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Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” Update Approved for DROID RAZR HD and RAZR M on Verizon

droid razr hd

Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” updates have been approved by Verizon for the DROID RAZR HD (MAXX HD too) and RAZR M from Motorola. The updates should be rolling out shortly, now that a soak test for each has seemingly passed by without issue. These are the last of Motorola’s phones on Verizon that were guaranteed to receive the update to Kit Kat. Nice job, Motorola.

The RAZR HD, MAXX HD, and RAZR M updates are builds 182.46.10 and 183.46.10. 

The updates include many of the Kit Kat goodies, like Immersive Mode, full emoji support, stronger security, smarter power use, new status bar, Hangouts replacing Google Talk, and the option to choose a default SMS app. You will also find Droid Zap 2.0, new security patches (goodbye, root), and improved HDMI.


razr hd kit kat1razr hd kit kat2


razr m kit kat1razr m kit kat2

Via:  Verizon [2]
  • GP1027

    Anyone able to point me in the right direction? I had a forced update and not half my apps either don’t work or stop working including Microsoft quick office, Starbucks and amazon kindle. Albeit annoying, the worst part is now it keeps saying its a day later than it actually is. I’ve tried everything but I have toanually change the day multiple times a day and I rely on my.phone for alarms that are now unreliable because it keeps switching days. Any help is appreciated!

  • Steve

    can someone tell me how I can talk to send texts messages?

  • atlas007

    I just turned off my bluetooth earpiece and the connection to wifi is much better. WTF?

  • atlas007

    The KitKat upgrade sucks. WiFi will no longer function properly on my phone. I want to undo it.

  • John

    The new interface .. S U C K S
    Improving performance is one thing.
    Changing the GUI just because you can – and forcing me to deal with it – S U C K S.

    New unlock – Hate it.
    New answer phone while locked – Hate it.
    New phone dial pad – hate it.

    New text message gui – bringing back the icons that i worked so hard to delete – H A T E I T

    If you love it, good for you. but why should I be forced to change?

    Thumbs Down.

    Just got off the phone with motorola – they’re sending me a replacement razr with jellybean.
    y’all can keep your update.

    • dyani

      Did you have a ton of apps on your phone before? I did, it made my phone really slow. Kitkat made my phone totally fast with all the same apps I had before. That’s why I like it. And all the things you mentioned you hate, that’s a lot of specific preference you have, kind of a stretch for me to understand such distaste I guess. But anyway, if you didn’t have a slowed down droid before, maybe that’s why this update didn’t wow you.

      • John

        No, I don’t have a ton of apps. A phone is a phone.
        To be candid, I’m very much under-impressed with android OS in general -although I’ll
        acknowledge much of that is vendor/phone specific choices and not the OS in particular. And the Iphone GUI is even worse.

        It took me quite a while to decide that the Motorola Razr was the least offensive. (Samsung being the most offensive)

        of my biggest objections to Microsoft is that their Software Children –
        i mean Engineers – feel the need to redesign the GUI interface – just
        because they can. And because it justifies the ‘fixes’ they make behind
        the scenes that they’d have a hard time charging for.

        My challenge with this update is exactly the same – my screens weren’t broke, – why fix them?
        Fix the speed, fix the optimization – make things run faster – great.. wonderful.. fantastic…
        don’t arbitrarily change the interface. Make it an optional SWITCH that
        can be changed back if you preferred the old layouts.

        My phone
        is not ‘my life’ – and it shouldn’t require hours to re-learn and adapt
        just so some kid can brag to his drinking buddies that ‘he did that!’.

  • raysandy

    I need help…I’m not very tech savy. I had a older Razr Maxx, was running real slow but I used it as a hotspot through foxfi which worked really well. Just bought a newer Razr Maxx HD off of craigslist which was updated to the 4.4.2. I installed foxfi on my newer phone but it doesn’t work. Says your carrier has blocked WIFI mode in latest phone update..can anyone explain to me what to do???

  • Pat Barton

    Anyone know how to get the return button back on the messaging keyboard? Mine was replaced by a smiley button. Just in texting…not email.

