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T-Mobile and Walmart Team Up to Provide Affordable 4G Tablets

When Android tablets first launched, we clamored for versions that did not require us to tie into expensive data plans. Most of us ended up choosing WiFi-only tablets because of the premium price tag attached to 4G or LTE-ready slates. Doug Chartier, senior VP at T-Mobile, says this has lead us to become trapped in the “WiFi zone” and is looking to give more people the affordable option of picking up a data-enabled tablet. He and T-Mobile are turning to Walmart for help. 

Starting today, Walmart is offering the 4G-powered Apollo Brands Quad Core tablet for $179. However, this budget device will be overshadowed when Walmart will start selling the 4G-powered HP Slate 7 HD for $229 next month. Both of these devices are aiming to come in at an affordable price point to get more tablets in the hands of people. Each features an HD display, dual cameras, and low level processors.

But tablets are only so useful without internet connections.By picking up either of these tablets at Walmart, T-Mobile is offering 200MB each month of 4G speeds “for life.” Of course, if you are looking to use more than the paltry 200MB data limit, T-Mo and Walmart will have passes for you – $35 per month gets you 3.5GB or $50 for 5GB.

If you are in the market for an affordable (read: cheap) tablet solution to pair with a mobile plan that won’t sink your bank account, this might be for you.

Via: T-Mobile
  • CHRIS42060

    Gotta love T-Mobile…… rebukes corporate cell phone companies, and then partners with one of the most evil corporations on the planet.

  • Don’t all T-mobile’s tablet SIMs have 200MB free each month for life anyway?

    • Keg Man

      yes, but I’m getting the impression that you would get this service if you were a verizon user.

  • Shawn John

    Further diminishing the PC Market…. Nice, evolution at it’s finest. Pretty soon Mesh networks will negate the need for any kind of wireless subscription. Internet as we all know it, will be free.

    • Robert Boluyt

      Don’t worry. Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner are lobbying billions of dollars on Capitol Hill to ensure your prices will rise while speeds drop, all the while keeping your ISP/carrier choices limited.

      • Shawn John

        Hey, They can lobby away, the consumers will soon take matters into their own hands, kind of like Solar Panels, the energy companies can gauge you until you wisen up, and install the panels.

  • Sjschwar

    wouldn’t the 30 dollar a month walmart/tmo plan be cheaper?

    • Keg Man

      cheaper than free?

      • Sjschwar

        i don’t know anywhere you can get a “usable” plan for free. But cheaper than “$35 per month gets you 3.5GB or $50 for 5GB.”

    • boisvert00

      That was the first thing that came to mind, you can get the $30 dollar plan and get 5 Gigs of data so why do the $50?

  • jb

    I wouldn’t shop at Walmart if it saved me 50%. That place reminds me of the movie Idiocracy. Makes me feel like I need a shower when I even think about it.

    • Jprime

      haters gonna hate

      • jb

        Ha! Not sure if I’ve seen a less appropriate use of one of my favorite quips.

    • anon

      If a nexus 7 was 50% i would cup walmarts balls for that.

    • D Nice

      Lol wow

  • The Narrator

    Affordable, crappy tablets. Oh well.

    • mrjackson

      Think of it as a large hotspot for your wifi tablet.

    • chazmaywheaton

      The site — iProTablet offers a much better selection of Tablets and many with the new high performance Intel Bay Trail processor and all tablets include free 4G Access with 500MB of Data provided monthly at no charge. Overall, a much better deal

      • Keg Man

        very interesting. I am looking into this, have you purchased anything from there?