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Lenovo Debuts a Superphone That Will Probably Never Come to the US

Think the LG G3 specifications are impressive? Then wait till you see Lenovo’s new monster. At an internal event yesterday, the soon-to-be owner of Motorola Mobility revealed its follow-up to the Vibe Z, a smartphone that debuted overseas last year. Dubbed the Vibe Z2 Pro, bound for international markets, its specs should leave you longing.

If the 6″ QHD display and Snapdragon 801 processor don’t impress, the 4,000mAh battery, 16MP camera with dual flash, metallic body, and very narrow bezels should do the trick. The Z2 Pro also sports standard accoutrements, such as dual-SIM support with LTE and NFC. Oh, and it is only 7.7 millimeters thick. Your move, LG.

It’s tough to get excited when the Vibe Z2 Pro will almost assuredly never see US shores, but perhaps these are the types of devices we can look forward to once Lenovo fully absorbs Motorola.

Hey, I can dream.

Via: Sina Weibo [2]
  • Ben Edwards

    Lost me at 6inch screen. No thanks.

  • Jason Melling

    I don’t know why it not coming to the US is a big deal. If you want it just buy it online and use it in the US, very simple.

  • JeffColorado

    Thats an awesome looking tablet.

  • MH

    I wonder if you could use it on AT&T or TMO were you able to get your hands on an unlocked version

  • Axelback

    If the Droid line goes into 2015, That’ll be my next phone.

  • paul_cus

    I actually like Lenovo’s design language.

  • NorCalGuy

    I want a dual Sim that I can run my reg T-Mobile as my every day and get a prepaid vz/att Sim for those few and far in between times that I might be in an area were tmo is not yet.

    • Kyle

      Never worked with a dual sim phone….how does that work? do you manually switch it over in settings or does it automatically make the switch when the main sim is not active due to limited or no signal?

  • March McLaughlin

    I’ll be honest, “hot” specs don’t impress me when talking about phones. We’ve seen plenty of phones that their downfall is how beasty they are at the expense of too many other things.

    • Justin W

      That’s more for areas like Europe or Asia that have options for strictly data or strictly voice/text plans. It would be nice if we had those options here, but iti’s not the case.

    • ROB

      Then the battery should be enough to change your mind!

  • My dream device..

  • Ray

    LG made their move and I would rather have wireless charging and a removable battery then this metallic body.

    • OF

      But what about a 4Ah battery inside the LG? That would have been awesome 🙂

      • Ray

        I can bet you 4Ah battery will be available on eBay for the G3 without having to use a different battery cover

        • Big EZ

          If it fits with the stock back it won’t have a larger capacity. You will see it claim a larger capacity, but normally these cheap Chinese batteries don’t have as much juice as stock batteries. I hope to see 6000 and 9000 mah batteries from Zero Lemon like the Note series has.

          • Ray

            So you telling me zero lemon doesn’t make higher capacity batteries then OEM’s that fit with the same cover?

          • OF

            I don’t think they do. But that would make me wonder why LG wouldn’t do it themselves?

          • Ray

            Here’s a 3000 mah battery from them for the S4 which only came stock with 2600 man. The G3’s battery is much larger in dimension so I’m assuming they will be able to stuff even more juice in the space

          • OF

            Fair enough. But I’ve seen claims that most of these aftermarket batteries really don’t live up to the hype. Except for the mega huge ones which do require a different backing. I have no personal experience with them anyway.

          • Big EZ

            Not any that fit an extra 1000 mah with the stock back. They normally say they add 100-300 mah, but from my research many people claim equal or better life from the stock batteries. All the no name batteries on eBay claiming ridiculous sizes while fitting in the phone with a stock back are all worse than stock batteries.

          • Ray

            I get what your saying but my point is with removable batteries your capacity is unlimited. I haven’t owned a phone without replaceable batteries and I don’t think I could live without them.