  • Hokie757

    When I receive MMS messages, they will download automatically but then erase themselves before I can view them. When I returned to my home screen, the messaging icon shows that I have a message but I can’t access it. Has anyone had this problem?

  • Mk

    cannot get swype to turn back on…it was my most favorite thing on the android and one of the reasons why i never got an iphone. I hate trying to click each tiny letter. Very upset that they took this feature out when it is still available on other androids. The other updates are whatever…happy to finally have updated emojis, but now its not compatible with the older version of android emojis of the little green alien/robot guy. bf has a galaxy note 3 and he has both types of emojis AND swype. Overall useless update in my opinion

  • Seth

    Does anyone know how to get the swype feaature back? I seemed to have lost it with the new update. Also, I seem to now be having issues with texting. I am not getting texts and I have phantom texts. I’m not liking the new update : (

  • BWitz

    Motorola Droid HD on Verizon Wireless
    System version 9.30.1 / Android version 4.1.2
    updated to System version 183.46.10 / Android 4.4.2
    Stock system / no root attempt / no root / no custom ROM
    Officially checking in.

    I was putting off the KitKat update until I saw some reviews and they were wildly split between amazing and phone bricking. I took steps to make sure my Droid HD was fully backed up and that my old HTC Thunderbolt could act as a WiFi Google Voice in the interim. Held my breath and finally hit update…

    My experience was amazing.

    Under the previous 9.30.1, the phone was slow and buggy. Sound would frequently stutter regardless of application used and while I have apps to access shared network media, it was always a joke because movies and TV shows ended up as slideshows. Games would frequently freeze or stutter and even text input had issues at times. I’d also miss calls because the volume controls were terrible. Sometimes I’d turn down media volume but ring volume would go down too so I’d frequently miss calls. Literally complained to my wife that there should be a volume control panel. I was on the fence about rooting to recover the phone to a tolerable state but learned the 9.30.1 didn’t have a jailbreak method (this was before the new 9.30.1 method posted in Jan.)

    I had all but given up on the phone and had even been using my Thunderbolt as a WiFi Pandora machine because the Droid HD would stutter.

    The update changed that drastically. Nothing stutters… nothing! The games I have loaded are fully responsive, sound has yet to stutter, and I even pulled up a 1080p video through my network that played nearly flawlessly (I think the only problems were network latency and not phone latency.) Bluetooth devices seem to connect more quickly and I haven’t had any of the network / 4G connection issues others seem to report. I also haven’t seen the facebook contact sync issues that some seem to have. The best part… there’s a volume panel now!

    The only real issues I have are that a custom clock widget I have doesn’t open the new alarm options – which is the widget designer’s problem to fix, and the alarm clock is too easy to turn off. If you swipe it one direction it snoozes, if you swipe it the other, you turn it off. I don’t think you can change this behavior.

    Still, a vast improvement.

    If you didn’t root your phone and are suffering under 9.30.1, I recommend snagging the update.

  • MAF

    I’m extremely unhappy with the latest update on my RAZR HD. The update has removed the ability to select and delete specific text messages. Now one has to delete the entire text thread. Additionally, one can no longer change the phone’s setting from ring to vibrate, or silent, by simply pressing the on/off button which enabled one to simply swipe to the desired mode. And what’s with moving the location of the comma on the QWERTY board? This “update” seems to beore of a downgrade, limiting many of the phone previous abilities with counterintuitive changes. Really Motorola? Thanks for nothing.

  • unhappy with new update

    I lost my swype capability, why do I have to pay for it now?

  • Westbob

    Yesterday I updated my RAZR M to kitkat and after the 20 minute upload, I was informed that some applications were ‘unstable’. I experienced numerous problems including but NOT LIMITED to: [1] loss of Swype on text messaging, [2] loss of Bluetooth connection in auto, [3] loss of original Phone app, and [3] a smaller/tighter screen view [4] loss of notification settings. It took the service rep at Verizon almost an hour to help me to restore my phone to a pre-kitkat condition. If there were a way to avoid the upgrade I would have taken it but the options only prompted me to ‘install now’ or ‘install later’. I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED with the transition to the newer OS.

