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Moto G LTE Announced, Will Cost Just $219

In case you missed it during last night’s Moto E unveiling, Motorola also announced that the Moto G now has an LTE model called the Moto G LTE. It comes in either white or black, runs on GSM networks (no Verizon model to be found), and costs $219 without a contract. The rest of the package is the same (outside of a newly included micro SD slot). Still, talk about an incredible deal on an LTE smartphone.

The device is available today from Motorola’s online shop. 

Motorola Shop Link

Via:  Motorola
  • JoeTi

    Damn you Vzw, join the party already.

  • TC Infantino

    Sweet!! I can get this for my parents so they can use it on Straight-talk. Excellent phone for them and that price is great.

  • M3D1T8R

    Horray for micro SD slots! Too bad the LTE model only has 8GB internal with no 16GB option. $40 more than the non-lte non-sd 8GB model. Still, good job Motorola.

  • droidrazredge

    Motorola just took the feature phone / flip-phone world and budget LTE smartphone by storm today. I guess Motorola’s strategy is once you establish the bottom foundation you can start building your empire towards the top and then complete on all levels. This is the Motorola that started changing the android game 5 years ago.

  • br_hermon

    What would you rather do?

    1. Buy a Nexus 5 to use for 2 years.
    2. Buy a Moto G LTE to use for 1 year. Buy the Moto G LTE sequel the following year.

    The price is roughly the same. What are the pros and cons to either choice?

    • guest

      buy the moto g lte dude. phones are becoming commodities & god forbid you lose or break it, just buy another MGLTE & buy the sequel the following year – it will probably even be cheaper then. just my 2 cents but i can’t justify paying any more than i’d have to these days for phones

    • trwb

      If I hadn’t bought the Nexus 5 in Oct and knew more about this Moto G, I would have bought the Moto G instead probably. Camera doesn’t seem that good on Moto G though.

  • Guy Pierce

    The only G phone I want to hear about is the G3!

  • e_droid

    I was hoping for something on the new X!

  • Guest

    $120 LTE chip. Hmm.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What are you talking about over there?

      • The Narrator

        He is probably thinking of the Verizon version which was $99.

    • Marikel

      This is only $50 more than the GSM Moto G.

  • Lee Winkler

    Does anyone know how to buy stock in Moto now? I just saw lenovo is number 2 smartphone co in China….this company is on a serious rise… Do I have to buy stock in Lenovo? is Moto mobility still stand alone? I looked it up but couldnt really find anything concrete.

    • The Narrator

      Enroll in an Economics class first.

      • Lee Winkler

        Add something constructive or go troll some 13 yr old’s Vines

        • The Narrator

          I did add something constructive. You can’t just be like “Hee hee gonna invest in this company and make bank”. Doesn’t work like that.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Sure it does. He can just go “Hee hee” or “Hee Haw!” . . . and buy stock. He has the freedom to lose all his money if he’d like.

          • The Narrator

            Just trying to help a brotha out

          • Nikuliai

            Dude… they have made PLENTY studies that show that dogs pressing a button or 4 year olds have roughly the same profit than an expert, the stock market is purely improvisation unless you have information nobody else has, in this case, he may wanna invest in Motorola Mobility, he may win or lose money, you don’t actually help him by saying “enroll in an economic class first” since you’re basically sending him into a GUARANTEED loss of money versus an actual bet on something he believes in.

          • Lee Winkler

            Well you were no help, brotha….. You didnt answer my question, you only insulted my education level, of which you know nothing about. How’s this….China is the number 1 populated country in the world along with the number 1 consumer market in the world and the number 1 fastest growing smart phone market in the world. And Lenovo is the number 2 phone company in that market that just purchased Motorola, all their great new phones and tech at a massive discount….. My Masters degree included 4 economics classes, I know how “it works”, but thanks for playing.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Pretty sure they are still being traded as a part of Google. I don’t think you can buy Moto Mobility stock.

      • Lee Winkler

        Thanks G_O_P….thats what I had found as well. I love google (and should have invested a while ago), but the tech market has me scared on speculative stocks (the bubble bit me pretty hard and Ive been gun shy)…Id rather invest in stocks that have a true product. Guess, maybe I will have to buy Lenovo…

        • Nikuliai

          Well if you do buy Lenovo you have basically a sure bet, the stock value is gonna go down a little because of them buying Moto but they have been growing non stop since a couple years

          • Lee Winkler

            Son of a …. as of May 14… Motorola Mobility (NYSE:MMI) rose 8.2% during trading on Monday after the company announced better than expected quarterly earnings,AnalystRatingsNetwork.com reports. The stock traded as high as $18.90 and last traded at $18.89, with a volume of 104,750 shares changing hands. The stock had previously closed at $17.46.

