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You can Forget About That Nike Fuelband App on Android, Nike Reportedly Fires Team

According to a report out of CNET and a wildly entertaining week-old thread through the anonymous social network known as Secret, Nike has fired their team responsible for the Fuelband. In other words, goodbye, Fuelband and almost any chance at Nike delivering a companion app for Android. The news comes only six months after Nike introduced a new version of the fitness tracker, the Fuelband SE. 

When asked about the cut, Nike spokesperson Brian Strong said, “As a fast-paced, global business we continually align resources with business priorities. As our Digital Sport priorities evolve, we expect to make changes within the team, and there will be a small number of layoffs. We do not comment on individual employment matters.”

That doesn’t exactly confirm that the entire engineering team behind their hardware fitness products is gone, but CNET’s sources said that the company informed their 70-person hardware team that 80% of them would be let go. Some may stay on for a month or two. The portion of the team responsible or Nike+ software remains.

Nike was expected to launch yet another version of the Fuelband this fall, however, those plans have now been canceled. Nike will shift focus to the software side of fitness, completely. Does that mean more of a focus on iOS or will we see a new effort to enter Android, something a recent job listing hinted at.

The team cut is also reportedly responsible for the Nike+ Sportwatch. The future of that long-standing product is now up in the air.

If this news means nothing to you, at least click through to the Secret link below, so that you can read opinions from anonymous Nike employees sounding off on upper management, including their VP of digital sport, Stefan Olander. It’s priceless.

Via:  CNET | Secret


  • Jacob Sailors

    I haven’t run a version later then 4.3 in I don’t know how long.. I have a NFB and have a and Android with 4.4. 2 and am disappointed that Nike can’t make a consumer happy. Big reason I ditched my iPhone was due to the upitlyness of Apple and thier lock down on apps. Let’s hope Nike can get thier s@#$ together…

  • cvbcbcmv

    I just wanna say I was just on the phone with Nike with a higher-up to get my Fuelband replace and mentioned this and they were being very hinty and saying things like, “Don’t believe everything you hear.” “You don’t know the whole story.” so don’t get too discouraged!

  • MH

    Who is shocked? Tim Cook is on the board at Nike.

  • bqluong

    Here is how fitness trackers work. The “majority” of people starting a workout routine will stop working out becuase after a weeks worth of working out, they do not see results on the scales. They expect a large drop immediately. I know it’s stupid but that is how it works. With fitness trackers, they show “statiistics” that gives the person working out a visual sense that you are losing “something” such as calories or something obtainable such as “you jogged this far” thus keeping the person motivated that what they are doing is actually contributiing to there health even though the scale is not showing results. The first month of starting a workout routine is the hardest for a new person to keep interested in working out. That is the reasoning behind fitness trackers as explained to me at a technology conference.

  • Liderc

    These wearables are a joke anyways, feel bad for the people who got fired but all these watches are stupid and pointless.

  • carl

    wonder when samsung will have the gear fit here in saudi, its still not available.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Should’ve done an android version. Love my Jawbone Up, works pretty great with my Retina Mini and my N4.

  • Fitness trackers are going to become like ereaders. They will still exist but they will be less and less prevalent with watches that serve the same functions and more. Such as Android Wear devices and whatever is in the works from Apple.

  • nat

    Don’t really care about the Fuelband or any fitness tracker. Waste of time using them. However, that Secret thread is funny. The author stopped posting 6 days ago though. I wonder if he was identified by Nike and got threatened.

    • tu3218

      how are they a waste of time? Fitness apps are huge in the play store. Endomondo, Run Keeper, etc. All very nice apps and a device that I could use to prevent me from having to bring my phone along and sweating all over it, possible rain, etc, would be very nice. You must not run to understand the need for these devices.

  • NexusMan

    Long forgotten.

  • Silky Johnson

    kellen, press renders of the oneplus leaked. with all due respect…. screw the fuelband hahaha

  • Marsg

    Should have made an android app, they missed out on 75% of the world market.

    • Atlas

      Not at all. More like 7% in the US.

      86% of Android phones run a version older than 4.3.


      They DO NOT support Bluetooth Low Energy, which is indispensable for lower consumption in wearables.
      On the other hand, BLE has been supported on iPhone since the 4S and almost 90% of iOS devices are compatible.
      In the main target country for the Fuelband which is the US, that means that Android (which has an overall market share of about 55% in the US) BLE Android devices represent around 7% of the market vs around 40% of BLE iOS devices.

      Nike did the logical thing and support the platform where they would touch the most people without the hassle of fragmentation.