  • Kelly Stephens

    This update is terrible!! Calls that I block from telemarketers now interrupt now no longer go to voice mail but come on in to my current conversation. wtf.. Can barely get the keyboard to work and have a hard time getting screen to pull up. I am at my wits end!!! I’m about ready to trash this now piece of s**t phone thatvis still in contract….

  • Jb

    After I updated my contacts photos did not synce with Facebook . I did sync with Facebook and all it did was bring in my names not the pictures. Please help

    • Guyute711

      Same here, I can’t even find a way to add any pics to a contact manually.

      • Jb

        I ended up downloading ubersync and it did the trick. It’s an app that syncs Facebook and contacts.

  • Kelly Maxwell

    That update is on my Razr Maxx HD, sorry shoild have posted that with my first comment

  • Kelly Maxwell

    I received the 4.4.2 update yesterday from Verizon

  • Flyers28

    Anybody else having installation issues on Razr Maxx HD?

  • dmlcs57

    Mine updated this afternoon but now it will not use any of my ringtones, nor any of its own. I get a chime and vibration when I get a call but that’s it. I’ve selected a new default ringtone, selected one of mine, etc. No joy. Frustrating because I have different ringtones for family and friends. Anyone out there have any suggestions? 🙁

  • thanks kit kat

    this update sucks, already looking into unlocking my phone to change all the usless and pathetic crap that is now on my phone. will never install an update again

  • Question: How do you prevent the OTA install MESSAGE from popping up every 12 hours?
    When I get the message I only have 2 choices…”Install Later” (12 hours) or “Install Now”.
    What I want is to IGNORE the message because I don’t want to install.
    Since I’m Rooted, I don’t want the update.
    When I hit install, the install fails (obviously), but then Verizon pushes the OTA update back to my phone again that night.
    I’ve had the OTA update pushed to my phone 3 or 4 times already. Not sure if I’m getting dinged for that data useage since it’s update-related.
    Any ideas?

  • GothicRoss

    I have a Razr HD and the kit kat update bricked my phone. It downloaded fine, I had the phone plugged in during the update, and followed all instructions for updating as I always have in the past. But when the update finished and tried to reboot my phone… it wouldn’t load past the Motorola logo. Thankfully, after hours of seeking help to fix the issue via forums (tried factory reset and clearing cache with no luck (Verizon was no help) Motorola sent me a replacement. I advise to skip Verizon and go directly to the manufacturer if this happens to you. First time I called Verizon tech support, they transferred me to level 2 support where i was on hold for an hour and fifteen minutes before i hung up! My phone was past the warranty period, so when I called the next day, Verizon just tried to get me to sign up for Verizon Edge (not able to upgrade until Feb 2015) to get a new phone. The gal from support even tried to tell me that Motorola would probably charge me for a new phone, I called her bluff and had her transfer me to them. But Motorola listened to me, and even though the guy was hard to understand because of his heavy accent.. he got me a replacement phone for free with a 3 month warranty. Phone was bricked two days ago, talked to Motorola yesterday, and I just got my new replacement Razr HD today via FedEx overnight. Thank you Motorola for caring about your customers!!!

    • Test

      I just had the same thing happen to me. Downloaded and installed the update, rebooted my phone and entered my pin (my phone is encrypted), and the phone promptly died. It refuses to power back on and doesn’t respond to charge.

  • I had posted this question earlier:
    “I’m curious if anyone will choose to “unroot” and go with 4.4 or stay rooted with Jelly Bean.
    If you’ve got an opinion on which option might be better or which one you’d choose, please…let’s hear it.”
    Now that it’s been a few days I’ve had time to read several opinions here and elsewhere.
    It seems that the majority don’t like the update. But that’s just an opinion on what I’ve read, not my personal experience.
    Personally, I decided to unroot and try 4.4.
    I had no luck with the 4.4 install after “unrooting”, and still had no luck even after I did a full factory reset.
    I’m aware that I can still get around that problem with some other options, but ironically (after what I’ve read) I’m now choosing to go back to root.
    My original question still stands.
    If you had been rooted, and have successfully been able to install 4.4, are you happy with it? Or do you wish you had stayed rooted?

