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Sprint’s Open Enrollment for Device Insurance Taking Place

For bumbling folks like me, going without phone insurance is like playing a constant game of Russian roulette – every time I drop a smartphone or tablet could result in its permanent death and untimely death. Problem is, I couldn’t obtain insurance even if I wanted to, because I never think I’ll need it at the time of purchase (even though I typically regret not purchasing it).

Sprint understands I’m not the only one in a pickle. Throughout the month of June, the carrier is allowing subscribers to enroll retroactively in the a device protection plan. Even if you chose to opt out at the time of purchase, you’re eligible to take advantage as long as your device is “functioning” and “in [your] possession.” 

Insurance is $7 per month for prepaid devices and ranges from $8 to $13 for postpaid tablets and handsets.

Here’s a breakdown of Sprint’s options:

Total Equipment Protection

  • Protection for prepaid devices
  • Covers loss, theft, and liquid or physical damage
  • In-store repairs and mechanical or electrical failures caused by defects and ware and tear
  • $8 to $11 per month, plus a deductible from $50 to $200

Total Equipment Protection Plus

  • Protection for higher-tier devices
  • All features of the Total Equipment Protection plan
  • Antivirus security, automatic backup of photos and videos, and tech expert hotline
  • First two device repairs/exchanges are free, then $25 thereafter within a 12-month period

Advanced Protection Pack

  • Protection for tablets, netbooks, and notebooks
  • Covers mechanical or electrical breakdown due to defects or normal wear and tear, accidental damage, loss, or theft
  • Includes technical support, including antivirus software
  • 90 days of online credit monitoring in the event of theft
  • $13 per month per device, plus a $100 deductible for accidental damage, loss, or theft
Via: Sprint
  • Juan Diaz

    They send me a broken phone and told me sprint needed to replace it cause asurion doesn’t do fault replacements. then sprint told me there is a 2 limit if THEY are going to replace my broken device that Asurion send me….im like “wtf?” what new rip off policy is this? I pay the insurance to fix my issue…not make it worse.

  • michael arazan

    Can I get this on a Verizon phone through? My Asurion insurance cancelled me having two accidents with in 11 months

  • Detonation

    Take the monthly fee and set it aside for yourself. If you break your phone, use it (plus the deductible you’d be paying) to buy one off swappa or get it repaired. If you don’t end up breaking your phone, you still have your money.

  • Under the bridge downtown

    I got mine from devicecoverage.net. They connected me to worth ave group. Pretty cheap.

  • Is Verizon’s insurance still $5-$7 for just the accidental damage protection? These $10/mo+ insurance programs are way too expensive with their increasing deductibles.