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Google Play Movies and TV Updated, Brings Enhanced Video Control to Your Fingers

Lost in the wave of app updates that we received yesterday, Google pushed out an update to the Play Movies and TV application. The changelog for this update might not be the flashiest, but it is full of solid features that will make watching your TV shows and movies on your Android device even better. 

First up, is the new feature that Google seems really excited about. You can now scrub back and forth through the movie to rewind or fast-forward just by dragging your finger across the screen.

As we have seen with plenty of other Google apps, Play Movies now features an updated slide-out menu as well. The rest of the changelog features updates to the user account selection, episode descriptions, and closed captioning.

Head over to Google Play to pull the update. If you don’t see it yet, keep checking back periodically.

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Via: Twitter
  • Firdaus Rizal

    I hope Google Play Movies will launch in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • JMonkeYJ

    Can you store pinned videos to an SD card yet like you can music in Play Music? That would be really nice.

  • Trevor Cook

    Here is the apk straight from Android Police

  • tlingitsoldier
    • Gfunk81


      • tlingitsoldier

        No problem!

    • Gfunk81

      I can’t figure out how to switch accounts in this update.

      • tlingitsoldier

        I think you have to add an account in Android settings. Then from the slide out menu on Play Movies, tap the bat with you email address.

  • cgmartin33

    Google Play Movies are already pretty amazing. HD versions are crystal clear and the info you get when pausing its pretty awesome (actor, just missed actor, song, etc).

  • Gfunk81

    The update isn’t live on my phone. Any way you can get the apk?

    • Kevin

      Maybe Android Police has the apk? They’re always the first get the apks.

  • Matthew Sloan

    Could that be the new nexus 10? I know that’s not the original nexus 10 in that picture…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Think it’s just a generic template

      • Adam Hokin

        It appears to be a Xoom. You’d think that Google would use a different 10 inch tablet in their promotional material by now.

        • Matthew Sloan

          Google is pretty crazy… Lol

    • Christian

      That’s exactly what I thought…