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Contest: Win an NVIDIA SHIELD for Father’s Day From DL and NVIDIA (Update: Winner Picked)

Know what to get your dad (or possibly yourself) for Father’s Day? Well, if you haven’t quite figured it out yet, and your dad just so happens to be a gamer, then this contest should do you well. We have partnered with NVIDIA to give away a SHIELD portable gaming console, perfect for the dad that is always on the go, but still needs access to his favorite mobile games.

SHIELD is still one of the cooler niche Android products available, featuring a built-in 5β€³ HD display, Tegra 4 processor with aΒ 72-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU, console-grade controls, high-fidelity speakers, access to the GRID Cloud Gaming beta, and now comes running Android 4.4+ with lots of proprietary tweaks from NVIDIA to give you an awesome gaming experience, no matter where you are located.

To make things easy and fair for everyone, we will use our trusted Rafflecopter widget. Follow the instructions on the widget below, and good luck!Β 

Update: We have our winner!Β Thanks to everyone who entered. We hope you all had a great Father’s Day!


Prize – 1 (One) NVIDIA SHIELD gaming console.

How to Enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner – Our winner will be selected on Monday morning, at 10am Pacific.

  • Ace

    I think I might give this to my dad as an early birthday present possibly… πŸ™‚ he likes technology a whole lot, then I can work on getting a gift for my mom, but I don’t know quite what to get her… Any suggestions?

  • David Imel

    Helped my dad with smartphone issues since android was released. I remember once he got his phone into download mode and called me with his house phone freaking out because he couldn’t get it back to normal. Good times..

  • droidrazredge

    I never had a father growing up myself but the closet “dad” type experience I can say I have had was me taking care and watch of my younger cousins when they were smaller and recently me caretaking my grandmother for 4 years while she was battling dementia till she passed away this past February.

  • aaron nyquist

    Nothing better than being a parent.

  • shad300

    Really I can’t tell you anything about my dad except that he is the best dad I’ve ever had

  • Adam S.

    This would make an awesome gift.

  • bitz

    My dad used to help me make my own games to play on his old trs 80 when I was young.

  • Ryan Hume

    I want one for my dad.

  • jwildman16

    Dad gave a great speech at the wedding Friday!

  • Ashmedie

    My Dad doesn’t watch any TV regularly, but once I was watching The Office on Hulu and he sat next to me and watched. He thought it was hilarious, he kept saying “that really happens at work!”

  • jofficus44

    My twins are just now old enough that they figured out how to control the sesame street videos I play for them from YouTube, on my Nexus 7. It was very cute to watch one girl figure out how to tap the screen, skip to the next video, and then both girls bounce with joy as Elmo came on …

  • Michael Parsons

    My little ones are always helping me build/destroy my projects. They are 4.5y and 21m. Seem to always to grab the right tool for the job.

  • Logan Jinks

    First trip to my College for a new student conference. We didn’t have smart phones yet, but printed out google maps directions. My dad had picked an odd route with lots of .5 or .8 mile turns. Half way to our destination it turned out my dad had only printed one page of directions and we were missing the other half to get to our destination. It was crazy. Luckily my dad knew what he was doing and got us there anyway.

  • go yankees


  • Meredith Graeber

    Dad used to come home and lay on the couch creating this perfect little cubby behind his knees for me to sit in. My daughter now sits in the exact same spot – wonderful how things never change!

  • Coty Hetrick

    My father taught me how to gane since the first time I graced zelda on regular nintendo. Epic

  • Themanhere10

    I can remember when I found my dads porn in the closet. I thought I had hit gold. We still laugh about it.

  • Antoine Bohannon

    I remember play GI joes with my dad. We would set up the whole living room thwn my mom would come home and we’d both be in trouble lol

  • Vincent Lee

    My dad is the reason I got into video games and technology.

  • luis abreu

    i would like to have a nvidia shield

  • Fred Jones

    This would be a wonderful nostalgia boost.

  • Ryan Powell

    My Dad used to own a Volvo that would pour out thick black smoke when you floored the gas petal. Whenever someone would ride his tail on the highway he would floor it and the whole car behind him would be surrounded by black smoke. Probably wasn’t the safest thing but man was that funny to see as a kid. We joked that he had the James Bond car.

  • iomthd

    Here’s hoping!

  • erikiksaz

    I was five and helped my dad collect the laundry that was left to dry outside. He had just had a heart operation, so he wasn’t as physically able at that point. I remember him crying when he saw me bring it in by myself.

  • vwbeetlvr

    In like flint

  • tobidashi

    I’ve tried a few times to teach my young children how to throw a football but never succeeded. My dad visited this past weekend and they had it down in two throws. :/

  • Kellin Brown

    Need to play half life 2!!

  • kervation

    My dad and I went to play golf for the first time. I was horrible and he was solid. But it was not so much the round of golf as it was the one on one conversations we had about life.

  • Lewis Erbe

    Attending high school championship basketball games on a yearly basis with my dad an both grandfathers. Was always something I looked forward to back in middle school.

  • outstandingpimp


  • US Marine

    Mine was the best dad in the world

  • Tyler Lawhon

    I’ll take one of these too

  • Kevin Choi

    My father was never with me when I wanted him…

  • unashamedgeek

    Thought my dad was too strict growing up – now I thank him all the time for the guidance because I know it helped me get to where I am

  • kevin

    Rating two kids that’s not mines and watching them graduate school

  • zerzhul

    My father was always the “hey let’s make it” type while I was growing up. He has a substantial workshop, and wasn’t shy about teaching me about each and every tool.

  • James Keys

    My father mistakenly took our pet cat to the GP Surgery right next to the Vets, he walked back out very embarrassed and there was no way we were ever going to let that memory escape! Haha.

  • gagah

    My dad used to scold me about waking up late and missed school, i remember one day i didn’t wake up fast enough and he decided to pick me up to the bathroom himself. How he did it is what’s interesting. He removed the bed sheet and completely wrap me up and drop me in the bathroom floor. I was 14.

  • Steve DeBellis

    Woo NVIDIA!

  • htowngtr

    Dad and I would always go to Braves games together when I was a kid many, many times a year despite living in Florida. Our family would make the trek up to Atlanta multiple times a year and my dad and I would park outside the old Fulton Co stadium, get boiled peanuts, and enjoy watching former greats like Dale Murphy, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux.

  • Nissi Edward

    Love S.H.I.E.L.D… The NVIDIA one, The Marvel one and The WWE one… wait…?

  • afazel

    The other day, my 4-year-old was up to no good. I told him to stop, and I started counting to 3.

    Him, as he’s stopping and dramatically wiping his hand across his forehead, “Phew, that was close, I almost got in trouble!”

  • hedsick

    Showing my dad how to use modern cell phone technology is some of our best bonding time and something I will always remember.

  • raycolejr

    Fishing with my dad, at the time I’d complain about staying all day, but it’s probably the best bonding time we had.

  • Johnna Rhodus

    I remember playing backgammon and Coleco Vision games with my dad when I was young!

  • Eric Hauser

    Road trips with my dad were the best. Went to a ton of interesting places like Civil War battelfields, museums and plenty of national parks

  • TheDave1022

    Dad got me into all the sports I follow and play

  • Rob

    I could always use a second SHIELD…

  • aculbreth

    I remember my dad giving me that awkward birds and the bees talk when I told him about a girl liking me in the 6th grade. Good times…good times LOL!

  • feedhead

    Dad always had to have to latest gadgets and created the geek I am today. Thanks Pop!

  • DroidModderX

    would love to win this. Great fathers day gift for sure.

  • DS

    My daughter is only 18 months and constantly says “no.” I used this to my advantage by asking her a series of questions like, “Do you want a new car when you turn 16?” No of course was her response. I’ll definitely use this in the future! Good times being a DOD.

  • Josh

    As a dad, my favorite memories is of my two boys CONSTANTLY doing every thing I do. They work on cell phones, computers, etc, and they are only 2 and 5!

  • Matt

    My favorite part about being a dad is talking to my daughter on the phone. She sounds so excited and child-like on the phone (she’s 5) whereas in person she is seems more grown up than she is.

  • Tim Austin

    My dad used to ‘teach’ me with his belt.

  • Some of the fondest memories I have with my dad include technology or more specifically video games. I can remember being a little kid and playing RBI baseball on the NES on early sunday mornings.

  • Dulan C. Swagwagon

    My Dad doesn’t charge me for rent and still supports me finishing school first.

  • iiBinxx

    One of my favorite memories was when my dad took me to Cal Ripken Jrs last game, that was also my first ever baseball game

  • portrub


  • I could use this with my new nvidia card!

  • Alexandru Socol

    I’m really sorry that I cannot recall a memory of my dad… my parents got separated when I was very little and my mother never remarried again since. I know him only from photos. Hope I’ll still get the comment entry for this giveaway.

  • Mike W

    Im a dad of 3 girls, and one morning they came and jumped into bed with me and my 4 year old says daddy you sure do have a big poop in the front of your pants. Now morning woody is known as poopie in daddys pants.

  • caline1

    My dad and I don’t have much in common, but we always liked catching basketball games together. Renewed the tradition this past year.

  • Sparktweek

    My dad was a custodian at the local high school. As I kid, I loved going to work with him in the evenings, to watch all the high school sporting events. Thanks DL!

  • Great day when the father took me to a beer tasting at a micro brewpub when turning 21. Every man should do this!

  • Jean-Philippe

    Nice gift for fathers day!!!

  • SJ Prettyman

    Some of my best memories of my dad were just being with him on a tractor while he would drive through the fields, planting or harvesting a crop.

  • Joe

    Spent some time with my dad and my son this weekend. It was a great father’s day weekend.

  • CoolSaluki

    My dad showed me how to be a great father. Now that I have kids I hope I’m half the father he was.

  • Frank Messner

    I’ve been going to Monster Truck shows with my dad since I was about 5, back when there were tank monster trucks racing with the actual tire trucks along with mud bogs (all happened in the now dead Silverdome.) Now going on 33, we are still going to Ford Field yearly enjoying the thrill of the huge air and awesome engines roaring!

  • Torigen

    Going to Soccer games with my father was always fun even if I didn’t entirely enjoy watching the sport.

  • Anthony

    A yea Nvidia Shield!

  • rooktheklown

    One of my favorite memories with my dad was when we went to see a truck show 6 hours away from us. This was in the days before the Internet, so we had no idea the show was canceled due to rain. So he drove us the 6 hours there, just to have breakfast, then drove the 6 hours back. I was like 9 at the time, and even at that age I appreciated it so much, just the two of us hanging out.

  • Midhun Murali

    my dad has beat me 12 years before, i is a experience that i remember everytime

  • klf7

    Nvida is gameing at its greatest

  • sloop06

    My dad use to play games with me back on the ps1 and was amazed when I beat him lol those were great times

  • Annduhroo

    Moving days with my dad… Always easier with him

  • Daniel Norman

    My father and I used to play Doom together. We would network our computers togther and play it when it first came out. I also remember the many times my mother and grandmother both were very pissed that we were tying up the phone lines while playing co op with friend from a cross town. As the time progressed, we started playing Doom 2, the Hexen and Heritic, and then the Quake series. Oh the memories..

  • qazyjc

    Hot girl dress online 70%OFF =-

  • An Tran

    When my dad brought home a bike and taught me how to ride it. Can’t exactly remember how excited I was, but I’m pretty sure I was ecstatic.

  • Sarker Rahman


  • Kevin

    My first kid was sick and explosively diarrheaed through a diaper and all over my hands and shirt while at chilis.

  • Kenny

    I sure hope this is also an international giveaway. πŸ™‚

  • CommZod

    My dad is just awesome

  • My dad is a gadget guy, like me…. but unlike me his gadgets aren’t in the ‘digital realm’. He’s taught me to be more well rounded and do stuff outside. We’ve done many camping/hiking/canoeing trips. As much as I love my tech toys, my father reminds me that there’s a whole other world out there and it’s so nice to put them asid efor a week or so and reconnect with nature.

  • p-r-o

    When I was like 10 and just got my braces, I was complaining about the pain and my dad gave me a shot of vodka. (He told me not to tell, so anonymous username)

  • wof

    My dad built some really a badass gaming computer with which im going to control with this shield. TITANFAALLLLLL

  • troysyx

    After defeating hordes upon hordes of samurai last month, and then having to put out fires throughout the city by myself with my ‘sprinkle cart’, I believe this fathers day i should be able to relax and just play games like those that mimic my life. These so called “video games” that my son keeps telling me about intrigue me very much. Though many of them seem like they are taking cues from my real life jobs, I think i could find enjoyment in playing them. Though i may be an ‘Anomaly’ and live in what some people call ‘The Cave’, I too celebrate this joyous day of Fathers.

  • MrDonP445

    my dad took me to cali when I 13 with my lil bro it was awesome never forget it

  • Ian Mitchell

    Really hope I win. I’ve entered into thousands of giveaways and have NEVER won, but I’m feeling lucky about this one!

  • Sergio Lujan

    i want one please make me happy

  • guestymcchesty

    i love trying to show my dad how to utilize his note2 and seeing none of that info being utilized or remembered

  • Matthew Cobb

    My dad showed me how to take care of the home and our cars, now that i am married i truly appreciate this.