  • danny

    KitKat sucks. My phone was faster before. And plain white background in text is lame. My battery life is shorter for some reason to. Kinda wish I could go back to jellybean

    • bionicwaffle

      Could there be other explanations for your issues? KitKat should seem a little faster at first and even faster in a day or two after trim runs for the first time. It made a very noticeable difference for myself and many others. For me even games that used to be jerky run much smoother now. They really re-worked the OS to make it faster and more efficient, doing more with less RAM. My battery life isn’t worse and if anything is better. It’s hard to tell because I think I’ve been using it more since the update.

      I know there are battery drain issues with Hangouts 2.1. Is it possible that’s hurting your battery life? I think it was released around the same time as our KitKat update. Google says they have a fix for Hangouts. Hopefully they’ll release it soon.

      • danny

        I don’t use hangouts. I haven’t since I bought the phone. But I did lose every picture and video. When the store factory reset the phone. I don’t use many apps either. Battery life is done. Hoping to get a replacement. Biggest problem is not having 4g in areas I had it all the time. Plus WiFi sucks lose signal 10feet from my router use to be at neighbors and it was still connected

  • Danny Woolery

    Previously had a rooted phone running safestrap to use custom ROMS. Wanted the update, went back to the stock ROM and uninstalled safestrap. Did a factory reset. I can download the files to upgrade, but the restart process always end in the software update failing. Advice?

    • Brian Tempest

      Exact same issue here. EXACT same issue. Downloads great. Start install. Installation fails at about the half-way point. HELP!!!!

      • Richard

        You need to flash your phone back to 4.1.2. I had my phone rooted, un-rooted it, factory re-set, and i was getting the same error. After I flashed my phone back to 4.1.2, the update worked fine. Let me know if that helps

  • bc

    Just initiated update on MaxxHD. Looked like it was going ok. Got toward end with status text indicating “select reboot now” via enter button (odd) and now droidbot is on his back, front panel open and red exclamation triangle icon displayed. thinking that ain’t a good sign. 10 minutes now, put on power and waiting…yay.

  • Gleasel

    I’m not sure this is worth losing Swype..

  • Traci Thomas Lane

    Since the update I have had problems with several apps working. Instagram, Vin, myxer to name a few. Ihave uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck!

  • Don

    4.4.2 happened last night for me. I have had nothing but problems all morning. (Droid Razr M).

    1) Bluetooth had to be set up twice to get it to work again (using motorola headset)

    2) Swipe is gone bye bye (Google swipe alternative is not as user friendly IMO. especially with the long hold for common punctuation)

    3) In dock mode (using the docking charger) the dial pad that is used in the middle of a call (not the phone dialer but the dial pad for use in making selections on an automated answering system) is completely jacked. The numbers are all stacked and unreadable.

    4) when in the horizontal charging mode, the pin (for lock screen) numbers on the right are partially covered

    5) Battery drained by 20% (started at 100%) after only an hour and a half off of the charger (no performance apps loaded as previously suggested on other forums)

    6) Certain apps keep “unfortunately stopping” (specifically the pre loaded amazon kindle app)

    7) Wifi Icon disappears randomly and shuts off causing data usage to go up (yet WIFI is turned on in settings)

    All of this and I have only had one day to experience the new upgrade and spent a least 2 hours trying to get everything to work again. I hope there are no more surprises! None of these problems above exsisted before the update 🙁 HATE THE NEW UPGRADE IF YOU CAN’T TELL

    • Kim

      any luck with the WiFi issue? I’m having the same trouble!

  • nefnm .

    I find it interesting nobody is blowing their horn in the last 2 days….My RAZR M is now useless……I did not want the update and the big V tells me i can’t go backwards? WTH….. I have lost Apps I added and 2 I paid for, they are just gone…., I have not found one setting i made the same or even active, all of my added ringtones are gone, calendar doesn’t work, swype is gone, shall i continue ? I don’t like what they did to text messaging, the phone acts completely different and I feel like i was handed a different phone and I have to learn it all over again. I used to really like this phone, now it sucks. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with tech services at Verizon yesterday and they have no clue. So much for a soak….. Must have been in a barrel of whiskey……….

