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I Hate Today’s Smartphones.

They are all too damn big. Bigger, bigger, bigger. Bigger is better. Bigger means more value. Bigger means more will buy them. Bigger. BIGGER.


I can’t stand it. Outside of Motorola and Apple, no one wants to make a phone you can actually use anymore. Well, use with one hand efficiently that is. It’s one giant race to see who can do it bigger, with more pixels and megapixels and inches and batteries. Why? Stop it already, Samsung, LG, Sony, Oppo, and the rest of you. I don’t want to use two hands just to control my smartphone. 

People wondered why we showed so much praise to the Moto X last year? This is why. Because you can handle the phone in one hand without fuss. You don’t have to adjust your grip to get to the notification bar and then again to get back down to your navigation buttons. You don’t need two hands to take a picture. You don’t need a separate bag to carry it in or JNCO jeans; it actually fits in your pocket, along with a car key, and maybe even some gum.

Samsung had it right last year with the Galaxy S4, but they completely screwed up this year on size with the Galaxy S5. Just look at that picture. The display on the S5 is 0.1″ bigger, yet the phone is substantially taller, wider and more squared off. Why? You can’t tell me the heart rate monitor and barely-there-waterproofing required the extra girth? Holding the S4 is a dream with its subtle rounded corners and edge-to-edge display, while the S5 just feels like another squared-off, mega-phone. I thought the Note series was supposed to be the “phablet?”

As for the HTC One (M8), well, do we even need to talk about it? I don’t think HTC could have made a taller, more awkward-to-use phone, even if it is pretty to look at. Thanks for the BoomSound, HTC; no thanks, for the Manute Bol height.

I just want someone to make a “mini” phone that isn’t a low-end knock-off of the flagship. Sony tried withe Xperia Z1 Compact, but since Sony can’t figure out how to distribute outside of the UK or put a decent display in a phone, who cares. The One (M8) Mini is already rumored to be a garbage entry-level device, just like the S5 Mini will be. The LG G3 Mini could be something, but it’s too early in the rumor cycle to tell.

And look, I get that there are millions out there who want a massive phone with an S Pen and dual-window multi-tasking business, that’s just not me. I want a phone that’s still a phone, not one that’s on the verge of becoming a tablet or that will dwarf my head if I take a call. I want to pull it out of my pocket and use it with the same hand. Now that I’m a dad, I rarely have two hands free, so you can see why I am even more desperate for something manageable.

When this year’s first flagships started rolling out from Samsung and HTC, I was pretty excited to see which would win me over. But now, I’m stuck deciding if this massive phone that’s a pain in the ass to use is better than that massive phone that’s an even bigger pain in the ass to use. In the end, I think I’ll just pass on them all for now and stick to my Nexus 5 and Moto X, two phones that were built for the average person’s hand. And then when I finally get sick of them, maybe Motorola will be ready to release their next.

  • Ewizzle

    wow, need some cheese with your wine? Sorry you have tiny girly hands. Using my HTC M8 one handed just fine thank you.

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  • Jozinko

    I love big phones and I cannot lie!

  • Luciano Capocci

    Hey! Sony did put a nice display on the Z1C, it’s just a pity it’s not getting enough distribution.
    Aaaand it was (thankfully) the last Sony phone with that stupid Anti-Shutter Film attached. My Xperia ZL is full of scratches because of it.

  • Gramps
  • Disq_This

    *plus out a Note 3* Wow that S5 is small.

  • stancold

    Since getn my note2 and now my note 2 its 5.5 at least or bust . 4.3 at tge time was the acceptable norm and iPhone 5 n 5s still were the mega small 4 inches . Not that id ever buy an iphone as it is far too restrictive and android well android isnt . Now the trend setting samsung has forced apple to follow their lead with a larger 5 to 5.5 inch screen on the iPhone 6 . As for me it goes a little something like this .
    Android4Ever Samsung4Life .
    Peace My Ninjas

  • Ian Case

    There was an OpEd piece on the Verge a while back about them interviewing execs from big OEMs and asking them why they don’t make proper smaller versions of flagships. They said people don’t want them but failed to provide any evidence when asked ‘How did you come to that conclusion? You’ve never OFFERED one for sale to find out if the sales are there.’

  • Eltahur

    Absolutely correct! Stop it with the big watches please.

  • Ryanmax

    Samsung galaxy S5 fails to impress thier users see here goo.gl/avFqfu

  • Dan

    Agree wholeheartedly. Ditched my S3 for a Moto X a few months back, loving every second. Phone is so perfectly sized for me.

  • John

    This has to be the dumbest article I have ever read. And you run this site??? Race to have more pixels? How about the real point..EASIER TO SEE MORE ON THE SCREEN. Are you mad that TV’s keep getting bigger? You’d rather use an old 13″ square TV? If you are so annoyed with using one or no hands GET THE SMART WATCHES or a bluetooth. I’m very happy for the bigger phones and judging by sales most people are too. I have a Note 2 and I have never once “held the phone to my head”. I use speakerphone or bluetooth. Let’s go backwards 20 years to pagers.. they were easy to hold in one hand and had a nice tiny screen. /sarcasm

    • Cesar

      Your TV analogy is horribly flawed. TVs are meant to be viewed from a distance and don’t need to be held to be used. Phones need to be interacted with physically. The whole point of a mobile device is to take it with you in a pocket or bag and be able to use it on the go. Often, this means using it with one hand which, as Kellen pointed out, is much more difficult when the device is the size of your head.

      • t3lancer2007

        I agree with you about TVs. My 46″ TV is too small because I view it from 10ft away. I think Kellen just has small hands though if he has problems with a 5.0″ screen. My Nexus 5 fits perfectly in my hand.


    Still got my Nexus 4. Praying for the release of another 4.7 inch phone

  • Ken Archbold

    Really…. That was your news editorial. Okayyyyyy…..
    Sent from my galaxy note 3

  • BOB Dudek

    Moto x32g.. My WIFE’S.. Device
    . HTC ONE m7..mine.
    She had a choice of ANY device after the D4 finally gave up the ghost.

    5 minutes with X and that was it. The do any thing with one hand.. Swift key.. Shake the camera.. Just does everything good .. device .

    I really hope the MOTO X-2 has the upgrades that matter.. I would love it… Swappa will be loaded with M7’s

  • Chandler Scarborough

    Totally disagree. I’m hoping the Note 4 will be 8 inches! The iPhone is so tiny that it’s useless for anything other than phone calls.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I can use my G2 one handed no problem. 5 inches is where phones should stop. S4, G2, N5. Perfect phones. Nothing bigger than that. My 2 cents.

  • Guest

    This was exactly the main reason I went to the iPhone 5S… My Droid DNA was just too big, just too much.
    It’s almost like Android phones have taken this turn to becoming more than phones as priority, whereas the iPhone is still primarily a phone. Android users are obsessed with having bigger and more powerful phones, but to what end? Why is all that necessary? What are you doing that’s so processor-intensive on your mobile device that you can’t pick up a laptop or tablet and do it? These were the questions I couldn’t answer for myself when I decided to ditch my DNA for the 5S. I live in SoCal, I drive around, and sometimes I get lost. It happens. Deal with it. But when it came to pulling up Google Maps for directions, I had to pull over so I could use both hands and figure out where I was and how to get where I needed to be.
    In Apple’s defense- from a hardcore Android user, we’re talking a complete rom-infested, tweak-the-crap-out-of-it freak- the 5S is very simply designed, very stable, and just a solid product… There’s just enough tweaking capability to keep me happy, and not so much that it’s a laboreous task to go and manipulate the way the OS does/displays something. That getting lost scenario I mentioned? Where I had to pull up Google Maps? Yeah, I can do that one-handedly on the iPhone, without pulling over, without wasting time, and without too much interruption. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement.

    I’m not a kid anymore, the specs don’t excite me; I can respect the
    specs, but they aren’t the reason I buy mobile devices any longer. The trend that Android has taken
    in the past year or two has begun to hinder me, so that’s why I left.
    Maybe in the future I’ll jump from iOS back to Android, but until they go back to being ‘just a phone with small perks’ instead of ‘big perks and also a phone’, I think I’m going to stay on this platform.
    Keep in mind this is the first iPhone I’ve ever owned, and the first Apple product I’ve ever owned- it wasn’t an easy choice to make, but when it boiled down to it, these were questions I couldn’t answer: “Why do I need that much processing power? (What am I doing on my phone that I can’t do on a laptop or tablet?)” “Why do I need such a huge screen? (How often do I really watch movies or play games on my phone that I can’t do on a tablet or a laptop?)” and statements like, “I just want my phone to be a phone first and foremost, everything else is secondary.”
    need products that help me in my life and help me become more efficient
    in completing my tasks, not hinder me.

  • Trapper Jim

    There are a lot of Baby Boomers out there that are tired of reading text on their iPhone with a magnifying glass. With bifocals the new M8 and S5 is just about perfect for the over 65 crowd. In addition a lot of BB’s lose some of their manual dexterity from complications of arthritis and nerve damage from degenerative bone diseases.

  • Higher_Ground

    I always use two hands. Maybe it’s because I have small hands, or maybe it’s because i don’t find one handed use good for much besides checking the time, entering my pattern password, or accessing toggles and notifications. Swyping works MUCH better when you hold the phone in your other hand.

    Also, I think the lack of tablet sales means that people are still looking for a screen to consume media. Can’t say that I’ve ever heard someone complain that the TV or computer monitor was too big 🙂

    • Cesar

      You can’t effectively compare a phone to a TV or computer monitor as neither of those are things that you need to physically interact with like you would a phone.

  • rutgersjaffo

    Could not disagree more. My Note 2 is the best piece of technology I have ever owned and as someone who deals with a large amount of documents with my profession it is wonderful to have a large screen. I can see where this would be a problem, however, for those who have tiny delicate hands, lol…

  • blairh


    2014 is the year, so far, where flagships are getting larger and heavier. And it SUCKS.

    I always envisioned a redesign being something that gets smaller and thinner while adding to previous performance. Aside from the more curved back, the M7 is so much more appealing than the M8. The S5 is a larger and heavier S4. The Z2 isn’t bigger than the Z1 but it’s still super big and terrible ergonomically.

    This is what Apple does right. They’ll release a 4.7″ iPhone 6 and it will probably be as large if not smaller in dimensions than my Nexus 5. People value compact devices. The lighter and smaller your phone is, the easier it will be to use with one hand.

  • JolleyMan

    My Moto X is the perfect size. I can’t see any reason to want a bigger phone.

  • james macy

    Way off base a majority of customer base wants larger phones, the mega sold great here, stores couldnt keep them

  • Tran Nguyen

    Sorry, I loved big phone. I think that you use the phone (no smartphone) only for communication (calling and texting) and nothing else.

  • Sporttster

    Got the N3 and it is big for sure, but I love the fact the screen is so large! Makes watching movies on the thing great and surfing is as well. I wouldn’t go much bigger and maybe even a tad smaller but not by much. If I wanted a pocket toy I’d have gone with a iPhone or something that sized. I would love to get the One 1 won whatever it’s called. Sounds like a killer phone but not on Verizon. That phone is tempting me to go T-Mobile just to get it. Bet the camera on that thing is excellent…

  • odeiosenhas

    Yeah!!! Let’s change the entire industry because YOU want a smaller smartphone. ¬¬’

    • Cesar

      Yeah!!! Let’s make baseless assumptions because YOU feel personally attacked by an online article. ¬¬’

  • 213ninja

    if someone wants a phone that they can do everything on with one hand, that’s fine, that’s their choice, but can we stop with the nonsense lies about bigger phones not fitting in your pocket? if you wear men’s pants sizes, any of them, any cut, even the biggest phone will fit fine in your pocket. i am able to pocket an s3 and a note 3 side by side in my slim cut jeans pocket, so anyone who says these larger phones are not pocketable must be referring to children’s pants.

  • Eric Sorensen

    You sound like Geller. Except Geller will change his view when the jumbo Iphone comes out.

  • gunslinger

    i like my galaxy s4. i think 5″ is about the biggest i could go. i had the thunderbolt and the 4.3 was just on the small side. i’m thinking 4.75 would be a sweet spot.

    but i do agree that after a certain point, a large “phone” becomes a mini-tablet with call capabilities. and i believe there is a sweet spot for everyone. some people have very small hands, some with large. as long as phone manufactures put out quality phones i the areas, why knock it?

    but IF they are only going to 5+ then yes, that’s a problem.

  • BillySuede

    love my big phones. note 3 all day.

  • Linx

    THANK YOU!!!!! I thought I was the only one to feel this way. Sorry phone manufacturers, MY HANDS AREN’T GETTING ANY BIGGER! Stop the madness!

  • Ziich

    I completely agree. The 2014 flagships are all to big for me. I really like the size of my nexus 5 with its slightly smaller than 5 inch screen. Give me a phone with slightly smaller bezels top and bottom and I’ll be in dreamland in terms of size.

  • Kris

    I hear ya. Thanks to Scamsung there is frenzy to make the phones bigger and bigger… and also thanks to dumbo android fans who were all aaahing and ooing at the gigantic displays.
    Yes.. Apple and motorola have it right. One hand use is a must for a smartphone. If you need bigger screen size when seated on your couch.. grab a tablet or a laptop.

    • 213ninja

      no thanks. i’ll stick to my note 3 that fits in my pocket and has one-hand mode if i absolutely need it….

      • Kris

        Even with the one handed option to resize the screen in the galaxy note 3, you still have to hold that behemoth with one hand and that’s where it gets clumsy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the note has its use to a select group… But it’s not the daily driver for most
        —– Reply message —–

        • 213ninja

          that’s a pretty massive “select group”……you’re talking about millions of people.

          not the daily driver for “most” on this blog, sure everyone who has read one page of comments knows that about this crowd (although there has been quite a turn out of non-moto junkies in this thread)………but anyway, definitely not “most” around the world… look at how popular gigantic phones are in the Asian market…..bottom line, companies are making bigger phones because consumers are buying bigger phones, by the millions.

          as for holding the note with one hand, my wife uses a note 2, she has petite hands, and she doesn’t have a problem.

  • Asmodai

    I would just like a phone with a 4.5″ screen or less, 720p resolution, Snapdragon 600, and 2GB of RAM. Why is that so much to ask for? Either you have a giant 5+ inch 1080p phone with a Snapdragon 800 class SoC or you get a crappy 1GB RAM and Snapdragon 400 SoC on a reasonably sized 720p budget phone… where is the middle ground?

    • 213ninja

      moto X is 4.7 inches, i’m sure that extra .2 isn’t worth going with a budget phone…..

      • Asmodai

        The Moto X (and Droid Mini for that matter) are last years phones. The article is expressing frustration that there don’t appear to be any similar models in the pipeline this year. That’s what I was agreeing with. To quote from the article “In the end, I think I’ll just pass on them all for now and stick to my Nexus 5 and Moto X”. My contract is up in a little over two months and the best I have to look forward to is a phone that will have been out for over 9 months? The upcoming S5 Mini and HTC One (M8) mini have worse specs than the Droid Mini released last year, WTF! My contract happens to be up on the first day of Google I/O… I’m praying that something comes out by then but I’m not optimistic.

        • 213ninja

          ah. has there been indication that moto is going bigger this year? or just speculation because of the market trend? i don’t recall hearing any rumors….

    • joejoe5709

      That’s a mid-range phone. Sounds like the Moto X or Moto G specs. Personally I don’t understand why they can’t fit nearly the same specs as a flagship into a smaller footprint. Even if they charged a little more for it, I think it would sell well. Think of it as a sports car or a luxury coupe in relation to the automotive world. Big engine in a small body… get it?