          • Nikuliai

            I had a hard time finding it myself (a couple months ago, just checking stock value) but it is there, I just don’t know where rofl

          • Lee Winkler

            Google’s website says its Privately held… https://www.google.com/finance?cid=7287023

          • Nikuliai

            Well that explains why I found the stock value but not the stock history on any finance site :B

          • Lee Winkler

            Motorola Solutions (MSI) isnt it….doesnt have anything to do with the cell phones…. looks to me like I will have to do what you said…Lenovo 🙁

          • Nikuliai

            MSI is the other part of the company (non phone related).

            Lenovo is a pretty sure bet man, they are expanding like crazy and now they will have the contacts to sell their phones outside china, it will be good for Moto… especially considering this will bring the SD back to us

          • Lee Winkler

            Yeah…I was hoping to get Moto itself on a huge discount…since they havent really turned around yet. Instead, Ill have to buy Lenovo and kinda put my money into the big pool of products (of which I really dont trust all that much). As for the SD….kitkat came pretty close to killing the SD….its on life support.

          • Nikuliai

            I don’t like the SD on general purposes, but as a secondary storage for holding photos, videos and music is a great option, an option I don’t really need (I never have more than 3 gigs on my phone on music+videos) but there are lots of people that want to put their whole music library on their phone, and a good old 128gb SD card will do it just fine since we’re not that close to 128gb internal storage on a phone (and I really don’t know why, I bought a 64GB flashdrive at 12USD, it’s not fancy, but it’s just 12 USD)

            PS: Lenovo is not a brand I like much in their “other products”, but the fact they are making tons of money is not deniable

        • M3D1T8R

          Look at GTAT. Sapphire provider (contract with Apple, probably for new Iphone, etc) + solar. Good things coming. Cheap now at 14.

  • No_no_no_and_no

    4G LTE (advanced, expensive) and $219-worth smartphone (low end, weak, cheap) are OK together?
    What’s the point of this BS?

    The next is Moto E 4G for $149.

    • Marikel

      Considering this phone runs just as well as last year’s high end phones means that it in fact is not as weak as most low end phones. Use one before you attempt to make an opinion on it. The fact that it now has LTE makes it one of the best values in midrange devices. Yeah, people can say just spend an extra $130 and get a Nexus 5, but most people who are looking to buy cheaper off contract phones probably won’t have an extra $130 to throw around. This is a great deal.

    • enigmaco

      I’m intrigued by it and I own a moto x, have you seen any other phone with those specs in that price range out the gate?

    • Droidzilla

      This is basically a Nexus 4 with an SD slot and LTE. This is full of all kinds of win.

  • The Narrator

    still too much

    • Jim Vargas

      Have you heard of Ultra Mobile? They run on T-Mobile’s network and their plans start at $19 a month. Pair a plan like that to a phone like this and the savings are astronomical. How great is that?

      • The Narrator

        When I can buy a phone for $100 and use on T Mobile, not really that great.

        • picaso86

          and pay monthly $17 minimum for a phone on top of your plan and JUMP – not very cheap.

          • The Narrator


            They have plenty of prepaid phones cheaper than this.

          • Jim Vargas

            Really? Cheaper prepaid phone with LTE, running Kitkat, promised updates, expandable storage, that you can own outright, and take virtually anywhere? Divide $219 over 24 mos. and it comes to $9 per month.

          • The Narrator

            LTE? HSPA+ is just as fast, android isn’t worth $120, updates promised as well, i mean, if that’s $220 to you, go ahead. More power to ya

          • Jim Vargas

            Ok, don’t keep me in suspense. What phone can be had for $100 that’s as good or better than this one?

          • What other smartphones are under $100? Let me guess, you use a $700 iPhone and call a $220 Android phone expensive.

  • Larry Bublitz

    I’m just soooo happy with what Moto is doing with these new phones, price points, and software updates! The stage is set for the Moto X+1! 🙂

  • no verizon….sigh…what a joke verizons network has become

    • The Narrator

      What would be the point?

    • Cael

      Verizon doesn’t offer prepaid LTE 😛

    • Dan

      Where’s Phil.. need to darn Verizon to heck!

  • This will be perfect for my son. That way he has a nice phone that I’m not worried about replacing when he breaks it like he does all his cellphones

    • sc0rch3d

      bought a moto bumper for my moto x. looks like the moto g comes with a bumper laced shell. awesome…..

    • The Narrator

      spend $200? Nokia has options for $100 and less.