    • I got the update on my RazrM, and have no such issues. Everything is as it was. In fact other than the white text in the status bar instead of blue, I’m hard pressed to tell what’s changed.

      • nefnm .

        I truly wish I shared your experience. I used to get 2 days on a full charge, I now have to put my phone on the charger when I get home from work if I want to use it in the evening. I am a minimal user, I have a 1 gig data plan and I never use all of it.

        The auto-screen rotate turns itself off every day regardless if I cycle the phone or not. My calendar does not work anymore, get message app is not installed (this is the package calendar). Why should i have to pay for SWYPE now, it was part of the original OS package ? My phone used to be on a 4G LTE network over 90% of the time…..Now – I’m on a 3G most of the time and I live in the Ann Arbor, MI area. The phone heats up and gets pretty warm with use. Though my phone says I had a successful installation my phone does not show the current version, it says unavailable.

        • I know it’s extreme, but have you tried a FDR yet?

          • nefnm .

            No, I have not. I considered it but I still have not seen an overwhelming positive experience from those that have done an FDR. So I wait for a patch to the update……………………….

    • Mtntop

      My Razr M sucks with the new upgrade….no more Swype text….slower regular texting….ridiculous inbox graphics with gmail.
      I took it back to Verizon to make them revert to old op sys and they said they could not. I’m switching carriers. This is a complete joke!

  • wyotim

    Tried to update my stock Maxx HD to 4.4.2. Install kept failing so I decided to do a factory reset. Now my phone won’t boot past the red Motorola logo, nor can I get the recovery options to come up (after the distressed Android shows up). Hope everyone else is fairing better! Any help/advice that could be offered would be greatly appreciated!

    • Swaginator

      Same here! Extremely bummed out…

    • Swaginator

      Wait!!! Here is some hope:

      Go into recovery, to the distressed Android. Hold the power button and hit the up volume multiple times. (I held the power button and mashed both the down and up volume keys, but I believe up volume was the correct one) The recovery menu is different. It’s all red and bigger font. Factory reset it, the boot takes awhile, and recover your data and you should be good…

      It’s been 5 minutes since I’ve factory reset and I’m still stuck on the booting screen… This is pathetic.

      • wyotim

        Tried and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Just more red Moto logo. Trying some things posted at the xda forums but nothing successful yet. Hope you have better results than I am having!

        • Swaginator

          While stuck in the distressed Android section, I randomly hit my keys until something carried me on over into recovery. I had to factory reset just to use ART, which caused my initial boot loop. I can’t recover my account, so I have to manually add my apps now. You can safely say… I’m very pissed.

        • Board373

          Any update? Did it boot?

          • wyotim

            Nope. Still boot looping with the (old?) red Moto logo. I let it go all night until the battery went dead to see if that would do anything but after some charging it automatically starts back with the loop. Going to my friendly neighborhood Verizon dealer today to see what they have to say. I will report back once I do.

          • Board373

            Oh ok. Good luck and thanks for posting the updates.

          • wyotim

            Well, after talking to Big Red, they could do nothing for me as my phone is out of warranty and they had no technical solutions to offer (aside from restarting my phone a few times). Thankfully, the woman at the store was kind enough to call Motorola who are replacing my device at no charge. Sadly, I am flying out of town tomorrow and will be having to pull out my (really) old feature phone for the trip. /sob_story

            Hope everyone else is having a smooth upgrade and enjoying Kit Kat! Barring any further adventures in tech, I hope to be enjoying it myself in a couple weeks.

          • Board373

            Wow well I guess it will work out in the end. I would expect no help for myself (rooted etc) but for you with stock phone. They shouldn’t be pushing out these buggy updates. Good luck.

          • wyotim

            From what I have read online, it might have been easier if my phone had been unlocked and rooted. Have you checked out House of Moto? If your boot loader is unlocked, this could be a good solution for you. Check it out and stop by the XDA developers forum for the RAZR HD. There is a lot of buzz about this issue there, with many people having success on getting their devices running again. Didn’t work for me, but you may have a better outcome. All the best to you!