  • Ace

    I remember when my dad use to always play video games with me and we’d go on trips and stuff P: and we use to travel out of town and into the big city just to play the many games and stuff πŸ™‚ there was this one game we could never beat : it frustrated me and I swear it was a scam if we could add up all the money we put into that machine just trying to beat it… P: I don’t even know how much money we’d have, but yeah even though my dad annoyed me at times he was still there and that’s one thing I’m very grateful for πŸ™‚ good times and bad times.

  • Moses

    Gets better and better

  • Turner

    Going to be a dad in 14 weeks and counting. Hoping to be half the father my dad is. I love you dad!

  • Brandon Schreiber

    Dad always used to leave books around the house about mechanical design. I can’t tell if he was forgetful or trying to aim me at something. It worked either way.

  • A perfect gift!

  • Akshay Sharma

    Happy Father’s Day Dad!! πŸ˜€

  • Mig O

    My dad loved sunny D

  • protomunkey

    Thank you for giving the chance for all the dads out there to have a chance to win an awesome Nvidia Shield! I hope the happy winner/dad will enjoy his new toy!

  • Robert S

    my father made me interested in all kind of DIY-stuff, like building things from wood, modifying things and so on. It helped me becoming not only a theoretical, but also a practical mechanical engineer.

  • PuzzleShot

    My brother and I wanted a Wii when it first came out, but we weren’t able to get it at launch because everyone everywhere was sold out forever. When we got back from vacation that summer, there was a Wii under our blankets.

    • Jason Lee

      was it a birthday gift?

  • Since I was 16, my dad and I spend our summers playing on the same slowpitch softball team. Seventeen years later we’re still going strong!

  • Blue Sun

    I remember when my dad brought home an Atari so that he could bond with my brother & I when we were younger.

  • Nathan

    My father passed away from brain cancer last year. While he was bed ridden I moved back in with my parents and dad loved watchin me play skyrim on my PC where he could see. He was my best friend and I hope he’s having a wonderful father’s day

  • I love myj dad

  • TM

    The reason I got into technology is because of my dad.

  • shushant43

    it never worked out between me and my dad but still we managed to play soccer when i used to be a ‘Kid’ πŸ˜€
    And it was fun !

  • Harrison

    I was in a golf cart with my Dad and he let me drive it before I had even taken driving school, needless to say I almost dove into the pond but he reached over and somehow did a 90 degree turn without tipping is over, I could almost touch the water. We laughed it off and continued on.

  • Richard

    I remember beating my dad all the time in halo multiplayer matches. Good times!

  • Kree Terry

    My son is 11 months old. He woke up this morning and my wife got him and brought him to bed. She told him to tell my happy Father’s Day and his response was: da da da da da da daaaaaaa!!! I’d say that was a great first Father’s Day!!

  • maxjacobe

    I remember when i was a kid my dad never liked to buy gas on long car trips. So he would just run out of gas on the highway, grab the gas can, and leave me on the side of the road. I was 7.

  • johnyv17

    I remember when I was little kid, my dad and I used to blow people and aliens away in soldier of fortune and doom. Fun times

  • paul

    I will never forget holding my new born baby in the hospital

  • Alex Im

    Just had a thirteen hour drive with dad a few days ago. Not many chances to do those

  • Bobby A

    Playing basketball with my dad as a kid

  • Pierce

    I would love to play tricks on my dad and i could never pull them off, oh well πŸ˜›

  • Cory Mucino

    My fondest memories have been learning that my wife was pregnant.She’s been pregnant twice and we recently had a miscarriage but that initial joy will never be forgotten.

  • Fishing with my dad since I was a kid. Went yesterday and going again tomorrow.

  • Abhi-nay

    Thanks for the global contest.

  • Kimcheequeen

    Sharing a meal together after a long day. Especially a bowl of ramen.

  • JetsFan316

    watching star trek TNG when I was was 5 him and not realizing that it wasn’t “cool.”

  • Blorneedooney

    When we played games. Games were fun.

  • Chris T

    Sweet I would like to win this thanks for the Great Podcast and info.

  • Rushil Perera

    Carrying materials to upgrade backyard garden. I ended up becoming the heavyweight champion of the backyard! Ahh good times.

  • Sky

    My 4 year old loves to commandeer my screens for his own use… I’m sure that would happen with this too.

  • TankerTuff

    My dad got drunk and passed out while fishing out on the lake in SC. I had to drive the boat back to the dock, back up the trailer, put boat on the trailer, get dad out of boat, and drive home. I was 12 years old and got pulled over by policewoman because I could barely see over the dashboard. I told her my story and she escorted me home. Ahh memories.

  • Stephen Taylor

    My dad hooked my gameboy up to the stereo system when I was 4. It was amazing.

  • Henry M


  • While I have less time for this now that I am a Dad, I think I would make the time πŸ˜‰

  • Frank Drewniak

    Found memory is going fishing with my dad.

  • I would love winning a shield :p

  • My best memories of my dad and I are when we are either hunting or out in the lake in the boat or jet skis. Now that I have young ones my best memories are their births and falling asleep together while I hold them on my chest.

  • My dad taught me to fix things in a household.

  • bartclantrash

    The day he and I hiked the Paw Paw Tunnel segment on the C&O Canal. It rained all day, and the steaks we ate that night was the best meal of my life! And, yes, I do realize what I just did there!

  • Oliver Dudgeon

    Me and my dad both share interests in almost the same things! So we have the same sense of humor and love talking about technology and other things. So all the time is a good time with my dad.

  • Ricardo RodrΓ­guez

    Making chairs and tables with my dad was a great experience

  • Adam Kinney

    It’s seems to hard to find great gifts anymore. This would be awesome!

  • Abundio Cervantes

    When my son was 3 years old he walked up to me rubbed my face and asked me “What’s on your face?” I said “They’re stubbles.” He said “I’m going to take you to the doctor.” I will always remember that.

  • Định TrαΊ§n

    Playing one on one soccer in the park.

  • Justin Fosco

    Sleeping in a hospital for a week before my daughter was born…

  • Faruq Pradhan

    Building IKEA furniture with my dad!

  • Steven Jaworski

    This would be an awesome Fathers Day present for me. My friends would be totally jealous.

  • Buur

    My dad was the best. That is all.

  • Aaron Lathrop


  • Miguel Casis

    Dad’s are just always there

  • William Peterson

    Fishing trips before school when I was a kid. We would go out Salmon fishing then go to school smelling like fish all day. Good times.

  • Mike Fromson

    My old man taught me to play hockey and I’ve never stopped since

  • gp126904

    Playing catch and basketball in the front yard.

  • Executor

    I’ve never met my dad, and I don’t have any kids. Does that disqualify me from getting a blog post comment entry?

  • Jason

    After nearly 15 years of not having any contact, I decided to give my dad a call a little less than a year ago and asked if I could visit him (internationally). I was nervous but it turns out he’s a great guy and we really got along! I’m looking forward to my next chance to fly out and spend time with him.

  • My son is just entering the age where he can appreciate video games. My favorite part so far is this mutual understanding that when I need his attention, I know that he needs to get to a “save” spot first. It was something my parents never understood when I started playing!

  • George

    My Dad and I used to play video games all the time when I was a little kid. We always played Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Pacman, and Galaga. πŸ˜€

  • Bindy

    My father is always there for me, no matter what

  • Bradley Fogleman

    Watching my father play Super Mario with me and my brothers and not understanding anything that was happening, but loving every minute of our enjoyment.

  • Marcus Thomas

    The only fond memory I have of my dad is the one time he ever bothered to have a phone call with me. I told him how I was getting into reading about King Arthur and he said he was, too, so I thought it was cool that I had at least something in common with the sperm donor having never met him or talked to him previous of that.

  • Shawn Long

    My dad’s always been there for me through the thick and thin and I know he’s always gonna be there to help me. Hope I can pay him back with something fun.

  • Daniel Kursave

    My dad would often play classic rock in the truck, bht instruct me not to inform mom he did that.

  • kuuunaal

    My dad teaching me how to drive a stick

  • alex

    I remember working on my old car with my dad and we couldn’t getting it to start for crap. So it having a carburetor why not just pour a little gas down it with some starter fluid. Well what do you know it started… And caught on fire…. but at least it started.

  • kentrburton

    Just name about any random camp out that dad and I took … all very cool moments.

  • dghgraves

    My dad feed me with his nipples when I was a baby πŸ˜€

  • Therent

    I would father this device and show it the ways of the world.

  • Bryan Jones

    I remember bowling with my dad, and he passed the line and fell right on his butt.

  • Radu Pal

    This would be so awesome… Believe it or not, my dad actually is an old-school gamer and with this, I would bring him out of the old and into the new πŸ™‚ It would be sweet!!!

  • bmfrench

    My dad helping me build my first computer!

  • Jojungle

    Let’s goooo NVIDIA SHIELD

  • Claire

    I got my husband something else…he found out and hates it. I guess this is what he really wanted for fathers day. Wish I’d known

  • j4m3z

    I miss my late dad who was a great cook and the meals for the family he prepared were simply unforgettable to this day.

  • sommmma

    My dad and I would play champions of norrath until midnight on school nights. My mother didn’t particularly like that

  • James Murphy

    When we were in the car, my dad would push 80mph on a back road near our house that no one drove on… dangerous? Maybe, but it was fun.

  • Josh Martin

    New dad here! My little guy is 9 months old. So far the best part? When he uttered “Da da” when I dropped him off at daycare as I was leaving. (:

  • dethrow100

    My dad created a forge in his backyard. We made nails out of iron rebar. He does everything I wish I could do in my spare time.

  • Mason Lammers

    Fond memories come from hunting trips down into the river. We would freeze our backs off in the cold of the winter just to see the sunrise and shoot some waterfowl.

  • ghido82

    Neeed πŸ˜€

  • Balvinder Makkar

    Used to play super mario together with my dad during my childhood.
    It has been since 10 year we haven’t played anything together.
    I wish its game on again..:-D

  • Liz Nicholson

    Teaming up with Dad to distract Mom while we snuck freshly backed goods out of the kitchen.

  • Rtoodeetwo

    Perfect Father’s day gift for myself.

  • Grindnmosh

    Happy Father’s Day

  • Trenton Wilson

    My wife has my boys trained … The other day my son looks at me and asks ” daddy why do you love mommy ” … ” is it because she does stuff for you or because she is pretty ” apparently I missed a conversation between the two of them lol

  • Misha Bear Lipkin

    When I was a kid. My father took me to the zoo. There was an empty drained fountain, he let me in the fountain and a goose attacked me.

    • Jason Lee

      why did the goose attack you when you were a child?

      • Misha Bear Lipkin

        The goose attacked me because up until that point I thought they were friendly creatures and I tried to give it a pinecone that was on the floor.

      • Misha Bear Lipkin

        The goose attacked because I had the impression that they were gentle creatures so my dad told me to leave it alone, I insisted on giving it a pine cone, and it proceeded to hiss at me. My dad laughed.

  • Happy father’s Day in advance to all that it applies to, I remember my Dad teaching me stuff I am now teaching my kids and Thank him for being so patient. Good Luck to all

  • Stephen

    Playing games with my Dad on an ancient knock off emulator system – it had about 200 of the most odd NES games you could find (all in Japanese, of course)

  • Avinash kumar

    yes..shield is even more desirable now that ha;f life 2 and portal came out !!

  • Sebastian Lundgren

    My dad is awesome because he always help me πŸ™‚

  • jamesp352

    Great memories of my dad taking us winter-hiking in the forest. We would slide down steep snow-covered ravines hundreds of feet deep. Never worried about hitting trees or getting hurt. My sister and I were only 10 & 11 years old. Still love the snow.

  • chris125

    First time my dad took me out to teach me how to hunt. Won’t forget those memories and have been out with my dad hunting ever since

  • michael arazan

    I’ll do everything but Tweet about the giveaway. They way you keep people on twitter is not to spam them.

    This will go great with the Chromecast and netflix I got my dad

  • David Thomas

    i want this for my son..

  • Abdoulah Soulami

    Does not having one count?

  • Edi Afonso

    My dad and my mother never cared really much about me, i lived most of my life with my grandparents, my grandmother passed away in last december, now my grandfather is all alone, i used to let him play tetris and he really enjoyed it, if i win this ill install tetris on it and let him play it πŸ™‚

  • Bishop


  • JoliJimi

    my dad is divorced from my mum and him coming to visit us 2moro after so long is a huge thing for me! I know how much he loves gaming, what with his ps3, ps4, wii, but no portable device. I got him a gift with my allowance but this would be an extra! So its worth a shot. πŸ˜› knowing him he probably already has a portable device.

  • Shauna Blankenship

    My dad declared every Sunday Family Sunday Funday & no matter what we chose something fun to do together. Even if it was just movies @ home.

  • AngryBadger

    Rawr, games are good πŸ™‚

  • Roy Harrigan

    I’m a dad!

  • Jordi Agricola

    Dads always, ALWAYS have the best jokes, corny as they may be.

  • Stefan Frauscher

    I always loved working with my dad. So much I’ve learned from him.

  • siddharth mishra

    When I got first rank in class 5 my dad gifted me a bike.

  • Scott Stutzman

    Would be nice.

  • SewWhat

    My fondest memories of my dad were from around the time I started driving and we overhauled my first car together. Doing something one on one thats both physically and mentally stimulating really shows a lot about a person and the most important thing it taught me the many proper ways and times to express the “F” bomb.

  • Micah Madru

    He’s my go to auto repair person. Car just died and he revived it yet again.