      • My son is 8 he wants S4’s and iPhones and crap. I’ve been buying him phones since he was 5 so he knows what he wants.

        • Nikuliai

          and what about the Moto E?, that’s the definition of “nice phone that I’m not worried about replacing when he breaks it like he does all his cellphones” :P, just saying, I’m buying Moto E for my niece

          • By nice phone I mean has a good screen, camera and is up to date. Nice for an 8 year old

          • Nikuliai

            Yup, I get that, my niece has 9-10, but I don’t really feel like giving a G if there is a good option that’s cheaper :B

          • Those phone that are made by Blu are nice kids phones also.

          • Nikuliai

            I don’t think Blue sells on my country :P, but the fact I like most about the E is that is almost pure Android with Motorola optimizations

  • Arty McBert

    “Moto G LTE now comes with an SD card slot.”

    Hallelujah, hallelujah!!

  • ceejw

    Also worth noting that it has an sd card slot now http://i.imgur.com/uO6ZbG8.jpg

    • Kevin

      He did

  • Jonathan Alstad

    Unlimited data on Verizon: a blessing and a curse.

    • cheezer88

      this will be my new phone.

    • Amen. Still holding on to my S4 until something with more balls/stock android/easily rootable comes along.

      • mjmedstarved

        Right; with a MDK S4… there’s really nothing we’re missing in our phones for the moment that I need, at least..

      • ki11ak3nn

        The G2 has balls and is easily rootable. And I’m sure the G3 is going to be a beast of a phone.

        • True, and I’m intrigued by the G3 as LG has done good things lately, but I think the G series is (like the Galaxies) is starting to get a little to big for my pocket. Also I’m kinda curious to see if Moto can win me back first with the X successor. This summer might be exciting for Verizon unlimited users… or it could just be more of the same.

          My buddy just jumped ship from Sprint to Tmo. If Verizon ever takes away my Unlimited, I’m doing the same thing in a heartbeat.

          • ki11ak3nn

            Why wait?? I made the switch too from Verizon to T-Mobile in January. I’m saving $100 a month on my family plan. And I have unlimited everything. Never throttled data and I use about 12-15 GB/mo.

          • I average about 70GB/month with lots of tethering. I’m not throttled and not raising any red flags on Verizon.

            I’ve read Tmobile’s fine print and with insurance and everything, it still comes out to the same price.

            So, since everything is roughly even and Verizon wins with the better network (especially when I travel to rural areas), I’m staying put. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

            But as soon as Verizon says I can’t do the all-you-can eat buffet anymore, I will welcome Tmo with open arms.

          • Jimneezy

            Yeah but you cant enjoy the benefits of GSM like getting a side phone this good and cheap like the Moto G

          • A “side” phone. Lol sounds scandalous.

    • Cowboydroid

      Unlimited data on T-Mobile: All blessing, no curse.

      • Except coverage, and more expensive than us on grandfathered Verizon unlimited plans ($60/mo).

        • Cowboydroid

          True…for a small percentage of the population.
          I’ve noticed no difference in coverage. I actually get better coverage in some areas with T-Mobile, and T-Mobile’s data speeds are three or four times faster than Verizon’s (where I live, of course, which is a major metropolitan area).

      • ImmaDroid

        Not when their data is like 1998 dial up in most areas where you live, and travel to..

        • Cowboydroid

          Are you talking about Verizon? Because I got actual LTE speeds with them for maybe the first few months of service. The final year I got no speeds above 3-5 MB/s. I’m getting 15-30 MB/s all the time with T-Mobile.

          So much for that “unlimited” LTE on Verizon.

          • ImmaDroid

            Im talking about T-Mo being as slow as dial up. They list most places around here as 4G, but it’s always going into edge, constant dropped calls, no service at my house, etc. Not Good. I wanted to switch from VZW, so I tried it for a few weeks.

            With my Verizon service I consistently get 40-75mbps download speeds, and 10-20mbps upload. Plus Im still holding on to my Unlimited Data. Yea my bill isn’t as cheap as T-MO. But the stellar service and crazy fast 4G I get sure makes up for it.

      • Jason Brown

        people on tmo tell me “unlimited 4g for 5gb and then throttled after that.” is that true or is that for specific plans? they keep telling me it’s not “truly” unlimited

        • marco

          the 80 dollar plan is truly unlimited. the 70 dollar plan is throlled after 5 gb

        • Cowboydroid

          The unlimited plan is truly unlimited 4g data. The 5GB plan is truly 5GB of 4g data. The 3GB plan is truly 3GB of 4g data.

  • MikeSaver

    You must be making this up