  • Travis Sorenson

    Welcome to my life. I am a bigger guy and buying stuff made for me is a nightmare. Go to a mall and try to find a size 16 shoe. Go car shopping and find a car with enough legroom besides a truck. I love my note 3. It’s the first phone that feels normal in my hands. Now that big phones are the norm I enjoy having a good selection. And if anyone wants to make the argument that “well they still make things in your size to purchase…” Guess what? There are still phones that are smaller (moto x, etc) that you can buy too. I understand I’m in the minority but if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    • 213ninja


  • James Walker

    Let me explain from another angle (which i think you should certainly address in an update or new post). I have been a huge advocate of large screens, and ill tell you why. I, for the past 5 years, have not had a tablet. So my cell phone was my primary mobile source for entertainment and connectivity. I used my phone primarily for web browsing, youtube watching, and game playing over my laptop. With those 3 key purposes, the BIGGER, the BETTER. When the note 3 came out, which utilized the large screen in an awesome way, i was completely sold.
    Today however, i stand at a different scenario, angle, situation. I have recently purchased an iPad Air. I think Apple got tablets right with this one, but thats for another day. BUT!! Now that i have a tablet which i use to fill those three needs, screen size has suddenly become obsolete, moot. And actually, a phone like the moto x now makes much more sense to me (my current daily driver is the 5″ Droid DNA). So I am actually considering going to a smaller phone now that i have my iPad, a notion which would have been preposterous to me a couple months ago.
    Summary point. If youre using your phone as your sole source of those three things, it makes sense to have a screen you dont have to squint at when watching videos or playing games. If you have a tablet, then i can clearly see your argument. Situations and preferences. Lucky for us, we live in a market with quite a few options, and you can voice your opinions to OEMs, motioning for smaller, premium phones. Or if you agree with Apple’s mantra that we have the ‘perfectly sized’ phone, and there is no need for a large phone, then maybe you should get an iPhone.

    • Higher_Ground

      I definitely agree wrt to owning a tablet. The same can probably be said about not owning a laptop, too.

  • Carlton Crasher

    I will say after having an issue with my nexus 5 microphone not working at all, I bought the note 3 and while dislike the llocked boot loader for cm based Roms, it did give me enough reason to sell my nexus 7.. Yeah the nexus 7 was bigger but the only reason I had it was for when I needed a bigger screen without using my laptop…the note 3 is the perfect size for viewing vs portability in my opinion but it isn’t very nice for one handing it.

  • Rick Wilson

    Congrats on becoming a dad. I agree with you on today’s phone are becoming too big and I like my Nexus 5. The project ara is something I am interested in, plus there will be 3 different sizes.

  • I see your points. But personally I actually like the bigger phones. Love my Note 3 and not for business purposes.

  • BAoxymoron

    Honestly I like the bigger phones better and I’m not talking phablets nor do I have huge hands(actually they’re fairly average). I have an s3 and it feels tiny I like the physical size of the s5, though, I agree it should have increased the screen size more than 0.1 in. As for the M8 I can’t really say though I didn’t mind the size of the m7, but since it’s merely a matter of adjusting your hands a 1/4in higher but it shouldn’t be that much harder to reach well other than the power button placement but I think we all agree that’s stupid…

  • rfranken

    every phone i’ve bought was bigger than the one before it. every time i say i dont want a bigger phone. everytime i get a bigger phone and then say…i can’t have one smaller than this one.

  • Dealsend

    Why bi$#€#ing ? Buy the small ones. It’s not like someone points a gun in your head when you buy a smartphone.

    • Cesar

      The problem is that every OEM, outside of Sony and Motorola, seems to think that anyone who wants a phone with a smaller form factor doesn’t care about specs, and that’s just not true. Just because we don’t want a phone with a 5.5 QHD display that will be the size of our heads when we pick up a call, doesn’t mean we don’t care about having a good amount of RAM, a speedy processor, or an actual usable amount of storage. People who enjoy big phones don’t have this problem, but those of us who prefer a smaller form factor are forced to choose between size and specs. It’s unfair.

  • PhoneFreak

    Amen to this post ! I love that I’m not the only one that feels this way.
    The Moto X nailed it as the perfect size and is still my daily driver too. The only things they would really need to change for the Moto X2 to be a hit would be beef up the processor, raise the screen resolution and improve the camera quality, They could make it a hair thinner, but keeping the same shape/size wouldn’t bother me either.

    • Cesar

      As a Moto X owner, I’ve never understood why people want to increase the screen resolution. 720p looks perfectly good on a 4.7 inch screen, and changing that to 1080p will be an almost indiscernible difference at the cost of increased battery consumption. I do agree, though, that the camera needs improvement.

  • Josh Marshall

    Who says you have to buy one of the “big” phones? Stick with a size you like. I like the 5″+ phones because I spend most of my time browsing. Rarely do I use it to talk.

  • lambchops

    I think you need to go to the doctor and check to see if you’re still a man or not. You sound an awful lot like a nagging women.

  • jnt

    While I’m not anti-large-phone, does it not seem like the movie Idiocracy would’ve been complete with some scenes of a bunch of people talking on their phablets? That’s how I tend to feel about over-sized devices *for me*. I don’t place that judgment on anyone else, but I tend to feel like I’m being overly “showy” (can’t think of a good word) when I pull out a BAP (“big ass phone” per my wife).

    • 213ninja

      what does “overly showy” even mean?

      • jnt

        Bad choice of words, sorry… draws additional attention to me. Keeping in mind I’m pretty a pretty boring, t-shirt and jeans guy with no style whatsoever. That’s also why I said it’s just a me thing.

        • 213ninja

          to each his own but i wouldn’t worry about how it looks next to your head…

  • JohanV

    Nexus 5. Perfect size. Perfect phone.

  • slow88lx

    News flash: I actually use my Note 3.

  • paulsg63

    I just got the S5… I think its great. It fits perfect in my hand.. feels good. The problem with anything smaller and I gotta squint to see it. My Note 3 was the best though!

  • b00ky

    To each their own. Although there is definitely a trend towards bigger phones, at least the Android platform gives us plenty of options to choose from. Hopefully, by this point, there is a suitable phone for each of our needs and preferences. I went from a GNex to a Note 3 and wasn’t sure how I would like/adjust to the larger phone. Now, I don’t even think about it. In fact, I might even have a hard time getting a smaller one now that I am used to all of the screen real estate.

  • rediculous

    This after a post about the HTC last one M8 mini… get a grip whiner. If you don’t like a full size phone opt for the mini version, how fuc*ing hard is that concept to grasp. We get it, your moto x is perfect. So stick with it and be happy with it. Let everyone else have choices. All you men with vagina hands, shut up and realize you have some nuts between your legs.

    • jnt

      Women love men with vagina hands… #justsayin 😉

  • Well said Kellen! Screen real estate and larger specs sell unfortunately, scale over usability is the result.

  • MikeSaver

    I said that once before here in the comments about Samsung’s ads bragging about how much bigger the Note was than the iPhone and I got ripped apart by the nerds.

    • jnt

      People are fickle!

  • callumshell1

    You complain about sony phones only coming out in the UK but where is our Moto X?

  • Spaniard85

    LG G2? Same size as an S4…

  • This is why i love you Kellen…you get it…why i value your articles and opinions over any other android blogger on the net…and a +10000 for the jnco jeans reference lmaoooo…and this is why i am ever so content with my moto x and have no urge to get a new device…just wish it was unlocked but nothings perfect

    • 213ninja

      all phones fit in all men’s jeans. if you disagree you must be rocking jeggings.

  • jpcmoney

    I’d have to

  • John Mozelewski

    Bigger is better. I could never go back under 5 inches

    • SumiDos

      That’s what she said.

      • 213ninja

        me too.

  • MJ

    I agree 100% with you… Big hands here and my Nexus 5 is a good size. I doubt would want to go past 5″/5.2″ on a phone. Manufactures need to realize there is no reason for bigger screens (except for niche phones) and 1080p resolution. Moblie phone display technology is more then good enough right now so they need to focus more on better design, long lasting batteries, faster CPUs, more memory, and better cameras. Oh, and no more damn senors unless for a damn good reason.

  • nbgiant25

    Some of us don’t have tiny hands. My Note 3 is too big for most, but I don’t have to adjust anything to use it normally. Smaller phones, however, I do have to contort to use because of my large hands. How about you stop complaining about something no one is forcing you to buy and stick with the smaller offerings?

    • i cant eat that burger…i have these tiny hands…

      • portrub

        Get some sliders or burger buddies.

  • wolfxomg

    Even the new apple’s iPhone refresh seems to be a big ass phone again !! I’m happy with my 4.4.2 running Galaxy nexus 😀

  • carl rainey

    When we stop buying huge phones the company will stop making them. It is all up to us. The latest and greatest isnt always the greatest.

    • 213ninja

      it is if it’s the latest AND the greatest.

  • Fel Pe

    Bring some cheese to eat together with all this wine…

  • trext


  • Eltahur

    Here here! Stop it with the unwieldy huge phones!

    Thank you Keller for pointing this out.

  • chad

    I agree 100% I really think that these phones are getting too big. I think you should have 2 options, a normal size and a large phone like the S4 and Note used to be. Now they are all becoming too large.
    Are you listening Samsung and all the rest? Please don’t change Moto!

    • 213ninja

      thankfully the market disagrees…

  • Justin Larmay

    It’s a love hate thing. I was really starting to hate the size of this note three only because when texting it’s super hard to reach keys with one hand. Then I tried SwiftKey on it and the problem was solved. I seriously feel like it knows that this phone is too big because all I have to do is make an attempt to reach for a key and SwiftKey just autocorrects and gets the word right. Now that that problem is solved I have no problems with this giant phone.

  • Frank Caldara

    Concordo totalmente….!! I agree

  • danb

    Sony xperia compact ffs

  • hansip

    Seems like you are bashing Sony too much, Decent screen are you kidding? It is the first IPS of their own, so should be at least on par with other phones. Plus if you have the money you can always buy it unlocked. You just don’t know how people in third world country purchase their own premium smartphone fully unlocked. Everytime.

  • chris

    Why you and all these followers praised it so much? Sorry I have MAN(BIG) hands unlike the others.

  • Sony

    Why do you accuse Sony of not releasing small phones? They have. First Xperia ZR and later Z1 Compact – both with flagship specs.

  • Zekemo

    bviously you’ve found phones your little person hands can handle so go cry some where else. You as a journalist sounded like a major douche. “I work for a company that reviews all the great phones and talks about them but I hate them” … Blah blah blah. The cool thing is I’m just a reader and Android enthusiast. I can say whatever I want. I won’t sound professional, scholarly or have proper English but you on the other hand…. Hahaha… You still just look like a cry baby douche bag complaining to people who jdgaf. Enjoy your little phone while the rest of us don’t enjoy reading your crap stories.

  • Sabil V

    we’ll wait ara project!

  • Kellex went off and I completely agree. These phones have gotten so darn big and there aren’t any viable smaller form factor options. Those mini versions are despicable.

  • Gary Ohanian

    “Sony can’t figure out how to distribute outside of the UK or put a decent display in a phone”

    1. Z1 Compact has a decent display
    2. Sony only has a problem with distributing to US, no problems elsewhere (the world is bigger than just US and UK). Blame your telcos

  • Rich Hill

    Well. If u dont want a big phone, buy a old phone or the mini version. Problem solved.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Amen Kellen.

  • Honestly, I’d only want a big phone if it had a keyboard with it. I really miss phones not having those, but otherwise I’m fine with my Galaxy S4.

  • MrEasy

    I just typed this with one hand on my Nexus 5. Was pretty easy.

  • MH


    No offense, but you sound like a cranky old man.



  • tenshi yuki

    That’s clearly your problem, I’m 6″3 and one of the biggest problems I had was phones being so small that I was getting knuckle cramps, now I got a note 3 that fits perfectly in my hand, the other phones that you mention are too big for you is too small for me, but you don’t see me complaining that all phones should be 5’5 inches. So take your entitled ass to Sony and get an X1 compact. But just how I don’t expect the phone companies to fully tailor to my hands, don’t expect for them to dance around your likes either.

    • MH

      I’m a mere 6’0 and have no problem using the note 3. Granted I do have large hands, but I have 2 female coworkers who have the exact same device and can use it no problem.

  • Jc

    Manlet detected

  • Jsquared

    When I had a smaller phone I realized that I don’t do much on it with one hand. I tended to always use two hands. I could always easily unlock my phone and check notifications but that’s about all I did. If I needed to do something more complicated I switched to two hands. With that in mind I decided for a larger screen on my next phone and went with the G2. The Moto X was being touted as the best phone but I loved the bigger screen of the G2. And haven’t looked back since. All personal preference but these days in my personal experience I hear more “The screen is small” than “The phone is too big”.

  • Cesar

    This. So much.

  • Droid me!

    Saw this article and the first thing that came to mind is Kellex stop crying, this article is useless! Useless cause all the top phones this year or most of them have mini versions you get if you hand is anemic! Yes, I know they are a little less powerful!

  • Ron_Swanson

    You should of used Rick Smits instead of Manute Bol in your reference says I .

  • Hoffman

    Kellen, now that you’re a dad, why aren’t you giving full attention to your baby? A child is always better to look at than a cell phone!

  • Ryan

    I agree. However, the G2 is the perfect spot for me. I want nothing bigger or smaller. Hopefully when I go to upgrade I will be able to find something close to the latter spec, but i have my doubts.

  • Turner

    I agree completely agree Kellen. I’m fine if samsung and HTC and whoever want to make big huge phones, but I want the OPTION of a phone that you describe. I too love my moto X and am hoping that the X+1 is a similar form factor but upgraded specs, not the middle of the road that the first X is. It’s seamless integration of a barely there skin is fine, I even gave up root and haven’t looked back. Please Moto, don’t screw this up.

  • C-Law

    Love my moto x

  • Daniel Russell

    I don’t have problems using a big phone with one hand. My problem with big phones is fitting them in my jean pockets or taking them out of my pockets when I am sitting down.

  • James

    I am waiting for the lg pro2. Bigger is better… My phone has almost spaced the need for a laptop… If you have tiny hands out don’t know how to use voice activated command then yes please buy a smaller mini phone or how about a flip phone

  • g_what

    I concur! My N5 is the largest phone I will ever own. I can’t deal with anything bigger, and even this took some getting used to. I love my N5 and would never trade it for any current phone, but I will admit that the form factor of the Moto X is the best currently available.

  • bassman418

    No little hands here (6′ 3″). I love my note 3. For me perfect size.

  • Trysta

    Wow. I thought I was the only one!

    Just to illustrate the issue I was really hesitant to buy the Nexus 5 (waited all the way until February to make up my mind) based ONLY on size. I thought it would be too big since it was at the upper limit of 2013 smartphones.

    I ended up buying it anyway and love the Nexus 5 but that is despite the fact that it is a bit too big for me to handle easily with one hand. I manage but the size was such an issue even the slimmest of cases was out of the question for me because an increase in width of >1mm was really starting to push my comfort level.

    And now I realize how lucky I am to have purchased the Nexus 5 when I did because now (only like 6-months after release) it is no longer considered one of the larger phones out there. It is one of the smaller most reasonably sized phones. This is madness!!!