    • Michael Nash

      So you’d like wireless charging and a removable battery followed by this metallic body? Interesting. #then #than

      • Ray

        That’s not what I said

        • Michael Nash

          “I would rather have wireless charging and a removable battery then this metallic body.” That’s EXACTLY what you said.

          • Ray

            Why comment if you have nothing to contribute besides trolling on every word someone says

          • AMPthe13th

            Because your mistake technically changes the meaning of your statement. It’s not just a typo. It’s the misuse of a word which alters the meaning completely.

            Because you’re mistake technically changes the meaning of you’re statement. Its not just a typo. Its the misuse of a word witch altars the meaning completely.

          • ROB

            Millennials use spell check a little too much? I see it with the kids I work with, can’t spell for crap..but can text all day.

          • TuckandRoll84

            I hate it when I misuse word witches.

          • Michael Nash

            Not every word. Just the idiotic ones.

          • Ray

            Ok you win one free Bit Coin.

  • M3D1T8R

    “Only 7.7 inches”

  • M3D1T8R

    Now Sony just needs to introduce a “Pro” version of their Z2.

    Seriously these naming conventions must change. One, X, Z… So many similarly/same named devices.

  • Gsizzle

    F!ck Lenovo #Lenovosucks #LenovoGate

  • King Lo

    6 inch screen? That is a tablet with Cellular capabilities.

    • RoadsterHD1


  • BillySuede


    • Cael

      i bet it is LOL

  • droidify

    That is a sweet device. Maybe they will throw some of that on Moto (minus the skin)

  • Cesar

    “Oh, and it is only 7.7 inches thick.”

    Thick is in?

    • Cael

      That’s what she said.

  • Mark

    Interesting. At least they aren’t afraid to go all out, which isn’t bad news for Moto fans. Hopefully, they won’t throw out the mid sized phone screens like last year’s MotoX, though.

    PS. *accoutrements unless Cooter is involved 😉

  • M3D1T8R

    That 4Ah battery with same res screen as the G3 makes me real concerned the G3’s 3Ah battery is not going to cut it.

    • Bryan Mills

      3000mAh is fine

      • M3D1T8R

        Right and you know this because you’ve used a 1440p 5.5″ display device with a 3Ah battery, right? 3Ah is the same size as last year’s G2, even though the G3 has nearly double the pixels to push (3.69 million vs 2.07 million), larger screen, faster processor.

        • Jon

          And you question that dude but have you? Do you have one on hand to test? Your making just as much speculation here.

          • M3D1T8R

            “Just as much” is quite the stretch there. It’s reasonable, informed speculation.

          • Jon

            It’s not reasonable when you assume that technology apparently doesn’t move forward. That there aren’t new techniques and innovations that are happening underneath the hood to allow for these higher specs, without totally destroying battery life.

            LG at their press conference yesterday announced 3 ways their screen cuts down on power usage. They specifically mentioned your theory and contradicted it by explaining new techniques at power savings with the new qHD screen.

            You have no idea until someone does real world test. You don’t see all or know all that is going on in any given device to achieve efficiency.

          • M3D1T8R

            No, I actually do assume that technology moves forward. It’s tended to, and I expect that to continue. You are now making assumptions about me.

            Look at the history of phones over the last 5 years. Batteries have gotten larger. Specs have improved. Battery efficiency has definitely improved as well. New phones are way more efficient with LTE than the early ones, for example. But barring something revolutionary, I expect this trend to continue. And LG seems to be continuing this trend with their efficiency improvements with the G3, which I applaud. I absolutely hope that this new device some how has the same good battery life as the previous version (nevermind it actually improving, which would be downright shocking), despite the exact same size battery.

