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Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” Update Approved for DROID RAZR HD and RAZR M on Verizon

droid razr hd

Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” updates have been approved by Verizon for the DROID RAZR HD (MAXX HD too) and RAZR M from Motorola. The updates should be rolling out shortly, now that a soak test for each has seemingly passed by without issue. These are the last of Motorola’s phones on Verizon that were guaranteed to receive the update to Kit Kat. Nice job, Motorola.

The RAZR HD, MAXX HD, and RAZR M updates are builds 182.46.10 and 183.46.10. 

The updates include many of the Kit Kat goodies, like Immersive Mode, full emoji support, stronger security, smarter power use, new status bar, Hangouts replacing Google Talk, and the option to choose a default SMS app. You will also find Droid Zap 2.0, new security patches (goodbye, root), and improved HDMI.


razr hd kit kat1razr hd kit kat2


razr m kit kat1razr m kit kat2

Via:  Verizon [2]
  • Anyone know where the 4.4.2 OTA file is saved on the Razr HD? I want to delete it.
    I’ve got a rooted HD and am choosing to stay on Jelly Bean, but get constant Update Notifications every 12 hours.
    I’ve already installed the Disable Service app and used it to uncheck the system updates in Google Services Framework.
    But…I’ve already got the update installed. I think if I delete the OTA file, then my constant notifications will stop.
    Anyone know the file location, or have any ideas?

  • CoconutSunset

    Anyone else having issues with “‘app’ has stopped” on just about everything from facebook to messaging? Is there any way to fix this without doing a hard restart on the phone?

  • olaf lee

    It downloads but when I go to install it it fails

  • olaf lee

    My phone won’t even update.

  • WhyDoYouCare

    New update to the Maxx HD android: YouTube video display is completely messed up, which is quite irritating. Some other features don’t work as they should. How could you create an update with so many flaws and launch it..it reminds me of the recent healthcare website where they neglected so many obvious issues that would inevitably cause problems.. Other than this, no problems.

  • Del

    Worst os ever thanks Motorola for screwing up a perfect phone. My next purchase will be a note 3. Does any one know if its possible to undo this cluster f of an update. I am seriously thinking about breaking my phone and using the insurance money on a note thank you Motorola for nothing

  • They eff’d up the keyboard. It’s nearly impossible to see the alternative symbols.

  • How do I get my messaging back to white text on dark background?

  • salam my motorola dorid razr m has showing error in updating if any 1 can tell the soloution why its showing error

  • I have to buy Swype? Bummer. And how do I get my messenger back to white text on dark background?