          • Board373

            Yeah I am rooted but not unlocked. I hope it goes smoothly but if not I am prepared to RSDLite back to stock and take the update. Thanks

      • wyotim

        Did it take long to get past the Moto logo? Just curious about how long to wait for that part. I let it go for a couple hours earlier today to no avail.

        • Swaginator

          When it first booted, I got stuck with a red Motorola Dual Core Technology logo for around 5 minutes. Then it started the “Droid” opening logo. At first, I thought it was boot looped again, but I waited it out and it finally pushed through.

          • wyotim

            I don’t have the Dual Core Technology logo, just the plain Moto one. Of course, I tried to flash the OTA from my SD card in recovery mode and it said I already have Kit Kat installed…just not the right fingerprint so it can apply the OTA again(?). My phone is stock, unrooted, and locked, so I have no idea what could be causing the issues. And for the record, it has now been 10 minutes of waiting for the Moto logo to move on since my most recent factory reset from the recovery menu.

  • LosttsoL

    This Razr M is working much better now. Way faster with Kit Kat. Love the new stuff too.

  • droidguy

    I just got the update!

  • Joe

    Does this update include ARS?

    • rodney11ride

      you mean ART?

      • Brian

        He might mean ARSE… 🙂

      • joe

        yes, ART. Does it?

        • Swaginator

          Yes, but it locked my phone into a bootloop. Had to factory reset. Be careful

          • Board373

            After the factory reset the ART was working?

  • I finally received it on my Razr M around midnight CDT. Haven’t had a chance to play around with it too much though.

  • bionicwaffle

    I installed the KitKat update this morning. The message that it was available was on my phone when I woke up. It took about 30 minutes to install, that’s after downloading the 500MB+ file(s). There were no problems with the installation process for me. It did uninstall SwiftKey so but I reinstalled it and all my settings were intact. I think I have SwiftKey set to backup my settings…anyway it worked fine.

    I like the interface changes though I wish they removed the settings page to the left of the home screen. I’d rather have another standard screen there with my primary home screen in the middle. I love having the toggles available from the notification tray. Does anyone know how I can remove the settings page? I guess I could use Nova or Go Launcher but I’m pretty happy as is if I can ditch that settings screen.

    It seems they finally fixed the audio playback. It used to skip often when playing music. It didn’t matter if I used Google Music or the Amazon MP3 player or if I used bluetooth or the earphone jack – or the built in speaker for that matter. I listened to music for half the drive to work this morning with no skipping! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to go that long without skipping. Has anyone else had this problem and noticed that it’s not skipping anymore

    The UI is smoother and more responsive! All my app groups seem to be cached. When I open them they open instantly. They would hesitate when I opened the groups/folders before. Everything just feels smoother.

    I was disappointed that the Gallary app doesn’t support Immersive Mode:( I guess I’ll have to find a different one that does. So far, Google Books is the only app I stumbled on that supports Immersive Mode though I’m sure I have more.

    • Damian Carusillo

      while on the subject of kitkat changes, does anyone else find changing the volumes for anything but ringer volume a pain? I was hoping kitkat would have an option to change all the volume levels when using the rocker on any screen so changing the volume from 100% to 20% can easily be done without blowing my speaker. Its like, i don’t want to go all the way to settings to change media volume just because using the rocker in app only changes ringer volume. Right? anyone else?

      • bionicwaffle

        The rocker changes media volume when media is playing. Otherwise it’s only ringer volume.
        You could try this for your notification tray: Slider Widget or this for your desktop: Widgetsoid and see if you like either. I think they’ll both let you change the volume of whatever you want.

        • Damian Carusillo

          cool, ill try both. thanks for the tip 🙂 other than that pet peeve kitkat is pretty sweet (pun intended).

    • I don’t think you can remove the settings page unless you use a launcher.
      I went with Nova Launcher for that very reason.