            Generally the improvements in efficiency aren’t as much to fully overcome the spec bumps, on a 1-1 basis, so batteries still have to get somewhat larger. If this weren’t the case we’d still have 1.3Ah batteries like the HTC Incredible did 4 years ago. Instead the current HTC flagship One M8 has exactly double the battery capacity, 2.6Ah. Does it have double the power, pixels, screen area? No, obviously it has a lot more than double, probably more like five times. Battery efficiency improvements makes it not need a battery 5x as big. But it still needs to be somewhat bigger to keep up. Maybe 10% larger battery for every 20% spec bump, given efficiency improvements, or whatever the numbers may be. (FYI the HTC One M8 has about 26% improved battery life vs the One, despite the battery being only 13% larger.)

            Again I will be very happily surprised if LG some how pulls off what no one else has to this point. But barring revolutionary efficiency or battery tech improvements, my somewhat informed “speculation” says we’ll see around 20% worse battery life with the G3 vs the G2, or somewhere around 5.5 hours real world screen on time vs around 7 for the G2. Looking forward to the reviews.

          • Jon

            So even if battery life is mediocre… They get a huge pass by including a removable battery on the G3. Novel idea no?

            When I was rocking the S4 it was absolutely necessary to swap batteries once per day. Note 3 is good all day. Here’s hoping the G3 will have all day battery life, but if not…the swappable battery fall back is something I’m more than happy with. Takes literally 15 seconds to swap a battery.

            Now on devices that don’t have a removable battery, and don’t have huge internal batteries, I just stay clear.

  • Xious

    When it comes to screen size, bigger is not always better. More pixels? Yes! More RAM? Yes! More megapixels? Yes! Bigger screen? STOP!

    • 213ninja


      • john

        Red light.

        • youknowit

          Green light

    • abqnm

      I may be in the minority, but I would love to have a 6-7″ device with phone capability as long as it doesn’t have tablet size bezels. Calling makes up about 2% of my usage, so I would rather have the screen size and battery capacity of a tablet but still have the ability to make and receive calls as needed.

      In this case, I will be looking closely at the next generation of the G Pro since it is now clear LG knows how to fit a big screen in a reasonable sized device.

      • Xious

        I understand that some people may want that kind of device. The thing that worries me is that ALL manufacturers are going that route. So people such as myself that like the size of the Moto X are being left in the wake of 6″+ devices.

        • abqnm

          Oh I definitely agree. That would be terrible. The manufacturers will learn after a while, hopefully. I wish companies that release the large screen flagship devices also release a similarly speced “mini” version. The mini versions shouldn’t skimp on the rest of the specs, except maybe slightly lower resolution screen to fit with the smaller battery. Similar to how OPPO did the Find 7 and 7a, only with one of them being smaller as well.

  • Tony Byatt
    • RoadsterHD1

      LOL 🙂

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Oh dear

      • Emily Johnson

        Interesting. At least they aren’t afraid to go all out, which isn’t bad news for Moto fans. Hopefully, they won’t throw out the mid sized phone screens like last year’s MotoX, though.

    • michael arazan

      It got him Kelly Kapowski, and gave him X-men like powers to freeze people in time

  • Bryan Mills

    But we don’t want it because it’s only an 801

    • 213ninja

      that’s why it’s not coming here. Lenovo truly knows it’s customers. they know if they sent us anything less than an 805 we’d implode.

      • Macalee Harlis Jr.

        was this sarcasm? I hope so lol

        • Bryan Mills

          Si papi

        • Justin W

          Yes, but it’s referencing pretty much 90% of the comments whining the latest smartphone from LG doesn’t have an 805, which wasn’t made for mobile devices that are meant to have a cellular connection.

      • OF

        This man speaks the truth!

  • ahhh yes

    Wow that’s thick. Is it a bag phone?

  • 213ninja

    oh my god this thing is a porn star!!

  • Phil

    *7.7mm (not inches)

    • RoadsterHD1

      lighten up dude. LOL 🙂 its funny.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Fixed it (a little too late)

      • Ray

        The Jury beat you to it.

  • User

    7.7 inches thick? That thing’s a brick!