    Case in point: 2013 vs 2014

  • NoBullFitness

    7in is where I draw the line…

  • Matthew Merrick

    No. Just no. I have never carried a phone. My first Cellular device was an LG Vortex, a primitive and difficult to use miniature computer, but just that, a miniature computer, one that just happened to make phone calls. They’re not phones. They never were. Microsoft had it right when it called them pocket PCs. Stop treating them like obsolete single purpose devices, just because they share the name.

  • Frank Moolah

    The newer S5 being even bigger defeats the purpose of the Note. With the minimal features the S5 has to offer, it wouldn’t even be worth the upgrade. Features I need are OS dependent anyway which I can customize w/ a rom. My 2 cents.

  • Ryan

    Amen Brother! My first smart phone was the Incredible. I can remember really getting upset when I had to move up to the Incredible 2 because of the size. Since then I have been through a couple of Motorola’s and now I have an S3. I really like Samsung, so I thought I would want to upgrade to the S5, until I saw the size of that beast. I was wondering why Samsung has an S5 and the Note. To me that seems foolish. The size isn’t that much different. I ended up getting an S4. Every phone I get, I say that is the biggest I’m going to go, but it’s too difficult not to go bigger each upgrade because there aren’t many choices.

    This is just a personal observation, but think about the long history of cell phones (including smart phones like the Treo). Phones have always gone on this up and down curve, according to size. Right now, I think it’s about to reach the peak of getting bigger and now I think it’s going to level out and phone screens will start to get smaller (maybe just a little bit) over the next few years. Manufacturers are going to figure out how to put more information in a smaller screen.

  • Willaim Moore

    I need to screen area, especially when some sites put a damn bar at the top with Facebook, Twitter, and G+ sharing stuff that always stays there.

  • chris

    This site is the worst for making posts on mobile.

  • chris

    That’s your opinion, and you’re free to it. My perfect phone would be a 5″ top end spec slider keyboard. It seems like that is not going to happen. So, I need all the screen area I can get. Writing this post right now, I can only see one line of text because of the crappy setup as it is on my Note 3. I feel like I need more width so that there’s more real estate in horizontal, which is how I always type.

  • Scott


  • angel maldonado

    “Bigger.” that’s what she said. 🙂

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    kill all front branding too.


    This is horrible. Must be a slow news day.

  • CasperTFG

    Speak for yourself, a subset of us love big phones.

  • seryozha

    Amen! Hallelujah! preach @kellex:disqus

  • rlorenz

    My nexus 5 strikes a good balance for me. Usable with one hand when I’m on the go, but big enough that when I want to use both, I have enough screen real estate. I don’t consider my hands exceptionally large, by any means. Pretty average


    Finally, I’ve found a guy who’s match with this freaking trend of make ridicolous big smartphones.

    • Orion

      Finally, what? Its just a lame opinion piece that’s going to be forgotten tomorrow. Oh and you know what won’t be forgotten? Yeah more big phones. Awwww

  • yummy

    Voted “Best of Droid-Life”

    Now if any of the megapho maniacs read this, maybe they’ll wake up and give us a mini that packs a wallop.

  • BeenSayingItAllAlong

    Great opinion piece! I’ve been commenting with those exact complaints for years on this site, and the general consensus has been “lol, you mad.” It’s nice to see this sentiment echoed by Kellex himself. Feel like I finally get some validation.

  • johnediii

    Preach it Brother Kellex. I’m almost ready to switch to an iPhone just because I’m so uninspired by these phones so far. Please Moto, follow up the X with a fitting successor and I will be right there with you.

    • BeenSayingItAllAlong

      Moto X is still a great choice even this late (in phone time) in the game. I for one can’t wait for the Moto X successor – it’s going to be great (I hope).

      • Higher_Ground

        if they have another fire sale I’m pulling the trigger. Fall isn’t going to get here soon enough.

  • F Young

    Get over it already.

    If you have the use of only one hand, or you insist on using only one hand, get an Iphone or one of the minis and stop whining.

    People use two hands to eat, to drive, to work and to do most of the things that people do every day. There’s no reason to avoid using two hands for a phone.

    I have a Galaxy S3, and I still make a lot of typos due to the small keyboard. I have written off all the Iphones mainly because their screens are way too small. On the contrary, I am tempted by the Note 3 because I could use the stylus to type or write; it would require two hands, of course, but would make my life easier.

    The larger screen also makes it somewhat easier to read, plus it adds battery life, which is another reason phones need to get bigger. Battery life is till not good enough.

    What are you doing with the other hand anyway?

    • Braden Abbott

      Exactly. What are you doing on your smartphone that takes such little concentration that your other hand could be busy doing something else? Any task that requires two hands on the big phones takes all your attention anyway. ARE YOU TEXTING ON THE IPHONE WITH ONE HAND AND CHANGING DIAPERS WITH THE OTHER? What the hell. Anything that does not require much concentration like flipping through pages can always be done with one hand. Studies have proven that humans cannot multitask, the ones who think they can multitask well are actually no better than people who think they cannot multitask. This hate against big screens will make even less sense once we have a smart watch and bluetooth headset on

      • Trysta

        Maybe you are riding public transport and need to hold onto something with one hand but want to browse the web with your phone during your 30min+ commute with the other?!

        Or you are walking down the stream and happen to be holding something (say a bag, purse etc.) in one hand and need to be able to check the time, an email or send a text quickly with the other?

        I do understand that not all situations require one handed use. And guess what? When I find myself in such a situation I pull out my 7+ inch tablet because the mobile experience on that will be 1000X better than the mobile experience on a phone screen that is still under 6″.

        • Braden Abbott

          Does anybody use one finger zoom? And checking the time or email does not need both hands either, if I’m only sending a quick text I use voice input anyway. The only thing that does require both hands is typing and if I am concentrating on entering text I can’t look ahead to keep walking anyways. I use a 7″ which is definitely not for everyone but I can’t stand when people dog on the 5.5″ to 5″ phones, the sizes are perfect, get mad at the bezels.

  • hoosiercub88

    I have a Moto X and a Note II.. I enjoy switching between them.. and everytime I put my SIM in the Note.. I remember how much I really like the extra screen real estate.

  • Adam

    small hand problems

  • TandCplus1

    Amen brother

  • me

    Speak for yourself. I personally can’t stand small screens. especially surfing on my phone, bigger the screen the better. Phone nazis

  • Michael Tate

    You mad bro? 😉

  • John T. Wildman

    Wow! Surprise here, you will stick with a nexus! Shocker! They offer nothing but a pure Google experience, but get their ass kicked in every other aspect of what a smartphone is these days. So fanboys will defend it to the end, lucky you have a forum to defend your insanity. IN THE MEANTIME YOUR PHONE IS GETTING ITS ASS KICKED..FACT!

    • BeenSayingItAllAlong

      Ass kicked in what? Certainly not in handling! An impossible to use wonder-box, huh?

      • John T. Wildman

        Lol..trust me..there isn’t a nexus out there that compares with a note 3,SG5, or even the the SG5….fool yourself, but that’s the only one you are fooling..I love the fact of choice, but don’t try and brainwash a audience with a narrow minded view…nexus has its place, but it certainly isn’t top tier these days..sheep follow just like Apple

        • Matthew Rebmann

          Of course it doesn’t “compare” to the S5, the S5 is nearly a year newer. It’s still a great phone at a great price.

          • John T. Wildman

            I mean absolutely no offense to anyone that owns a nexus…what I love and I wish this site would love about android is choice! Articles like this piss me off because I can read between the lines, they aren’t genuine. If Samsung S5 or note 3 were pure Google devices you wouldn’t have read this article.You would have read something about how great it is to have the larger and sharper screen.How easy the use in hand is even with the large real estate…you get my drift..I just call it like I see it. PURE Google is nice, but doesn’t necessarily make it better…choice folks…that’s what is awesome about android!

        • BeenSayingItAllAlong

          “These days” – newer tech beats older tech, news at 11.

    • Matthew Rebmann

      Okay, Kellen gave some examples as to why he hates them. Care to do the same to describe how the Nexus Phone get’s its ass kicked? (Aside from the camera.)

      • John T. Wildman

        I would not say there is anything wrong with nexus..it’s fine for some.it’s what I like about android..choice! I disagree with the rest..it’s everything that isn’t in the nexus phone…I’d set my note 3 against any nexus phone and blow it away…the hate on it is touchwiz and nothing else….screen…beautiful..speed…blazing fast..removable battery..you bet..expandable storage..check..not to mention 3.0 usb it charges fast and s pen……that’s just my phone..htc makes a great device…but it’s bigger and faster too, so let’s write a article and state how those are bad things and how we are just tired of how our beloved device just doesn’t measure up

        • Matthew Rebmann

          My reply to your other comment went out before I read this, so you did basically more of what I asked but you have to also take into account the the Note is HUGE. If the specs WEREN’T better than most for how big the thing is, it’d be sad and funny at the same time. The specs are solid, the design and software… not my speed at all. But you make it sound like the Nexus is garbage, which it very much isn’t.

          • John T. Wildman

            No, not at all…nexus is fine! It has its place, but trust me when I say..everything disliked in this article is everything that isn’t a nexus…if my note 3 was instead a nexus device..it would receive nothing but the highest praise on this site..you would not have read a article about how size might be too big…it would be perfect! But it’s a Samsung device with touch wiz so instead we get a article about how everything that is great about android is somehow too much…because it’s everything that isn’t in a current nexus….don’t believe me? Read the old articles about the first Verizon nexus..greatest phone ever(next to the OG) till they realized it wasn’t going to get updates like nexus should on Verizon

  • Tom Nichols

    My hands are not huge but I can palm a basketball so I’ve never had this issue. I have a G2 and it’s almost too small. One of these days, I may go for the Note.

  • muddy46

    Just wait a few more hours on 4-23-14 for the launch of the OnePlus One phone. It will be hard to hate this One 😉

  • I tried to argue with my wife on this, but she beat me every time when she said, “the text is so tiny on your Moto X — I can’t read it.” That basically how the whole debate finished every time. She is willing to use two hands to operate her phones, but she does not want to spend more efforts reading the slightly smaller text (and graphics, I guess) on my Moto X. Oh, FYI, she has a Note 3 — it’s bigger than the S5.

    • JackMeOffski

      Yes she is very good using both her hands. I hear good things from your neighbours.

  • SefQuiN

    Get an s4 mini…. sheesh…

  • BigD

    Bigger is always better, if you dont believe me ask her.
    Nuf said.

  • Jared

    Gotta agree with this article. I was a longtime Android user who switched to the iPhone 5 simply because of its build and size. While a 5 inch screen is great in theory, in function it sucks. I was so close to pulling the trigger on the MotoX but the camera quality issues really turned me off. If Google or Motorola can make a phone with that form, function and finally produce a great camera…i’ll be back to Android in no time! I will never own a Samsung phone..EVER!

  • Doc

    I think you overheard the conversation I had with my wife while looking at the S5 and M8. Get outta my head!! I’d be very happy with a 4″-4.5″ screen without all the bezel and top end specs.

    • JackMeOffski

      When you were at work, your wife made my pancakes and I feed her my sausage and meat balls

  • JackMeOffski

    Small hands means you have a small wee-wee…. I use a Note 2 thank you!

  • Adam Truelove

    Nope, the bigger the better. Anything less than 5″ is too small.

  • cubes

    I like the feel of the S5 and the G2 and can use them fine with one hand.

  • Brandon Barlow

    I do want to say it is nice seeing a lot of people who love the g2. Too bad I don’t know anyone besides me who has one.

  • John Murray

    Anybody else want a legitmately updated version of the original Moto Droid?
    Slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 2+ GB of RAM, Snapdragon 801, ~4.5″ screen (if they got rid of the bezel)

  • RustyTechGuy

    Agreed bigger is not always better. I remember my HTC Inc and I loved the size of that phone just big enough to read everything and view videos clearly.

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    I usually use my phone with two hands, so I’m not sure what the big fuss
    is over one-handed operation. Sure, if you were driving or jerking off,
    I could see how two-handed operation might be inconvenient. But you
    probably shouldn’t be using the phone if you’re doing either of those

    • BeenSayingItAllAlong

      Well, ok then – some of us want a phone they can use on the go or while holding something in the other hand without having to dick around

      • Braden Abbott

        What is it that you want to hold in the other hand while getting real work done on your phone? Name it. Anything that requires both hands on a big phone would require all of your attention on a “one-handed” phone anyways, leaving your other hand useless while you stare at the screen. If you are doing something that does not take all your attention, like flipping through photos, you can do this with one hand on the big phones anyways.

        • LocBox

          Thanks.This man has just proved my point exactly. With all of this focus on one-handed use, what is your other hand doing? If you’re focusing on the phone and using it with your one hand, then you aren’t looking anywhere else and waving your other hand around wildly right? This must be the texting while driving crowd making the majority of complaints here; which is irony in itself. The most I can see you doing with the other hand is holding a cup, a plate, a pencil ( which you can’t use because the phone is in your dominant hand unless you’re ambidex.), a book, or basically anything that would be stationary. Again, this must be primarily the text while drivers..

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah I almost always hold it in two hands. It’s not because one hand won’t reach, but because I really don’t want to drop it by accident (no case) and I find it easier in general. There may be the odd case where I’m simply pressing a toggle or checking the notifications where one hand is enough, but if you’re actually using it why the need for a free hand?

  • Rob Watkins

    I share the author’s opinion here. I have a Moto X and have used a Droid DNA in the past. The DNA’s screen was beautiful to look at, but the phone was tall and hard to use one handed. Since I’ve had the Moto X, I’ve been very satisfied with the feel of this phone and the hardware/software, The size for one handed use is about perfect. I like how Moto created a 4.7″ screen around a phone that’s only slightly larger than the iPhone 5S.

  • SlideTrombone

    I’m assuming that this article was written by someone under 50. Those of us over 50 know why people like bigger phones. And we are many.

  • Ricky Blanco

    I can use my N5 with one hand just fine.

  • Charlie

    I definitely see the point here. But big works for me because my hands are gigantic. I’ve got a Droid DNA (Ohhh I know call me outdated) and it’s perfect size. I absolutely love it.

    • BeenSayingItAllAlong

      The main complaint for a couple of years now has been that there are a multitude of choices in BIG flagships, but small has meant shite internals thus far. This gen Droid Mini was the first “mini” of any brand where the specs didn’t suck a donkey. Obviously, the Moto X is a blast to use as well, but it was a phone of its own.

  • Mantis99

    It’s like buying a car. I prefer a stick but if you want the high end model you get stuck with the automatic.

  • Dennis Da Menace

    “…no thanks, for the Manute Bol height…”

    “…You don’t need a separate bag to carry it in or JNCO jeans…”

    Oh man, you’re on a roll today @kellex:disqus

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can’t blame you for feeling the way that you do. It’s a legitimate gripe for sure….

  • Joe Cross

    I went from a DNA to a Moto x. I like the smaller screen size I like the feel of the phone in my hand. I like that I can go from top to bottom on the screen without -like Kellen mentioned- having to adjust my grip. I seriously considered the M8 until I saw that they put in software buttons and there was still about a quarter of an inch of phone below that. Kellen is right, bigger isn’t always better. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next Moto X. It is by far my absolute favorite phone of all time. I am 6’5″ and have very large hands and a 5″ screen is workable but why would you ever want something like a Gnote? They’re massive! I couldn’t get it in my pocket let one if you wanted to be one of those people that buy a $75 otterbox case that’s the size of a car. Making a bigger phone is just part of the gimmick for these companies, it’s like the old Looney Tunes cartoons where Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam continually pull out the bigger gun until one of them draws a cannon. STOP IT! Actually create an innovative product rather than the same product as last year with two new crappy gimmicks so people will buy it… again! Here at Droid-Life we poke fun at the iSheep but there are Galaxy Sheep out there too!!!