  • Mike

    I just installed the kit kat update on my RAZR M this morning and I lost the ability to swype text. I’m not happy!

    • bionicwaffle

      I had to install SwiftKey again but I had no problem doing so and all my SwiftKey settings seem to be intact.

  • Brian

    I received the official update but it won’t install. It gets part of the way, then stops and reboots. I then receive an “update failed” message after it boots back into 4.1.2.

    I was rooted on 98.30.1. I tried to use SuperSU OTA Survival mode, and did not have success. Then I tried the unroot route, using the built in “permanent unroot” option in SuperSU, which according to Root Checker worked. Unfortunately, the update still won’t apply. I’m still getting the error. I’ve wiped the phone via both the OS and from recovery, and still no dice.

    On a side note, I was going to RSD Lite back to factory freshness to then retry the update, but my Razr M doesn’t even show up, though the phone itself (in Fasboot mode) indicates that the USB is connected. I was unable to get the computer to install a proper ADB driver for the phone previously, and resorted to using PDA-Net. Anyone know of a better option? Anyone have a similar experience?

    • It sounds like you’re choosing 4.4 kk without root, instead of staying with 4.1 jb with root.
      Assuming that’s correct, then you could do a full factory reset.
      Yes, you’d lose everything. But, not if you did a full backup (apps & settings, etc. included) onto an sd card first then applied the backup after the reset.
      There’s apps and options out there (Titanium Pro?) that allow you to save EVERYTHING to your sd card.
      Once you’re back on 4.1 jb WITHOUT root after the reset, then you should be able to update to 4.4kk without a problem.

      • Brian

        Thanks for the input Rich, but: “I’ve wiped the phone via both the OS and from recovery, and still no dice.” I don’t know what’s going on with this thing. Has anyone else who’s rooted taken (or tried to take) the plunge?…

        • Sorry Brian. Guess I skipped over the part where you said you already wiped the phone.
          For what it’s worth, my wife tells me I only listen to half of her conversations too.

          • Brian

            Unfortunately, I can relate to that (see gif). Apparently I need to be more attentive… I ended up pulling out an old machine running Windoze XP- after installing necessary software, my RAZR M was recognized, and I’m currently SBFing back to true factory. I’ll attempt the update after it’s finished. I do appreciate your assistance.

    • rodney11ride

      Not sure if your fixed… this happened to me. got part way and rebooted and failed update. I was rooted and tried temp unroot but still nothin. had to rsdlite back to 9.16 then upgrade to 9.18 then it went through the kitkat update. looks like you are having same issue but the rsdlite is giving fits.

  • Rich Hoover

    I’m almost 100% sure that Root won’t work with this 4.4 update (yet).
    So, I’m curious if anyone will choose to “unroot” and go with 4.4 or stay rooted with Jelly Bean.
    If you’ve got an opinion on which option might be better or which one you’d choose, please…let’s hear it.

    • Bill0405

      That’s something I’ve been debating heavily since the update was pushed to me. In preparing my phone to take the Kk update, I did a reset and it’s been running nice and fast like when it was new. On top of that it is rooted with several root apps I use regularly, so I think I may actually stick with jb for now until a verified Kk root is found.

      • Board373

        Did you have to do factory reset or just wanted to?

        • Bill0405

          I had to because my phone was stuck on 9.18.7x since the 9.18.9x update kept failing. I flashed the 9.30.1 build onto the phone so it would be able to take the Kk when it was pushed to me.

          • Board373

            Ah ok. I am rooted on 9.30.1 and hoping the install will go smoothly but prepared for the worst…

          • Bill0405

            As long as you didn’t alter any system files or delete any bloat apps you should be fine

          • Board373

            To go off Rich’s comment. I am (begrudgingly) willing to loose root and hopefully someone will root the 4.4.2 build. The one hesitation I have is that I rushed and took the last update (maybe 2 updates ago) just to hear that by taking it I lost ability to unlock bootloader forever and basically had once change to get to 9.30.1 with saving root. My fear is I take this and in a week hear about a method to preserve root..only if you haven’t taken the update yet….

