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Dayframe 2.0 Released with an Updated Interface and Chromecast Support (Updated)

With the public release of Google’s Chromecast SDK, an onslaught of app updates to support casting was inevitable. Take photo slideshow app Dayframe, for example, which integrated cast functionality today.

While slideshow apps may be a dime a dozen, a slew of nifty features puts Dayframe a cut above the rest. Dayframe’s interface is sleek and modern, conforming to HOLO design guidelines. Navigation is made simple by the relegation of configuration options to two hamburger menus: one on the left for settings, and one on the right for saved “favorite” slideshows. 

As you’d expect, the app is capable of displaying images in a slideshow from your local library, but it can also pull pictures from Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Twitter, and 500px albums. Don’t take many photos? Dayframe’s discovery feature culls slideshows from other users based on categories like “Animated Gifs”, “Geek Culture”, and “Foodie Food”.

An especially neat feature of Dayframe is timers. With timers, you can program the app to begin specified slideshows at a particular time and day. If you often set your phone or tablet on a dock, it’s the perfect way to put your charging device to good use.

The Chromecast functionality, which requires an in-app purchase, is apparently straightforward: you can Cast slideshows from your device to your television, and navigate through them using swipe gestures. I wasn’t able to test the feature, though, because I couldn’t get the in-app checkout menu to pop up. That may be a Play Store issue, but it was definitely irritating, and hopefully something the developer rectifies soon.

Dayframe is available for download from the Play Store. The premium version, Dayframe Prime, is a $2.99 in-app purchase.

Note: The developer would like us to mention that those who’ve purchased Dayframe Prime as a separate app in the past are eligible for an in-app upgrade. If you’re one of those folks, just shoot an e-mail to  [email protected].

UPDATE:  The developer reached out to let us know that they already had to pull Chromecast support. Something about the official SDK not being released yet. They expect support to be back in the near future.

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  • Kevin

    Just an FYI Kyle, if you want to use the newest Chromecast apps that are being released, you have to update your Google Play Services app first so you can get the Cast button. http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/02/03/apk-teardown-download-google-play-services-4-2-refines-play-games-adds-cast-api-signs-of-auth-enhancements/

    • Kyle Wiggers

      It will update automatically over the next few days/weeks.

      • Kevin

        I wonder if this is the reason why the Chromecast feature was pulled? Because not everyone has the update.

  • wmsco1

    I’m really digging that stand in the picture. Anybody know where I can get one? Perfect for detached keyboard.

  • Marcus

    KNow this is off topic but the Samsung 10.1 is on sale for 199 on ebay http://deals.ebay.com/5001012540/?_trksid=p2050601.m1256&_trkparms=%26clkid%3D4651726801512282457

    • wmsco1

      10.1 2014 edition?

      • Marcus

        No, nice with the wishful thinking though it’s the previous model.

        • wmsco1

          Yeah I looked…. Thought so. Thanks

  • Miguel

    I use this app over the weekends, I have it set up to pull my photos from 500px from 10am to 12pm and it does it marvelously, a really well made app, love the upgrade.

  • Weber

    Not Daydream.

  • litobirdy

    so all these apps are going to charge for chromecast ability? well that’s annoying, a $35 device made much more expensive by having all these apps charge for that feature. Hopefully an app worth the price is released that just enables mirroring

    • Tim242

      For every app you purchase, you increase the price of your phone or tablet. Apps charge for premium features. Would you work for free?

      • VFacharnmethe85

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    • JRomeo

      There will be apps available that do the same thing for free. they’ll probably put an ad on the app. so it will stay free, or pay to remove the ad. Or perhaps some developer will create a free app, maybe there’s still a developer out there which will create apps with no need to be compensated monetarily.

      • Shawn John

        You Go work for FREE and support a family.

        • JRomeo

          Litobirdy was the one that said it was annoying to pay for an app which gives chromecast ability, not me. I’ve already paid for the Allcast app. Apparently the sarcasm in the last sentence of my previous post flew over everybody’s head.

    • wmsco1

      Belkin mirror dongel I think was the name. But it costs more. TV has to have USB to power and compatible with both devices.

    • BrandonWhite116

      As a developer I can tell you that it is better for the customer when apps are not just handed out for free. If someone makes something for free that is good enough there is no incentive for another developer to come along a make it better. Freeware is good in some circumstances but it can also cause a lot of software to just be good enough and not great. The reason that apps come out first on iOS is because apps make a lot more money on iOS. If you want developers to start taking Android seriously then get used to paying for software. For most developers this is a full time professional job, not a side hobby.