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Fleksy Keyboard Updated to Version 2.0, Brings Cloud Personalization and New Badge System

An update to version 2.0 for the Fleksy keyboard will bring rewards in the form of badges for those of you who have conquered the learning curve found in the keyboard. Fleksy takes a couple of days to really get down, with its gestures, as well as the ability to type with an “invisible” keyboard.

To award users who have mastered gestures and invisibility, badges are awarded, which you can tote around showing off to all of your friends.

In addition, the update brings Cloud Personalization, allowing users to sync their own writing techniques using a Fleksy algorithm, which is then usable on any device you are logged onto using the same account.

Also with the 2.0 update, Fleksy upgrades its My Fleksy personalization features. My Fleksy tailors the keyboard’s language algorithm with the user’s unique writing style using their email and social networks. The new My Fleksy Cloud features also sync between the user’s Android devices, bringing a seamless experience to those using multiple devices.

Users can grab the update through Google Play right now. If you have yet to try this 3rd party keyboard, then give it a try.

Play Links: Paid ($1.99) | Free

  • beez1717

    I really like the keyboard. It looks good and is getting better the more I use it. Too bad it can sometimes get a little sluggish,

  • AndrewScottRox

    I’d be a happy camper if I could get this as a theme for Swiftkey. Not much of a fan of the app though.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    “To award users who have mastered gestures and invisibility, badges are
    awarded, which you can tote around showing off to all of your friends. ”
    Me and the people I know don’t care about crap like this. Maybe that makes me a piece of sh**. I dunno. But I really don’t want to ever care about stuff like this.

  • Chippah
    • j

      Is it any good? I’ve been using stock google for awhile..

      benefits over stock or swiftkey?

      • Chippah

        I have used them all, huge swype fan for years, google, swift etc..

        Touchpal dosent need a number row, you simply flick UP off the regular top row to get your numbers,
        punctuation you get by flicking down into the space bar.

        It does take a day or so to get your dictionary built up, but its the best KB i have used to date.

        • j

          cool thanks

  • F Ski

    Never hear of it. Well until now. Oooooh, a badge. Still don’F Skit care.

  • miri

    Seems pretty cool, but I’m way too accustomed to gesture typing. Can’t use this worth beans.

  • Ghgore

    What are IAPs on the paid version? Also is it pay once or a subscription thing?

    • Ghgore

      Sorry for those really random questions 😀

  • John Kitchen

    This is my main keyboard. Love it so much.

    • evilfatcow

      Can not agree more. I use two thumbs to type more often than one and Fleksy is amazing at predictions and corrections.

  • Julian Coronado

    I tried this keyboard out for a few weeks, but I just can’t do without the ability to swype to type.

    • LiterofCola

      Yup, always revert back to Google Keyboard. The most accurate swyping keyboard, even more so than Swiftkey.

      • John

        Ya know, I recently moved back to Google’s keyboard too. The smoothness of how quick it pops up and hides is so freaking nice. I wish SwiftKey had that ability, but even on my S4, it has a 1-2 second delay sometimes, which isn’t a big deal but noticeable.

        • picaso86

          The Swiftkey ability to type in two languages (English and Spanish) simultaneously without switching keyboards it is the winning feature for me. I wish the Google Keyboard could do that..

    • epps720

      I’m trying to give it another try but moving back to Swype very soon. don’t like having to type with 2 hands and it’s just too slow doing it one handed w/o swyping. Though the auto correct feature does work really well on this

  • Colby Edwards

    Keyboards have achievments now?

    • moew

      Yes they do. I did the beta a while ago, and actually, I don’t know why I stopped using this keyboard….. oh wait, new phone, just never went through the beta steps again!

      • Dr_Buttballs

        You don’t have to go through the beta steps again. Just find Fleksy in your “all” apps list and redownload it.

        • moew

          I didn’t make it clear, I downloaded again and paid for it. Two bucks ain’t bad at all!

    • Averix

      Seriously? I don’t need a badge for typing. I need a functional predictive keyboard. Please focus on the necessary functions before stupid social genital size comparison badges. What a dumb feature.

  • Kal5el

    You have mastered the keyboard tutorial! 10 achievement points! Now try to beat your friends to the Dvorak achievement!

    • Blue Sun

      Is there a Dvorak option?