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Minuum Keyboard 2.0 Hits Google Play, Try it Now for Free

Minuum, a third party keyboard among hundreds of others for Android, was funded through Indiegogo and released for Android last year. A new version hit Google Play this morning, version 2.0, and is free for all to try for a 30 day trial. 

Minuum is essentially a full keyboard, although it is condensed into a single row of keys. It might look quite different from your usual keyboard, but as you can see in the video we posted below, users can find themselves typing text messages much faster after getting used to the process.

The new 2.0 version is free to try out for 30 days, so if you haven’t given it try yet, go check it out.

Play Link

  • JohanV

    I wished they put swiping into that.. that’ll be great.

    • Kyle

      you can swipe left to delete the last word and swipe to the right to add a space, but I can understand if you meant something like Swype which I don’t believe it does. (just downloaded today) 😛

  • JMonkeYJ

    I actually really liked Minuum when I tried it a couple months ago. I thought it would be impossible to use, but it worked well. Unfortunately, any keyboard that doesn’t have a one-finger typing solution (eg swype) can’t be my primary keyboard.

  • Chris

    nothing beats swift key

    • Chippah

      except for Swype and Touchpal.

      • Trent Callahan

        Touchpal.. Really?

        • Chippah

          Yeah, check it out, touchpal x has come a long way, give it 24hrs, turn off autocorrect,

          no extra number row needed as you flick up on the top row for your numbers. which has a really great feel,
          Swype dosent do that.. and the “-” is easy to find, typing droid-life on swype is enraging..

  • sagisarius

    Ha, I kinda feel like keyboards on android are becoming a religious experience for people. I keep wanting to try this one, but I can see how it would drive me nuts. Think I’ll have to use that trial and see if I want to convert.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      I use the default keyboards on iOS and Android. I’ve tried several 3rd party keyboards and I hate them as much as the stock one. Touch screen keyboards just suck ass, period. So it’s a miserable experience no matter which one I’m using. Esp when you have Sasquatch thumbs like mine 😛

  • Tim242

    I bought it a while back. It sucks. There is no getting used to that.

    • gambit07

      This is a new version apparently, but from my limited time with it, it seems to be predicting common phrases pretty easily and the key prediction works fairly well too. It would take some time to get used to but I am willing to give it a shot.

    • michael arazan

      Same here, plus there wasn’t enough room on the bottom unless you go into landscape mode which sucks.

  • gambit07

    I’m going to give this a shot. Swype starts lagging in certain apps after a couple weeks for me, and I feel SwiftKey’s prediction just isn’t what it used to be.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me regarding SwiftKey’s prediction. What the hell happened to it?

      • gambit07

        I wish I knew. Maybe they got too concerned with adding additional features and not enough on keeping up with what made them great in the beginning. Or perhaps the algorithm to gather data to personalize your account from social networking, etc, does not work as well as it used to? It is disappointing though.

        • Tyler

          Personally I think that massive gap they had has diminished therefore when you compare it to other keyboards like Google’s it just isn’t as impressive as it was. My main issue is that it takes significantly longer to open up than Google’s keyboard.

          • Ghgore

            The reason Google’s keyboard opens fast is because it is the default keyboard 😀

          • Tyler

            Any keyboard can be your default, it’s the time from when I click a text box and the time the keyboard takes to open an be ready to type. Google’s keyboard is probably lighter weight hence it being quicker.

          • Ghgore

            I mean the DEFAULT default keyboard 😀 (Assuming you are on a Nexus or GPE)

      • I wonder if it has anything to do with tying to your Google+ account, because ever since my predictions have been crap.

      • Bubba Gump

        I was thinking the same thing. SwiftKey still will not recognize names that I write in on a continual basis. It used to remember all of them. Even addresses which I text regularly as well, are never remembered. I would gladly give up many of the extra features to have the prediction work as before.

    • Chris

      it works fine for me….

    • LP @ThisisEther

      Yep, I was thinking about just deleting my whole saved words from swiftkey, its getting awful….

      • Bubba Gump

        I wonder if that would work. I was contemplating do the same thing.

    • Bubba Gump

      Stryker makes an interesting observation about the cloud sync in the comments section.