  • Jackson Emch

    I personally think my Droid Razr MAXX HD is the perfect size. I feel like it’s the biggest I can go, but I’ll be upgrading to an M8 so we’ll see what I say after a month of that.

  • pezjono

    I may be in the minority, but at 6′ 2″ and hands that can palm a Basketball, I love these bigger phones. I can get from notification menu to navigation buttons without having to shift anything. The good news? There are options unlike Apple’s “2 size fits all” model.

  • Keith

    Totally agree. This is the main reason I have a moto x. Perfect size.

  • Kisuk3

    My Gnex fried and have had to revert back to my OG droid until the sg5 comes and I am absolutely in love with this old phone again for every reason you stated.

  • Sam

    i think you just have girl hands. pansy

  • loldude

    dafuk someone get this dude a flip phone lmao

    • Arthur Dent

      dafuk someone teach this dude basic grammar lmao

  • nosedive94

    That’s not the problem with this year’s devices. Well, not the main problem. The main problem is that each major manufacturer feels comfortable resting on their laurels and giving us a phone that’s “good enough.” HTC One? Beautiful other than the camera: just good enough. Samsung Galaxy S5? Good enough in every category. Sony Z2? If it even makes it to the States, good except for its display: just good enough. 2014 was supposed to be the year of 64 bit processors and 4K displays! What do we get? Duo camera and finicky heart rate monitors.

    • Gary Ohanian

      “good except for its display”, majority of the reviews on the z2 say the display is good. The only bad review was from the Verge because of outdoor performance and that was not quantified (not pictures, no comparison with other phones on the market). In general most comments see the Verge’s review as overly biased.

  • Bruce Wayne

    False I have a 6.44 inch phone, Sony xperia z ultra, and would like an 8″

  • Moeyknight

    I love my Note 3.I like my phones like my men. 😛

    • Arthur Dent


    • Orion

      LMAO this chick is tougher than Kellen.

    • JackMeOffski

      I have a note 2 and its small in my hands…oh ya

    • BigD

      Girl likes em big, you tell em girl.

    • Higher_Ground

      covered in pleather? 🙂

  • Pootis Man

    Funny. So many people say that the Nexus 5 is a big phone and not made for average hands.

  • Fhel

    hahaha. +1 for JNCO jeans.

    • Arthur Dent


  • [A]dri[A]n

    I too am not a fan of the big phone movement. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a place in this world for big phones, but I don’t like that EVERYONE is making every phone so damn large. What they NEED to do is make a compact phone with those great specs. It’s already been proven it can be done. I think a 4.7″ screen is perfect. But that’s just me. I hope the phone thing stops soon. Doubtful though.

    • JackMeOffski

      The world needs smaller phones for the people with little hands and weiner’s….

      A 4.7 inch phone would match your 4.7 inch unit….

  • jakester

    no thanks i have loved all 3 models of the note series

  • ShadowGTX

    That is your opinion kellex personally I LOVE my note 3 and bought it for the screen size. I will not, and never want to go for a screen lower then 6″ ever again

    • Arthur Dent

      Yeah, well, that’s like your opinion, man

      • ShadowGTX

        No duh but to say in this post that all people want size like moto x is wrong. Which is why I stated my personal opinion, and did not speak on everyone’s behave.

        • Arthur Dent

          So you didn’t read the article. Cool. Because that wasn’t what he said.

          “I just want someone to make a “mini” phone that isn’t a low-end knock-off of the flagship.”
          “And look, I get that there are millions out there who want a massive phone with an S Pen and dual-window multi-tasking business, that’s just not me.”

          • ShadowGTX

            “I can’t stand it. Outside of Motorola and Apple, no one wants to make a phone you can actually use anymore. Well, use with one hand efficiently that is. It’s one giant race to see who can do it bigger, with more pixels and megapixels and inches and batteries. Why? Stop it already, Samsung, LG, Sony, Oppo, and the rest of you. I don’t want to use two hands just to control my smartphone.”

            Some of us like having bigger batteries, and care about higher MP in Our Bigger phones. Also alot of us have bigger hands which makes 2 hand use easier on bigger phones. Also I will clear something up since you seem to be white knighting to defend kellex. I wasn’t attacking his post u was stating my own opinion

            Edit: Forgot to quote his post

          • Arthur Dent

            I was just quoting Lebowski for fun. You were the one that had to say that the article was saying that all people want is Moto X. Then I said that wasn’t what it said. End of story.

          • Myles Harold

            Both have small batteries and small processors you need a bigger phone for the battery life and big pc if you know anything about phones

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      So, you really don’t like your Note 3? Because its screen isn’t 6″….

      • Arthur Dent

        Pfft … he got the little toy Note 3 instead of the Galaxy Mega 6.3″?

        Mega FAIL, man.

  • bobam riley

    Not that surious I’m a 14 year old with small hands… Note 3 is great for me

  • Garrett

    Sometimes I walk around with my nexus 7 at my ear pretending to be on the phone. People think it’s funny but I’m really mocking their phones

    • Orion

      Yeah it must make you feel like a better person.

      • Garrett

        It does

        • Orion

          Well your life must really suck then….congrats.

          • Garrett

            It’s so so. Would be better if my wiener wasn’t so small. Probably explains my dislike for large phones. They just feel so foreign

          • Arthur Dent

            You must drive a raised Ford F-350 with a step ladder then to compensate, right?

          • Garrett

            How did you know? Except I also have a fireman pole next to the step ladder for getting down. The ladies love it

    • Arthur Dent

      That’s edgy, man.

      • Garrett

        I’m a natural trend setter. Feel free to imitate my greatness

        • Arthur Dent

          Trending requires growth.

  • NorCalGuy

    All the bk Jr hands out there

  • ravenofdoom

    Put a 1080p screen on a 4.7″ edge-to-edge phone, and I’m sold; however, the few manufacturers of display tech (LG, Samsung), haven’t come out with a display with these specs. Motorola’s not even worth bringing up, since they rarely get their supplier-sourcing together to release a cutting-edge phone… they no longer manufacture any of the main parts of the phone, so they’re limited in innovating… and being bought by Lenovo is just going to mean another manufacturer abroad who skins the hell out of Motorola’s once good line and dumps a bunch of gimmicks and crap atop it.

    I think the iPhone 6 will push to the correct limit screen-size for one-handedness and minimizing bezel – probably a 4.7″ screen (almost no side-bezel). Market research has been showing even iphone fans wish their screens were somewhat bigger, so I’m not sure if companies like Samsung will back-track on their 5.1+” models or come out with mini’s with top specs.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Or maybe we should be drooling for “Smartwatches” so we can use our phones one hand?

  • OF

    Here’s a word for you : CHOICE! Geez man. I for one love big phones. The extra screen size does wonders for me. When watching videos, viewing pics or playing games. I for one can never go back to a phone with anything smaller than 4.8 inches. If you don’t like big phones well guess what? They make small phones too!!

    • Arthur Dent

      “I just want someone to make a “mini” phone that isn’t a low-end knock-off of the flagship.”

      Sounds like he wants more CHOICES! Geez man.

      • bobam riley


    • Ian

      It’s an opinion piece where he is sharing his remarks on the current market trend. Easy there turbo.

    • bobam riley


    • BeenSayingItAllAlong

      The article specifically echoes the gripes of us lilliput-hand-sized people out there: there IS no choice! Moto X? Droid Mini on VZW (exclusive)? … and what? Meanwhile any flagship coming out is like HUGE GIANT FOR BIG GIANTS.

  • jer85008

    Nexus 5 is the perfect size. Just my $.03 (adjusted for inflation and higher taxes). My old LG G2 felt a bit too large and heavy…

    • Arthur Dent

      A+++ 10/10 Would buy again

  • I use my GPE moto g during the work week, and switch to my nexus 5, once the weekend rolls around. Overall the moto g is better in the handiness and phone department. My Nexus 5 is more relaxed. It does not get as good of reception as the moto g, but the touch screen, is way more responsive. Its overall a faster phone. But to be perfectly honest, the Nexus 5 is too big! I have to use both hands when messaging, the glass will crack in a heart beat without a case. My moto g, you can throw, drop, kick, etc and the glass will not break. This is why its a better every day phone, while the Nexus 5 remains for pleasure only. I want to see more GPE devices the same size as the moto x/moto g, but with nexus 5 class specs. I do not regret dumping veriOn for att! Goodnight all!

  • cornbread43

    Don’t buy it then…ya see, problem solved….

  • jacob lewis

    cmooon project ara

  • ceruleanblue

    Thank you for that post! Stop the insanity! The best line I’ve read regarding the S5 was from the Ars Technica review: The S5 bezels need to go on a diet.

  • Brandon Barlow

    I couldn’t agree more. I have the LG g2 and that is pushing it on how big your phone should be. They somehow kept the phone small. I don’t think a phone should ever be bigger than that. I was thinking about my next phone, and size is a huge factor. No s5, no m8, no lg3 (if rumors are true) that leaves me with Motorola, nexus or back to the iPhone after 4 years. I would love a 4.7- 5.2 inch with as small of bezel as you could get with timely updates, long battery life, and a camera that is good in low light. Let me know when there is one. The g2 meets almost all of these, so for now, I’m staying here.

  • atlantadoug

    Agree. A reason I love the Q 10

    • Arthur Dent

      There’s no excuse for loving the Q10. I’d take any Lumia or an iPhone over a Q10.

      • atlantadoug

        At least I only need 1 phone 😉

  • ILikeAndroid

    THANK YOU! Finally someone actually writes an article about this. It’s about time, and you hit the nail right on the head.

    • Orion

      Yeah its not like that article is going to change a damn thing. Moral victory for you but in the real world big phones are here to stay. Sorry.

      • ILikeAndroid

        That’s okay. I know it’s not but I wanted someone to put into words what I’d been thinking since last year.

  • Jack

    What’s it like living with women hands?

    • Nikuliai

      I have pretty big hands, I probably could manage to use a 5.3” device with one hand easily, doesn’t mean that I want to tho, I’ve been saying this thing for a year or 2 now, most (male) people use their phone on their pockets, it’s completely stupid to have a device THAT DOES NOT FIT ON IT, I could be able to handle that, but it would be uncomfortable to carry around, and to me that’s the main thing about something you carry at all times, comfort

    • Higher_Ground

      It makes it easier to get things you drop under the car seat. Oh and it makes your junk look bigger, or so I’ve heard O.o

  • inknzvl

    I hope the 4.7″ iPhone rumor is true. That would be the perfect size for me. I don’t look at android but I agree with the point that if you want a high end android phone you have to go phablet territorie.

    • Nikuliai

      4.7” is kinda perfect for me too, unless they have REALLY little bezzels, in that case 5” is fine (pocket wise)

  • Well said. Lets take out an Ad in every major news paper across the World.

    • Orion

      Yeah so the world can laugh at you.

  • Synacks

    This GS5 with 5.1″ screen is the biggest I can ever go. It’s already a bit of an issue for me to use and I’m a bigger guy. Give me 4.7-5″ with minimal bezels and you can have my money.

    • Detonation

      G2 with 5.2″ screen is smaller than the GS5. It’s a shame the G3 is supposedly going to be 5.5″ because it’s going to have to be bigger overall

  • Greg Abbate

    I want my cell phones bigger and my tablets smaller.

    • Jprime

      I really do

  • iPhone owns the small phone arena and perhaps it’s OS is better suited to that size. I bought a Razr M and, apart from being a dog, it just didn’t feel right.

  • Chris

    IT’S NOT THE SIZE, IT’S HOW YOU USE IT! 😀 Sorry I couldn’t resist…..

    • flosserelli

      It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.

  • spickle

    “You don’t need a separate bag to carry it in or JNCO jeans” Priceless. i concur, that was one reason why i loved my GNex so much because 4.65″ was perfect for me.

    • Arthur Dent

      You mean the phone that is within .1″ of the Nexus 5 in every dimension (and actually .01″ thicker)?

      • spickle

        i don’t get you’re comment. if you look at the last 2 words of my post “for me” says it all. i’m on VZW so i can’t have the Nexus 5. i don’t know why you felt the need to bring up stats for a phone i didn’t mention. i’m sure the Nexus 5 is perfect “for you” as the GNex was perfect “for me”. don’t get me wrong, i would love to have the Nexus 5 and i’m sure it is perfect size, i just haven’t held it in my hand to know.

        • Arthur Dent


  • Joe

    Totally don’t agree with this! I however do think there needs to be a limit to screen size, 5.8 or 6.0 or something. My Note 3 is perfect for me and I like that they didn’t increase the overall size from the Note 2. I most likely will get the Note 4. However I also see that there needs to be a limit, like the Galaxy Mega with the 6.3″ screen is a little too far. I think manufacturers realize this and aren’t going to get crazy with it. They realize that there is a limit and realize that everyone has a limit. Most people’s limits are the size of their pockets, once the phone doesn’t fit in your pocket then you aren’t going to like that phone anymore. I happen to wear jeans with the side cell phone pocket, and my Note 3 fits comfortably in it. If the Note 4 doesn’t fit in that pocket, then I probably won’t get it.

    If you want phone manufacturers to stop making so big of phones, then start convincing Pants/Jean manufacturers to stop making pants with huge pockets, then people will have to get phones that fit their pockets.

    • Arthur Dent


      • Joe

        Haha! I really do think manufacturers are going to stick to the 5.0 – 6.0 range for the foreseeable future. I think they won’t go bigger than that until we have some technology like foldable phones. A 4″ phone that folds out to 8-12″, umm yes please. HAHA.

        If you want a huge phone, bigger than 6″ then just get a tablet and do VOIP calling to everyone and use a bluetooth, or don’t.

  • joejoe5709

    I looooove my G2. The giant display is the majority of why I bought it. But I still hesitate to call it perfect. It does however walk the line of one-handed use extremely well without ever requiring more than some careful handling and I’d never call it uncomfortable. Bezels are actually really important to me now. I too am a little disappointed in the shape of the S5. They could have easily kept it close to the size of the S4 or G2. And don’t even get me started on the M8. No. Thank. You. But you’re absolutely right, Kellen. Just because I *can* use one hand, it doesn’t make the G2 perfect. I would be sooooo much more comfortable carrying around the Moto X and I’d only be losing a half inch in screen size. I mean the thing is significantly smaller than my old GNex. Astounding! But between the weird (dual-core) processor, the less-than-awesome camera, and 720p screen… the Moto X completely lost me. I know a lot of you don’t mind those tradeoffs if it means ultimate ergonomics and I won’t disrespect you for that. Me? I love my ultimate specs MORE than I need a phone that’s easily wielded in one hand. And no, as nice as the software features are on the Moto X I’m still not sold. Sorry. Just the same as I’m not sold on the M8 even though BoomSound is really cool.

    I disagree with you, Kellen. I have zero trouble reaching the notification shade or the nav buttons and I have very average sized hands. True… I have trouble reaching the farthest corners, but it’s rare that I have to do such a thing. In real life usage web browsing, Youtube, Facebook, etc are all little to no trouble. But if I’m going to get a future phone I don’t want it to be even a millimeter taller or wider. Otherwise I’m simply going to get a giant phablet because at that point I’m using two hands anyway. They’ve reached my max with the G2. Even if they could magically shrink the bezels even more and fit a teensy bit larger screen in the same overall size, I would have trouble reaching all for corners of the screen. 5.2″ or mayyyybeeee 5.3″ is it. No more. And this time I’m serious. In this respect the G2 is probably very close to perfection. I am NOT happy with the rumors of the G3 having a 5.5″ screen. We’re squarely into phablet territory there. The phone will be too wide and I won’t be able to reach the corners like I currently can.