      • Marsg

        The thing you have to understand about android share figures is that those old android phones that aren’t running android 4.3 were either introduced before 2012 or they are low end devices. With that said, 7% of android is equal to 35-40% iOS devices, Android has nearly 80% of world market share as opposed to iOS and their 13%. To make it easier to understand let’s say I had 10 apples and you had 2, 10% for me equals 50% for you. On top of that the U.S has the highest number of high end android phones sold, so a big chunk of those 4.3+ devices are found here. Another big problem with your theory is that you assumed every apple user owns a Nike fuel band, which isn’t even close to real sales figures. Opening it up to Android and windows devices gives them double the possible consumer (I say possible because not every Android phone owner is going to buy one) . Let’s face it, none of those tennie girls with iPhones would actually go and buy any of these wearables, its mostly us techies that are interested. I was actually one of those people that bought a fitness tracker, I was very much interested in the Nike fuelband but had to cross it off due to no support. Went with the fitbit instead, which basically does the same thing in a different way.

        • Atlas

          “The thing you have to understand about android share figures is that those old android phones that aren’t running android 4.3 were either introduced before 2012”

          I understand that perfectly lol
          How is that relevant?

          YOU didn’t understand my comment. You made all that calculation without even realizing that my comment already used market share numbers.

          7% is the percentage of smartphones in the US that are Android AND compatible.

          So it’s not equal to anything. It’s 7%

          Versus that you have about 40% of smartphones in the US that are iPhones AND compatible.

          So mine isn’t a theory, it’s what the numbers say, it’s there. Here is a nice pie-chart so that you understand showing the market share in the US.

          “Another big problem with your theory is that you assumed every apple user owns a Nike fuel band”

          that’s not at all what I was looking at. I was looking at potential market for Nike. Using the second pie-chart, here is what the market looks like to Nike.

          You are just looking for excuses when there are none. Nike couldn’t have done differently.

  • BeejRich

    I imagine this may lead into a built in partner ship with iOS. Seems like it could be a huge push into fitness and apple.

    • Marsg

      How would that change anything? iOS is currently the only mobile operating system that supports the Nike fuelband. Theyre already in a partnership with apple.

      • BeejRich

        Exactly, I mean like the tech being build into the iPhone itself. All the functions of the band, built into the phone.

        • Marsg

          The iPhone would either become more expensive or Apple would have to cut their own profit if price remains the same. With that said, having the feature built into the phone itself would suck, I have broken 3 iPod touch screens before I got bluetooth ear buds , the weights tend to hit the thighs when doing dumbell bench, shoulder press or laterals. I woud porsnally rather have an intrusive band on my wrist.

  • Droid Ronin

    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying every moment of my Fitbit.

    • lobo

      Is that the one that eats your skin?

      • Droid Ronin

        Nope, that would be the Force. I have the Flex.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Wife had a FuelBand and it kept irritating her wrist. No matter how many times she cleaned it, it would still cause her skin to break out. Battery crapped out after about a year of use and she just got a FitBit. She loves it. Long live companies who realize that there are other mobile OSes out there besides iOS.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Hahahaha lml.


    I’ve had 3 Fuelbands since their original release… An expansion piece on the first broke, so I gave it to my wife (smaller wrist) and got another. That one crapped out and was replaced under warranty. That one also gave out and that’s when I gave up on this product. My wife still has hers laying around the house somewhere…THEY ARE EXPENSIVE JUNK TRINKETS. USELESS, POORLY DESIGNED AND POORLY BUILT. Live and Learn.

    • michael arazan

      Made in china, what do you expect

      • bprichard

        So are plenty of high quality products. Nike tried and failed at something they’re not good at, consumer electronics. They took a bunch of losses and gave up. Should they have stayed the course and found more reliable manufacturing partners? Maybe.

    • mcdonsco

      And you bought two

  • Ray

    Tim Cook made Nike Just do it…

  • Hershel

    since when do people need technology to work out? Why can’t people just do it the old fashion way?

    • Because these days if you don’t check in and post your daily workout online for everyone to see, there is no point in working out lol

      • Hershel

        people really need that double short nonfat latte?

      • Marsg

        the point isn’t to share your workout but to manage your food intake, some people eat a lot more then they should. For instance I was on a 3200 calorie diet but was taking around 4500 calories and was having trouble cutting, after I got my fitbit it was a breeze to manage , you also can’t really measure calories burnt but using a exercise tracker you can get a ballpark number which is a lot better than just guessing. The app accompanied with the device also gives the user feedback on how much more calories they need to eat or how much exercise they need to do in order to reach their goal. You don’t necessarily need a tracker but it does make it a lot easier to track macros and activity levels.

