was starting to worry about the direction Google was going with Android.

  • Roger W Turner

    Very relieved.

  • Mike Duren

    best news Ive heard all day.

  • Eric Tavee

    Why would they ever try and kill off a success brand? That makes zero sense, and whoever came up with that idea needs to have their head examined. That would like General Mills renaming Lucky Charms, “Leprechaun cereal”

    • Chris

      Welcome to life boy. Lots of things that are successful eventually get killed off.

  • John

    Anyone else disappointed that nothing terribly exciting debuted during IO? At least hardware wise. I almost forgot about it already until all these articles pop up.

    • Chris

      Not really as it was simply gonna be a preview. They even claimed it was gonna be a preview like a day or so before hand

  • jim

    What the hell does all this meam ?

    • grumpyfuzz

      you probably forced debugging options in google search to get ok google everywhere, so that’s normal.

  • Flexo

    “anti-theft suite of apps.” Carriers and manufacturers have greats sales thanks to the theft, I don’t belive that they will support anti theft things 🙂

  • yummy

    If true, I am less unhappy. More prunes, party time!

  • Corey Foltman

    So silver is a new way name for Google Play Edition?

    • 213ninja

      it says they’ll be sold by carriers. play edition phones are sold through the play store, so i don’t think so.

  • Trevor

    Very happy about this! The Silver line sounds like it’s going to be expensive. As a prepaid customer, I love the Nexus pricing.

  • sincityjohn44

    Take that evleaks!

    • Chris

      Nothing is set in stone yet kid

      • sincityjohn44

        Kid? I’m like 40 years old

  • Jprime

    im happy about this even as a verizon customer because i still buy wifi nexus tablets. I am also excited about silver because it should mean that even verizon customers can get a stock experience. Its really a win win for everyone.

  • frhow

    Um this is nothing but a renamed GPE devices that will now be actually sold in stores as well. Thats all the Silver Program is. Premium handsets with near stock software.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I had a feeling this was really what was gonna happen.

  • monkeyboyep

    This is great news, but I feel like there is a “but” somewhere in the message.. Sounds like Silver with be something along the lines of a Moto X OS.

  • atc-tech

    The article on “ReadWrite” doesn’t actually say anything specifically about Nexus Phones. There is still a lot of speculation that we won’t have a Nexus phone this year (like we never got a new nexus 10), and that they are going to the one piece of hardware, the 8.9″ tablet, and that’s what Nexus will always be going forward, leaving phones up to Android Silver…

    Let me be clear, I hope (with all that is holy) that those speculations are WRONG and that a Nexus 5 (2014) is about to be my new phone (well… in October anyways).

    • frhow

      Why would they do away with phones but keep tablets? There will be a Nexus “?” but it will not be until later this year or beginning of FY15.

      • Jeff Badger

        Because it is cheaper to build a device without a cellular modem. Look at the cost of the Nexus 7 without LTE compared to with LTE (or compared to the Nexus 5 for that matter). Since Android is designed to scale according to screen size, there only needs to be one reference device.

    • Jason Kahn

      The is the exact quote from David Burke “When we are working, there are sort of two outputs. We’re building a Nexus device and we’re building the open source code. There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building. You have to live and breathe the code you are developing.”

  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

    Whatever that is, Nexus and Android Silver is always stock Android without changing the UI. Nexus couldn’t get more carriers, but Android Silver can. If Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the five selections for Android Silver, the Heart Rate Monitor and Camera would still be functioned by Samsung as little modifications to stock Android because Android Silver doesn’t want Samsung (or anyone else) to change the UI like the original Samsung Galaxy S5.

    • Michael Sieben

      Will Google Play continue to sell Google Play Edition unlocked phones at the Play Store after Android Silver? Or will Android Silver also take over Google Play Edition with their selected five unlocked phones and sell them on the Play Store while also sell carrier-locked phones to more carriers? PLEASE DON’T INSTALL CARRIER BLOATWARE!!!!

      • frhow

        This is nothing but GPE devices being sold in stores. Best of both worlds for OEM, their original Flagships with their skins for regular consumers and can be sold along with the die-hard Android enthusiasts who want stock experience. And they will surely be priced similarly.