    • Chris

      Great battery + great specs + perfect size/screen display = G2

      • Arthur Dent

        Yeah, if it wasn’t for the buttons and the UI it’d be great!

        • Chris

          I’ve gotten used to the buttons, and with the KnockOn I rarely use them anyway.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That was a tough call for me as well. The UI and the slick plastic are what ultimately pushed me to the Moto X. I was tired of rooting my phone to tweak the UI closer to what I like (I literally did not believe the notification shade until I saw it in person), and the plastic they used brought up terrible memories of the Droid Charge….I just couldn’t handle that.

            However, with the UI changes and what could possibly be a shift to a soft-touch casing, if Motorola doesn’t seriously impress with the next Moto X, I may just have to jump on the G3.

  • Chris

    I agree with the parent angle, congrats by the way, but I have learned to slide my G2 in my hand to reach the top or bottom of the screen when necessary. Anything bigger than that is ridiculous, but there are some who love the Note size phones, but I’m not in that group. Moment of silence for my GNEX which was so nice in my hand.

  • John Davids

    You should be mad @ the market, not the companies. Companies are simply making what people are buying. If consumers demanded small phones, you would get more phones. However, currently, the market wants large phones…so you are going to get predominantly large phones.

  • Wes Thomson

    I’m surprised you even like the Nexus 5. I thought even that increase over the 4 was not needed.

  • Nayners

    I couldn’t agree more. I still laugh at peeps making a call with a Note 3.

    • Arthur Dent

      And they laugh back at you with your little toy.

      • Nayners

        Booooooooo. Nexus 5 FTW

        • Arthur Dent

          N5 is my daily driver, yo!

          • Nayners

            Me too! Let’s be friends..

          • Arthur Dent

            LOL, that was a preemptive strike in case you were an iPhone user hating on 5″+ phones.

          • Nayners

            Never can be too careful. Good job!

    • Justin

      It’s not like it’s the old school brick Motorola cellular. Millions of people have it. I could see if someone’s holding a monkey up to the side of their head trying to make a call, I’d prolly laugh. Laugh at LeBron when he walks by you on his Note 3.

      • BeenSayingItAllAlong

        LeBron’s also a gigantor. Can’t compare him to us normals

  • Maxim∑

    Great article. Didn’t bash Apple and stated FACTS!

    • Orion

      More like opinions dude. lol

  • crazed_z06

    Well… this is like… just your opinion man….

    Personally I think the Note 3 > all.

  • Trevor

    Moto X is pretty much the perfect size. The Nexus 5 is just a smidge too big, but I still love the phone. I hope the new Moto phone and/or next Nexus stay within the 4.7-5 inch screen size (with impossibly small bezels of course).

    • Arthur Dent

      Nexus 5 is the bomb, yo!

  • Nico Villalobos

    After my Nexus 4 started having extreme battery life issues 2 weeks ago I could not stand for a 5 inch phone and I needed a phone with lots of LTE bands so I got an iPhone 5s it’s okay but I miss android heavily and I still have and carry my Nexus 4. I hope Moto can make a great mid sized flagship this year.

  • Joshua Rossi

    I can’t stand small phones I have fat fingers

    • BeenSayingItAllAlong

      Coo, so get a Samsung S5, a Note, an HTC m8, a G2, a Droid Maxx, or some other upcoming flagship. Let’s see what we have for choices in small phones: Moto X… yep, that’s about it. Droid Mini as a VZW exclusive too, so there’s that.

  • bisayan

    Watch for Tim-o-Tato to respond on defferent article why today’s cell phones are smaller!!! Small!!! smaller!!!Small!!! lolzzzz.

  • Smartss

    I don’t have small hands the M8 is perfect sized for me

  • I can’t buy a phone under 5″ buying the S4 was really pushing it. Especially coming from the Note. I can’t wait to get a Note sized phone again. I cant do the small phones. I need to be able to see the screen.

  • jamaall

    Motorola has their droid mini, which is basically the same as the rest of the droids, and the moto x, except for battery and screen. And they will probably do the same thing this year, so there will always be that 4.3″ user friendly phone out there.

  • Joe

    Totally agree!! Great article. I love my new Moto X’s size. I love android but I hate massive phones that are difficult handle.

    • Orion

      Man up.

      • Joe


  • Ruben Mendez

    Motorola HD IS the best….

  • Tyler

    For these exact reasons are why I went with the moto x. My friend with a g2 said my phone felt small. And my friend with the HTC one didn’t believe that we had the same size display. Moral of the story is if Motorola can keep the moto x+1 the same size they might actually start gaining some marketshare. They just need to put a good camera and and beefier specs (to a degree) while keeping the things that make the current moto x a work of art.

  • Tony Byatt

    I just got my first taste of a big phone today when the Note 3 I ordered arrived…

    It’s fine to me, it’s of course larger than the N5 I had previously used but I wanted to try out a Phablet. I know it’s a different class from the S5, M8, or Z2 but I actually kind of like it…

    I’m 6’3″ with pretty large hands so it’s not overwhelming for me. It’ll definitely hold me over until the new Moto X or next Nexus…

  • Chris Hall

    I couldn’t agree more. I just never understood why more people didn’t pick up a Moto X. Everyone I know that has one loves it, and I can carry it in jeans or a shirt pocket with ease. I do not need a tablet as a phone.

    • crazed_z06

      Note 3 easily fits in my skinny jeans pockets and pockets off dress shirts

      (who carries a phone in a shirt pocket anyway though)

      • Arthur Dent

        Phone in the shirt pocket is the new pocket protector!!

      • Chris Hall

        Actually, I do carry it in my shirt pocket a lot. In my line of work I tend to have my pockets filled with items. It could be parts, HDD, tools, knifes, extra ammo etc. So a phone in my shirt pocket really isnt that much of a stretch. My belt is already full of many other needed items.

  • IncCo

    Big screens are just awesome, but yeah, in a dream world the device would be small and the screen would be large and easy to handle. Too bad we live in reality.

  • Tommy

    5 inches is a pretty sweet size. I’m thinking about getting a note this year just to push the limit. The great thing is, I can just get another one 6 months later. But I’ll never go back smaller than 5 inches.

  • dk1golf

    Seems to me that it’s not the overall size that’s a problem, however, the placement of the controls and user interface buttons. In my mind the Nexus 5 is too big to use with one hand and in fact is slightly larger than the HTC One (M7) which in a DroidLife review was too tall. So the M8 is slightly taller. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Personally, I have no problem using two hands. After all, not too long ago one needed two hands to use a phone (and camera for that matter).

  • Jprime

    I love my moto x, but I wanted a Nexus 5 size screen. Bigger screens are for people that want them, everyone I met who had an iPhone when I had my RAZR HD were jealous of my bigger screen

  • vincent scala

    i have both Nexus 5 and Moto X and the N5 is perfect for me i have larger than average hands but also the way i hold the phone in one hand i don’t have to maneuver to reach the top or bottom. the moto is just too small now to use as my daily driver great phone just small and personally i prefer my nexus notification light verse the active display. But i agree the phones like the note are too big I’ve had a note 2 and even a one max and they way too big. S4 is not a bad size. and the iPhone is way too small friends try to show me pictures and i can barely see it. and beside iPhone eww. every time an iPhone is sold a kitten dies

  • TyrrellCorp

    Total agreement…and Moto X all the way…just please don’t ruin that phone with a “new larger” one this summer!

  • Retinella

    I’m a 5’5″ tall male with small hands and I own the Galaxy Note 3. The phone is massive, but I don’t complain that I have to use two hands. I love the stylus and the size of the screen and those features far outweigh the “negative” of the large-sized phone. Complaining about the size of the phone sounds like a first world problem to me.

    • Retsu Unohana

      I dont have any issues with the sizes myself. I enjoy a big screen and using it two handed because the screen tech has improved over the years, its pleasant to see and use. I love the dark blacks on AMOLED and vivid colors and love the sharpness of Super LCD. When I had my very first gen AMOLED I really wanted an HD screen and bigger size. After upgrading, I choose the Note 3 for its size. Its a really nice screen. Never had any issues with size.

  • Kyle

    You sound like a bitch

  • Am79

    I have a feeling Kellen received some potentially true rumors about some unannounced phones being bigger than their predecessors and got upset. Lol

  • Tommy

    The great thing about it is, they all come in different sizes. You can get your little biddy phone, and I can get a phone than I can actually use. ..idiot

  • Pierce Harger

    You just need manlier hands!

  • I would say the millions of users that want BIG phones will always win and none of the OEMS will listen. Me personally my 5.2″ on my LGG2 is perfect. I have the S5 as well and its BIG but I do like it.

  • Justin

    I like the article! I like the passion! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Everyone is also able to make their own choices though. That’s the great thing about choice and that’s why some things are a hit and others are not. Some choices work better for others, where for others it may not. Aside from hearing about regular tech news, I find it nice to hear what others opinions are, whether I agree with them or not. Keeps things interesting. To the team at DL keep doing your thing! PS Kellen, congrats on being a dad, best job in the world and the most meaningful IMO.

  • Joshua Polivka

    I am a very tiny guy….about 5’4” with decently small hands and I navigate my Note 3 with one hand just fine, If they stop making bigger sized screens lkike this it will be hard to adjust I enjoy having a nice large screen to watch videos and play games on…not if they made them very much bigger then yea it would become a problem but where we are now is good(i dunno about the galaxy mega…haven’t held one)

    • Justin

      Same here, VZW Note 3 user here, I’ve had the OG Droid, Fascinate, Charge, GS3 and now N3. Love it and have gotten used to its larger dimensions. Very happy with it running stock TW and Nova launcher. I also one hand operate it for just about everything, some stuff does require a better grip or another hand but not a real problem. This phone isn’t for everyone, but there is a phone for everyone and plenty others that are not. To each their own.

  • fish1552

    I *love* my MOTO X and that is only one of the reasons. In fact, this is the first Android phone I didn’t feel the need to root and flash all sorts of stuff on. It’s still just stock and working GREAT!

  • tharealoc


  • mcdonsco

    On my current s5, once I know I am stuck with 16gb or can get the 32gb inside my 45 day return window, I’m just going to go case-less for first time ever…

    That will give me the smaller device I’ve dreamed of with big screen and great battery life 🙂

  • jeff3yan

    The thing is, people buy big phones. Look at how big each Galaxy S is getting. The S5 is basically as big as the original Note. In a couple more years I see the Galaxy S series reaching a peak of around 5.5-6″.

    • This is true and exactly why people like me are running out of choices. Big phones sell, so they aren’t going to quit making them any time soon.

      • Brandon Shaw

        Kellen, question for you. Let’s say 1 year from now every Android phone on the market that was worthy of using is bigger than 5″. Would you use a phone that isn’t worthy of using just to stay in the Android world or would you make a jump to another OS? I think this is a fair question. If the market continues to push to bigger is better and the makers continue to believe that because that is where the sales are what will someone like you do? Adapt? Change OS? Settle?

  • AnonymouslyAnnoyed

    The moto x sucked. I could not return it fast enough. I thought the way you guys were all over moto’s d there might be something there. Nope. Boo hoo man. So you can’t upgrade your phone every 6 months. I feel so bad for you. I don’t know why you are calling phones that haven’t been released yet “garbage” According to your love of the moto x, I thought specs weren’t evrything. I’m done with this site. Use to come here for some good stuff. Now its complete “garbage”

  • Do you want a smaller phone or a phone that’s easier to use one handed? If it’s the latter, direct your frustrations at those who design core and third party user interfaces with frequently used elements at the top (in particular the top left corner).

    • A great point, maybe it’s Android that sucks heh. Kidding of course, but yes, a lot of it has to do with using apps and the constant need to reach the top left corner and the notification area.

  • Todd

    Ahem kellex. Moto x brother

  • Nunya Bizniz

    I’m still working this Bionic like a rib…

  • jack nunez

    I think the best size screen ratio is the g2 and moto x

  • Tyler

    I totally agree. That’s why I won’t be upgrading my s4 to either the s5 or the m8 although I really wanted them.

  • miri

    My rule: Compact and usable with one hand or massive with a stylus. A large phone without a stylus is just needlessly unwieldy, imo.

  • CharlesJorgenson
    • BAoxymoron

      Only his violin has internet access…

  • This is why I love my Moto X.

  • EMcTx

    I agree. I have the Galaxy S4, and I can use it with one hand. I definitely don’t want a phone any bigger.

  • Dave

    Worst article ever.

    • Trevor

      Worst comment ever. At least give a reason why you don’t like the article. It’s obviously an opinion piece, so if yours differs, this is the place to express that.

      • Arthur Dent

        The opinion doesn’t match his, therefore it is invalid and the worst ever. Is any more logic and reasoning required?

  • The Nerdfather

    I have no problem with the size of my phone. It fits just fine in my back pocket. I can reach the notification bar with my thumb while cradling the bottom of it with my pinky.

    So far, this is my favorite phone to date.

    What phone is it you ask? Galaxy note 3.

  • ursulas

    Get a Nexus 5 and stop whining.

  • tatas1

    This is an unnecessary article. Your biased against larger phones has been painfully obvious for anybody who reads anything that you write or reviews with said larger phones. You probably hated to see the physical keyboard go and the flip form factor. The free market is demanding this, so quit your whining.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Technically he didn’t say anything against larger devices. He just said he wants a phone that he can use like a phone in a single hand. Let them make other devices if they want. Just why can’t they make their “Mini” devices with the same internals, just the smaller size.

    • Pedro

      We got a new troll here!

      • sincityjohn44

        Or a teet sucker

  • Giovonni Fareed

    there ya go…

  • Roberto Taylor

    And this is why I switched from my Note 2 to my Moto X. Motorola got it right this time around!

  • flosserelli

    I think the G2/S5 is the ideal size. Note 3 is too large. Moto X is too small.

  • Frettfreak

    Oh man. Better watch out with thinking like this, samsung may have you bumped off! Lol

    All I have to say is FINALLY someone is saying this. I have thought this since before the S4 honestly but you hit the nail on the fn head. If I wasn’t such a “i need something new” Whore I would have just kept my m7…but I needed a change and got the s5. Good but HUGE! it’s really not that much smaller than my wife’s note 3 when you out them together!

  • Daniel Traynor

    Well by you creating this post is really going to help. I am sure they’ll stop making big phones just for YOU!

  • Captain_Doug

    Using the nexus 5 but it’s just a little too big. I live everything else about it though. Wish the moto x was a little higher spec’d

    • Trevor

      I feel the exact same way! Moto X is still a great phone, but the “lower” specs play mind tricks with me. I keep switching between the two because I don’t know which one I like better. Currently using the Nexus 5.

      • Captain_Doug

        Gotta love that 1080p right?

      • Captain_Doug

        G2 mini would’ve been perfect if it had a decent screen/processor.

  • sincityjohn44

    Woah. Woah. Woah. Unless you’re missing an arm, then handling a device might be a little inconvenient 😀 what a bunch of grandmas
    Screw this, I’m going to androidcentral or androidauthority

  • Am79

    A-f@#*ing-MEN!!! Thank you Kellex!! I hope all other tech sites bring light to this issue as well so that these companies can listen up!!

