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BlackBerry Reminds Everyone That BBM Still Exists, Issues Minor Update to Help Find Friends

Did you know BlackBerry was still around? Their stranglehold on the smartphone industry may be a distant memory, but the beleaguered company is still committed to supporting its existing products. Need proof? One of them, BlackBerry Messenger for Android, is the target of a minor update today.

The headline feature of the update is Find Friends, which allows you to identify those of your friends and family that use BBM (and are probably too embarrassed to admit it).  The app will scan your contact list for BBM users, and then allow you to send a PIN invite. You can invite non-users, but they’ll only receive an e-mail message or SMS to download BBM.

BlackBerry continues to devote resources to improving BBM, which makes sense considering the service’s relative popularity overseas. The company teased version 2.0 of the app, which it says will include “lots of great new features.” And BlackBerry will soon release a version of BBM compatible with Gingerbread devices.

Any BBM users excited about today’s update? Any BBM users period?

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  • Brandon Giesel

    I use BBM. I gotta say that it is one of the best standalone IM platforms that is available cross-platform and actually got some good elements without being too much. I just couldn’t get into ChatOn, its trying to be much of a social media platform and not specializing in what it was meant to be.

  • charlie2010

    re: Any BBM users period?

    40million downloads in 2 months after the ios/android release and you come up with this brilliant question?

    Latest estimates are 100million users and they are about to also release voice/video/channels which will make this twice as good as it is now……lame article,

  • Dylan

    Love Channels which people don’t realize is part of BBM

  • Michael Quinlan

    Friends don’t let friends use BBM. If you install this, and it finds your friends, an intervention may be in order.

  • BoydDroid

    I switched from my SG3 to the Z30. What a great mobile computing device. BBM with voice and video works great.

  • Mo

    I went from BlackBerry to Android phones to iPhone and now am back to BlackBerry after iOS7. So yes there are still people who use BlackBerry and BBM. You job is to be not one sided but provide information to the end user, so please keep you opinion to yourself unless you want this to be an opinion article. And the more I run into articles like this, it makes me want to not visit and read this site just as I did to BGR.

    I’m a user that still own and use devices what runs WebOS, iOS7, iOS6.X, Android 4.3, Android 2.3, and BlackBerry 10 OS.

    Each has their advantages and disadvantages, not all devices and applications are meant to be used by everyone on the world.

  • T.O. Guy

    There is no ‘best’ device, just whatever works best for you. It’s like comparing cars – just because you don’t like a particular one, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with someone else liking it. Any car will get you from point A to point B. I’ve spent a lot of time comparing BB/Apple/Android phones and I always come back to BB because of the form factor/hardware. There’s nothing the other software platforms will give me that I need, but I mainly use it for phone, BBM, e-mail, music, maps and some informational web surfing – it’s perfect for that. If you like gaming, watching movies, then clearly you need a bigger screen, so get one! No need to bash the competition…Cheers!

  • chris_johns

    Shame…tried to get everyone on this when i came out just for memories sake…lots of pin post on instagram n fb was fun…for three days..they everyone realized its pointless and far to late…so yeah uninstalled only some chick from canada i talk to now n then uses it f that noise

  • Warwick

    thank you so much blackberry team, i was waiting this app, its really great user friendly and smooth.

  • tommy

    …More updates than Samsung lol

  • EveryonePoop5

    I really like BBM’s aesthetics. However, one of the issues that bothers me is the inability to sign in on the same account on multiple devices like Facebook Messenger. No biggie since I only have like 2 friends that use this. :-p

  • Droid Ronin

    Aren’t gov’t officials still using BlackBerry phones?

    • Chris

      Obama is

    • Chris

      Obama is using this thing….

    • John Legere

      Somewhat, they are moving to iPhones now. But for the most part, they are stuck in the past.

      • tommy

        So a move to iPhone isn’t quite a step to the future. My mom and grandma just bought one lol

        • Chris

          Its more of a future then blackberry.

  • Christopher Robinson

    I’m happy they are updating it. All of my family is happily using BBM. I get that it is cool to bash BlackBerry right now, but BBM is great! I guess I should throw in the obligatory #RIP RIM. And, shout how much BlackBerry sucks, but if you can get by those things then BBM is one hell of a way to stay connected to loved ones.

    • bimsebasse

      You can do the same with Hangouts, Whatsapp and various chat/message apps, it offers nothing unique.

      • Christopher Robinson

        I understand that, except I don’t trust Google (even though they have my email I am concerned a chat will suddenly end up on Google+ or a YouTube comment or sent to some company because I mentioned toothpaste). Whatsapp is a direct ripoff of BBM (created by an ex-BBM programmer), so why wouldn’t I go with the original? And in my opinion BBM is more reliable and more secure.

        BUT, without even mentioning all of the above…if you can “do the same” with any one of these programs (and you can), and no other client offers anything “unique” then we are only left with personal preference. They are all very similar and quality IM clients, so why so much hate towards BBM? (not you, but look at the comments here or anywhere else).

      • Dylan

        No you can’t. BBRY is the most feature rich of the bunch and is by far the most secure (interms of privacy and delivering on time). This month BBM will have free VoIP accross all platforms. Screen sharing, easy sending of files, including apk’s.

  • DJ

    The tech staff at the hospital I work at said they were going to drop BB support next month because that is when a veteran who has worked there for 40 years that only uses BB will retire.

    • Chris

      So en entire hospital is holding back because one person refuses to use anything else?

      thank god its only Blackberry and not anything thats life saving…

  • Philip J. Fry

    2 people are going to be happy about this.

    • John Legere

      You mean 1 person, talking to themselves. 😉

      • Philip J. Fry

        Lol sounds familiar

    • Warwick

      thank you so much blackberry team, i was waiting this app, its really great user friendly and smooth..

  • Chris

    This is the only Blackberry i care about