  • Cael

    I saw this somewhere else but it sounded good:
    Android Silver: High End/Premium Device (like Google Play Editions)
    Nexus: Mid-range/Affordable price (like current Nexus devices)
    Android One: Low end/Entry level markets (<$100)

    • Franz

      Yea but in all fairness, the Nexus 5 was a high end device when it launched. On par or better than HTC, Moto, and Samsung’s flagships (if you just compare specs).

      You just won’t see aluminum or metal casing, I guess that’s what Silver is.

      • Bryan Mills

        They skimped on the camera, battery, no Micro SD, etc.

        • niuguy

          Right. From a power and speed perspective yes, its high end. But everything else about it (except maybe the screen) is pedestrian. I LOVE my N5, but its not built to premium standards.

        • Blake

          The camera actually turned out well after some software updates. Micro SD isn’t a feature that has anything to do with high end or not (e.g. HTC One didn’t have a microSd slot either). Battery life I’ll grant you though, but I don’t think that alone makes or breaks a high end device.

      • Cael

        Was it really in the smartphone world? The Galaxy S4 was released on April 26, 2013 with a Snapdragon 600, the HTC One M7 was released later with a Snapdragon 600. They were high end devices.
        5 months later the LG G2 was released with the Snapdragon 800. Samsung re-released in the S4 in Korea with an 800. The Nexus 5 was released October 31, 2013. The only thing high end about it at that point was the Snapdragon 800.
        We all knew QHD screens were coming from leaked Samsung powerpoints.
        Then March 25, 2014, only 5 months after the Nexus 5 was released, HTC One M8 with a Snapdragon 801 was released. Now we have the QHD G3, the S5 with 805 and QHD screen in Korea, etc etc.
        High end and mid range are clearly blurring. The deciding factor is price.

      • I keep hearing people defending the Nexus line as high end but no. The Nexus line has never been considered high end.

        • Blake

          While I think we can debate later phones the Nexus One was a high end phone by any measure. Nexus S maybe even so – having been based on the recent Galaxy S devices and including the front facing camera and NFC.

        • Orion

          Exactly! Nexus were high end on the software department not hardware. While certain specs were good…others were scaled back. This is coming from a Nexus guy. This is why I’m glad Android Silver is coming. Premium hardware running stock Android. You can’t beat that. Now give me a 6 inch phablet and I’ll be good lol.

        • grumpyfuzz

          Never been considered high end? Nexus one…

      • frhow

        The N5 was released 6 months after the HTCs and Samsungs and they still had the same software as those phones. So while you can claim it was a high-end device it skimped on a few specs in order to come in under their targeted sale price.

  • Voltaire

    Yeah. Let’s hope Nexus 9 makes it for Black Friday. No words on a Nexus 6 phone at this moment. Who knows?

  • Jes Marwaha

    Thank you Google

    • Chris

      You need to get out more

      • Jes Marwaha

        tell me about it.

    • Noel

      Alleluyah…Nexus fans Stock Android lovers rejoice. I have always had Nexus devices except the Nexus S and N5…skipped the later cuz of the battery size and hopes of bagging the One M8 which i ended up skipping as well due to excess bezels n battery size. Therefore u know how badly i want the N6 to be badass. For me, first choice OEM for the N6 is HTC ( One M8-like with no bezels) but will gladly take one molded to the liking of the LG G3 or one from Motorola. Oh Google plus their OEM partner…DO NOT FALTER ON THE BATTERY CAPACITY….GO BIG REALLY BIG.

    • SherriCloseoue

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  • hkklife

    I believe this just as I believed HTC when they said that the Inc2 and Rhyme would get ICS or that the VZW Gnex was a “real” Nexus.