  • Oliver Chen


  • Mohammed N Rahman

    I can maybe finally get an upgrade to my PS1 πŸ˜€

  • Johan Garcia

    ima talk bout my grand father since he is kinda my dad (he raised me) and well i remember that everytime we went on a trip i used to fall asleep in the car and he always made me jump messing with me so i wouldnt fall asleep.

  • haris500

    gg just gg

  • Travis H

    hoping to get this and use gamestream throughout my house with a new router as well

  • YanYang

    My dad and I used to fiddle with computers when I was younger, the kind still using slaveaster cables and component outputs. Now I’ve just finished my first gaming rig with a gtx770 so an nvidia shield would be cool for streaming.

  • dstaley

    My Dad bought me a Playstation when I was younger. I remember playing Spyro, and was having a really difficult time completing a level. I asked him to do it for me, to which he replied “And what would be the fun in that?” To this day, I always remember that when I’m struggling in a game and want to lookup a walkthrough or tutorial.

  • Brian

    His bike reassembly lessons have been put to use more times than I wish to admit

  • jimmy allen

    That’s an awesome prize thanks for the chance

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Dad used to give me zip lock bags with green stuff in them. Pieces finally clicked as i got older

  • Supasin Tatiyanupanwong

    He always played with me when I was young.

  • HasteKilled

    Lots of memories playing NES Golf with my Dad while young. It was the best when I’d beat him. Badly. Haha!

  • JohnLClark

    My dad was a gifted carpenter. The pieces he built I still cherish.

  • ProfessAndObey

    We went backpacking and got lost. But I trusted him, and we found our way back to the trail.

  • bhayes444

    My dad loves to homebrew, and when my brother and I were kids he would let us taste a bit of his work both before and after the fermentation process.

  • MasterEthan

    I remember playing the good old games of “Space Quest” and “Kings Quest” with my dad.

  • First of all I miss my Dad. He passed away a few years ago. But I loved watching Gator football games and cheering on the Celtics with him. Now I get to pass on what I learned from my Dad to my two kids.

  • jra716

    I’m the youngest of 4. When my siblings were in middle school/high school and I was still in elementary, my dad always buy be whatever I want to have for lunch before dropping me off to school. My schoolmates would always seem to be a bit jealous of the different assortment of lunches I’d bring in. Kind of a small thing but I sure enjoyed that at the time.

  • Matt May

    Can’t wait to play portal on this!

  • Beauregard Stauffer

    One time he hugged me.

  • Rocco

    Being a dad is awesome, but I sure miss fishing trips with my pops.

  • Tyler

    Recently we went to the Detroit Grand Prix and that was a lot of fun.

  • John Hopper

    I once got my dad so mad he threw a knife at me. Ahhh good times.

  • ClarkAndrews

    After stating that we are out of milk, my two year old says, “Oh Dear!” No idea where he learned that. Loving Fatherhood!

  • Carlos Flores

    give me free stuff

  • Zach Deneris

    My dad let me help him restore his classic cars I have many fond memories of going to many car shows in all of them knowing I’d screwed a few bolts in at some point.

  • Jacob Lewis


  • issac khan

    I would enjoyed more then my dad.

  • CoryDobak

    Well, being a (newish) father, I’ve gotten to experience what its like being covered in all bodily fluids imaginable…

  • gpaine

    Getting married tomorrow. Dad insisted on breakfast this morning. So many awkward stories of my parents… So. Many.

  • Summers at the cottage getting then out to do Watersports with him driving and going fishing in the mornings and evenings

  • Inquizitor

    During the last World Cup, my dad and I hung out in a bar in Boulder, CO and watched the US beat Algeria. It was pretty awesome and we got really into the game and cheered with everyone at the bar.

  • spark

    My dad picked me up and put me on his shoulders when i was about 3. I immediately proceeded to pee all over his neck. I have a picture to prove it. Classic.

  • Armus

    Very interested in these since I basically have up gaming on my pc

  • James Marcelino

    Felt good when the boy told me he understood what I was trying to teach him about being a responsible adult a few months after moving out of the house.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    My dad would love this.

  • Christopher Heuer

    I used to ask my dad to play “Zelta” while I sat in his lap, and now I play Nintendo with my own kids. πŸ˜€

  • BobButtons

    This would be awesome to own! I need a handheld game device for travel!

  • dguy25

    Game me please

  • Jason Tee

    Omg. Want so bad!

  • Greg Robinson

    Pick me.

  • Alberto Arevalo

    Having my Xbox 360 broken, this would definitely satisfy my gaming needs!

  • bunnybash

    Going on dad’s work road trips with him – just driving and hanging out… time with dad doing nothing in particular is an amazing thing!

  • Gameplayer

    Would be so much easier to play PC games

  • Aceplanet

    When i was a kid, my dad used to always take me to baseball games and we used to always have so much fun. Then on the ride home i would fall asleep in the car and he used to carry me in.

  • fireproof1905

    Remember my dad trying to help my sister with her dance recital…. Picture 6ft 6 man doing spins across our driveway wearing a crown…. Happy fathers day to all US dad’s

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Honestly, one of the best things my dad ever did was when i was moving away from home, he found something that said “everything is going to be just fine”, and wrote a special message on the back to call if i ever needed someone to talk to and asked to always keep it in my wallet so i won’t forget. One of the best things he ever did so it still makes me think about him even if i didn’t need to talk.

  • Justin Tierney

    I never got along with my father too much until the last few years. I was rough on him. Now were like best friends

    Unfortunately, he decided to get an iPhone as a fathers day gift so its back to square one.

    All kidding aside, Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there.

  • jaimez02

    Best memories with my dad, fishing together, watching a movie, camping out. My dad’s always been supportive throughout my life. Thankful for having a great father.

  • cdhabolt

    My dad is an amazing there, always there for me & my family. He even flies in every other year to come see me πŸ™‚ Wish I could celebrate his day with him.

  • Brok Burchatz

    It’s hard to pinpoint one instance since I see it almost every day; my dad is one of the most generous people that I and many others know


    I’ve been a father for 7.5 years. Seems like just yesterday I was enslaved πŸ˜€

  • Trevon

    This my first father’s day. I’m sure my 3 month old kid will remember me winning a nvidia shield!

  • Kevin Greenhalgb


  • mikeym0p

    These things are sweet!

  • Danny

    My dad and I would always visit the duck pond when I was a child and go to the park nearby. It was always my favorite moments I had with my dad.

  • MrBlonde04

    I may not be a dad, but I fix everything around the house that my dad can’t! =D

  • ScoobySnack


  • Chuck Churches

    Going to the nascar race on Father’s Day!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Really fun outings involving fishing up north, near the High Sierra’s. Great fun was had up there.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t really need it but I’d love to win. I wasn’t able to buy my son a gift for his birthday and I would give it to him

  • Aaron Swan

    Oh, father’s day

  • Jhan-Michael Lyons

    Not yet a father… Don’t think I’m ready… But to chime in the most important memory about my dad for me is when he got a job near home. For most of my pre teen years he worked at the other end of the island and i only saw him on some weekends. Was real emotional for me when he told me he got a job near home. I was so happy

  • Adam Elghor

    I can’t think of any Dad stories right now but all I know is that he taught me everything I know and for that I’m forever grateful.

  • skrusrnmz

    A good friend who was 21 bought alcohol for the rest of us who weren’t yet.

    My dad found out the next day. While lecturing my friend he said: “I could be your best friend, or your worst nightmare…”

  • Tim Buchanan

    I became a dad this year. So that’s pretty cool!

  • Tom Nichols

    I could use this

  • NeilGeorge

    Dad sneaking into his room to play games whenever he got a chance

  • jessem1323

    When I was a kid we had two backpacking trips through Yosemite with just me, my brother and my dad. Those were some awesome days spent together. I someday hope to take my daughter on that same trail with my dad.

  • nonscpo

    My father bought me a Gameboy at a time when my mother thought all video games were toys, I still have it and works to ths day!

  • Michael Loudermilk

    One of the things, I never thought id have to say as a parent. … no swordplay at the dinner table…. kids love minecraft…swords axes and all

  • Nick

    my dad lived 10 miles from me and mom and i only saw him twice a year (christmas and birthday) i knew strangers more than him. i never knew if he knew me at all or even liked me. he died 6 days before my 18th birthday. at his funeral his friends told me lots of stuff he knew and talked about me (good stuff) and thats how i found out he did like me he was just a crappy dad. some day i hope to have kids and do a much better job.

  • jothen2002

    I miss you Dad! Happy Fathers Day

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    My favorite memories of my childhood are the moments that were with my dad, not doing anything specific, just anytime we were together

  • dpn982

    I am a fairly new father, son is like 16 months, and he continues to amaze me everyday. I thank my dad for being an excellent example.

  • JoeTi

    My Dad has some great stories about ‘Nam and boot camp. Happy I never enlisted to have my own to share. Happy to pass his along. πŸ™‚

  • adrian soto

    i remember when my dad helped me though school getting bullied. This was one thing i would never forget as he made me strong and to believe in myself and not to judge a book by its cover

  • Hoş Γ‡akal

    it will be an awesome gift for my dad

  • Aaron

    Became a dad almost 10 months ago. Best part is watching fall asleep without a care in the world.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • David M. Garcia

    My dad taught me to weld and a early age, after every project we would go to the store around the corner and get a soda

  • John Davids

    Just became a Dad in March and hope to celebrate my very 1st Fathers Day as a dad with a SHIELD! πŸ˜€

  • Sam Monty

    I remember the days of my university exams when my dad used to drive me on his scooter to the exam centre and wish me luck. He used to wait all morning in scorching summer heat till exams are done & once I’m out he wud be there with a ice cream stick for me. That was just so sweet of him.

    • John Davids

      Sounds like a really great father πŸ™‚

  • fyrhtu

    Always wanted one of these…

  • TC Infantino

    We spent a whole day out on a friend’s boat, fishing just off Ocean City, MD. It was a great time, I got incredibly sunburned, and that night my room seemed to keep rocking, as if I was still on the boat. I wouldn’t trade that day for anything.

  • Stas

    My dad always searches for his googles while they’re on his head πŸ™‚

  • Eric Geders

    I used to play ‘Hardball 3’ with my dad. Great game then.

  • Travis Shepherd

    One time, we went to an amusement park that had a water park attached, he went down one of the slides, and when he emerged at the bottom he stood up with a snot string down to his knees!

  • JakedUp

    Can’t wait to be a dad myself!

  • Zak

    Looking forward to being a great husband to my fiance and an excellent father. There’s nothing greater than the joy of seeing your kids grow up.

  • One Xmas my uncle knew I wanted a ps3 so he tricked by giving me a ps3 shape cake and tin can ps3 holder with gifted card in it from GameSpot and waited til I was about leave to go home to give me a ps3

  • Adlv

    Thank you #kcco

  • jhjr24

    Waking up with my son at 3 am because he heard thunder and got scared. Just looking at him sleep made me smile. Something about being a dad is just awesome.

  • giovanny

    Growing up with my brothers and my dad playing soccer and watching soccer, and at the times of the world cups, enjoying the games together

  • mistergrub

    When we went to the beach. He hates the water, but took exception when I really wanted to go far out .

  • John

    It’s been quite the 15 months since my daughter was born, but I love coming home to her excitement and hugs.

  • Travis Harrison

    Last year when me and my dad went to Bristol, TN to the Thunder Valley Nationals for Father’s Day. Coolest races we’ve ever been to.

  • Dave Naugatuck Raymond

    The best dad moment in my life is when my son Noah who at the time was twelve months old. He came in to my bedroom while I was playing far cry two on my computer with my headphones on and he climbed up in to my lap and just watched the screen for about n hour not making a sound. I end up looking down at him and he was sound asleep with a puddle of drool in my lap. No matter how much I struggle to support my family, those moments are what make it all worth it.

  • Kevin Oles

    my dad and I went to Tigers game a few years back.
    he had so much fun he took a pic and is still using it for pc desktop.

  • Daniel Lujan

    One of the fondest memories I have of my dad simple: playing catch with the baseball. We’ve gone away from it, but now we talk about tech news regularly.

  • Brian Tehan

    I was burping one of my daughters and she threw up over my shoulder and it hit my butt.

  • Joe Landry

    My Dad is always there to talk to and he always listening, even though he sometimes has no idea what I’m talking about (talking about the new G3 and other android devices) but he still listens, and pretends to care! πŸ™‚

  • Joe Ennocenti

    Potty training…..’nuff said. Anyone who is a father understands.

  • Jeremy

    Go dads!

  • Kevin Vesga

    When I was a kid, my dad would often take me to the mall. There were various stores we would stop at including a restaurant where he would usually order a cappuccino and there were toy and pets shop I enjoyed browsing. I really enjoyed spending the day with my dad like that.

  • Used to play Mortal Kombat on the SNES against my dad. He would just smash all the buttons until his thumb hurt and he would give up. It was a good time.

  • elDuendeVerde

    I used to spend hours watching my dad kill nazis in wolfenstein 3d. Sometimes, he’d let me press the spacebar to do the shooting.

  • Richard Abramas

    Playing Nintendo 64 games with my dad.

  • Arthur Dooner

    I’d love to win one! My dad’s the best!

  • AndrΓ© Berry

    This will be my first fathers day as my son turns 1 in August.

  • JimBurke57

    My fondest memories of my dad and I, are from our weekly fishing trips.

  • AG

    i learned a lot from my father! a really great man!