  • Kyle Miller

    No phone (IMO) should be bigger than the Note 3. That should be the pinnacle for all people from small hands to big “Shaq” like hands. Trust me, some folks are glad there are size options out there besides a 4.? size phone.

  • Guest Droid

    I have xxxl hands and love my Note 2 🙂

    • Is that you Wreck-it Ralph?

      • Arthur Dent

        No, no, that’s his cousin, Troll-It Raul.

  • I love my LG 2. I like that its big. But I probably wont want to go any bigger. Bigger battery is a definite must and bonus though.

  • cam

    Hey kellen, do you like the droid mini? They made it just like the larger two.

  • Cody

    That’s my one single complaint against the G2. It’s my ideal phone if they could shrink it down some.

  • Buckoman

    See, I think it really comes down to what companies will do that will coax a consumer into thinking the phone is a must buy. The S5 got bigger, and therefore, “a brand new redesign!” Bigger also means that they can push a “noticeable difference” in screen quality when they pump as many unnecessary pixels as they can into the display. Is it getting a 2K screen? Better have a bigger screen to appreciate it. Can it shoot 4K video? Better have a bigger screen to view it and show it to friends! Not to mention that Samsung is hell-bent on playing it safe with the next iterations’ designs. If that phone’s bezels just got smaller and it didn’t change height or width, people might mistake it for the S4. Where’s the marketing when dumb consumers can’t tell the difference?

    The Moto X was mentioned to perfect use here. It’s still the size of a phone. It’s about what a phone should be. But since every manufacturer and their mother wants to push to the people that “bigger is better,” there are drawbacks to how much a person is really going to want the device when all of their friends have the latest Sammy.
    – On a side note to this one, I’ve been in stores where not only is the bigger screen a *huge* persuasion away, but the customers just flock to the bigger, brighter, more flaunt-worthy device.

    HTC? Well, I have big hands, but the ridiculous size of that black bar, plus the other unnecessary bezel just made me feel small. It may be made of metal, but that paper-thin feeling phone didn’t exactly tell me that this one was safe in my hand for one-handed use. (That, and the camera just made me bolt away from it, but I digress).

    Ooh, boy, mini phones! Again, these devices are such rubbish, and it’s an insult that in 2014, HTC would only put 1GB of RAM in there. The S4 mini? I feel like I’m going to gag. These phones can steer more consumers with a simple mindset for their smartphone, but for those looking for a phone in a decent Moto X size with the latest specs and newest features? Ha. “If it’s not as big or bigger as us, it’s not good enough.” Especially considering my first point, where companies want to push to consumers that bigger is better.

    I’m just going to use the iPhone 3GS – iPhone 4 example. Huge redesign. Never mind that Gizmodo found it in a bar, that phone was gorgeous, and a shocker to a lot of the public. Remember all of the M8 hype? I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming “meh” from the public when a new leak was released. It’s because we’re all going to know generally what to expect next time around. A bigger screen, a better quality screen, a better camera, maybe some subtle design changes, and we all hope for a bigger battery.

    Consumers are geared to think that just because a phone is bigger, it’s better. I’m not saying that the S5 with an 801 and Adr. 330 is slacking, by any means, but the obvious nausea I feel and see when the phones get more unusable to naturally use with one hand proves the current marketing strategy of “bigger=better.”

    Now, this is just my point of view. Kellen even said that there are people who would love the biggest phone they can get their hands on, and there are. I just feel that I shouldn’t have to sacrifice ease of use just to have the newest features.

    • PoisonApple31

      Can I get a hard copy of your novel?

      • Buckoman

        Sure, but it has 4K pages…

    • Arthur Dent


      I like my N5

      • Buckoman

        Though I need an SD slot, so that’s out.

        • Arthur Dent

          That’s what I thought, but 32GB N5 has been fine for me so far. I’d like a 64GB option this year for N6 (or N5 2013 or whatever they call it).

          • Buckoman

            Really? Hm. I’m just a photo junkie and love having a hard copy of my important stuff.

            My S4 died on a drive up to Rochester, six hours away. Did it just normally die? Nah. The motherboard blew up. Nothing worked. So everything on the phone was lost. I’m just incredibly scared that should my phone meet an untimely demise, I can just pop out all of my pictures and shove them into another phone.

          • Adam

            Why would you not have your pictures backed up in the cloud if they’re so important? How do you know that the SD card would not have been affected by the blown mobo? I can understand wanting an SD card for movies, games, apps, etc, but pictures can be backed up in the cloud effortlessly.

          • Buckoman

            Maybe it’s just a trust issue, but something just makes me feel uneasy if I put all of my pictures in the cloud. It might change over time, but the only reason I bought the S4 over the G2 was because of the SD slot.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Have you looked at something like Plex? They have a new feature to auto-backup all of your files to your home computer.


            I’m certain that there are other solutions as well, but Plex is the only one I have personal experience using.

            Like they say, no matter what it is you want to do, “there’s an app for that”. 🙂

          • Buckoman

            If there exists a phone that I will be willing to sacrifice the SD slot for, I might swoon for this service. Thanks!

          • Higher_Ground

            I took all the photos from an overseas trip with my droid x and managed to somehow lose the microSD 🙁 – I think the safe bet is to double up with on the phone storage + removable or cloud.

  • Johnny Martinez

    So true….completely agree.

  • mork, from Charlestown

    Yeah Kellen! Go with the rage! The phone are too damn big!

  • JPfingsten

    Moto X, bro.

  • Daniel Walker

    I love my note 3

  • Stephen De La Rosa

    Take a breath and try to get some sleep. My bigger gripe is with the lack of OIS as a standard. Just wait until you are trying to photograph your son when he can walk and run. My GS4 is great for outdoor shots in daylight but it immediately falls off the rails when indoors and in low light.

    • Pedro

      Gotcha. Like that Nexus 5 to which he’ll regularly revert.
      Whoops! OIS is standard.

      • Stephen De La Rosa

        Haha…would love to switch over but my job pays for my unlimited Verizon account.

  • Tomás De Bona

    Amén!. I want an Android flagship with the size of the iPhone 4, and edge to edge display, that would be perfect and manageable

  • SizeMatters

    I couldn’t agree more. iPhone 5s is too small, Nexus 5 (which I currently own) is almost too big. Goldilocks prefers the size of the Moto X.

    • Arthur Dent

      Goldilocks is a fickle bitch.

  • Adam Martinez

    Sorry, but you’ll have to pry my Note 3 out of my cold, dead hands.

    • And I get it, some people love them big ass phones. Not going hate on it, I just like me some smaller ones. 🙂

      • Dave

        On that note, I saw a dude at the mall with a One Max and about asked him what on earth that thing was. And I own a GN2.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      No reason the market can’t stabilize at the 5″ size for a “regular” phone, then make larger and larger devices for the “phablet” category. Giving people choices is not a bad thing 🙂

      • Arthur Dent

        Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Phablet Pro 12.1!!

        • Justtyn Hutcheson


          Yep, who needs a smartphone when you can have a tablet.

          Weren’t they looking into a stylus you could use as a Bluetooth handset a while back?

  • Giovonni Fareed

    BLASTPHAMY! clearly the answer to this is that we need to all grow bigger HANDS, don’t blame the phone blame yourself! if I could strap a 10inch to my damn hands I swear I would…BIGGER is BETTER lol…or get you a SlingGrip

  • mcdonsco

    Gimmie a 5″ screen and maxx battery life in a moto x body and I would be happy.

    Typing this on my s5

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I took advantage of the Galaxy Note 3 deal this weekend, and sold it in under 24 hours for this very reason. I held it and thought “NO WAY!” and grabbed my Nexus 5 and apologized for even thinking about switching. Also I’m spoiled by stock android, no need to root or rom.

  • Jay

    Well maybe if you have big hands a small phone feels like a toy made for people with tiny hands…I taliking about you iphone

    • Am79

      So buy a phablet. A regular flagship shouldn’t be as big as they are these days. Smh. (not an iPhone user by the way).

  • Shawn


  • Yourdad

    Reading the comments. Oh how I miss the days when phones were dumb and people were smart.

    • Arthur Dent

      The irony is thick with this one …

  • 18footJ

    Glad to see a lot of love for the G2. I had mine since it was released and none of current releases have interested me whatsoever.

    As for future releases, I am looking forward for the G3, Moto X2, Nexus 6, and yes the iPhone 6 (rumored 4.7″ screen).

  • You’re sadistic if you put your keys in the same pocket as your phone

  • Daniel

    This, this, 100% this! I agree SO MUCH with this, it’s sad. I love my phone and take pride in having 4.4 Kit Kat last December…but at the same time, I have yet to see ANYTHING in the past 2 years that’s remotely seemed worth upgrading to because I do not desire a larger phone in any dimension. My hands and pockets have not gotten larger, and using the phone with one hand, in one hand, is my most-basic use case. Perhaps the HTC One M8 Mini or the Z1 Compact (or Z2 Compact?) or even the LG G3 Mini will not be huge and also not make sacrifices to the screen, camera, memory (removable please!), etc.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The Z2 Compact may be your only hope beyond Motorola (if they resist the urge to make the X bigger this year). HTC, Samsung, and LG all treat their “Mini” lines as mid-range devices, with specs similar to the Moto G but they don’t run nearly as nicely and are 2x the price.

  • Guest

    BLASTPHAMY! clearly the answer to this is that we need to all grow bigger HANDS, don’t blame the phone blame yourself! if I could strap a 10inch to my damn hands I swear I would…BIGGER is BETTER lol

    • Laymans Terms

      So many bad jokes to make out of this… So little, time.

      • Arthur Dent

        But plenty of time to post about all the bad jokes you could make …

  • androidkin

    You are absolutely correct, phone sizes are getting ridiculous. I think LG had the right idea with the G2, make the phone large (5.2″) that’s actually comfortable to hold. I don’t own a G2, so I can’t say how comfortable it actually is. If the phone is going to be huge, the body has to small. Otherwise you just have giant phones.

    • Arthur Dent

      Yeah but those damned buttons. UGH.

      • androidkin

        I’m not saying the G2 has great design (the button placement sucks), but the screen and body ratios are optimal for everyday use.

      • Why would you use the buttons? Thats what i love about the G2. The buttons were just thrown on because you NEED some buttons somewhere (rebooting on the of chance it freezes). but you dont actually need them in everyday use.

        • Arthur Dent

          DAT UI

          • Comk4ver

            Dat UI is very clean… It’s very close to vanilla. The themes are not an issue. If it bothers you that much root and add G2 xposed. Then carry on.

          • Arthur Dent

            G2 is close to vanilla? Bwahahahaha!!!! Thanks for the laugh. That one was good.

  • zach wheeler

    that is THE EXACT reason I got the MotoX…….I don’t want to hold a tablet all day…….. could not agree more.

  • Brandon Shaw

    Amen! I’ve never been more happy with the feel of a phone than the Moto X. I can’t say anything about the Nexus 5 since I’m on VZW. I tried out a G5 for a week and immediately went back to the X. Looking forward to what Moto has in store for us this year!

    • PoisonApple31

      Same crap with a quadcore processor 😛

      • Brandon Shaw

        Another guy that believes “specs” are the ruler of all!

        • PoisonApple31

          Incremental upgrade, it’s the way of 2014 – why would the Moto X be any different?

          • Brandon Shaw

            True, its the world we live in but I think that’s the point of Kellen’s article. As consumers we’ve pushed the manufactures to continue to make super phones spec wise, and in order to do so they are having to build them bigger.
            I hope that someone out there in the Android world makes the best phone they can and adds to that phone and that design instead of “keeping up with the Jones’. Its a catch 22 in the Android world, I know.
            HTC continues to tank in sales yet they continue to build their phones bigger and with more features instead of GETTING IT RIGHT!! I prefer someone to “get it right” and year by year make it better in the Android world!
            That’s the beauty of Android lots of options to make everyone happy!!! No need to knock on someones preference just because it isn’t yours.
            Eventually we’re just going to be like on Dodge ball with ESPN Ocho, it’s just silly!

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Because of your exact attitude. Incremental upgrades aren’t what they need to really break out and gain marketshare and sales.

            With the rest of the market going “incremental” this year, it is the perfect time to push something that is well and truly better.

  • Reginator

    I don’t get how the HTC one mini can be seen as “garbage”, when the specs are similar if not better than your beloved moto x.

    • Corey Foltman

      the moto x is almost no skin, the one mini will have a thick layer of sense slowing it down.

  • Orion

    Lmao poor Kellen. Something tells me you’ve been holding that anger for quite awhile. In case you didn’t know, moto is making a big phone too. Big phones are selling. Infact they are more than just phones now. But you’ll still have your precious little engine that could sequel. *hugs*

  • Jeff Torres

    I am legally blind and have large hands. My Note 3 is the perfect size for me and frankly, could even be a little bigger. My wife’s S4 is a bit too small for me and how I used to use my OG Droid I’ll never know…

  • EngineerGunter

    Absolutely agree! I’ve got small hands… can’t handle my phone being any larger than my N4 is now… if the Nexus 6 comes out as a 6-inch device, I will boycott it and buy a Moto X!

  • Aj Bastedo

    I have hands bigger than every qb entering the NFL draft….I have no problem running my G2….lol

  • Corey Foltman

    JNCO jeans reference, nice.

    • Scott

      Yeah haven’t heard that one in a LONG time.

  • ddevito

    I totally agree. I find the Moto X’s form factor the best ever

  • Rob Schoenfeld
    • Arthur Dent

      TOO MUCH BEZEL. One handed operation #FAIL!

      • aye_winchell

        see this is almost perfect, but it’s not pea green, so ill pass, if i can get one in pea green, im all over it 🙂

        • Arthur Dent

          Better than green pee!

  • Welp, that’s the #DroidLife
    ..which is why I don’t imprison myself to a single ecosystem. If you hate it, be brave and try something else, something different.

  • Nathan Borup

    Could not agree more… love my moto x 😛

  • Silver Veloz

    This is turning out to be the hot topic of the day. I love the comments on posts like this one.

  • coolsilver

    I have smaller hands and the S4 is almost too much to hold let along use. I’ve gotten used to it, I’ve had comments about how big it is. 😉

    Then I mention at least it isn’t a Note 3. I was happy with the size of my previous phone, the HTC Thunderbolt though I do like the screen size of the S4. If I had a choice I’d go for another ~4.8″ device like Thunderbolt. I have a N7 tablet I can use.

    If it keeps up I might just have to go for a PhoneBlox phone when they come out for a size I want and features I can add on as I go piece by piece. Base/screen/SD etc, then camera modules, then better batteries, on and on for whatever they got.

  • ASV505

    Bravo sir. Great article.

  • MichaelFranz

    Zack Morris disagrees with you…lol

  • Dan

    You got whopper hands?

  • Alec

    Why can’t the “mini” devices have great specs like their larger screen counterparts!!!! Why does “mini” always have to be worse?

  • 2Berad

    Over all size is the only complaint I have of my Droid Maxx. I love almost everything about the Maxx however I wish moto could have fit the maxx battery and wireless charging into the motoX.

  • Charlie Collins

    Funny article. There is a happy spot on phone size and I believe LG’s G2 is nearly perfect. I came back to Android for this phone after years with the iPhone. I’m happy to use two hands when necessary to get a larger screen experience. Good luck finding your perfectly sized Android of 2014.

  • lgreg64

    AGREE 101%

  • Johny M

    Ill trade you my GSM Palm Pre for your Note 2!!! Marvel at the rounded corners of that 3.1 inch screen.

