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Accidentally Deleted an Important Piece of Text? Type Machine’s Got You Covered

Have you ever started composing a long email or instant message, only to have the fruits of your typing labor deleted when the app crashes? In many apps, there’s no way to recover this lost text. That’s where Type Machine comes in — it caches everything you type in any app you would like it to, providing you with a simple way to look back at what you may have lost.

Though it may sound like the perfect app to be a keylogger sending off all your passwords to a happy developer somewhere, it has a few measures in place to assert that privacy is present. Password fields are not recorded, and you can set blacklists for certain apps such as those used for banking or text messaging. Also, the app (in its current form) does not have the ability to access the Internet, so you can rest knowing that all the information gathered by it will stay on your device. And finally, you can add a PIN lock, so you don’t have unwanted people snooping around your typing history.

You can configure Type Machine to automatically delete additions that are a certain amount of days old as well, so you won’t have to worry about typing too much and wasting space on your device.

The full list of features is below:

  • Completely automatic and seamless. Logs everything from every native Android app.
  • Stays out of the way until you need it. Simple to use when you do. Brings global undo to Android.
  • Safe and private. No unnecessary permissions. Allows you to set a PIN lock on the history list. Automatic deletion of old entries.
  • Configurable blacklist for apps. Type Machine won’t collect what you don’t want it to.
  • Tablet-friendly user interface.

Keep in mind that some accessibility services on your device could negatively affect this app’s functions. Also, on some Samsung devices, text-to-speech may get enabled on the home screen and within some applications — the developer does not have a fix for these annoyances.

Type Machine can be found on Google Play for $1.99, and after using it for a while I’d say it’s one of those essentials to just keep around.

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  • Ocra

    Although this isn’t related to app crashes but I’d like Google to implement this new technological marvel called “undo” for text fields in Android.

  • A99

    NSA already does this for you for free (well free excluding the billions in tax dollars they use to probably payoff the tech companies).

  • aBabyPenguin

    Willingly put a keylogger on my device? No thanks…

  • Daistaar

    I was about to say it sounds like a Keylogger and a clipboard had a baby but it looks like that’s already the general sentiment.

  • calculatorwatch

    Coulda used this the other day because I found out the hard way that Google Keep can only hold so many words, and without telling you it just stops saving what you type so that when your phone falls asleep and you wake it back up everything you wrote past a certain point is gone.

  • BillySuede

    if someone you know (girlfriend/potential girlfriend/wife) somehow obtains your phone, has a look-see and figures this app out, there could be a problem.

    get those phones secure.

    • Daistaar

      Sounds like you’re doing things you shouldn’t in a relationship… :p

      • BillySuede

        i plead the fifth.

        • senor_heisenberg


          • ObsidianGT

            ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR… FIF!!!

      • Ray

        to some women looking at porn could be considered cheating to them. It doesnt take much to be in trouble lol

        • Daistaar

          Here here lol. Have a great weekend guys!

  • george

    It sounds like a keylogger to me…

    • Even if it is, it can’t “phone home”

      • peanuts

        Until security researchers find out how it’s sending back logged keystrokes in some way. I like Android but there will never be 0 security holes in any software. For now, I’ll wait and see what happens especially because I don’t know who or what kind of company rojekti is and what his/her/their track recod is like. Their site says they’re a company but it might just be some dude working on it as a hobby. Maybe I’ll install this next year, who knows.

    • Menger40

      It’s a friendly neighborhood keylogger.

  • BrandonWhite116

    Will this cause keyboard lag? I can imagine it getting laggy when typing really fast.

    • Hasn’t caused any lag for me, using it with SwiftKey

  • Stone Cold

    Very Nice

  • litobirdy

    Pretty cool