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ComiXology Update for Android Removes Google Payments

It was only three weeks ago when Amazon purchased ComiXology, and at the time, it was unknown if Amazon had any plans to change how the comic-selling company was running business. In a sad turn, it looks like Amazon didn’t much care for how the app was handling payments on either Android or iOS

After an update to the application, which took place over the weekend for all users, the ability to make purchases through Google Payments has been removed. This move forces users to have a credit card associated with their ComiXology account, which they will then use to make payments and buy their comics with through the app’s new Cart feature.

The move is only truly hurtful to those users who like all of their online/app purchases to be made through a single account, such as their Google Wallet. With the adding of your credit card info to ComiXology’s servers, it’s just one more thing you have to worry about.

While it may only be a minor speed bump for a few users, it is still a sad move to see Amazon shun Android and iOS users who want to purchase comics through the application, regardless of how they want to pay.

If you want to keep buying comics through ComiXology, you will need to go update your app through Google Play.

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  • European

    The new app doesnt accept payments from my country… why oh why amazon? I finally stopped downloading pirated scans last year to buy on comixology instead…

  • stegosaur

    apple and google are like the government of the internet… taking a 30% fee for in-app purchases is straight up robbery and it should be illegal. these corporations gain way too much power by being able to get away with things like that and now we watch them acquire every independent start up worth anything so in the future we will have very few superpower corporations that have gobbled up any independent tech company. we watched comixology deal with this robbery for years with their hands tied behind their backs, but now that they have amazon on their side google and apple must negotiate, amazon is a major player. i think this is the right step to stopping the robbery of the smaller guys but unfortunately in the future there will be no more start ups and small tech companies, just the giants.

  • Nick

    If you really still wanna use Google Wallet for Comixology do what i did, if you have the Google Wallet Mastercard load some money on your wallet account and attach that card to the comixology account.

  • Michael

    Oh FFS. Use Paypal for two step auth and then it works just fine. Quit the bitching

  • mark

    Does Comixology offer any fully complete Japanese comics? I like my comics to have an ending.

    • huju

      On a related note. Does anyone know of any sites that have status info on US comics? I, too, want to read comics with actual endings.

    • Jorge

      Yes / No. For recent stuff you should check out Viz Manga app. Comixology does offer some “classics” title like Atomboy and Kamen Rider.

  • jofficus44

    What’s really upsetting is that there was ZERO notice for users, prior to this change. I am one of MANY Comixology users who preferred to use Play credit to buy comics, and would have used some of it – if they had said something …

    I completely understand the thinking, wanting to keep Google/Apple from taking a percentage of money for every transaction. But, the way this was handled did not take any consideration of what users might prefer. I, for one, liked that I could use Google Play cards purchased WITHOUT PROVIDING THEM MY CREDIT CARD INFO and still enjoy my favorite comics.

    For now, the separate Marvel and DC apps still allow purchases via Google Wallet, and those purchases show up in the Purchased comics of the main Comixology app …

    • kynyrd synyrd

      you can use paypal and not give them your credit card info

    • mark

      You don’t trust Amazon enough with your credit card info? If so, what are your reasons? It may affect me too.

  • EndlessVertiGo

    They did include a $5 credit in people’s account for the inconvenience, so that’s not too bad.

    Personally I don’t have an issue buying through them instead of Google Wallet.

  • Blue Sun

    I just created an account weeks before the acquisition. So glad I didn’t make any purchases. Amazon is handling this take over exactly how I expected them to… poorly.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Sad move 🙁 But I still buy physical copies of all my comics for collection sake.

  • kynyrd synyrd

    this is one of my favorite apps. i have a handful of friends who i share my username/password with so they can read my purchases as well. up until now i’ve had the safety of them not accidentally buying with my account since purchases are tied to their google wallet account when they are on their devices. i haven’t made a purchase since this change, but i will be using paypal and hoping for a password prompt. also another thing to note is i don’t believe the ios app can make in-app purchases at all anymore. they have to use the web store (browser)

    • Manthas

      If they make the same update to iOS, yes the App Store restrictions will prevent them from being able to do this, so it will be just like the Kindle app – cannot buy things directly through the app, and it becomes a pure reader app.

  • TopXKiller

    Google was taking up to 30% so makes sense

    • Fresh360

      That doesn’t change but now Amazon has access to your card information. Which is always a win for a retailer.

      • Bradley Michael

        It does change. That’s the reason they did it.