  • Sidescroller

    The other day I was sitting playing Assassin’s Creed when my two-year-old daughter approached me seated and took the controller from me. She then proceeded to hop along the environment pretty dexterously. I’m not sure if that’s a testament to how good she already is at video games or how easy Assassin’s Creed is.

  • gameworm

    Taking my daughter swimming for the first time was wonderful. She loved splashing and “swimming” despite only being 1 year old.

  • Jo Po

    My real dad wasn’t around when I was growing up but later in life my mom married a wonderful man. As a kid I was a huge Star Wars fan and they were getting ready to release the remakes of the originals I had no money cuz I was a kid but still wanted to dress up for the movie, I was wearing a bathrobe and made a green lightsaber out of cardboard that I colored on with markers…later that night before the movie my stepdad shows up with a toy lightsaber and all sorts of star wars toys I was shocked and will never forget that amongst all the wonderful things he has done for me throughout my life!

  • RiotPenguin

    Fishing with my dad. Hunting as well.

  • Jared

    I remember fondly becoming a dad when my son was born. It was a good day.

  • Jason Hansen

    I remember when I had some friends over and we were up late playing video games, my dad came down and took us on a midnight ice cream run.

  • derrickmcc

    Dad was always the life of the party. Happy Fathers Day!

  • Fred

    Taking my 5 year old to a monster truck show tomorrow. He loves it more than Christmas!

  • Zangetsu

    My dad surprised me at my under grad school with a car.

  • patrick

    i remember me and my dad waking with me to school in the city it was 8 miles because we were too poor to get the bus so we talked and sing and talked it was fun 5 am morning walks to get there for 9 you should of seen my little legs go

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    Definitely fishing out in Durban Harbour and catching a huge crayfish randomly and being so stoked, us sneaking it back home and having a awesome braai and eating the sucker and laughing about it, ah my dad is awesome <3

  • Playing catch, and taking me to the batting cages.

  • Stephen Huffman

    The best part about being a dad was the first time I held my son

  • Eldorath

    Best memory of my father ever…. we’re at my grandparent’s lake… and he’s telling me all these rules about not goofing around on the dock of the lake, making sure the boat is secured… etc..etc…. and doesn’t follow his own advice. Goes to step into the boat, and doesn’t verify that he has both ends of the boat tied off. Got to watch my dad do the splits and fall into the water at the same time πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, the water was so far below the edge of the dock/pier, I had to go get my grandparents and mother to fish him out πŸ™‚

    Needless to say, we didn’t do any boating that day πŸ˜‰

  • Arun Misra

    Bought me my first smartphone!

  • Sepehr Naserkhaki

    one of my oldest memories (from when i was about 3-4) is my dad sitting me on his lap and letting me drive around a large empty parking lot, since then I’ve been obsessed with cars!

  • Bryan Saroza

    taking my daughter to the zoo just like my dad did for me

  • Jason Ricker

    Would love to win one of these πŸ™‚

  • geeky1

    games for me!

  • Chyort

    I remember when my parents got a good chunk of change on their one trip to Vegas. My dad got both my brother and I our own Super Nintendos. It was our introduction into gaming. I am trying to introduce my own little girl to gaming now. It is great to see her try new things and have the never give up attitude that kids have. =)

  • Jeroen den Dulk

    Game + dad related: When my dad bought me my first console as a kid (PS1) he didn’t want me to play the Resident Evil game it came with, he wanted to make sure it wasn’t too scary. Yeah right, he just wanted to play for himself first πŸ™‚

  • pppanda88

    My dad was always working. But he always made time to do school field trips for my siblings and I.

  • Creamsteve



  • CyJax415

    When he was around to fix things in the house.

  • PicoDeGiao

    I was in my dad’s office and there was a bunch of other people there. I grabbed what I thought was my dad’s leg…it turns out it was one of the strangers in my dad’s office. Good thing I was only about 4 and don’t remember being too embarrassed.

  • Finishing my parents basement with my father so that I could move into it while I was still in high school was a lot of fun together, and taught me how to fix up my houses in the future.

  • I even have a compatible GeForce card to stream games with!

  • duke69111

    My memory is dad taking me to the first boy scouts meeting when I was little and me thinking it was stupid and that I would rather be doing other things.

  • ramifications

    About my grandpa. He used to take me for walks through the city and would pick me up every day after school. He was the kindest, gentlest man I knew!

    Thanks DL and Nvidia!

  • JMonkeYJ

    I surprised my dad by flying home for one of his birthdays and when he saw me he cried! And he’s not a crier.

  • Doug Plowden

    I will always remember the drives my dad would take our family on. It would force my sisters and I to get along with one another. He would always point things out to us and talk about the history of places we visited, like a tour guide. I learned a lot on those drives and can’t wait til I have a family of my own to share that with. Love you Dad!

  • Matt

    Waking up “Camping” in my back yard with my family at about 6am and my wife asking if I made sure to turn the sprinklers off, I did and 5 minutes later when they went off myn3 year old tells me he turned them back on and soaking us in the tent lol

  • In the 80’s, I asked my dad if he was a Sith Lord once. Then I broke my plastic toy lightsaber on him trying to take him down…and of course, blamed him for breaking my lightsaber. Sorry for being such a brat, Dad.

  • Shane

    My dad constantly asking where to plug the keyboard into his tablet…

  • Barlog

    Dad and me watching late night info Comercials selling fishing gear. He was so drunk he bought everything they had. Weeks later when the big box came in the mail he had no idea how it got sent to us and I had to remind him he had bought it and he still didn’t believe me. But my Mom sure as hell did see was so pissed. But we had fishing louers for years to come

  • brianna

    My favorite part of father’s day has always been making breakfast in bed, first for my dad and now for my husband.

  • Kevin Hannigan

    My dad and I play those “with friends” games with each other every day.

  • Jason Carlisle

    My “Dad” taught me what NOT to do as a Father. I utilize these lessons daily when raising my two sons.

  • grayson360

    My dad would come home with a new demo vehicle from the car dealership he worked at for each season. Each car had it’s own purpose: Jeep in the winter to pull us around town on sleds attached to the bumper, corvette in the summer for AC and speedy backroads, and whatever nice convertible was available during fall and spring for the cool weather and sun.

  • Brutalsauce

    My dad used to take me to the arcade. I think the best would be on a school night he would let us be out till like 10 PM and giving me unlimited quarters.

  • Lee Woods

    When my son was younger, he had to get some xrays. They were full head xrays and he was quite young so he wouldn’t sit still in front of the machine. I ended up getting full bottom half of my body xrays with him while I stood next to him to keep him calm. The thing was, the lady was popping off the xrays like we were at a photo shoot. I was scrambling to get the lead apron over nd so that he could one day have a sibling. We now have Father/Son family portraits in xray form.

  • CommanderZim

    To tie this in with gaming, my Dad (when I was a kid) used to let me play Duke Nukem while sitting on his lap. My mom then found me playing and said “I don’t want him playing that!” I then continued to sit on his lap and watch. My mom found this again and said “LETTING HIM WATCH ISN’T ANY BETTER!!”

  • RyanAndTammy

    The daycare my 2 year old attends asked all of the kids what they were going to get their fathers’ this year. He replied “A cat!” I’m allergic to cats…But the most fond experience I have as a father was 2 years ago when my son was born on Father’s Day!

  • Dan_17z

    When I was a young lad, my Dad would take me to the dragstrip (cars, not men dressed as women. That would be traumatic not enjoyable.) to watch the annual “FunnyCar classic”. And it still makes me wonder how but, we were able to walk into the pits, and he knew all the racers. I was able to sit in John Force’s Car! Wild.

  • bnm27

    My cats totally love me like a father, that counts right?

  • Shaun

    God I could use one of these for my pops! My son once pooped in his toy box, and would only keep telling me that the elves did it.

  • Richard Shane Cannon

    Nes with the dad was how I started gaming brings me back.

  • Brandon Barlow

    I like games. Pick me.

  • Steve C

    Going to my first football game with my dad at Giants Stadium. It was December, so it was cold and windy, but I loved every minute of it.

  • Mike

    My kid pretends to me “dada” by making a playdough moustache!

  • Josh Imig

    Seeing how much my 19th month old is soo much like his old man

  • Justin Leahey

    In February, my dad and I took my son to his first Orlando Magic game. My dad and I used to go a lot when I was a kid so it was a lot of fun going this time with all three of us.

  • bonanzalarry

    my dad left my mom when i was 5. at my first T-Ball game.

  • zim2704

    The best times are when my dad and i would go out and just have a simple time playing catch.

  • dad bought me my first cell phone and it’s basically transformed into a money pit of always having the latest device. thanks dad

  • Kevin Brosseau

    My dad is a Tech guy, and I’m sure he’d love one.

  • Adam92Wilkins

    One time me and my dad were doing some construction stuff in the back yard. With power tools.

    a 6’4 man with a nail gun nail sticking out of his hand it quite a terrifying thing.

  • Croq

    When he was stationed in England, my dad took us all on a trip in a cab-over camper through several countries in Europe. We had a blast!

  • r1fo

    One of my favorite memories is when my dad took me to work when I was 6 or 7. He got absolutely no work done and we got to play together all day. One of the best times of my life πŸ™‚

  • Patrick Tudela

    Fishing with my dad and my brothers was probably the best memories I have as a kid. Any kind of fishing. We grew up on the island of Saipan so fishing was the best. Deep sea spear fishing was the most fun. Now we live in the desert aka Vegas.

  • Finire

    I’d love to try this in combo with my desktop streaming…

  • Damien Luna

    When I was a kid my dad used to take us to arroyo verde park where they had sloopy hillsides and we all used to go ice blocking.

  • DanThompson87

    My father cried in “Cinderella”

  • MikeCiggy

    When i was 13 leaving a restaurant there was a piece of cheesecake on the table. I wound up joking to flick it at my Dad. He basically dared me to do it. I let it rip and it stuck and stayed dead in the middle of his forehead. My mom and I laugh all the time about it still. He doesn’t.

  • Tom Kiley

    My father would stare blankly at me, if I tried to give him a Shield for Father’s Day. The one-and-only acceptable gift? High-end mail order steaks. I made the mistake of sending him some, six years ago. He’s been ruined ever since. Birthdays *and* Father’s Day.

    Last year, I tried to buy him a Roku and an annual subscription to Netflix. “Uhhh, yeah. Thanks. But, no thanks. Let’s just stick with the steaks. Thanks.”

  • Jakemerrell

    The first time you hold your new child and become a father is the best experience in the world.

  • Patrick Maher
  • matt wolfley

    I’m a Dad, but my most fond memory of my Dad was going fishing on Saturday mornings together and never catching anything.

  • RoboRobP

    I am a dad to my dog, hes looks just like me!

  • Kevin Bukowski

    Still want this so bad!

  • Justin

    The day I first laid eyes on my beautiful daughter. That was the happiest father moment i have had yet. 5 months later

  • elemeno

    Being a dad is great…

  • moelsen8

    going for bike rides & our basement/garage.

  • Jim Morris

    My dad and I used to fish and ride go karts together.

  • Skrewee Lewee

    Ahhh… The first time my son woke up at 300am with poop all the way up to his shoulders. That’s when I realized how real this was.

  • villian1998

    Going to a college basketball game with my Dad.

  • Raven

    I introduced my daughter to Android tablets at the young age of 3 for fun education and now at 7 she still wants me to lay with her every night and read a story together off of the tablet even though she could simply do it on her own now. It has become one of our daily father/daughter rituals that we always look forward to.

  • will

    tuna fishing trip

  • kerrhome

    Would be a nice father’s day present. Thanks DL!

  • Ryan Gabbard

    Once a month my Dad and I got to the local pub/restaurant and have a few brews. Good times!!

  • Jedi_Skote

    have a few game I would like to try with this

  • Mavericksfolife

    There’s so many to choose from but playing tee ball when I was younger was awesome. Me and pops would practice an hour a day, just me and him. Wouldn’t have traded it for anything else in the world.

  • JoshJop

    I love my dad, he is the best.

  • silz

    Playing some Atari 2600 together. Good times.

  • xzombiex66

    i want one

  • Freddie r

    Teaching me and showing me by example how to be a responsible, productive person in society.

  • humidity

    My dad used to do so much for me. He would secretly buy me games and toys even though my mom would be mad if she ever found out. He truly loved me and showed me by spoiling me when I probably didn’t deserve half of it. Love and miss you dad.

  • Steven Elliott

    My dad is an older gentleman so when we bought a computer, he asked me to show him how to use it for music. Those were fun times. Frustrating and bonding at the same time.

  • Suman Gandham

    My dad is still using a Nokia dumbphone… he knows how to use my mom’s iPad Mini and Lumia 710, but no Android love yet!

    Think I’m gonna get him a Moto X for his birthday this year to drag him into the 21st century!

  • br_hermon

    I remember being very little and “racing” my dad to the house from being outside playing. I don’t quite remember why so much but it was always so much fun. I went on to run Track and CC and still enjoy running to this day πŸ™‚

  • Travis Short

    I have a 6 month old and when I was holding him recently, I said to myself he’s getting mighty warm. Turns out he pissed all over me and then started laughing.

  • David Walch

    Wow, my daughter, the little gamer, would love if we won this!!!

  • mtaylor924

    My dad would tell me video games are rotting my brain…then steal the Shield and start playing!

  • evltwn

    Best piece of advice my dad ever gave me….”men don’t like it when you fcuk their wives”

  • woodsonmh

    My daughter would love to give this to me

  • Nick

    I’ll always remember the fishing trips my father and I go on. Some of the best father-son bonding time there is!