    Here’s what this is corporate-speak for:

    ” We are dragging our heels in releasing the Nexus 9 tablet. When it does hit the market in September, it will arrive late, overpriced, and under-spec’d. Then 2 months later will release the LTE version and then we will release it in a limited edition red variant in early 2015. Therefore, the Nexus program can technically be said that it is continuing on well into 2015. All versions will receive minimal advertising, market support, and retail distribution and will be DOA (like the N10) due to exorbitant pricing, zero advertising and overpriced/underside storage options. Since we are expecting a windfall Q4 for Apple due to the release of larger-screened phones and refreshed iPads, we are throwing in the towel and hunkering down with the carriers. ”

    Expect the actual demise of the Nexus program to be buried in some PR-speak about Android Silver saying something to the effect of : “The recent success of ______shows that consumers overwhelmingly prefer to purchase smartphones through our valued carrier partners’ stores. Consumers also prefer breadth of options and affordability offered by 2-year contracts and subsidies along with innovative new carrier programs such as Edge, Next and Jump designed to facilitate frequent, easy upgrades. The Nexus program simply proved to be too confusing and limiting to the average user. ”
    Remember the excuse Google gave for removing SD card support and USB mass storage? User confusion. When in doubt, lower your expectations and assume the worst of your power users and most vocal evangelists.

    • akhnaten

      I agree. If they weren’t going to kill it, they should have squashed the rumor immediately months ago. This news is too late for me, I left android and that is one reason why.

      • Mark Curtis

        You left Android because of a rumor they wouldn’t confirm or deny? What do you use now? What large (especially tech) company doesn’t get rumors that they don’t confirm nor deny?

        • Orion

          LOL that comment made me laugh. Probably just a troll.

      • grumpyfuzz

        why would they confirm or deny a rumor? some random person can say “nexus 5 is the last nexus smartphone”, someone believes them, so you want Google to come and deny it to them?

        • Chris

          It took them five months after countless rumors

      • It was a rumor all along, why would you leave Android because of a rumor? lol. Unless Google says it, I don’t believe it. And here we have them saying Nexus isn’t going anywhere.

      • 213ninja


    • Cael

      +1 for the HTC reference XD

    • paul_cus


  • Six83

    This is great news!!! Now I would like to see HTC or Motorola Nexus devices…

  • I just want a premium nexus Phablet (5.5 screen) with Android L and a Samsung quality camera. I think I’m even willing to give up the ext. sd slot for a good amount of memory and cloud storage.

    • Orion

      Dude that’s what I been asking for a very long time. I want a Nexus phablet damn it! lol I guess that’s where Android Silver comes to play.

      • I’m hoping the silver line fills this void. They’d be silly not to, I believe there would be a market for this

  • Nick Haug

    Best news I’ve heard all day

  • Droid Ronin

    What’s the difference between Silver and Nexus? Is Silver just a Nexus with face-to-face customer support from Google?

    Also, the HTC Volantis link is broken.

  • Menger40

    The reason Burke gives is pretty interesting:

    “You can’t build a platform in the abstract, you have to build a device (or devices). So, I don’t think it can or will ever go away.”

    Long live Nexus!

  • Louie

    I’m still hanging on to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus until Google makes a phone available for the Verizon network. It seems Google wants to convert the Nexus line into the low-end smart phone while the new Silver line of phones will be new Google Experience (bloatware free) version. I’m still waiting for a new 10″ Nexus tablet

    • JRomeo

      you are wrong. Nexus will remain the bloatware free, pure android, top of the line phone which future versions of android are modeled to. The silver line will include similar phones like the Moto G, Moto X (except certified silver).

  • chris125

    So silver actually coming to Verizon?

  • middlehead

    I have no reason not to believe him, but I am amused by the idea of “Man in charge of something publicly insists his job isn’t going away.”

    • Chris

      Till they outsource his job….

  • jimt

    Thank God!

  • Orion

    Android Silver and Nexus program…..the more the better.

  • Bryan Mills

    Verizon!? A dream come true!!

  • nosedive94

    I almost believe there’s a god. Praise be unto our lord, Larry Page, and unto his humble servant, Sundar Pichai (whose name the native Android keyboard ironically does not have in its dictionary and wants to correct to “sundae pic chair”).

  • Tee

    Your HTC Volantis link doesn’t work Kyle

  • Paul

    Prayers = Answerd

  • Guest

    No, not Verizon. They blew it, make them pay for it. Make them the only carrier not to have it. Stop giving them another chance to screw over it’s customers. I know this gets old, but people please stop giving them money.

