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Amazon in Talks With Music Labels to Launch Streaming Music Service?

According to sources who spoke with Recode, Amazon is in talks with record labels to potentially launch its own streaming music service, because well, the world doesn’t have enough of them. While the talks are reportedly “serious,” they may or may not be close to landing deals, so don’t hold your breath on this one just yet.

Should Amazon reach agreements and launch a streaming service, there is a good chance it will be coupled in with their Prime membership program that currently offers free 2-day shipping on items, along with a subscription to Amazon’s Prime video streaming service. And that’s about all we know. 

Keep in mind that Android users still cannot use Amazon’s Prime video service, as there is no stand-alone app (at least an official one). Kindle owners and iOS devices have access to the service. Who knows if an Amazon streaming music service would see the same limitations, though it wouldn’t surprise me. We’re now years and years deep into Android as the king of mobile, yet Amazon refuses to give us an option.

Should something else develop, we’ll be sure to pass along the info.

For now, let’s all list out reasons for needing another streaming music service…

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Via:  Recode
  • uncle uncle

    why pay for something that’s free all over the net.?
    Amazon sucks

  • Raven65

    Is it only going to be available on Kindle Fires and iOS devices like Amazon Instant Video? Come on, Amazon… release an Amazon Instant Video app for Android or my Prime subscription doesn’t get renewed.

    • Jon

      If you have Prime just for the videos, you’re doing it wrong. The amount of money I save on shipping cost, time and gasoline is well worth the annual fee. All the rest is just icing on the cake.

      Ya know…its raining like hell in Los Angeles…a rare thing, but I’m going to get all of my shopping done moving only my thumbs while sitting on the couch and some of it may even arrive on Sunday.

  • alexd27

    Watch it’s going to be just like their instant video so everything you actually want to listen to you have to pay for.

  • jaymonster

    I don’t get the sarcasm over there being another streaming service. If this is the way music is moving and there is a market, why shouldn’t there be more competition? Is there one out there that is “perfect” that meets everyone’s needs precisely? Why does Google exist? There were already plenty of search engines already in place, right?

  • flosserelli

    Now we know why Amazon wants to up their Prime membership fee.

  • BSweetness

    “For now, let’s all list out reasons for needing another streaming music service…”

    1) I’m already an Amazon Prime member and would welcome any additional services that they add to the fantastic service that I’ve been loving more and more for over 4 years now.


    • Kevin

      But what if they don’t add this to prime membership?

      • BSweetness

        The answer to that is simple – I won’t be interested.

  • Ray

    just what we need YAWN

  • EC8CH

    Including it in Prime Subscriptions would be a big pull into the Amazon Ecosystem. Even as a Prime subscriber I would resist being pulled into a closed ecosystem.

    It will be interesting to see how Amazon tries to leverage the advantage they have with their Prime Subscribers without screwing it up and having people jump ship if they do decide to jack up the price.

    • jaymonster

      I think you are confusing issues here. Making it part of PRIME doesn’t make it a closed system. If however, you are required to get a Kindle (much like you have to for the video content), then it is more of a closed system (though even then it is only closed in the mobile sense as you can run it on any PC and even some Tivo and other devices.)

  • Joe Cross

    How about they make an Instant video app first

    • EC8CH

      Hear Hear

    • AbbyZFresh

      Hardly anyone uses Instant Video when using prime. The selection sucks.

      • Joe Cross

        I use it all the time. They have a bunch of stuff that Netflix doesn’t have and if you purchase episodes from them I would like to be able to play them on all my devices.

      • The Narrator

        Amazon and Netflix helped me cut a bunch of money on cable bills.

      • jaymonster

        I find it quite hard to believe that “hardly anyone” uses it. And many people say the same thing about the selection on Netflix. It isn’t true there either.

      • droidify

        I actually use it more than Netflix.

      • crispy

        my wife uses it for workout videos, since netflix doesn’t have any.

      • Graham Green

        I’d use it if there was an Android app and more specifically it had Chromecast support. They keep sending me mail and emails saying “Hey you’re a prime subscriber but you don’t use instant video”. To which I’ve responded “Because you don’t support my platform of choice”.

  • The Narrator

    If it’s included with prime I’d try it.

    • Cory

      That would be fantastic. Realistically though, as long as they charge less than $8/month like everyone else (excluding Pandora), I would try it out. Streaming music subscriptions should not cost as much as streaming video services, IMO.

      • EC8CH

        except streaming music has actual content compare to the selection on most streaming video services.

  • bkosh84

    Because there isn’t enough of these around at the moment.. AMIRITE FELLAS!?!?!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Lmbo I was thinking the same thang

  • Keith Taylor

    Cause I dont own any Apple products, cause Google, Spotify, and some others are too expensive. And cause Pandora plays to many commercials. Case I am a Prime member and if it works out that its part of the plan….I win..

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Bring it on, Amazon! And an app for the Play Store so I can play my movies too!!

    • EC8CH

      but what if there is no android app for the service and they try and force you into buying an amazon forked device like they do if you want to access their video service to use a native app?

      • jaymonster

        That would be a sticky problem, but since they already support their music app on the Android platform, there is no reason to assume that music would be device locked. Add to that, the fact that at least for the time being, they do not offer something like a Kindle 4″…. you a know a portable device that is more iPod/Walkman/Phone sized for music. I can’t see them thinking that people are going to walk around all day carrying their Kindle to listen to music.