    I miss WebOS

  • Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    The Nexus 5 is too big already too, and I have very big hands, but still I have to do some manouvers to handle it one handd , Motorola is the only one in the market that figured a nice big enough display in a pretty manageable size, looking forward for the moto x+1 to fix the damn camera and it’ll be perfect

  • Daniel Walsh

    I’ve never known why people complain about how big it is. I have small hands, doesn’t bother me.

  • p4

    I could not agree anymore .. I love my new HTC One m8 except it barely fits in my manly-andre-the-giant-hands

  • QQpayne

    This is why I will be sitting on my s4 for a while, I am probably done with samsung until they make an other phone that has good stats in the 4.7-5in range. Really looking forward to what Motorola does with the next moto x, and will be ignoring anything huge as it doesn’t fit my tastes.

  • The Narrator

    So what you’re sayin is, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra isn’t what you’re looking for?

  • Tsabhira

    Bigger, please. People with small hands (women) already have to use two hands to use a phone. I’d far rather have a big juicy screen and a battery that lasts and lasts and lasts. And I have yet to find a phone I can’t slip into my pocket.

    • n900mixalot

      THANK you. All these tiny nerds w/ lady fingers.

      • Tsabhira

        Or skinny hipster boys with tiny pockets?! I am a lady nerd with tiny fingers. I’m over it. Two hands, no big thing, it’s just how it works for us, even on tiny phones. Bigger is better. 😀 (It does help that I have a G2.)

  • MichaelFranz

    You forgot “/rant” kellex. Lol but you have very valid points. We all keep t saying back a few years ago that the droid x was too big and then 4.3 in became standard. Then devices like the s3 and gnex dared to go bigger. We evolved as users. But you are right. Sometimes there is just such a thing as to big. I find the S5 only to be sliftly to big. Sure sometimes a shimmy or 2 here or there is needed but I can mostly get away with 1 handed use. Especially if you use some 3rd party apps like nova, certain gestures make it so you don’t need to swipe at the notification bar. I said it starting with my s3 that I probably couldn’t do Mich bigger then that. Then I used a droid maxx….now an S5.. Obviously its all about opinions and I do hope we start getting to the point where we all agree 5 inch is damn near enough and now let’s shrink some bezel and make it one handed use.

    Some would argue that Samsung has “one handed mode” and while yes its useful, who wants to look at 20-30-40% of unused screen. I tried it and while it serves its purpose I felt like it took so much away from the purpose of the phone.

  • brkshr

    For me, the Nexus 5 is the perfect size phone. I wouldn’t want any bigger. If they can fit a bigger display in the same chassis, that would be fine by me. Just don’t make the physical dimensions any bigger.

  • Charlie R.

    Great article/rant. Totally agree.

  • Guest

    Can I get an Amen?

    • Can I “amen” my own post? 😛

      • 4n1m4L

        And i intend to keep biggering and biggering, and nothing is going to stop me!! – Onceler

        • SamLehman617

          I’m fine with screen size increasing, if the bezels and the rest of the phone get smaller. I think 5 inches is perfect. I could live with 5.5″, but I’d like to be able to use one hand. What bothers me more than size is the race to make displays more pixel dense. Every time the displays get more pixels, the battery has to get bigger and the GPU stronger to accommodate this. I’d be fine with 1080p until they perfect low-power display technology, then you can slap a 4K display on my device. I’d rather have a compact phone that lasts me all day than a phone that has tens of millions of pixels and dies after a few hours use.

        • James_75

          That’s another reason why I love my Droid Maxx. It’s basically the same size as the S4 and only marginally bigger then a Moto X running similar software as the X but with the biggest battery you can currently find in a stock phone. I can use it one-handed no problem and I have average sized hands. The only thing I wish it had was a 1080p screen but I don’t know what I’m missing until I see a side by side screen test.


          • Lucky Armpit

            Amen is right, The Droid phones of last year were all but forgotten next to the Moto X which is basically the same phone with less storage. Love my Droid Maxx.

          • stancold

            I used2b a droid devotee until the droid bionic which lead to me get the htc rezound that was 4me far superior to any droid accept the ultra poor battery life . I then decided to try the note2 . Since there ive been Samsung all the way . I recently bought my 1st ever tablet the note10.1 2014 edition which is the beastmaster of tablets . Now ive got the note 3 . No other phones even come close in my opinion . For me it sounds a little something like this .
            Android4Ever Samsung4Life .
            Peace my ninja

      • Stephen D

        I completely agree with you. Personally, I have big hands and can comfortably use my Note 3 one-handed. However, there are plenty of people that can’t, and plenty that can’t even use a device like the S5 one-handed. Android is supposed to be about choice, but if you want a high-end phone, your only choice is a huge phone. There is no good reason for the “Mini” devices to have such awful specs. I could see a One M8 Mini lacking Boomsound, or an S5 Mini that isn’t waterproofed, since both take up extra space, but for the most part, everything should be on par with the non-Mini versions.

      • BenG
        • David Narada Brown

          He looks like he’s ready to karate kick the hell out of something at a moments notice

        • Just_Some_Nobody

          I can’t stop staring and laughing.
          I can’t…

        • Higher_Ground

          looks like he’s on stilts!

      • John T. Wildman

        Disappointed honestly Kellex. I’ve followed this site since the original. You guys are better than this!

        • Stone Cold

          He wrote what is his opinion. He’s not telling anyone not to buy flagship big phones he just wants a smaller phone that can be high end and meet his needs.

          • Adamania

            And that’s the bottom line!

      • 4g63mark

        I agree 100%. My Verizon Moto X Developer Edition is too perfect to even consider anything else. I own 4 phones total and the Moto X is the biggest. I had the Galaxy S4 but prefer the size and shape of the Moto X better. I might go with the G3 this year but I doubt I’ll keep it past Verizon’s 2 week allowable return period. The only hope I have for buying a phone this year won’t be until the Moto X+1. Unless a smaller mid range phone comes out that can out perform Moto

        • John

          I see a chance of Motorola (or Lenovo) increasing the screen size of the X+1. The reason is that a lot of Chinese flagship devices like the Oppo Find 7 and the OnePlus One are oversized, and since Lenovo is a Chinese OEM it makes me think if Lenovo will influence Moto X+1’s screen size. I just hope it’s less than 5″ and if it is 5″ it better have the thinnest bezels.

      • Jason B

        Yes sir. As with any opinion piece, there are always those who will refute the point you’re trying to make. I agree with you Kellen and the smartphone industry is becoming analogous to the automobile industry – there’s a lack of innovation, so manufacturers try to sell you on the bigger is better mantra. And that’s why 95% of cars on the market are a bloated mess with non-intuitive entertainment systems, transmission tuning that short shifts and usually refuses to downshift, and have smaller engines without any real weight reduction (we’ll call this “debloat”).

        So, if you put a more powerful engine in a wet spaghetti noodle chassis that lacks torsional rigidity, it’s not gonna handle any better, but it should run in a straight line faster. That’s about where we are with smartphones.

        The more powerful engine is the SoC and the chassis is the software underlying the whole experience. If the software is a damn spaghetti noodle, your daily drive is gonna be a flexing, uncomfortable mess that isn’t enjoyable in any way.

        So, it seems manufacturers just focus on the actual phone chassis and screen – by making both larger and rehashing the internals while adding more and more gimmicky ” wet noodle-esque” software.

        “Beast” specs mean nothing if you’re just driving in a straight line. 😉

        • stancold

          Android4Ever Samsung4Life

      • Meltdown07

        Best post ever! Nexus 5 is about the top-end size I can reasonably handle (and that will also fit in my jeans pocket). I like these bigger phones like the GS5, however like you, I have a young kid (18mo) and rarely have two free hands. Give me a 4.5″-4.5″ screen with top-end specs anyday! Hopefully the Moto X+1 delivers on what we’re looking for.

      • Keg Man


        one handed use is over rated and rarely necessary. look at the lnk and ask yourself how asians can use a phablet which makes up 41% of cell phone sales in south korea

      • Stone Cold


    • Arthur Dent

      LIMITED TIME! Get 30% more Amens

      65,000 Amens

    • Silver Veloz


      • Franklin Ramsey


    • Caveman

      Totally off subject but the Like button needs to be replaced with the Amen button, how cool would that be!

    • Austin

      Yes, great post 🙂

  • I used to think bigger was better. I couldn’t wait to get a bigger phone then I got the Moto X and I love it! I can’t yell loud enough from the highest peaks about how much I like this phone.

    • John Mozelewski

      I bought moto x and I’m one off the few but I hated it. It was to small and lagged so much. I do love the voice control though.

  • NachoEvans

    Love my Droid Mini just for this reason.

  • Crandaddy

    I’ll stick with my iPhone, iPad and moto x. The trifecta of winning.

    • joejoe5709

      You love dual core processors and sub-1080p resolutions. I get it. But that’s not my definition of winning.

  • evan brown

    I was really surprised Ron didnt write this

    • 😛

      • Ray

        same thing i thought when i got the notification on my Phone…Oh Ron…ooops

    • Miguel

      I think is Ron saying he’s Kellex.

    • hyperbeatser

      I was waiting to click through and see it, by him, and have something to do with the iPhone

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’m sort of waiting for Kellex to post on Droid-Life that Ron hacked his account.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Haha Nice one.

      • Shawn Spring

        Well played sir….well played.

      • joejoe5709

        Hahaha that’s awesome. I forgot about that article. Well played, indeed.

  • Sanchez19

    Amen to all of this.

    • Scott Tilney

      If people don’t want “Bigger”, then why are the S4 and S5 outselling the iPhone? Perhaps you don’t like it bigger, but don’t say nobody likes bigger. Most people like bigger.

      • Arnold

        False. People don’t buy the S4/S5 because of size. They buy it because it’s a “Galaxy” and the commercials told them to.

        • Derek Duncan

          So people don’t think for themselves and buy a good phone? They just buy cap because people tell them to?

          • Nick

            If everyone only bought what commercials tell them to buy, why have this website? Wouldn’t that make this type of site kinda pointless??

          • Tommy

            But if they bought what this site told them, they still wouldn’t be thinking for themselves

        • n900mixalot

          WRONG. Many folks have said to me, “I had an iPhone and I couldn’t see anything, this is awesome.”

          Just stop.

          • I think that is more to do with people that never quite discovered the Accessibility settings to enlarge text etc.

          • Arthur Dent

            Or it has to do with the screen being so damn small that if you enlarge the text hardly anything fits on the screen.

          • Nikuliai

            couldn’t see anything? rofl they must check their sight, I used to read on a 4” display, and never had an issue on it

          • SamLehman617

            There is a huge difference between a 4 inch display and a 5 inch display. Of course you’ll be able to see more on the 5 incher! But does the added size become beneficial after 5″, 5.5″ or 6″? Many tablets are 7 inches. Do we really want to be carrying phones close to that size in our pockets. Personally, I think 5 inches is absolutely perfect for a smartphone. They can make huge devices; I’d be fine with that, as long as there are flagships that are below 5.5 inches….but soon, that might be a thing of the past.

          • stancold

            Note3 baby

        • Tommy

          Actually there’s galaxy minis that, whoops, nobody buys… idiot

          • SamLehman617

            People don’t buy them not because the displays are smaller, but because the “mini” flagship variations are terrible. They all have crappy specs and are slow and bloated. Apple does a good job at putting decent hardware in a small package; why can’t Samsung, HTC, and LG follow that? Can we have powerful smartphones of all sizes, not just huge ones. If I were a teenage girl with tiny hands, I don’t think I could leave the iPhone because all the other decent phones are approaching tablet size. Pretty much the only quality smartphone for people with small hands would be the Moto X. Personally, I love the display size we are at now, but I have a bad feeling that they will continue growing faster than bezels will shrink.

          • Nick

            Exactly what Sam said, people don’t buy mini’s because they’re garbage spec wise, not because of the smaller screen. Looking at the M7 HTC One and then the mini version, I’m willing to bet that 9/10 people took the original based on the sole fact that one is metal and the other is plastic. Mini versions fail because manufacturers set them up for nothing but disapointment

        • Idiotic comment..

        • Ryan

          People want bigger phones, but people have limits. It’s getting beyond that limit at this point, and blurring the lines into tablets.

        • Keg Man

          nope. cant tell you how many iphone users have said they wish they made an iphone as big as my note 3. screen is everything when you use your phone to read things especially emails

          • Arnold

            LOL I’ve heard more people laugh about holding that ridiculous thing up to your face to talk than actually admire the screen size. 4.7-5″ is perfect. I can read emails perfectly fine on my Moto X. I suppose if your vision sucks and you need a phablet, then have at it.

          • Keg Man

            i did feel weird for a week holding the note 3 to my head. after a while, you hold a 4 inch phone and think that’s weird. not attacking, just saying it’s not weird. phones are getting bigger cause their more practical and the note 3 isn’t big enough yet for the upper end of the spectrum

        • stancold

          Yup sho nuff shogun of cellphones
          Note3 baby

      • T4rd

        The thing is.. there’s really no other option (for Android) if you want a high end phone. So people will take what’s available.

        • SamLehman617

          Someone needs to release a badass 4″-4.5″ smartphone. I have large hands and I struggle using anything larger than 5.2″ with one hand.

          • aQuickBit

            Moto DROID Mini was close right?

      • Sanchez19

        Pretty sure that Kellen was stating his opinion and personal experience. Also fairly positive that he wasn’t speaking for “we the people” or anything like it. Neither of us said people don’t like bigger, we implied that neither of us are particularly fond of it.
        I don’t understand the logic in your response to my statement. But, you know, do you.

      • Alan Marchman

        Phone sizes aside, at least there’s a wider range of choices in Android phones. With iPhones you have the option of the pricy metal one or the crappy plastic one. I looked at the Galaxy and Note line but chose the Moto X because it was comfortable.

        • SamLehman617

          Both the 5s and the 5c are expensive! The 5c is an absolute rip off! Apple put horrible hardware inside and knocked off $100. Apple is lucky carrier subsidies haven’t completely died out, because then people would stop seeing Android phones as “free, crappy phones” while seeing iPhones as “only $200!”

      • To add, how come each iphone is larger than the last (trying to catch up to android’s trends). the market wants bigger (whether people want it or not lol)

        • Arthur Dent

          iPhone has had exactly 1 increase in screen size in about 6 years. That’s another problem entirely.

          • scastro87

            All signs point to them making the iPhone 6 larger. So that would be 2 increases in size in 3 years.

          • Arthur Dent

            Yeah nothing confirmed at this point. People thought there would be an increase last year too.

          • scastro87

            Is that true? Going by Apple refreshes the appearance of the iPhone every other year (3-3gs, 4-4s, 5-5s), I don’t think most people expected much of a change last year.

        • Ryan Gullett

          Everyone is missing the point of this article I think. Kellen, I think is just saying that companies should put more effort into flagship devices that are more “normal” sized. I don’t think in anyway he is saying that big phones are pointless. People have preference. Nothing wrong with owning a big phone. But companies definitely cater to the bigger phone and really put the crapper on smaller “mini” phones that come with garbage specs.

          Also, even with the increased size of the iphone they are rumored to have, its very much in the normal size range still. Unless they release the 5 inch model. But the 4.7 is a perfect size for an iphone.

      • Ryan Gullett

        I think what the OP is really saying is that, he wishes that companies like Samsung and HTC would give their best efforts into phones that are more normal sized. Yes tons of people love big phones, they sell a lot. But its frustrating as a consumer if you want a smaller device, that your options are so limited. I didn’t read this article as a knock on big phones, its just that the consumers who want something different are limited in their options.