    • TJWaterskier

      Moto X Dev Edition with Unlimited Data on Verizon. I am a happy customer. 🙂

      And judging by Motorola’s update schedule through Verizon lately. A nexus program seems at least a little more feasible.

    • Skittlez

      bite your tongue. the deal i have with them for unlimited is the only thing keeping me. I’ll feel great if they get this phone/program on Verizon

  • archercc

    I was optimistic this was the case but its good to hear it from a Googler. I love my Nexus 4, problem is its so great the Nexus 5 wasnt as much of an upgrade to justify the cost (even if its minimal). But probably a Nexus 6, go ahead and buy into the next couple years of Android because I have to figure at some point the battery is going to start losing charge on my N4.

    • JSo

      Yeah, the Nexus phones are kind of an every other device type of thing. My last device was the Galaxy Nexus. So I skipped the N4 and went to the N5.

      • archercc

        That was the only outlier. My GNex was pretty good but, man, the N4 was light years in performance and quality ahead of the GNex. But I was also spurred by leaving Sprint, so I had to get a new phone anyway.

        But with the way android is going (more efficient, lighter, etc) I can see the two year cycle being an easy thing, if not longer provided Google pushes more updates to older devices via the play framework.

        • JSo

          Agreed. The last couple of years have moved fast for mobile devices as far as specs. So the Galaxy Nexus kind of fell behind. But now it’s slowed down a bit. I mean, how much faster can a mobile phone get? Now its all about better screens and cameras and stuff like that. Most phones now will hold you over for the next two years easily.

  • Mordecaidrake

    For the love of god, something come to Verizon!!!

    • Open1Your1Eyes0

      If there’s any sign of a collaboration between Google and Verizon again this is what we should look to: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/31/5051304/google-nexus-5-wont-work-on-verizon

    • d-rock

      Verizon isn’t interested. They would rather sell you a phone at full retail via payments through them so they can make the profit off that device. They don’t care about openness. They don’t care about flexibility. It’s funny that the it was the Droid that really made Verizon what it is today (in my opinion) and everything the droid stood for then, Verizon doesn’t support today.

      • Mordecaidrake

        You’re 100% right, it sucks. I’ve been considering dropping my unlimited data and going over to ATT or T-Mobile, but the coverage isn’t what I need it to be. Only verizon has it 🙁

        • JRomeo

          tmobile has unlimited uncapped unthrottled LTE, definitely go that route, and BE HAPPY…. I have excellent 4G outdoors and crappy reception indoors at work, I complained and they gave me a 3G/4G signal booster, it works great for my work location, luckily at home, i don’t need it since i have awesome LTE at my home location, as well as other areas I drive to.

          • Mordecaidrake

            A lot of the places I go have no coverage 🙁

        • Mele Kalikimaka

          I dropped my unlimited plan in December and jumped to AT&T. Fortunately I live in an area with excellent coverage. AT&T LTE is much faster here than Verizon.

          • Mordecaidrake

            Problem is their coverage is crap in a lot of places I go 🙁

        • WickedToby741

          AT&T coverage is likely better than what you believe. It was for me. I often get better coverage on AT&T than what I had on Verizon.

          • slider112

            100% agree.

        • David Mann

          I dropped my unlimited Verizon plan for AT&T pre-paid (Cricket) here in the Merrimack Valley region of New England and I have better coverage and faster speeds in most places. Cricket is “unlimited” that’s throttled to 128kbps after your cap and my wife and I each have 2.5GB plans at $90 total. That’s more than $50 less than Verizon was AFTER my 20% employee discount. Screw Verizon, I don’t miss them.

          • Dan Levin

            Oh hey I’m in the Merrimack Valley area too; do you ever travel to the Northern reaches at all? I’m pretty worried about its coverage up there.

          • David Mann

            I haven’t been up to Winnipesaukee or the Whites yet this summer but I did just take 89 to Canada and I had signal probably 75% of the time and a data connection for 50% of the trip. I remember having pretty good Verizon 3G and even LTE when hiking the Whites and southern VT over the past few summers so I too will be interested in my coverage now that I’ve switched.