  • Miguel

    My dad wouldnt even understand how to turn this on.

  • Lawrence C

    My dad used to hold my legs and swing me around while I was upside down.

  • vermiciouskanid

    This will give me something to do while waiting at the children’s hospital.

  • brarelabben

    7 boys and no girls. My dad was very fertile and male dominant.

  • Subham

    My dad once hit me with a frying pan.Thank You Dear Dad for making me the one I am today.. πŸ™‚

  • Db0y505

    My dad always had a diesel truck, and when I was like 15 he told me to look in the exhaust pipe cause there was something in there… I got a face full of black smoke and a lifetime worth of jokes about it. It was pretty funny thinking about it now, but it SUCKED when it happened

  • cogitator79

    Would love to have one to play some games.

    • Ayush

      Depending on what you think “one” means, this could either be a harmless statement or horribly sad.

      • cogitator79

        I think you should view it as an innocent expression of optimism and not impose your negative view on such a statement. Life is good and there is plenty of reasons to be happy. Cheer up and life will be better.

        • Ayush

          Sorry bro, was just trying to be a little cheeky :/

          • cogitator79

            No worries πŸ˜›

  • jstahr

    Oooooh gadgets

  • dro

    going to stewarts on summer nights to get awesome hot dogs and big mugs

  • Ayush

    Oh boy, my Dad has moved me into all the fields and interests I pursue now (Tech, programming, music, etc.) and I honestly can’t imagine where I would be headed without all his guidance πŸ™‚

  • BoFiS

    Best contest yet, thanks πŸ™‚

  • Jack

    My Dad and I were always trying to clean up around the house, and no matter what, we’d dirty something as we cleaned something else up. One of the great ones was when we just spent a few days cleaning the carpet stair stains, and then my mother asked us to move the grill from the top balcony to the lower, which required carrying it through the house and down the stairs, and accidently banged into the wall, shedding an immense amount of grease, rusted metal, and general disgusting pieces all over the recently cleaned carpet. It was a never ending cycle and at least now we can look back at it and laugh, rather than yell when I was younger.

  • realfoxm

    My daughter is just a tot, but the older she becomes, the more she understands what a day like Fathers Day is. It’s amazing watching little ones learn and comprehend new things.

  • Roddy Neff

    My dad left my brother pants at the old cowboys stadium

  • Fwdkiller253

    My gets drunk and gets super duper high with me

  • Hall

    Dad has been working his ass off for the family.

  • Hunter

    I don’t have much money but this would be a nice surprise for him

  • Fwdkiller253


  • Ben Rollier

    My fond memory, finding out 3 years ago on Father’s Day that my wife was pregnant with twins (kids #2 + #3)

  • CivilDroid

    I love being a father! Two boys and a little 3 month old girl. Experiencing each birth and meeting them for the first time are things I will always remember!

  • Joshu

    My dad always made us watch women’s wrestling on the only TV in the house. It was awkward.

  • MR

    My dad taught me that anything can be fixed.

  • robertlwalters

    My dad served in the army for over 20 years

  • Josh Clarence

    My dad took me fishing on the Columbia River when I was 10. I kept asking if we would catch a salmon and he just dismissed my comments saying we were fishing for something smaller (I forgot the name). Anyway we fished and after I struggled to reel in a fish for 5 minutes, everyone panicked when they saw the 20 pound salmon I hooked jump out of the water. After some brief profanity, everyone was much more helpful in reeling it in.

  • TySpooner

    My dad helped me build a camera out of wood a few years ago. Learned a lot about wood working from him and it was a lot of fun.

  • Larry Anderson

    when will I ever win something

  • Chris-BoT

    My dad has no idea what this is. πŸ™‚

  • bomonster

    Would it be mean to game on this while my 3 year old is asking me to play with him? πŸ™‚ Probably.

  • Steven Dolbey

    My dad hates video games and technology. This is literally the last thing he’d want.

  • Smashcat

    Dad and I went fishing at “grandpa’s river” with my Mickey Mouse fishing pole. I hooked a small bluegill and Dad ripped the rod out of my hands to reel in the fist, knocking me in the river in the process. Love you, Dad.

  • Glenn

    That’s a great giveaway! I’ll take but how do I keep my kids from taking it away?!

  • john monsalve

    best dad and tech memory has to be when we went on a tech shopping spree and bought almost everything we wanted…..so much money spent

  • Seven straight years, seven straight trips with my son to see a Buffalo Bills home game. It’s where he learned about winning, losing and the detrimental effects of alcohol on basic decision-making.

  • synplex

    MEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!! …….me

  • pbolton70

    Please show me some Shield love. MY son would love playing this with his dad.

  • Rafter

    When my dad and I used to wrestle

  • Jason13L

    Favorite tech-related memory with my Dad is when he was going through vocational school for CAD. We had our 2nd computer and he was trying to do a project. I understood the application better than he did so we would often work on it together. For their group final I went over to his friend’s house and got my first taste of Prodigy. That was probably the start of my long-term addiction.

  • John Baxter

    I loved it when me and my dad would work on our old pickup together.

  • Jimmy Leang

    Every summer since I was little. My father and I would go up north to go fishing for a weekend. Now that im older I don’t spend nearly enough time with him. I have a daughter now and she is the light is his day when I bring her over.

  • jeremy campernel

    My dad taught me how to fish. We go every summer. Oh, and he just got his first smartphone. Galaxy s5 of course!

  • fishing trips with my pops were always priceless

  • Sven Enterlein

    Being a dad is the best thing ever!

  • wwestin

    Dad taught all of us kids what it meant to be a gamer – win or lose. He still plays today!

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Going to tons of baseball games when I was little with my dad

  • Nik Pipitone

    I just moved to a new city for a job and will be away from my family for a few months until they can move. It’s been a hard few weeks so far.

  • micah kling

    last time me and my dad went fishing had about a 20 pound flathead catfish got it on land in about 25 min soon as it got on land and got the hook out it fell right back in the river . we still talk about it we get a laugh everytime its brought up.fun times fishing with dad

  • Steve A. Reno

    Knocking back a few cold ones with my dad when I’m back home…

  • Chris Hilbert

    My sister and I were fighting and he said “Would you like a little wine with your cheese?”. Now we say it back to him as adult smart asses.

  • zizo79

    I was 12 year old and got lost at the Eiffel tower because I decided to explore it without my Dad. He went crazy that day….

  • geedee82

    My dad used to play NES games with me for hours when I was a little kid, I loved every minute of it.

  • Kyle

    My father coaching my sports teams as a kid and hearing kids compliment on how cool my dad is is by far my favorite memory. He really is a cool dude.

  • MrCrusha

    Grandfather picked me up at the police station when I was a teenager. He didn’t say anything…. I didn’t say anything…. and we never spoke about what happened. I will never forget that moment.

  • Bill_Surowiecki

    My Dad is a bit on the crazy side, which had made life pretty interesting actually. There are plenty of memories, but the ones that always stick out are those revolving around tickets. My Dad has a thing with traffic tickets, he seems to have an uncanny ability to get a ticket no matter what he is doing.
    To prove this, he was actually ticketed while riding a waverunner (jetski), for using an un-approved flotation device.

  • I have a dad.
    I might be a dad someday. I might not. /dadstory

  • Dave

    This would be awesome since I play most of my games in the bathroom a couple times a day to get away.

  • tokyman

    Dad of four here. Get most gaming done on the toilet. This would be a nice addition.

  • I always had a lil tech crush on this product but never had the extra funds to pull the trigger…would be a nice device for my pops to use on the train since hes working in the city now

  • Jason Bittner

    nothing fatherly here

  • When my dad was teaching me to play baseball i got a really good hit on the ball and sent i way past him but i just stood there cause i didn’t know to run the bases. my dad waited till he got the ball and was almost back to me to tell me then just tagged me out cause he thought it was funny,
    And there was the time i was learning to ride a bike he was helping hold me up and eventually let go i just fell over and called said what you do that for big dummy now my mother has taught my son to say that to me its like the circle is complete

  • PhilD41

    I have five kids 7 and under…. I still don’t know what I am doing. Four of them are girls and although I try, I still don’t fully understand the game dress-up!

  • ER

    in for a win

  • The day I found out my dad used to surf and skateboard and race cars as a teenager was awesome. As a child I used to think my dad was just old and boring, but as an adult he’s a great father AND friend.

  • Aaron

    Happy Father’s Day everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Julio Hijar

    i remember on one of my birthdays when i was a kid he bought me Mega Man 2. which meant a lot bc i knew times were tough

  • ender_20

    The shield is a very interesting looking device

  • Eric Soriano

    Perfect for a dad with a 4 and 5 year old and has no time to play games!

  • Jeromeh

    Blog Post!

  • Grizzy

    My dad took me in the water at the beach when I was very young. A big wave came in and hit us so hard he let go of my hand and I just got washed up on shore. Although I was scared by it being a little kid, I loved the ocean and being in the water.

  • stephen.

    Could have drowned once but my old man saved me. That was swell of him.

  • Chandler

    Last Father’s Day i played a prank on my dad that stated by throwing water on his face, I should probably do better this year

  • morgan boyle

    halflife for shield!

  • Kevin Padgett


  • Aj Scarpella

    i Want

  • Meltdown07

    New dad here myself. I was changing my boy’s diaper about a year ago and he peed… Straight. In. My. Mouth. The kid has a nice arc and good aim. It was hard to be mad.

  • Jaynaff

    My dad bought one of those giant plastic satellite dishes when I was little so that we could all watch TV. We lived way out in the country and we were the first ones to have such a new fangled contraption for miles and miles around. We had to hand crank it to change satellites, so it took one of us up on the hill to crank, one of us down at the door of the house relaying instructions, and my dad yelling out from the living room when we had a clear picture. Makes me smile to think of it.

  • jdomann

    Driving to Utah for a family vacation. Getting stuck north of Pueblo, CO as we nearly got flooded out lol

  • LarryL

    I need this more!

  • Andrew Loscher

    My dad built our family house with his bare hands. He has also taught me the value of hard work but then showed me character that I have been trying to emulate or the past 21 years of my life.


    i owe my dad more than i can repay, he bought me my first car and has been the best dad everrrr!

  • Sean Archer

    I need this

  • NYCHitman1

    There is nothing like being introduced to your child for the first time. However, I think yesterday topped it all when my daughter graduated from pre-K.

  • JasonWhite

    A fitting story about gaming – I have the most vivid memory of it being 1991 and my dad taking my brother and I to Toys ‘R Us to pick up our brand new Super NES! Then going home and staying up late as all 3 of us took turns trying to beat Super Mario World.

  • Jon Woodburn

    I remember the first time my dad tried to play Atari with us……hilarity and frustration ensued!

  • redbar0n11

    Getting beat with a hanger and laughing my ass off about it…

  • dannyWHITE


  • kenjh2

    I am a brand new Dad. The best experience so far is the day I met my daughter.

  • lnimmer

    When I was a youngster, I remember my dad always rocking his California Raisins boxers… still have a good picture of that!

  • Lots of camping vacations and going to places like Lake George, NY or West Virginia.

  • Corey Marrier

    A fond memory I have is skipping work to go spend the day snowshoeing with my dad up a mountain and drinking cheap beer at the summit. Looking forward to making memories with my child on the way.

  • Alex

    My dad used to take the entire extended family, like all 30 of us to go camping every summer up in mammoth.

  • 2andFro

    Weekly golf matches

  • Josh Shaw

    Never really knew my dad, because he left my mother before I was born, I’ve seen him once or twice in my 21 years of existence. The only memory I really have of him was when he gave me a haircut, and then took me to the park one Saturday afternoon.

  • tomn1ce

    This would be a nice father’s day gift πŸ™‚

  • LightofHonor

    Playing the original Mario Bros with my dad was my childhood…

  • SixMoodyDwarves


  • Giancarlo

    My Father taking me to my first football game

  • mbagasao

    Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there!

  • Famouz Starz

    Much appreciation to all the fathers out there, especially the techies πŸ™‚

  • PhoenixJ

    Don’t remember much about my dad, but do think he’d enjoy this as he was always tinkering with something

  • Tyler Shortt

    I still don’t know what to think about this thing…

  • aholland1

    My dad is the reason I have good work ethic; made me cut grass for people in the summer as a kid to pay for my first car and made double-sure I didn’t half-ass anything (after a couple times having to re-cut a big yard, I got much more proficient). I hated it then, but wouldn’t trade it for anything now as my professional career carries that into all aspects of my work. Thanks Pops!

  • Abrahan Reyes

    nothing can’t beat free!!

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Getting my dad his first tablet.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    My dad beat my ass when I was a kid so now I only play video games alone in the basement. maybe the shield will help me play somewhere else…..

  • Manie Pellegrino

    I want one!

  • Mona

    It’s funny and annoying whenever my “father” tries to give me fatherly advice or generally tries to do father-daughter things with me, since he hasn’t been involved in my life for almost my entire life.

  • Sean Lally

    Loved napping on the couch next to dad while he watched sports!

  • Serotheo

    I don’t know, in terms of doing stuff like normal people do with their dad that doesn’t happen much, that whole family father-son dynamic. Fondest memory I have is when I was younger, though I’m sure many people did this, I’d pretend to be asleep after a long car ride so I’d get carried inside.

  • Carlos RodrΓ­guez

    Well, I lost my dad when I was 8. My mom is my father figure but still I really miss him. It would be very touching if I get the Shield in this giveaway because it’s father related.