          • Bill0405

            I honestly believe someone will find root for it regardless. I’m not sure how long it would take, but considering this is for sure the last update to a 2 year old phone, I wonder if they really spent much time trying to lock us out.

          • Board373

            The question is considering the last update for 2 year old phone…will anyone spend enough time trying to root again 🙂

            My money is on Moto spending more time to lock us out…

          • Bill0405

            That’s probably why I will stay on jb for now. I’m still grandfathered on unlimited data on Verizon so I needs me some tether.

          • I think that’s the main issue with those of us that root…
            We’ve more than likely altered system files and/or deleted bloat apps.
            I use Xposed framework and GravityBox to perform numerous tweaks…some or most of which alter system files.
            Not to mention that I’ve deleted several factory installed apps that I knew I would never use.

          • I think you should expect the worst and assume it would fail. My advice is don’t install yet.
            I’ve yet to hear or read about anyone successfully having 4.4 kitkat on a rooted Razr M, HD or HD Maxx.

    • rodney11ride

      I can see if your using a tethering program or addicted to titanium… but with the battery in this phone and onscreen nav buttons this this needs the memory helping technology from kit kat and with the two days ive ran so far battery is even better and ZERO lag. worth it for me. its my wife who is on “grandfathered” unlimited plan and NEEDS to be rooted.

      • Thanks for your input. No, I don’t use a tethering program, etc. My main reasons for rooting are to get rid of Adware and to use a handful of Apps that require root. Some of the customization is also nice. But, you’re right about the lag and battery. That’s the trade-off, I suppose.

        • rodney11ride

          i think i always used 2-3 apps that required root… and only used them ever so often. they were titanium backup, wifi tethering (othe non root apps out now) and maybe an app that cleaned my cache… but with 4.4 the cache clearing is closer to a dead issue with the way android manages data. my 2cent

  • Downloaded and installed last night (Long Island, NY). Working great! Only annoyance I’m seeing is that my Google+ profile picture won’t load into the settings pane even though my contact card has it as does the Google photos app. Any ideas to force it to load? Already tried syncing Google+ again.

    • rodney11ride

      mine worked from get go but before i set up my phone if there were any hickups i would do a factory reset and start clean.

    • Brian Roth

      If you click on the picture it should bring you to a small pop up with your google+ profile picture up. click on the picture and it’ll bring you to your contact page. hit options in the upper right corner, and hit edit. once there, click on your profile photo again, and then hit “use this photo” and you should be all set.

  • Blade

    My Droid Razr Maxx HD is updating right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (does any ones Droid Razr Maxx HD randomly gets really hot?)

    • Board373

      Occasionally..especially if streaming music…

      • Blade

        same here. but yesterday i wasn’t doing anything and it hot really hot!

  • Board373

    Has anyone who was rooted and installed update had any issues? I noticed one person saying they had to Factory Reset…

    • rodney11ride

      i couldnt update with root. like something heald up the process and would reboot with “update failed” so i had to unroot.

  • Gerry

    Update is being downloaded to my phone now 5/15/2014 at 8:30 am.

    • Gerry

      Droid Razr Maxx HD

  • Board373

    Downloaded last night (Maine) but I have not installed yet. Really not sure if I want to lose root or not.

  • Alexander

    Got it! Baltimore, MD

  • Jeffrey Zorn

    Williamson Ny, downloading now got it by manually checking.

  • Damian Carusillo

    its here in santa cruz CA!!!

    • Board373

      Were you rooted before?

      • Damian Carusillo

        No never

    • Damian Carusillo

      No screen lock sound in KitKat. Even though all volumes are up and screen lock sound us enabled.

      • rodney11ride

        its there… just very quiet… also check your setting though mine was “checked” already. it isnt the same ole loud “click” its a little “thud” lol

    • rodney11ride

      its nice to start fresh on this release anyways. thats a big jump in software and multiple things can go wrong down the road no-matter if they say it is fine. i backed everything up and did a fresh start.. thing runs great

  • Zach

    Got it! Philadelphia/South Jersey area

    • Zach

      Here it is!

  • Matthew Evans

    Downloading mine now!!!! Gadsden, AL