      • Cael

        They’ll have to care when VoLTE comes which is why people think they’re behind AT&T and T-Mobile.

        • d-rock

          Oh I’m sure relying 100% on SIM cards is killing them and the first thing on their agenda is combining SIM Card with some other network authentication to only allow approved devices on the network.

          • MH

            I suspect this is exactly what they’ll do. They’ll also start allowing “approvals” of individual devices, and I’m sure they’ll charge some sort of fee for it.

          • CapnShiner

            Verizon is not allowed to do that with their 700mhz spectrum. How quickly people forget.

          • chris125

            Verizon will figure a way to not allow it. Remember unlocked boot loaders cause issues with the network line verizon used? That is the same crap they would try pulling here.

          • CapnShiner

            People seem to forget the rules of the 2009 spectrum auction that allowed Verizon to offer LTE in the first place. They cannot deny access to a device on their 700mhz network unless it causes harm somehow.

          • d-rock

            Where does the burden of proof of “harm” lie? Verizon may get to prove that it doesn’t cause harm and take their time doing it before allowing it on their network. I’m sure the details swing in their direction…we’ll see. And what is “harm” and to whom? Verizon could prove that unauthorized devices cause harm to them and the network. I know the general rule, but not the details…I hope it’s not in Verizon’s favor though.

          • CapnShiner

            I was paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact wording of the FCC auction rules. Of course Verizon would try to pull some crap to get around the rules but they wouldn’t be as blatant about it as they could be without the regulation.

          • chris125

            They have to add something so that they can charge more and make only their “approved phones work” but hopefully the agreement of spectrum for being opened that they agreed to when they bought it will keep them from being able to do this.

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  • jbdan

    Despite my lust for other phones, my N5 is my most precious! I’m spoiled by its performance and ease. I’m very happy for this news

    • JSo

      Thanks to my N5, I have no lust for other phones.

      • Android_09

        This is great news though because for those of us that can’t leave Verizon based on coverage and unlimited data. I’ve been yearning for a nexus since I got rid of the Gnex and these Silver phones seem to be the ticket to having one again, even if it isn’t specifically called a “nexus”.

        • Alex Niehaus

          I’m in the same boat. For work Verizon is the only service that gets any reception for easily half of my sales route. I’ve almost jumped to T-Mobile multiple times but the service is spotty in my area and is only $10 a month cheaper than my Verizon bill with the phone installments.

          I have an upgrade next month and it seems that the HTC one is the closest to a Nexus device since it can be unlocked. The M8 is most likely my next phone.

          • JRomeo

            t-mobile is contract-free…. try it one month, you might be pleasantly surprised.

          • Android_09

            I tried it last year and building penetration was horrible. Couldn’t get a single at all and idk if it’s changed at all since then.

          • JRomeo

            the building i work in, ironically, gets better building penetration with LTE than it does with 3G/4G(HSPA+)… I called to complain about this and I got a free t-mobile signal booster, now everybody in the office loves me because we all have excellent 4G(HSPA+) service here. of course this only works if the signal is good by the window, then the booster amplifies it.

          • Android_09

            That’s the phone I’m currently using and I love it so far. Unlocked, Rooted, S-Off with Android Revolution.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      The only thing I desire from the N5 is a better radio and/or antenna. The signal strength in lower strength areas is quite a bit worse than my wife’s Moto X. Other than that, I love the phone.

      • Trysta

        Agreed! That is literally my only issue with an otherwise amazing phone.

  • Skittlez

    i just read Verizon in there and got super happy! thank god!

  • Al-Burrit0

    So it’s like GPE Phones brought to the carriers? Just with extra perks?

  • JSo

    I was worried but there was still a part of me that kept the faith. This is good news.

  • Pit

    This announcement would have been a lot better if its was been told at the KEYNOTE.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Wait so you think that they should have spent time addressing an unfounded rumor about a product line that isn’t changing when the thing was already three hours long? If they addressed every rumor that wasn’t true, everyone would have starved to death before they got out of there.

  • sagisarius

    I just pictured the ewoks partying at the end of Return of the Jedi…

  • Qbancelli

    I knew it!

    How could they kill the best thing to ever happen in mobile tech?