  • Ballisticn8

    The funniest most recent memory I have of my dad is walking into the room while he was playing GTA V on his Xbox 360. I’m 30 years old. He’s 61 lol.

  • roswellraygun

    My dad came to all my sports stuff.

  • Alberto

    If I won one of these, I might sit behind my dad on a car trip again like I used to when I was younger and play Gameboy. Of course these days, there’d be more conversation in between and a much cooler gaming system (An Nvidia Shield).

  • d-rock

    No matter how many things my dad had going on, he would always take time to play catch with me and my brother when we were in little league. When we got older, it was the same thing, only helping us fix our cars. πŸ™‚

  • ericsorensen

    Would love that

  • Michael Rahmani



    Early morning fishing on the lake

  • Solo2342

    I used to get Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry’s with my dad for completing my homework

  • Guest

    Yet another awesome giveaway from Droid Life and Nvidia! I’d love to have one of these to play with!

  • havok0283

    Playing games on the pooper would be less awkward with one of these babies!

  • Guest

    This looks like a nice present for Father’s Day

  • Kevin Esser

    Father is a huge gamer, would love to give him this, especially since I just got laid off..

  • kinsie21

    I remember going to eat lunch after kindergarten everyday with my father and it would at this dirty diner filled all these old men just smoking and talking.

  • Rich Eakin

    I worked with my father for 16yrs. I miss having lunch with him every day

  • Hans R.

    Daddy like.

  • Aardvark99

    As a father my self my fondest memories were building legos and mega blocks with my kids.

  • Scott Thompson

    I’m a father to 4 boys (future dads themselves) and I love to dadjoke the kiddos. “Dad, I’m hungry!” Me: “Hi hungry, I’m dad!”

  • Come on I’m a Dad with 2 sons (under 10) both who love playing games and I could use another portable gaming device!!

  • JabbaMac

    I hate this raffle copter BS

  • Zanzaras

    Ah…. Now THAT is a Father’s Day present! Much better than the standard tie or socks!

  • p4

    I just had my first kid a few weeks ago .. Still havent been pooped on!

  • Kenny Tse

    My dad fixed everything I broke from action figures, to video games to my socks with a big piece of masking tape.

  • Eric

    We go on a vacation once a year! Mostly cruises! πŸ™‚

  • Dustin

    My dad taught me how to shoot a gun. He gave me my first taste of beer. He taught me how to be calm and collected. Basically, he taught me how to be a man, even though I didn’t get to see him very often.

  • Co1e

    When I was a kid we used to have a dog who loved to hop the fence at night and go eat/bring back the neighbors garbage. He did it a lot. So one day I look out the window and the dog is dragging his ass all over the damn yard. Its funny to me so I laugh and watch for a sec. As I’m watching I notice that there’s something kinda dragging behind him. Upon further inspection I realize that he’s got half of a small plastic bag hanging out of his doggy poop chute. I can only assume he ate it during one of his late night werewolf feeding frenzy’s. So anyway, I go tell my dad about whats going on out there and he goes to investigate. He see’s what going on and starts trying to get a hold of the bag to pull it out, but the dog wont hold still, and my dad being 6’7″ has to bend down a long way try and get a grip on this “slippery” bag. At this point I’m basically in tears it’s so funny looking. He eventually got it and all was fine, but it is one of the funniest things I have ever watched my dad do.

  • Corey Loughrey

    Watching my dad dirt track race back in the 70’s.

  • Bootleg Zani

    I remember the time I tried to tell my Dad about my girlfriend. His response “Muslims don’t have girlfriends.” End of story apparently.

  • Christopher Smith

    Dad used to take us to Action Park in NJ every summer…One year he fell in the pond, where the Bumper Boats were, that is filled with snakes. He was so mad he had to walk around the rest of the day with wet slimy clothes.

  • hochoch

    going to the beach w/ my dad, he would surf and I would boogie board. by myself. with no lifeguards. not sure I would do the same w/ my kids but it was fun!

  • D Smith

    Never had a dad in my life

  • Gunnar Jones

    My fondest memory of being a dad is having my kids see me after a long time and act like I’ve never been gone. Not that they didn’t miss me, but that they know me enough to know I’m not gone forever.

  • antwonw

    Ironically, on mother’s days when I was 12, we went to this nice breakfast joint in town with my mother. We waited about an hour just to be seated. When we finally were seated, the waiter accidently stepped on my toe. Thenwhen I ordered, I asked for my ommlette to have no beef since I’m a vegetarian and actually get since when I eat meat. Then as the waiter is bringing the food and has multiple plates in her hands and down her arms, she drops on, a PB&J French Toast right onto my dads lap. Needless to say, it was a mess. After getting half way through my omelette, I started to feel sick. Handing it to my father he said, “Son, this has beef.” We called the waiter and she was all apologic. Then as we’re finally leaving, my dad is carrying the To-Go boxes and I’m walking behind him, when I hear this crunch as he steps on something. I look over and say, “Oh no! Now look what happen!” Sitting at a table was this mother, nicely dressed, frozen with a fork of food almost to her mouth while grape jelly was plastered all across the side of her face and body. One of those little jelly packets had fallen on the floor and my dad, in some manner of shere luck, had managed to step on it just right, launching the contents at this innocent, unsuspecting mother. On the ride home my dad was laughing so hard he was crying and had to pull the car over.

  • My dad’s dad served in the Navy in WWII, my dad served in the Air Force in Viet Nam, I served in the Army in Kosovo. Like father, like son. ‘murica! πŸ™‚

  • NolBi-Wan

    Growing up my dad use to work on a farm and I would always love going to work with him pretending I knew what the hell I was doing. Especially loved it when I got to ride on the fork lift with him. Felt like a big kid.

  • sga204

    My Dad taught me how to be hands on with everything and care about how everything works around you. It made me have a much broader skill set in general and I can’t thank him enough for it.

  • Roy

    So exciting!!

  • James Sutch

    going to maine with my dad

  • Aftermath

    deft all our hunting trips!

  • T_Dizzle

    I love hearing that when I’m away my little ones always call for dada.

  • Nero Valzer

    Yeah my dad would not know how to use this… I think I would be the better person to make use of it heh.

  • Martin

    Fishing with dad

  • Andrew Dreissig

    Dad, Mom and I used to play Tetris! We would have round-robin tournaments, it was a Blast!

  • Scott Fulk

    Staying up late on Saturdays to watch scary movies on Chiller Theater when I was a kid.

  • Brian Whitehurst

    Nothing good to say about my own father. I am blessed to have my own daughter and son.

  • Teksu

    My son would love this!

  • Jonathan Williams

    My 2 year old walked out on the porch without his pants and took a giant dump on the deck in front of everyone.

  • richoz30

    I remember so many things about my dad, but most of all how he raised me so I can raise my 2 children the same way. I love you, dad!

  • Rudy Bistrovich III

    I used to think my dad was best in the world until I met me.

  • Bill Slowey

    I have a lot of fond memories and I will think of them all this weekend. This father’s day will be exactly 1 year after the death of my dad.

  • DesignsByNinja

    Would like to get my dad into gaming again, use to play medal of honor allied assault all the time. Might convince him to build a pc and stream his own games as he mostly runs of a laptop !

  • Jordan Dewey

    My son is my world. I would sacrifice everything for him. A smile on his face is all anyone needs but that doesn’t mean if dad got a SHIELD it wouldn’t make things even better!

  • Noble Star

    Mine πŸ˜€

  • Brian Walker

    Last year, after buying our first home, the toilet started getting clogged up really easily. I thought for sure the kids had shoved something down there, so I tried just using a plunger. That didn’t work, so I ended up getting a hand powered drain snake. I made sure to get a good one, but I ended up breaking the handle just trying to get the clog out. I felt defeated, until I realized I had to take matters a step further. I didn’t have any rubber gloves to keep my hands clean, but I removed the entire toilet from the floor. Turns out there was an eyeliner pencil lodged sideways in the very bottom of the drain, where it connects to the pipe in the floor. I couldn’t even be mad at that point, I just laughed and laughed. It took weeks to get to that point, and I was just glad to be done.

  • Green

    I lost my dad years ago to cancer. I miss him.
    Hug your dads if he’s still around.

  • SplashMTN

    The first time my dad took me golfing with his friends. That was a great day.

  • Tim Smith

    I got my comic timing from my father.

  • Walter Partlo

    I’m a dad.

  • Steve Ciszewski


  • strikeir13

    We blew out the speakers in our old van by playing Ave Maria at full blast and singing along terribly. That was neat.

  • TheSuperBurrito

    Best gift for the best Dad at my house!!!: ME!!

  • Jaxon Wright

    He dropped me off at a friend’s house once. That was nice

  • matt

    Well my son was born on Monday. I was in the delivery room with my wife for about 13 hours. While she napped I was playing xcom on my nexus 7 tablet, a shield would have been awesome!

  • Rorix

    there was the time he taught me how to catch things by throwing those things at me (small pillows, balls, etc), hit me in the face several times but hey, i can catch most stuff now. thanks dad

  • marka_450

    A couple years ago my dad and I made up after being a strange for 14 years.

  • Benjy Bell

    My father made sure I knew how to change a tire before my first solo beach trip. What happens on the way home…flat tire.

  • JermaineFerrell

    I have 3 kids that live with their mom in another state and a step son i have now. Its hard being a dad on both ends and I do everything i can to be in their lives. I wish I could make them understand that I’m not a villian and that their mom and I didnt work out thats all. Thats my fathers day story and the story for this contest. hopefully i could win to take the sting off from having children that dont fancy their dad.

  • gcforreal

    Remember the year I found Santa wasn’t real.. Caught my dad sneaking down the hallway with my sega Genesis as he thought I was asleep… Man those aninja turtles and streets of rage games were awesome

  • Kristian Sandoval

    My father used to let me sit in his lap and steer the car in the neighborhood. One spontaneous day comes along and he lets me use the pedals (I’m 10 at this time, mind you). Needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing and we reversed through a cul-de-sac and into a stop sign before my brain kicked in again and stopped the car. Man, I love my dad.

  • Srinivas

    There was this day when my father forgot his birthday, its so funny cause even my birthday falls on the same day

  • Jason Whiting

    Would be a nice gift : )

  • Gabe Reed

    I got to pull two baby teeth for my daughter yesterday. Fun Times!

  • Michael Forte

    My dad introduced me to video gaming when he bought me a Super Nintendo when I was young.

  • MichaelFranz

    my dad getting mad when i beat him in RBI baseball for Nintendo….

    At age 6 or 7

  • Eric Benson

    Just give it to me, it really is that easy.

  • Daniel M.

    I want one!

  • David Lopez

    When I was around 8 years old my dad used to take me to an empty road nearby his workplace and let me drive the car around that street, of course I had to sit on his lap and he controlled the gas pedal, that was the coolest thing ever when I was that age!

  • Fritz Davis

    I was changing my daughter’s diaper and she got up, ran to the corner and peed on the carpet.

    • Jason Lee

      did you put your daughter on her back while changing her diaper? you should’ve held her down

  • thistimearound

    Haha, dad wouldn’t use this at all. But I would. And my dad is pretty freaking cool even though he doesn’t do video games. So, that’s all I got. Love that guy.

  • Bryan A

    My father died before saying I love to him πŸ™

  • Michael Persico

    Going to first baseball game with dad.

  • Scott

    My father wears sneakers in the pool.

  • selvin sosa

    My Dad never use one of this, but one day he play whit my note 3 and since then, Im using a moto x, I miss my note 3 but my dad is really enjoying it, a envidia Shield would be nice, Happy Father day to all

  • boardindude

    I have lots of good memories of riding with my dad it his big truck.

  • 4n1m4L

    Fathers day could be so simple. Sleep in, not have to put on pants all day. Yeah. Dad had it god

  • Omar Mansour

    i hate my dad. not a nice guy. but i love my mom twice as much, shes the man

  • jmu33

    spending the summer with my son and my baby girl watching from heaven

  • Dan

    I still vividly remember the haze of smoke that hung in our house whenever dad was home.

  • Joe Mihalich

    Boating on the hudson river with the dad.

  • Josh Sleeper

    Fishing derbies for days!

  • John R

    I’m just getting my dad into smart phones and tablets so this would be great!

  • makivelli

    Dad is the greatest man I have and will ever know. If I become a third of who he is I will be incredibly lucky.

  • Ryan Weller

    My dad and I used to play a SEGA Genesis golf game for hours on end. It’s the only game I could ever get him to play. Been trying to find which game it was but nothing I’ve found so far has been it.

  • Setzer83

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Kenny Woodard

    My high school friend became a father at 17 years old. He has really been there for his child and taken responsibility for his actions. It impressed me so much that I would give him this to surprise him and show that I’m proud of him for stepping up.

  • Andrew Egger

    Thanks DL

  • Mr E

    Every Friday, my Dad would drive me to school and we would stop at the local Burger King for breakfast. It always felt like such a treat. Even today, to celebrate, I stopped at BK on the way to work.

  • Liam Garcia

    Probably the most fun iv’e had with my dad is whenever he needed he needed to work on a car, he put me on his legs and id give him stuff to fix the car with.

  • David Rhiley

    Being the father of 3 girls: enough said!

  • Zach

    Dad wasn’t in the picture but my Big Brother taking me Camping was great experience.

  • David Goller

    Well, there is the time my daughter puked at Bob Evans….

