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VUDU to get Chromecast Support Soon, More Movie and TV Streaming Goodness

VUDU, a service that offers newly-released movies and TV shows through its website, is about to get Chromecast streaming support. If you don’t know about VUDU, the company currently offers the largest selection of movies in 1080p the day they are released on DVD. If you know Netflix and other streaming services, then you’ll know that it sometimes takes quite a while to see those new titles pop up on their servers. 

The company announced on its blog today that Chromecast users should expect to see the service go live “soon.” Once support is live, “you can use your device as a remote control or even a second screen, which means multi-tasking folks can continue doing other things that they usually do while watching TV.”

Want to be a beta tester of VUDU on Chromecast? Click here.

Once support goes live, we will make sure to let you all know.

Cheers Robert!
  • coolsilver

    I am tired of Youtube and their ridiculous heavy handed copyright restrictions…. Wish Vimeo would get their app moving.

    • BrettyDaren

      VUDU has the record of getting movies out for streaming on its website on the same day when the DVD is released officially. But the one major problem is associated with VUD is that its services are not accessible outside us and that makes it tougher. I setup VPN on my system and now getting quick access to VUDU. VPNs will let you access VUDU from anywhere in the world without any problem. It is a service that routes all your traffic by a US server by connecting your PC or device to it. Here are few of the recommended services according to my knowledge and research. http://www.vpnranks.com/how-to-watch-vudu-outside-us/

  • andy

    Unisen iPazzPort Cast is a mini engine to turn your Home HD Screen become a All Media Sharing Center with full screen by Smart phone or tablet.

  • TC Infantino

    This is a great improvement, But….VUDU really needs to have a better pause/start/stop function. If I pause a movie that I am watching in the VUDU app and then possibly open a different app for a moment, then o back to the VUDU app to continue watching, it starts the movie from the beginning, not where I left off. These days with so many movie and video watching apps all having this easy basic functionality, it is a major fail for a movie app to lack this.

  • trixnkix637

    Is Flixster chromecast compatible?

  • Chris

    Chrome cast. A stick with out an interface

  • EC8CH

    WatchEPSN please

    • SD_Scott

      Seriously… This is the main reason I got a Chromecast.

    • AJ Burnett’s Tattoos

      I’d also humbly submit MLB.tv as well.

  • Boblank84

    has anyone found anything or is it even possible to cast any type of avi file?

  • ceejw

    This is one of my most wanted apps. I’ve tried renting from Google Play but have gone back to using Vudu on my PS3 because the video and audio quality is so much better.

    • middlehead

      And Vudu on your PS3 will continue to be so much better, this doesn’t change science.

      • ceejw

        Are you saying Chromecast doesn’t support bitrates high enough for Vudu’s HDX streams?

      • ERIFNOMI

        What are you trying to say?

        • middlehead

          That Chromecast may have its uses but is insanely overrated. Streaming directly through one device will always be superior to having one device downloading the stream and uploading it to another device.

          • ERIFNOMI

            That’s not how it works. When you queue something up on Netflix on your phone, but then decide to to send it to your Chromecast, your Chromecast gets it directly from Netflix. Queue a movie and turn your phone off (or disconnect it from WiFi, of snap it in half, whatever) and Netflix will keep on playing.
            I don’t use Vudu so I can’t speak to it’s quality, but Netflix on Chromecast is fantastic. Chromecast is one of the platforms that support SuperHD (1080p in Netflix language) along with the Windows 8 app and the PS3 (and others). You are misunderstanding how it works is all.

          • Jon Langevin

            lmfao, an incorrect understanding of how Chromecast works “doesn’t change science” either. Get informed before you reply with falsehoods.

  • So glad VUDU is getting Chromecast support. Now I can finally watch my Ultraviolet movies through it. This is pretty big as Ultraviolet copies come with most Blurays now.

    • ddh819

      can you only register an ultraviolet copy with one service? like if you originally had all your ultraviolet stuff on Flixter, can you also get them on Vudu?

      • Your Flixster and Vudu accounts only link to Ultraviolet, so if you registered it with Flixster you should still be able to pull it up via Vudu as long as you link your UV account to it.

      • middlehead

        You can link one UV account to any and all of the service providers that support it, simultaneously. Flixster, Vudu, CinemaNow, TargetTicket, Paramount, and all the other studio-owned services. And you’ll likely want to link most of them, most notably Vudu/CN/TT for the various sales they run and Flixster for Warner Bros code redemptions. (WB are tricky and sometimes require you to redeem a coupon in Flixster, even though you can then watch the movie through someone else)

        You won’t get 100% equivalence between services, you may have movies that Vudu and CinemaNow can show and not Flixster, but it’s close. I’ve found that Vudu/CinemaNow/Target Ticket have the best coverage, in that order, because they’re independent sellers owned by stores and have a great interest in carrying as many movies as possible. Flixster, owned by WB, is good but not as good as the first three, and the other studio-branded services will often stream just their own movies and maybe those of a studio they partner with often.

    • Raven

      I can’t wait. I currently have over 50 Ultraviolet movies that I can watch with VuDu on my tablet. This will make my Chromecast even more useful. I just wish there was an easier way of connecting directly to it at places like hotels that require a network login. I would never leave home without one.

      • Jon Langevin

        Get a portable router that you use to re-broadcast the hotel connection to Chromecast. Otherwise, most times you can spoof the Chromecast MAC address on your computer, perform the sign-in requirements, and then stop spoofing so the Chromecast can connect directly to wifi. I’ve had this method work at 3 out of 4 hotels.

  • Tony Byatt

    LocalCast is the best right now…

    It can cast video files from my NAS to my TV…

    Doesn’t get better than that…

    • TopXKiller

      Plex so you can get subtitles

      • Drooblz

        But sadly not use Chromecast support unless you pay for PlexPass.

        • Jeff C

          PlexPass requirement is only temporary until testing is complete. I’m paying monthly right now to get me by until then. I may need a bigger NAS. 😉

      • Tony Byatt

        I’m a frugal person…

  • Kevin

    Chromecast is starting to look like better every day.

  • The Narrator

    Awesome. I have so many movies on there that need to be watched.

    • michael interbartolo

      me also. my UV account is linked to 4 friends so together we have 550 titles. Vudu was the big missing component for me for Chromecast.