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DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini Jumping Right to Android 4.4.3

Been curious why the DROID ULTRA, MAXX and Mini have not yet been updated to Android 4.4.2? Well, because Motorola ran into an issue and decided to wait until Android 4.4.3 was ready. According to David Schuster, Motorola’s senior direct of software product management, there was an issue with “requirement churn” that didn’t allow them to get out 4.4.2 as quickly as they would have liked. Since that issue arose and they knew that 4.4.3 was around the corner, rather than continue on with 4.4.2 and then make DROID owners wait months for 4.4.3, they made the decision to skip 4.4.2 altogether.

That’s right, DROID owners will jump past 4.4.2 and get Android 4.4.3 as soon as it is ready. Schuster didn’t give us a time frame, but did say that they are “working to get this update to you shortly.” He also noted that he will update us as we get closer to its release. 

Here is the full quote:

I see a lot of comments on a couple different threads asking about the 2013 DROID plans. Now that KitKat 4.4.3 is publicly available I am able to give more information about our plans. As I have stated previously, we ran into some issues with requirement churn on getting KitKat 4.4.2 out as quickly as we wanted too. Once that got resolved last month we had a decision to make with respect to rolling out KitKat 4.4.2 vs. waiting for KitKat 4.4.3, which we knew, was coming out shortly. We were concerned that if we used KitKat 4.4.2 it could be months before we were given the opportunity to get you KitKat 4.4.3. Consequently, we made the decision to wait for KitKat 4.4.3 as the base for our next update to the 2013 DROID family. We are working to get this update to you shortly, as it gets closer I will let you guys know. Thanks for your patience.

Via:  +David Schuster
Cheers Rick!
  • Dhamodaran

    I’m already getting more updates with my MAXX .Hope Moto will also compete

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  • Anon

    This is pretty huge.

    Some people have had some issues with 4.4 KitKat that weren’t present on the very-rock-solid 4.2.2 that shipped with these phones

    -Bluetooth issues for some
    -Decrease in WiFi/4G-LTE reception strength in some cases
    -Decrease in battery life for some users

    The minor patch to 4.4 fixed a decrease in battery life for me, and I haven’t had Bluetooth issues like some, but I have had issues with WiFi signal strength in some cases and 4G-LTE has been weaker since going to 4.4 and has not improved. I’m really hoping to see 4.4.3 fix these; bug-fixes are a bigger deal to me than new features. Love my Droid MAXX, but the original 4.2.2 OS was the most polished version.

  • needa

    i would say that statement about sums up when they get the updates from google. they had 4.4.2 ready last month… but decided to wait until they got their hands on 4.4.3.
    maybe this will put to rest those that think motorola gets the updates months before release. or anyone else for that matter.

  • Jeremy Michael Hobbs

    Love my Mini… Very under-rated device.

  • Pakmann2k

    Please bring my battery life back to where it was before the Kitt Katt update!

  • Jason

    Ugh, I’m still on 4.2 w/ root (via MotoRoot) in hopes of a better root path to next update. With the new 4.4 OTA a few weeks back, not sure if I should try hopping to old 4.4 build somehow, using JCase’s root method, then update to current 4.4 build, or just stay on 4.2 and wait for 4.4.3 and keep fingers crossed. Also trying to avoid any of the 4.4 issues that people have reported. Thoughts?

    • Kebova1

      I’m on the latest 4.4 rooted w/ no issues. I used the jcase method to get to the original 4.4 and stay rooted, then used survival mode to get the small 4.4 ota that rolled out a week or 2 ago. Still rooted, unlimited data, free tethering…. Life is good!

  • 213ninja

    i wish Samsung would have gone this route with the Note 3 after all of the issues reported on the S4…

  • chris125

    Good for moto. Will she interesting to see how this stays the same or changes once they are part of lenovo since lenovo is still shipping devices with 4.1.1

  • RoadsterHD1

    Finally. Not that my Droid MAXX is not running good cause it screams and runs perfect. Just like the latest stuff thats all. Thanks MOTO

  • Finire

    Motorola may have it ready for roll out in 2 weeks. Then we’ll wait 2 to 3 months for Verizon to approve the OTA and another month to start distributing it.

    • Pakmann2k

      Actually much faster these days. It goes like this. 1. Can it be rooted? A. Nope. 2. Can you tether for free with an app. A. Nope. 3. Can the user remove our pre-installed software from it? A. Nope.
      Ok, then, it is approved.

      • Finire

        I wish that this were not as true as it is. I gave up recently and started paying Verizon the extra 30/month to tether. But, I have unlimited data, and the tethering is listed as unlimited also. So… it’s almost worth it.

        Seriously though, I’d love to root my Maxx. I’ve rooted most of my previous phones. But now it seems more hit or miss with being able to do so.

  • LLcdPH

    Love my MAXX!