  • Beatriz


  • acgr4me

    I still remember watching the Three Stooges with my dad on the weekends. That was one of the most fondest memory’s I remember.

  • Mr_Pinkey

    Yeah, I think my dad could get into this!

  • Metal_Link

    Playing Super Mario 64 with my dad was a good time.

  • R Weaver

    My dad and I make an effort to go to a Saints game whenever possible. The first time I ever went to St Louis we got great seats and I was introduced to a wonderfully cultured city!

  • John Diggs

    IDad and I used to play Zelda for hours in the basement. Good times.

  • Randy de Vera

    I wouldn’t mine another shield πŸ˜‰

  • Jay McPartland

    This would be a great father’s day gift for myself!

  • Duncan Manning


  • Even_Steven805

    My Dad beating my ass when I got in trouble. Made me follow a better path in life

  • vvtim

    I had a daughter.

  • Brandon Sweetness

    i remember my father leaving once then coming back 10 years later….

  • Bman4000

    My dad has a love for the water. I fondly recall many of our fishing and ski trips to the lakes and riverways of Michigan. Good times.

  • When I was a kid, my dad and I had a ritual where we would put lotion on our faces simulating native american war paint patterns. We would then do a rain dance before bedtime.

  • Hobie Helbich

    My dad taught me to swim when I was a toddler by just tossing me in a pool with no floaties on or anything… luckily for me i learned fast!

  • I remember my dad taking my brother and me to the driving range to hit golf balls. We never really hit it that far but we had a blast attempting.

  • Craig Marc

    This is my first fathers day as a dad.

  • Chris Sherrer

    the time I went on a Father/Son vacation to Hawaii

  • Mihai Angheluta

    I’m gonna be an amazing dad someday.

  • truth_cutz

    Not as good as a handmade tie from the kids, but I’ll take it.

  • Daniel Coronel

    My dad and I ate balot

  • Corey Foltman

    Took the wife and 2 daughters to Disney last year, Great time.

  • ChrisCorp

    Going on camping trips with my dad for Boy Scouts and always having him push me to try something new.

  • muffnman

    That one time my dad taught me how to use just 1 square of toilet paper…

  • PhillipNorris

    I don’t have any memories for my dad as I did not meet him until my 31st birthday. I however have a lot of great memories with my grandfather and uncles. All of them have been very influential in my life.

  • Joseph De La Cruz

    My stepfather is emotionally my only father.

  • indiecognition

    I went with my Dad and brother to a Moroccan restaurant in a bad neighborhood in DC. After dinner, they just pull off and leave me there on the sidewalk. It took my dad about 20 minutes to finally pick me up — apparently my Dad thought I was hiding, and my brother was covering for me.

  • TJ Perez

    My dad bought me my first gaming device. This would be a great gift to give my son.

  • Ahmad Latayfe

    cool device, good luck every 1

  • Ben R

    I have a father.

  • Lucas Johnson

    I’d be dead from an accident with heavy machinery by now if it weren’t for my father.. Too many times to tell in a comment

  • Gumballhead1775


  • Carlos Morales

    Pick me

  • Rock_Kickass

    First time skiing in Vermont, he hadn’t been in 20 years, it was hilarious.

  • Jake

    When I was young my dad always come home and take me in his hands and make me swing

  • mike dunham

    Camping trips in Boy Scouts

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Would love to win!

  • WAldenIV

    We did our Order of the Arrow weekend together. We couldn’t talk to each other, but it was cool to experience it together.

  • Carl Bacchus

    I’m just a gadget freak

  • S Allen

    My fondest memory was going ice fishing with my dad.

  • GuidZilla

    This week my youngest(2) son conquered some fears of our larger outdoor slide… it was a lot of fun to watch.

  • Pmagent2013

    I have a 780 in my pc so ive really wanted to try to streaming on the shield.

  • Allen

    My fondest memeries are of my dad and I building things or playing diablo 2 together.

  • Okpalaeke kingsley

    My chance to win.

  • Drooblz

    Woohoo, mobile Portal 2!

  • SJ

    When I was 8, My dad bought me my first gun. When went to the Turkey Shoot down the street from our house and spent all day practicing shooting at targets and riding go Carts

  • 13bgarli

    My dad got me interested in my career field, Computer Science!

  • mikewilson1021

    My dad and I were on father/son trip one time where he had a few (a lot) of drinks and then declared himself “Spartacus” by going out on to the balcony of the hotel screaming out to the world “I…..AM….SPARTACUS!!!!”

  • Marc

    I was putting together a remote control car and it didn’t work when I was finished. He was mad that I bought it because it was expensive and he said that I shouldn’t have bought it anyway. I got upset and went to bed. He felt so bad he stayed up all night taking it apart and putting it back together again until he got it to work. He took me to a track to try it out the next morning.

  • yellowdgg


  • Gil_Smash


  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Would be fun..

  • Tilman Rauh


  • Specter597

    First time I went fishing with Dad … fishhook right in my thumb … oh, right. Fond.

  • Jeremy Kacher

    My dad and I always get to do home improvements projects together and its always great working with him

  • Kidqwik

    When my dad helped me change my rotors n brakes on my car in the freezing cold. RIP Dad. πŸ™

  • Michael Burke

    Do want.

  • Akiih

    Riding a motorbike with my dad πŸ™‚

  • James Bolling

    I don’t have many fond memories of my dad due to my folks divorcing but it’s because of this that I try to make everyday a great memory for year and a half of son

  • Kevin Gallagher

    The first time I changed my sons diaper, he was hours old, he peed all over himself, I felt so bad. I just looked at my recovering wife and said “but he was so new”.

  • Jonathan ‘j-kousto’ Osborne

    One of my favorite memories of playing games with my dad comes from one of the greatest games of all time, Megaman 2. So many times I would get past the first 8 bosses, but would always trip up trying to navigate Dr. Wiley’s castle. But my dad would always come in and show me how to beat the new bosses, including that pesky dragon! It would be awesome to give him a SHIELD to show my appreciation!

  • Joe Bertolino

    I remember going down to the airport and watching the planes fly overhead, also preseason Eagles games at The Vet

  • chowhoundb

    I am Dad x3 as of just last week. It’s a great experience.

  • Kieron Quinn

    How often he gets lost and blames me. That’s just a “dad” thing though isn’t it?

  • bigachx

    This is actually going to be my first Fathers Day. I have a beautiful 7 month old little girl who has turned me into such a sap. Nothing in the world touches me like when I come home from work and see her face light up when she sees me and her big smile. I would love the SHIELD…. but being a father in itself is already the best Father’s day gift πŸ™‚

  • NGagen

    I never really had a dad.

  • Joe

    Yes please!

  • BrianGetchel

    Cooking panfish over a campfire during our electricity free cabin trips. Those were the days

  • KenBarnum

    I used to love that my dad coached my soccer teams all through my childhood

  • CameronLloyd

    Pizza with dad was always the best

  • Edson de Jesus

    My dad introduced me to technology at an early age.

  • SaganMalluma

    A Tetra Shield sounds like it would be fun to play.

  • Rich Nahra

    Going fishing and taking me to his workshop

  • Justin Koch

    I used to always enjoy my fishing trips with my dad up north. Every year we used to do that and every year was better than the last.

  • Alex

    My dad and I are not golfers, but every time we would visit my grandparents in Ocean Shores, WA, we would hit the course. We would both consistently shoot over 100, due to the constant windy conditions and the fact that neither of us are good golfers.

  • inthepit

    i would love one of these for father’s day!

  • robrimmer

    Fondest memory? Taking me to my first football (soccer) game at our local football stadium.

  • Ryan Gullett

    Sometimes my mom would let me stay up and watch my dad play Super Metroid on super Nintendo. Or my dad wouldn’t say anything if she went to bed early.

  • Bolivar A Garcia Crespo

    A Nividia Shield.. Just think about what better gift than a Nvidia Shield so you can share and play with your father.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I remember going fishing with my dad. It was my first time fishing with actual worms, and I ended up catching more fish than him! πŸ˜› Good times.


    Just growing up with him, in general.

  • wylew


  • SB13X

    If we are talking about memories of our Dads when we were younger, I wanna win this so I can laugh as hard at him as I did when he tried playing my old original GameBoy with Mario and he kept falling down the same hole at the beginning over and over and over again!

  • glee24

    I would love to play this with my kids. I wonder how long i would have it before they tried to take it away…

  • agottschling

    I always loved working with my dad. Especially when I got a treat out of it.

  • jafunk

    one of my favorite memories as a kid growing up was when my dad surprised me by coming back in town on my birthday. he had been gone on a work trip and was supposed to be gone for another 3 days after my birthday but instead finished up and came home early just to surprise me!

  • JC


  • Austin_tacious

    I remember going to the park with my grandfather and our dog. He would cook a mean steak tooβ€” my grandpa, not the dog.

  • Jason V

    Father’s day my dad was a big gamer

  • Avarik Pawns

    My dad showed me Doom back in the 90s. Now I will present to him flappy bird.

  • panicswhenubered

    This is just what I…. I mean, my dad, needs for Father’s Day.

  • Tomek Marzewski

    great contest

  • anezarati

    playing basketball with my dad

  • David Cohen


  • hawkxcore

    My father hung me on a hook once. Once.

    • Joshua Martinez

      I believe you.. xD

  • BillJude56

    For the month preceding the local Punt, Pass, & Kick competition my dad would come home from work and bring me to the high school football field where he would shag my practice p,p, & k’s for an hour. I won every year but one (placed second). Quite a guy and all-around wonderful dad.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Just had a second baby in time for father’s day. Forgot how small they are.

  • B W

    Would love something besides cards for Father’s day. This would be perfect

  • SeanRinVA

    Dad’s company had a space invaders contest one weekend. All the employee’s kids played. I won and took home $100. This was in the early 80s, on Atari 2600s.

  • unimurph

    Now that my 3 year old daughter has all but taken ownership of my tablet I would love to have a Shield to play around with (or more likely watch her take over also). Daddy’s little girl.

  • Devin Stawicki

    My father passed away when I was 10 years old. My stepfather is now with me and he has brought me through many experiences. Especially with technology. He works as a technical support person and he is always fixing my computer if anything goes wrong. He truly has proved to care about me throughout my life. That’s hard to do when you’re not a person’s real father, but he sure knows how to treat me like his real son.

  • Handly Marks

    Team android wins the world cup… also fathers day woot

  • Rohit Kumar Singh

    A very close friend just became a dad….it’s been amazing to see him & his 5 month old son go through the paces!

  • mxmumtuna

    About to be a dad in November. Crazy times.

  • mcdonsco


  • seven2k

    would def. use this when my kids are on my arm while gaming on the PC

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    My dad always helped me with my homework up until college

  • What if *I* am the father ? πŸ˜€

  • Not gonna win, but I’m gonna try…

  • ki11ak3nn

    This is the first Father’s Day for a good friend of mine Taylor. Just wanna say Happy Father’s Day to him and I can’t wait to see him again.

  • Brett Wayne

    When I was a few years old I was at the jersey shore with my father. He list a contact and had to drive us home with his glasses on. He can’t really drive to week with glasses and what is normally a hour drive took us 3 hours, driving in the right lane at 55mph.

  • Daniel Jenkins

    Awesome father’s day gift!

  • ShockWave

    Good luck everyone

  • ckruppy

    My Dad helped the local VFW build a new baseball field when i was in the league, the first game i ever played on that field i got a homerun!

  • Manthas

    I get my technophile genes from my father; he was always just as fascinated about new tech as I am now. I also got my love of Star Trek from him as well, watched in in syndication with him growing up.

  • TuckandRoll84

    My dad just retired, again. This would be perfect for him on the days he is sitting around not doing anything.

  • Wes Thomson

    After buying my own house I most appreciate the knowledge I gained doing projects with him on our house.

  • Alex Onuoha

    Love my pops!

  • duce22

    Brought up without a father but a little love from a great mother and I managed to be a great father to my two beautiful girls, which will have some great father/daughter stories when they are older.

  • maxkobi

    taking rides on my dads Harley just to go get bottled cream soda

  • T4rd

    I would give this to my 10 year old Son since his Nabi 2 recently died on him. I know he’d love it and we could still play Pocket Tanks and Clash of Clans together!

  • tomgillotti

    I became a dad just 18 months ago… never thought it would happen. Never wanted kids before. Now, I’ve got the greatest kid alive!!

  • Clintro

    Great contest! I am your father!


  • Will P

    Playing Forza with my dad was great.

  • Tyrian

    My dad.. He taught me a hell of a lot about drinking.

  • Nick V

    When my brother and I were young, my father would always take us to fly kites. In day while at the park, a reporter approached my father about taking our photos while flying our kites, which then ended up in our local paper. We felt like superstars at the time, when we saw ourselves.

  • I hope that it’s an international one πŸ™‚

  • Little G

    I have a tee time set for Sunday to play with my son for the 1st time. Super cool and really looking forward to it.

  • Timothy Robinson

    My dad is great man who has taught me so much. He would have no clue however what to do with a Shield.

  • Ron Rosero

    I remember when he would teach me competitive shooting, him being a range officer and all. I never got into it as much as he did, but it was awesome nonetheless.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Well I guess the fondest memory of my dad was when he group text messaged most of my family with a message meant for the lady he was having an affair with, followed up with a second message “Don’t tell your mother”. Sad thing was, my mom was included.

    But my brother just had a kid and it was quite fun watching the video my brother took of my Nephew pulling himself up for the first time, and promptly falling into the diaper pail.