    • The Narrator

      Considering that an app can count all my calories, macros, micros, etc, it’s very helpful.

      • Hershel

        so the app knows exactly what goes in your mouth?

        • The Narrator

          Yep, pretty much.

        • Ryan Chapman

          It links with apps that do. So yes.

      • Omit

        Waste of time.

        • The Narrator

          – Said every out of shape person.

      • michael arazan

        The FDA just released a statement saying that the calories on the back of all our food is inaccurate and told all companies that they need to post the accurate measurements by 2015 i think. All this time all the calories have been off, so I’d think the basis their measurements rely on are probably incorrect as well except for how much you burn

      • Liderc

        Calorie counters are insanely inaccurate, so it’s not helping you at all.

        • The Narrator

          If you eat cheeseburgers, fast food, processed foods, etc yes it is. Eating organic, vegetables, chicken/fish, i’m okay

    • chris125

      Maybe some people like to see how much they did or keep track for own personal goals? Not everyone runs on a treadmill where it keeps track for you. Some enjoy outdoor runs and like to see how much they ran or how many calories they burned? It isn’t for people to just post on social media. Now I’d never buy one of these because they were somewhat limited, but the idea behind it is smart

    • Ryan Chapman

      6 months away from being a Chiropractic doctor and Have a degree in Human Biology and being an avid fitness guy, and I love all the technology, if you don’t dig it, whatever, but there is a lot of valuable information you can achieve with these products.

    • michael arazan

      I think they said the same thing when Nautilus equipment came out

    • Dylan

      Same goes for those silly accountants who use spreadsheets instead of ledger books.

  • Champion1229

    I really wish they would focus on devices like the Moto X and other devices that have dedicated coprocessors built to detect motion and other environmental changes. Its something Apple was able to announce at the key note of their first device with a coprocessor and theirs only senses motion, why can’t we have something similar (and better) on devices with coprocessors that can sense motion, heart-rate, and natural language?

  • The Narrator

    Ignoring Android will make you fail. Goodbye Nike Fuelband. Sucks to be you.

    • Hershel

      needing technology for your own fitness just makes you fail even more.

      • The Narrator

        Nobody said that either, but thanks for your opinion

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        Go back to sleep, grandpa. You’re cranky.

        • Hershel

          i lost my head…

          • Nexoduss

            And your dick

          • Hershel

            Grow up

          • Nexoduss

            This is coming from the guy who makes an account after an old man. Suck on deez nutz faq

          • Hershel

            That’s real mature.

          • jason

            His last one was John Legere.

          • The Narrator

            Uh, Hershel has 8000 comments. And I’m Legere. Pay attention or you’ll look like a fool.

      • michael arazan

        Maybe they should get rid of Cook since he was the one that was probably behind them not releasing a version for android 2 years ago and could of had a solid foundation in the android market when there was no competition. Probably could save a lot of Money doing so. Might be harder to get rid of a board member

    • Nars Mom

      I have a feeling I’d rather be Nike than “The Narrator”, an accomplisher of nothing.

      P.S. Many people will be switching back to Apple when the iPhone6 with 5.5″ screen is released this year.

      • Your Mom

        Ron, when did you change your name?

      • Adrynalyne

        I assure you, Apple will NOT alienate its customer base by jumping 1.5 inches in screen diameter in one huge leap.

      • Jacob Sailors


    • This is beyond ignoring Android — Nike is basically waving white flags to the dedicate fitness tracker hardware market, despite the fact that they are one of the market leader. It’s a very interesting move, though. Given their close relationship with Apple, I wonder if they does that because they know what the iWatch is going to do to the Fuelband’s market, and decide to leave the market early.

    • Atlas

      86% of Android phones run a version older than 4.3.
      They DO NOT support Bluetooth Low Energy, which is indispensable for lower consumption in wearables.
      On the other hand, BLE has been supported on iPhone since the 4S and almost 90% of iOS devices are compatible.
      In the main target country for the Fuelband which is the US, that means that Android (which has an overall market share of about 55% in the US) BLE Android devices represent around 7% of the market vs around 40% of BLE iOS devices.


    Tim Cook sits on Nike’s Board of Directors, doesn’t he?

    • Kisuk3

      Gee no ones said that before…..

      • ERIFNOMI

        I’m sorry?

        • Kevin

          Are you?

          • ERIFNOMI