        • Blue Sun

          Or if the OEM’s do make a smaller phone, they skimp on the features.

      • iNomNomAwesome

        Bigger was better for a couple years, but now it’s too big. That’s the point.

      • pappy53

        Where did you get the notion that they were outselling the iPhone? LOL!

        • Scott Tilney

          From the numbers released by Samsung and Apple. Don’t hurt yourself doing the math.

          • Jonathan Franklin

            Well if you actually look at Samsung’s numbers, only 1/3rd of their entire device sales are actually Galaxy S and Note lineup flagship devices (since you made the claim that the S4/S5 are “outselling” the iPhone). Roughly 300 mil smartphones sold in total, 100 mil of that last year being the ENTIRE S and Note lineup (Galaxy S2, 3, 4, Note 1, 2, 3) globally. iPhone outsells that in fewer countries on fewer carriers with less marketing money spent to do it. I’m all for Android but there’s no sense fabricating and making claims. iPhone still largely outsells the Galaxy lineup

          • pappy53

            S4 or S5 have not even outsold the iPhone 5s, nonetheless all iPhones. Check your sources before you spout nonsense.

      • michael arazan

        Personally, I’ll take a 7″ tablet that has a dedicated phone so I don’t have to use 2 different devices, and just answer calls with bluetooth head set, too bad we can’t get a padfone on all networks

        • Higher_Ground

          I got a gag gift for Christmas that was a normal telephone receiver. I guess my dad thought it would be funny to walk around talking on a cell phone with the corded receiver, despite the fact that carrying it around would be a PITA.
          Now that you mention it, though, using a tablet with a handheld receiver wouldn’t be all that cumbersome if you only made the occasional call. And it would look hilarious.

      • stancold

        Had many droids the htc rezound smoked my droid bionic . Then I got a note 2 and ill never go below 5.5inch screen and samsung is the beastmaster at trend setting devices . My 1st and only tablet was n still is the note 10.1 2014 edition . Ive now had my note3 for about a month and its shear bliss . Android 4Ever Samsung4Life

      • jimv1983

        The reason iPhone don’t sell as well it’s more because Android is better than iOS. At least that is why I stick to Android. With so many “choices” for Android it amazes me that there aren’t more high end compact size phones.

  • realfoxm


    • Nexoduss

      Dem flame heads tho

    • n900mixalot

      I miss my “jenks”

    • Justin

      lol about fell outta my seat. They still make JNCO jeans?

    • Dennis Da Menace

      OH MAN! I mean, AMEN.

      “You don’t need a separate bag to carry it in or JNCO jeans…”

  • Danny

    My sentiments exactly. In a way, I’m glad. I have no phone envy right now. That’s a first.

  • inklenotrump

    I liked the nexus 4 size better than the 5 strictly for carrying purposes- that said I don’t like it when watching videos better.. it cuts both ways. There is a size, and personally the nexus 5 hits it, wherein you’ve made a phone big enough to replace a casual use tablet like most nexus 7s or ipad minis (personally I wouldn’t get an ipad anything but I’m in the minority there, but maybe not here).

    Anywho I too long for a badass smaller size phone if only to give to my small handed wife – so I hope that moto continues to make the X in that factor

  • Derek Duncan

    Your must have small hands, bro.

    • Not huge, definitely not small. On a good day, with the right amount of moisture in the air, some stretching, I can palm a basketball. 😛

      • Derek Duncan

        I have small hands, not huge, but I have no problem handling the S5 with one hand. The HTC One us a different story though.

      • HerkyJerky

        Thank god made everyone’s tootsie roll size to fit their hand size.

        • Pedro

          I THINK I get your point, but the English is just so terrible.
          Perhaps you were typing one handed over the excitation of your oh-so-witty reply?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Okay, I’m not trying to troll at all… But I saw the headline and was 100% sure it was a Ron article. . . .

    Okay back to the post ” In the end, I think I’ll just pass on them all for now and stick to my Nexus 5″ Pretty much exactly how I feel at this point. I’m a big HTC Fan, but it’s less of much being wrong with the M8 but more of….. “My Nexus 5 is jjust fine” nothing has impressed me this year yet. . . . . Only phone I’m intrigued by is the OnePlusOne.

    • Rodeojones000

      I thought the same exact thing. I thought he was just baiting all the anti-Ron trolls who frequent this site.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The PlusOne is interesting only in how it fares in the market. The device itself is looking to be pretty large.
      A 5.5″ screen alone is literally wider than the G2. Smh.

      • Arthur Dent

        *OnePlus One

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Thank you good sir. Not enough sleep lately.

        • Dave

          OnePlusOne MaXX? LoL.

  • Fantastic article Kellen! I wish you would do more editorial opinions in place of some of the articles you guys do. I understand this is a hardcore geek/nerd site and the latest and greatest news is important, but some of it is so superficial that it doesn’t even matter to the hardcores. Your thoughts and opinions, like Eric use to do, can make great articles. Yes you run the chance, like Eric, to get flamed badly but who cares, it shows you have the guts to put out on your site your views and that is highly commendable. TL;DR Please more editorial articles.

  • Evan


  • Daniel Walsh

    Why so much love for the Moro X. It’s @#$% when compared to other flagships.

    • cadtek91

      How so?

    • Arthur Dent

      Your logic and reasoning is truly astounding.

  • T4rd

    I think they keep making bigger phones because its easier to cram the high-end parts into them. OEMs need to get some better engineers in order to cram this high end hardware into a ~4.5″ screen sized phone. I feel they are missing a huge part of the market because of this.

  • MotoRulz

    You forgot *end rant.

    • It was originally going to be:

      Enter Note 3 cult. End rant. 😛

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I was wondering who would start up the “Note 3 is the perfect blah blah blah.” Nice to see you cut them off at the pass so to speak! lol

        And yes I get the Note 3 is great. It’s not a phone. I consider a phone to be something I can COMFORTABLY use with ONE hand.

  • NexusPhan

    I’m really liking the nexus 5 size. I can’t go any bigger. The size of the nexus line hasn’t changed (other than screen size) since before the galaxy Nexus and I think they got it right. I’m hoping for a nexus 5 (2014) with a 5.2″ screen and the exact same external dimensions.

    • Brandon Shaw

      “I can’t go any bigger”…. That’s what she said!

      • Comk4ver

        Sounds like she got short ended… She should be more accommodating lol

  • Silver Veloz

    I totally agree with you Kellan. Moto X

    • notmyproblem_getoverit

      If you dont want a bigger phone go back to a flip phone and quit b***hn

      • Arthur Dent

        StarTAC, fools! You ain’t got nuthin on that gangsta phone.

        • Lucky Armpit

          I’m STILL missing my StarTAC

        • JohnPA2006

          Flip to open to answer, flip closed to hang up. I remember those days.
          Like a Zippo lighter.

      • K

        You’re missing the point. smh

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Do you logic? It seems not.

  • Guy Pierce

    The G2 is the perfect size. Let’s hope the G3 is either the same size or bigger screen but same phone dimensions with less bezel.

  • Dan Lopez

    Dude, I love my G2. Perfect size. Guess it all depends on the person.

    • I mentioned below, but LG did some crazy things to make that phone a really nice size. I’d put it in there with the Nexus 5 and Moto X as being about right. Just no bigger. 🙂

      • The Narrator

        Even the G Pro 2 leads in screen ratio. Almost 77% I believe.

      • Dan Lopez

        You’re too quick for me sir!

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        I’m kind of hoping that the X+1 turns up a slightly larger screen with the same bezels, for the pur and simple reason that is gives more room for the battery, and I’d love to see them stuff a bigger battery in that puppy 🙂

        Moto X with 36 hours battery life, Maxx version with 72 hours…./swoon

        • Dave

          That is pretty good for the battery size. This is about 60/40 4G to Wifi on my best day ever.

  • Droidmanphoneguy

    Good thing iPhone is the best. The user experience is leaps and bounds ahead of any android offering. It just works. #fact

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Omg, can someone toss up an “obvious troll is obvious” animated gif?

    • Arthur Dent

      Boring. Screen too small. Now tired design.


      • Pickleboy

        You jelly bro?

        • Arthur Dent

          Jelly? Pffft.

          PB, biatch!

          • Truthteller

            You can’t afford iPhone. You straight talk using trailer troll.

          • The Narrator

            I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. I can afford it. But I don’t pay for overpriced products.

          • Arthur Dent

            That’s cool, but at least I didn’t trade my last 6 months of food stamps for an iPhone like you

          • Fisherman2013

            Jelly of his stamps? Not cool bro. Not cool.

          • Arthur Dent

            You’re grape jelly all over my Samsung Focus, man. Rounded corners, 4″ screen way before iPhone and didn’t cost me all my food stamps.

            PB FTW. Someone get the white bread!

    • WitnessG

      Yay another troll. Comes on to a site about Android with the username “droid army” to brag about iPhones.

    • Noah

      If you think that,then why in the world did you really find it nessesary to comment on an article that doesn’t at all mention Apple.Also, this isn’t social media its really stupid to use a hastag.

      • Tottstie

        Noah. I am your father.

  • Alex Boro

    Lol I notice that basically only Korean/Asian companies are doing this.

  • Havoc70

    Kellex, i hate to disagree with you but coming from the Galaxy nexus to the Note 2, and now the Note 3 i have to disagree, at first the size was awkward but now i wil never go back to a Crapple sized device

    • Totally get it, some people really love big devices. I just can’t do it, even though I’ve tried most of them. Gimme the small phone!

      • Johnpickins

        Viva iPhone!!

        • Justtyn Hutcheson


          Let’s not get hasty buddy 🙂

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Technically you aren’t disagreeing with him. He would just like to see smaller devices that are decent! I too wonder why the flagships are getting bigger and bigger while they don’t release a phone that can be used with a single hand easily. To me, he doesn’t look like he is saying to get rid of phablets, but if they are going to release a phablet, release a phone with the same or similar internals!

  • Green

    I like big.

    • Jonathan Williams

      That’s what she said.


    Hell Yes!! Phone are looking like 1992 again. To damn big.

  • Nathan D

    Project Ara is coming to save us all!

  • Turb0wned

    100% agree. Only two phones I have and care for now is my Moto X and my iPhone 5S. Even the performance of these two phones can’t be beat.

    • The Narrator

      Performance on a small device. Most ridiculous I’ve ever heard

      Yes it’s powerful. Being so small it’s unproductive. I hated it.

  • Arnold


  • The Narrator

    My G2 is perfect for one handed use.

    • Because they made the G2 almost all screen, it’s pretty close to being just right. I’ll give you that.

      • The Narrator

        That’s what companies need to focus on. Bezels make a device larger than it needs to be.

  • anon

    Someone is mad lol. I think the G2 is perfect. If that same body can house a bigger screen im all for it.

    • G2 is really close to being perfect in terms of size. LG did some remarkable things there.

      • Shawn Spring

        My current phone (the G2) is the limit of my range (I think) – unless the G3 has the same form factor. Anything larger is just too unwieldy, IMO. My buddy (who owns a Note 3) would disagree – and is looking for something more along the lines of a small TV for his next phone. 🙂

        • SeanPlunk

          I’m the friend in question and all I have to say to you is:

      • Frettfreak

        In terms of hardware I would agree the g2 almost nails it… Now software… That’s a whole different ball of wax

        • Billyt

          What’s wrong with the software? Seriously – I own this, run Nova and wonder what is so awful?

          • gpaine

            I agree. Throw Nova on it. You rarely see the UI. The only real gripe with the phone is the lack of a dedicated multitasking button, but that’s no deal breaker. The software isn’t stock, but it’s very smooth for an OEM skin. There’s never jank.

          • Frettfreak

            Based on playing with it in a store (no long term use So I am open to opinions) but it just seemed like it was trying to hard to be touchwiz. Not to fond of tw (thought he version on the s5 is a decent improvement) again, no long term use though so I could be way off. Honestly I have 2 days left and I m contemplating taking the s5 back to get the g2 though.

          • Billyt

            Nova and disable QSlide. That is all it takes to make it great.

      • Daniel Aceves

        Is the Motorola x a mini phone with low end specs? I sure think it is

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          You’re welcome to your opinion, but if that’s what “low-end” specs are capable of now, I’m good with it.
          Never once seen it lag, stutter, halt, skip, or move slow in any way shape or form.

          The “mini” phones are pretty much the exact opposite. Slow, unresponsive, laggy, and overall a pretty terrible experience. My OG Droid Razr runs better than a GS4 mini, which is just sad :-(.

          • Dave

            I sold mine after 4 days and reverted back to my 18 month old Note 2 which got light years better battery and ran apps and browser faster. Moto has got the right idea, just needs to put top end hardware in their flagship device and I’ll jump on board. TW lag is incredibly rare in exynos based devices from what I’ve seen.

          • Jonathan Franklin

            Having both a Note 2 and an X, maybe just a bad device but my X runs freaking circles around the Note 2. And yes, Note 2 was rooted, debloated, and tried every kernel in the book and even threw my own ROM together.

        • geedee82

          Definitely not low end, maybe mid-range, but the custom features and optimizations and tweaks more than make up for it. I believe it was sold in the high-end price range when it first dropped.

        • SRPat

          The Moto X’s SOC was on par with the the GS4 and M7. They all had Krait 300 CPUs and Adreno 330 GPUs, the only difference being that the Moto X, had a dual core CPU, but also had dedicated cores for listening and motion. Since, archictecture is more important than the number of cores, the Moto X had the similar performance to both the GS4 and M7, this has been shown by tests done by Anandtech.
          While the Moto X did have a lower resolution screen, this had the trade off of better battery life.
          The camera on a technical standpoint should have been good, due to the larger 1/2.5 inch 10 mp (1.4 micron) sensor. However due to the RGBC pixel layout, software was an important part needed to deliver good pictures. This was something that Motorola didn’t deliver.

        • Alan Marchman

          The Moto X is a mid-range phone, but holy crap it is an excellent mid-range phone. Great battery life, the OS isn’t bloated with unnecessary skinning, and it’s fast. Active Display and Touchless Control are useful, non-gimmicky features to boot. I replaced a Galaxy Nexus with the Moto X and am glad I chose it over one of the Samsung Galaxy phones.

      • ceruleanblue

        I agree. The only reason i didn’t buy that phone was that LG eschewed the removable battery that was available on its Korean model.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      You are missing his point. The G2 isn’t one of the new round of phones. It’s one of the older rounds, and even it is borderline too big for some people.

      • Frettfreak

        Top that off with the rumor that LG is going… Wait for it… bigger with the g3! 5.5 I think is what is the rumor

        • Shawn Spring

          If, big IF mind you, they can keep the form factor and increase screen size marginally by reducing bezels, then I’m all for it. Anything taller or wider is Audi 5000.

          • Frettfreak

            That’s a big if for sure! Especially if they try to samsung it up by making it water resistant… Chassis gonna get bigger. The problem is this. As much as I am opposed to this and can’t friggen stand it, if all the top tier high end smartphones are this big, we won’t have a choice.

          • Arthur Dent

            +1 for the Audi 5000

    • Pedro

      He mad, bro.

      • Frettfreak

        Nah, just tired of these mediocre phones (see what I did there)

        • Pedro

          It wasn’t really a statement. More a subtle reference to a ‘commenter’ during the Gnex days. Some may get it. Most won’t. No biggie.

  • droid army

    I could not agree more!