  • Axelback

    My Maxx is ready and waiting for this update!

  • Jon Woodburn

    My Droid RAZR M went to 4.4.2 last week…

    • PoisonApple31

      That’s not the same as the Droid Mini.

  • Still on 4.2 to keep wifi tethering via foxfi 🙁

  • 216monster

    Good news ! I will love to see 4.4.3 and the X8 chip together on my MAXX !

  • disastrousrainbow

    I had a strong feeling this was what they were doing. Here’s hoping we get the new dialer and other stuffs. It’s stuff like this that really makes me want to stay with Motorola…but that G3…dat G3…

    • Shane Redman

      I’m feeling the same exact way! I have absolutely no quarrels with my Maxx right now, but Verizon and these data caps need ta go! I alone burned through our family plan.

    • Chris Bice

      Agreed. That G3 does look real good too… Although my lady has gone through 3 G2’s in less than 6 months time due to how excessively fragile they are. I hope this solves our excessive battery consumption on the MAXX. My MAXX has seen rough service and come out undamadged.

  • Chris Bice

    I’m actually surprised at how quick we are getting responses from moto … Not typical canned answers anymore… I’m impressed!

  • Detonation

    They probably knew about the exploit that jcase finally released, allowing for root on 4.4.2, that was patched in 4.4.3

    • akellar

      That exploit doesn’t work on the latest OTA for this device.

  • Jonathan

    I’m getting more updates with my MAXX that. I ever did with my Galaxy Nexus. I’m hoping Moto can keep it up!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Which is actually sort of sad.

  • Called it!

  • Trev

    I have the droid razr mini and i have 4.4.2…

    • Trev

      nevermind I have the razr m. apparently that’s different that the mini. my bad.

      • hkklife

        The RAZR M is a 2012 Jha-era device along with the RAZR HD and HD Maxx. Those devices will 99% likely be EOL’d and left on the current 4.4.2 update that just rolled out. Which still isn’t too bad considering their specs and age!


    I’m loving (even with the waiting) how we get 4.2.2 to 4.4 to 4.4.3… No middle bullish

  • Jimmy Baez

    This is how you do updates.

  • Mudokon83

    Just me and my Verizon S3. sitting here. Waiting. Curses.

    • akellar

      Don’t buy Samsung products through Verizon, their track record for updates are horrible.

      • Mudokon83

        I only buy used phone through swappa and resell on swappa, and I also plan on my next phone NOT being Samsung as well due to KNOX and TOUCHWIZ.

      • Tim Glaraton

        Just don’t buy Samsung phones if you are serious about updates, they’d much rather sell you the new model than update your old one

        • mustbepbs

          Or tablets. I’m waiting until Microsoft gets their act together with the Windows Store before I jump on a Surface Pro. I needz ma android gamez.

          • Daniel Maginnis

            Surface pro will run real games.

          • mustbepbs

            Yeah but my friends play CoC and Game of War. So..yeah.

      • 2Berad

        Don’t buy Samsung phones if you want Android…. You may end up with kizen switcheroo.

  • Shane Redman

    It’s things like this that make it hard to leave moto…the update track record that they’ve built is phenomenal

    • Scott

      What I want to know is how they’ve convinced Verizon to suddenly be up-to-date with OTA’s? They’ve been impressive too in terms of Motorola phones.

      • Mike Aurin

        I’m sure it helps their verification process when the new Motorola phone’s run almost stock Android…unlike anything else Verizon offers.

        • Bryan Mills

          Cough Gnex. ..cough

          • Shane Redman

            Verizon didn’t want that phone to succeed….it wasn’t “Droid” branded lol

          • PoisonApple31

            Would you give Samsung “Droid” branding again after the Charge?

          • rawr

            My gnex is also coughing like that all the time. But when I look at G3 articles it suddenly works better.

          • Pakmann2k

            I think when VZW realized what it really meant to have an unlocked device (free tethering, stock app removal, removal of anything Verizon from the device) they decided it wasn’t a good idea for them and ditched it. The newer Moto lineup is as stock to Android as it gets but they still pack in the Verizon bloatware that you cannot remove. For Verizon, they don’t care if it is stock or not, they just don’t want you to be able remove their crapware or tether. IMO

      • PoisonApple31

        Maybe something to do with the deal they have were only Motorola has the “Droid” branding now on Verizon?

      • chris125

        Its droid branded that’s why. The droid line is Verizon’s bread and butter, always has been

    • tardis 13

      And why I’m looking to Moto 360 this summer

  • I’m really curious to see if/what the new MAXX will look like from Verizon!

    • You aren’t the only one

      • hkklife

        Same here. I just wish they could shuffle Moto’s launch schedule a bit and get them out before the usual October timeframe.

    • PoisonApple31

      Hopefully it’ll have Lenovo PC coupons inside the box…