    • rawr

      Ok now calm down, the Nexus program isn’t the best thing to ever happen in mobile tech. I’m sure lithium-ion or low power microprocessors are much better things to happen to mobile tech.

    • r0l

      The best thing that could happen for Android is the Silver program. Nexus is good for the enthusiast, but they need to get Google approved phones into carriers hands for the consumers as that’ll have a real impact. Imagine if this would lead to HTC and Samsung having updates as fast as Moto with as little overlay.

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    I completely disregarded the rumors of Nexus death since day 1. Nexus devices are developer devices for stock Android. It is a device that Google uses to showcase the latest version of Android to the world and developers and allow them to test their apps and modifications in an unlocked, unrestricted, and simple environment. There is no way they would ever kill this program (the worst that might happen is those devices might not be publicly for sale one day but either way they have to exist in some form).

    • Miguel

      Let’s admit the truth, the Nexus program is mostly for developers and some of us that read the blogs which makes only about 2% of all the people that uses Android,

      Google is trying to make profit people so I can see them forking the Nexus line in favor of better hardware along with stock Android and selling it at retails store and at the play store at a higher price.

      • Bryan Mills

        Nexus products were never for a profit. I hope they do decide to finally release a premium line. Id be more inclined to make it my daily driver.

        • Premium Nexus Phablet

          • Brandon Rosonina

            Noooo I want less than 5 inches… <—not what she said

        • Franz

          I disagree, the Nexus *phones* were never for profit.

          But the Nexus 7’s were most certainly set up for profit (especially the second one). They can be bought by almost every retail store. The Nexus 5 however is mostly available on just Google Play and some carrier stores. Also they were marketed heavily in commercials. I don’t think I recall a public commercial for Nexus 5 on TV.

          • Bryan Mills

            Well, they certainly don’t make much of profit on any of their devices. Chromebooks and Tablets probably are the cash makers. Little at that, i suppose.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        According to the local T-Mobile store, they can’t keep the Nexus 5 in stock despite the fact that they are supposed to not push them at all (they are told to recommend the iPhone and the GS4/5 and only mention the N5 if asked about it). The fact that T-Mo is selling them in stores is apparently pushing a lot more of them onto the streets than previous Nexus devices.

        • niuguy

          Even if they aren’t supposed to push them, I wonder if phone geeks employed by t-mobile are like (psst, come look at this. Its way better than those phones!). Or perhaps its the N5’s great balance of size and weight that make it so attractive to casual buyers. For me its the perfect sized phone.

    • chris125

      Well with the rumored silver being essentially the same thing I could see why they would kill the nexus line and focus more on silver.

  • inklenotrump


  • TheRaskell


  • Henry C

    I’ve already Pre-Pre Ordered the next Nexus without it even being revealed.

    • RobJBR


  • rawson815

    Thank you lord

  • jowaldo

    Relieved.. Now if they bring it back to Verizon.. I’d be a happy camper

    • Ralph Bretz

      Same here. If another Nexus phone some how makes it to Verizon then I’ll be staying for now but if not then I’ll be leaving this fall even though I’m still grandfathered into unlimited data. Verizon’s prices are too high

    • d-rock

      Verizon has to WANT it first…and they don’t. If it’s an unlocked bootloader, they want nothing to do with it.

      • PhilD41

        Not entirely true… I have a Moto X Dev with an unlocked bootloader on Verizon. Closest thing to a Nexus is a long time. Really the only difference is that Google doesn’t provide images. Not sure why they would have more heart ache with a true Nexus… granted they seem to.

        • d-rock

          true…they did allow the moto x unlocked bootloader dev phone….which I was really shocked about. I think they are just super worried about the health of their network and have the mentality that if they control everything, they have the best chance of keeping it healthy….which is ridiculous imo because AT&T hasn’t had those issues and has been open to foreign devices for a long time.

    • Julian Coronado

      Right! I have an upgrade July 20th, and I’ll wait for the new Nexus phone to be announced. If it isn’t on Verizon, I just might switch to ATT or T-Mobile. I need a Nexus with quick updates, especially because I’m coming from the 2 year old GS3. Agh.