  • Winning is always good.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Accidentally pulled my dad’s old 41 Ford truck out of gear when I was a kid, which proceeded to roll down the driveway towards the neighbor’s ditch…He ran after yelling for me to ‘hit the brake’ which i was too young to know meant the middle pedal. He managed to catch up, get the door open, and dive in to stop it before we hit. No punishment that I can remember, but I definitely knew which pedal was the brake from then on!

  • strozykowski

    This would make a seriously rad Father’s Day gift.

    Although, my sons would probably end up playing with it more than I would get to…

  • Burtimus Prime

    My dad inspired my love for flying. When I was a kid, I would go with him on test flights in small, personal planes. Definitely some of the best memories.

  • JG

    Always Wanted one of this.

  • Adam

    I could totally use one of these

  • AJH

    My dad was an assistant coach for my little league team.

  • Eric G Canoy

    My dad bought me my first game systems, Atari 2600 and the original NES… and on my 8th birthday, I asked for a Sega Genesis since my cousin already got the Super Nintendo. My parents tried to hide it in his truck, but since I ACTUALLY PLAYED OUTSIDE LIKE A NORMAL KID GROWING UP INSTEAD OF PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ALL DAY (like I do now…), a small glimpse of the speedy blue hedgehog caught my eye behind the seat of my dad’s small pickup

    • Jason Lee

      when you were 8 years old did you get a glimpse of the Sonic game case or was the Sega Genesis connected to a TV behind the seat in your dad’s truck?

      • Eric G Canoy

        It was the game that came with the game console

        • Jason Lee

          you said you had a small glimpse of the speedy blue hedgehog caught your eye behind the seat of your dad’s pickup truck I was asking if you had seen the case of the Sonic Sega Genesis game behind the seat or your dad had a Sega Genesis console set-up with a TV behind the seat

        • Jason Lee

          duh I wasn’t asking if Sonic was the game that came with the console

  • masahito29

    Happy Father’s Day!

  • yummy

    Ahh, slip into my Android powered sharksuit, backflip off this here boat, and, yeah, here we go, off to meet the folks. Hope they arent to hungry this time, we all remember the last Thanksgiving. Hey Dad! No,no hugs, no, just a fist bump Dad, you understand.

  • Jim Sheeran

    Camping and fishing with him even though he hates it haha.

  • dapbmonkey4u

    I am a father, and I need to get my children off my phone. This would be great to let them play their own games.

  • Itzael Martinez

    I remember when my dad got me my first console. Oh the look of disapproval he gave me…

  • Hesedguy

    I remember being super excited when my Dad announced we’d be buying our first dog. Great family time picking that dog out.

  • kilbasar

    I will always remember the look of childish wonder on my dad’s face when he was showing off his shiny new Nexus 10 tablet. Man loves his Androids.

  • 994196003

    building a house

  • Mike_Cook7

    Ah now this would make it a great Fathers Day!

  • ynksbsbll2

    Play fighting with my dad as a kid ended when he uppercut me and chipped my tooth. I miss those days.

  • Jigsaw hc

    Lots of fishing trips

  • Markymarc18

    That time my dad accepted me for who I was, not who he thought I should be. That was amazing.

  • David C. Powell

    Some of my fondest memories are camping with my dad, luckily my kids have been able to experience that as well in the last couple of years!

  • TheWenger

    Backpacking for two weeks in New Mexico.

  • Tony Byatt

    Going to San Francisco for the time with my dad and riding the cable car was a memorable moment for me…

  • kfacy

    Craziest moments in my life were seeing my children being born!

  • hoodieNation

    I loved going to Blazer games with my dad and trying to guess who the first to 20 would be… Rasheed Wallace!

  • sydeshow

    Dad used to sneak off into the garage when I was a kid and come back much more mellow and easier to talk to compared to prior… He must have been working hard because he always looked so tired and smelled of plants when he returned

    • Dan

      mine too, but mine didn’t try to hide it.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Mine too. By the time I was 16, I was indulging myself.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    Well for my first trip with my son, he was 4 but he noticed we would have to stay in a hotel and not at home, took me a few hours to convince him its was ok to stay there, after the trip was over he didnt want to return home, he said the hotel room was his new home ;P

  • mike

    Woo me want!

  • Voyageur

    I enjoyed playing ping pong with my dad and taking fun family vacations with my family.

  • beng8686

    Happy fathers day early to all the actual dads out there.

  • Sean Stone

    I got peed on by my 8 month old son last night, does that count as a dad story?

  • Jason Downing

    My bro just became a dad 3 weeks ago which means I just became a first time uncle.

  • Kevin Zukerman

    My dad always helped when my NES needed a quick fix. Now that it’s the future, I want to return the favor on a way cooler gaming device!

  • Sweet

  • Joe White

    Thanks Dad for introducing me to computers at a young age. He used to sell business computers in the 70s that were the size of a small room. Now my little smartphone is thousands of times more powerful than those old beasts.

  • enemyisyou

    I remember when my son was born (almost 7 years ago), I got the pleasure of changing his first diaper…yeah…turns out once that thing hits the wind for the first time, it’s like turning on the faucet; got hit right in the face…

  • wil thames

    Couch + Dad = Present.

  • Ray

    My son would destroy this thing haven’t meant a toy he can’t break that’s why it’s for me not him lol

  • Tbone1151

    Would make the perfect gift for pops. He’s done too much for me and has been THE motivating factor in everything I do.

  • Tyler Martin

    I loved going golfing with my dad. It was one of my favorite things to do.

  • James Thomas

    Would have been nice for my 10 hour car ride to Colorado starting tonight…

  • David Shaver

    Win myself a father’s day present? Don’t mind if I do

  • Eric Wilborn

    My brother in law is celebrating his first father’s day. It’s been a blast watching he and his son progress through these last 5 months.

  • Jeff718

    My dad gave me my first boombox and cassette tape .

  • Christopher Battista

    Some of the most fun I’ve had was playing Streets of Rage 2 with my dad when I was a kid.

  • In for the win

  • Boss As Hell

    My fondest memories with my dad are our deep sea fishing trips. Just the guys, beers and lots of red snapper, grouper and tuna.

  • Jarras

    Fixing and repairing everything around the house together, from the car to cabinets to electrical to plumbing. He was a jack of trades and taught me everything I know.

  • Matt

    I cant remember the last time my dad asked for something other than a “home depot gift card” for a gift. Classic.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    First trip to the hospital after my accidentally stuck my foot under his lawnmower. Total freakout!

  • Murph

    thank you!

  • Craig

    My dad wouldn’t know what to do with this but my son would love it.

  • zach471


  • Kal5el

    I used my galaxy nexus when it first came out to show my tech-illiterate immigrant father the village where he grew up. In terrain view in Maps. He got way too excited.

  • n11

    Commenting now. Good luck me.

  • Bunjiweb

    I just want to be able to play Portal and Half-Life 2 on a portable console – is that too much to ask? I’m sure my dad would approve.

  • Graham Oxborrow

    Nothing better than my two young boys coming up and saying, “I love you Dad!” Gets me every time.

  • Sciaid

    I taught my dad how to use google now when his razr was first updated and he has loved it since.

  • Mike

    That would be an awesome gift for fathers day.

  • Shifty

    On a long car trip just the two of us, my dad thought that was the most appropriate time for a graphic birds and bees chat. Nothing like knowing there is no way to get out of a conversation to really multiply the awkwardness of it.

    • Eric Wilborn

      there’s always the option to jump out.. just remember to tuck and roll.

  • Zack Johnson

    going for gold

  • Disqus_n00b

    Since this is a phone blog…getting him a GS4 last year thanks to DL discovery of Amazon glitch!

  • Amr

    My Father was the man who make me love Tech πŸ™‚

  • Clint O

    This would be great for my son to use while on the way to vacation next month.. And for me too lol

  • mcdroid

    i’m a new dad and would love a new gadget!

  • Curtis Black

    My dad and grandpa brought me to my first baseball game when I was three. I remember being in the stadium and that it was hot as hell. Couldn’t tell you who won, but I remember it was a great time. Still a Cardinals fan to this day.

  • NeilOMalley

    My Dad has always been supportive of my work in technology, always telling me that my time is more valuable than I charge. Overall has been a huge motivator for me.

  • Jon Gee

    This would be awesome!

  • gregbeal

    i want to win!

  • badjedi

    This would make an awesome fathers day gift.

  • Guest

    Lets hope for the best. Good luck everyone!

  • Ankara

    Still treasure the picture of my dad trying to swim with me in my kiddie pool when I was 3.

  • r3pwn

    I would need to show my dad how to use it. XD


    I don’t know why, but I’ll always remember when we were at a theme park when I was young and I said, “lets get a map”. My dad responds “we don’t need no stinkin map!” lol

  • Kevan Acker

    Yay! Video games!

  • Josh P.

    I vividly remember my dad beating the crap out of a bat that flew in our house. I thought it was hilarious at the age of 4.

  • Justin V

    I hope to one day graduate college in compiter and electrical engineering , which my father has always pushed me to go into!

  • Dc

    My dad had a really old HP laptop for the longest time that he used for just about everything. I bought him the Nexus 7 (2013) thinking it’d be just a nice gift. He hasn’t touched that HP laptop even once since picking up that Nexus 7. He’s now a complete Android loyalist!

  • Too many times has my dad disappointedly shook his head at me for playing video games at 4:30am while he was getting ready for work.

  • My dad was the first person to play video games with me. We use to take turns playing the Legend of Zelda.

  • Demolition505

    Playing air hockey at a movie rental store.

  • rg

    My best memories of my dad and I were playing through andretti racing for the ps1. He got me the ps1 and the game for Christmas 1 month after having a heart attack and open heart surgery. We played a lot while he recovered and had an awesome time.

  • Dan Anderson

    My dad spent pretty much every penny he earned to engage in a hobby with me. We raced dirt track go-karts for years. Great times.

  • playing Donkey Kong Country with my dad when he was better at it than I was πŸ˜‰

  • Zebaahx

    hearing i will be dad is the greatest memory i can ever have

  • Bob Allen

    Dad would have a blast! πŸ˜€

  • Jason Peters

    While sailing through French Polynesia when I was a kids, I dropped my gameboy into the ocean. My dad scuba’d to retrieve it. It still worked, minus the speaker.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    All those times my father and I went to the movies… Always had a great time

  • Zeke

    Hope I win! πŸ™‚ Pops would love this!

  • Andy Brownfield

    I need to convince my dad to make the switch over to Android from iOS.

  • Mark Danner

    Stuft animals are real. We made Austin pair down the 100 or so of his to keep only the ones that protect him. Mind you, they were tucked in his closet for most of his life… He started to ball. He didn’t want any of them to go away. And while Gina explained that they were going to good will and not into the garage, he wasn’t having any of it. That’s when I took over.

    I asked him to get a grip so we could talk. Then I asked him an important question. A feeling I so closely remember as a kid. My stuffed blue bear wasn’t a toy. He wasn’t a bear. He was a friend. I guy I could trust. I could love. I could depend on. He was in every way, a friend.

    I asked him if he felt guilty, like he was letting them down by moving on. He was and I knew it. He sobbed and slowly shook his head in affirmation. I hugged this little person I am raising and stroked his back. I told him about my blue bear and his demise. I told him that we would pick out the best ones and set them up on his bed and relieve them from the dredges of his closet and I assured him that his other stuffies would go to homes to be loved. This was one of my best moments as a father.

  • legalkill

    Watched my oldest graduate HS this year. Feeling old and proud.

  • Daniel Archibald

    I remember my Dad teaching me to shoot cans when I was a kid and i was always impressed cause he was so good at it. He taught me alot of patience and discipline and I look up to him for everything. He is my Hero. I want to win the Shield for him.

  • Jimeong Lee

    When I was a young boy, I finished a piano competition with first place. Instead of going home after, he took me to the circus which was better than I would have thought.

  • Uday Kiran

    Long drives with my dad on an old Vespa in Indian Countryside.

  • Mr Glass

    Games for F-Day – for when the kids are away πŸ˜‰

  • chaoslimits


  • Ryan N

    Fishing off the pier at the beach and people watching. haha

  • just4747

    Pick me! Father’s Day gift!! :p
    Good luck all.

  • Brandon

    I love talking to my dad about buildings that are being built or renovations that happen at the work place as he has built houses for the past 30 years.

  • Mark Danner

    Man I should be so lucky…

  • valapsp

    watching the first world cup match with my dad became a memory.

  • besweeet

    Dad. That is all.

    Is that considered a dad-related comment? Hehe.

  • John Kirkpatrick

    I grew up wishing John Wayne was my dad.

  • Rechie

    The last movie I saw with my dad was Live Free Or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) as my dad is a huge Bruce Willis fan. I enjoyed the movie more because I made my dad happy watching it with him. A month later, he passed away. His death anniversary is coming soon and I guess even if I can’t celebrate Father’s Day with him, he’s always going to be in my heart.

  • On2Vegas

    Went on a trip to DC with my scout troop and my Dad was a chaperone. All my friends thought he was cool. He bought us snacks and played games on the bus. It was a great and fun trip.

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    LOoks fun

  • Luke Olson


  • Matthew Angell

    This looks like a fun product.

  • Greg Abbate

    Going to hersey PA car shows with my dad when I was a kid. Camping out in a tent… seeing restored classic cars… great memory

  • Kevin

    i’d like to win!

  • Guest

    Been wanting to try one out!