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Sprint Lights Up 40 New 4G LTE Markets, Total Rises to 340

Sprint may still be playing catch-up in the 4G LTE market game, but with today’s announcement of 40 new markets, they are starting to hit some sort of a stride. If you count today’s new additions, their total tops out at around 340. While that is still far below Verizon’s total, it feels like we are getting there. Keep in mind that Verizon lit up their 500th market back in June of 2013.

The list of markets isn’t necessarily focused on one part of the country either. You’ll see Eugene, Oregon on the list, right next to Georgetown, South Carolina. Idaho Falls is on there as well, next to Jackson, Mississippi. 

Here is the full list of today’s additions:

  • Anderson, S.C.
  • Camden, N.J.
  • Cape Girardeau-Jackson, Mo.-Ill.
  • Carson City, Nev.
  • Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Concord, N.H.
  • Eugene-Springfield, Ore.
  • Evansville, Ind.-Ky.
  • Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Ark.
  • Georgetown, S.C.
  • Glasgow, Ky.
  • Greenville, Ohio
  • Hilton Head Island-Beaufort, S.C.
  • Hudson, N.Y.
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Jackson, Miss.
  • Laconia, N.H.
  • Marion, Ohio
  • McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas
  • Midland, Mich.
  • Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, Wis. Mobile, Ala.
  • Monroe, La.
  • New Castle, Pa.
  • New Philadelphia-Dover, Ohio
  • Olean, N.Y.
  • Olympia, Wash.
  • Owensboro, Ky.
  • Owosso, Mich.
  • Paducah, Ky.-Ill.
  • Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna, W.V.-Ohio
  • Point Pleasant, W.V.-Ohio
  • Providence, R.I.
  • Reno-Sparks, Nev.
  • Rockingham County-Strafford County, N.H.
  • Salt Lake City
  • Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Tacoma, Wash.
  • Yuma, Ariz.
Via:  Sprint
  • Guest

    Sprint needs more towers

  • jongo

    Sprint can’t win no matter what they do. Everyone is always complaining. I have had 4G LTE where I live in north east Illinois since mid 2012. The speeds are consistently 6-10mbps. No other carriers have 4G LTE where I live! If you don’t like sprint then hit the door and stop sounding like a bunch of broken records.

  • 3 of the 40 markets are in NH, that’s wicked awesome!

  • kfath1978

    I keep asking myself why I am forced to pay full price for service that is just plain sh*t! Sprint sucks……Class action??

  • Andy Stetson

    Peyton Manning loves Omaha, why can’t you, Sprint? We still only have 2 towers!

  • CHRIS42060

    They have to be running out of small markets to roll out LTE in. I bet their scrambling to figure how their bandwidth will survive when they start hitting the larger cities they have been intentionally skipping to ensure they can have as many LTE cities as possible with the least amount of bandwidth.

  • TheWenger

    I’ve had LTE in Winson-Salem, Kernersville, and Greensboro for a few weeks. Don’t think it’s officially on their list yet.

  • Chris B

    No South Dakota love once again. Bummer

  • Scottyb112

    Utt Ohh! Im Right next to Georgetown SC.. Might have to check it out, even tho my VZW service is stellar! (but a rip off) I wish they had like a free take a device home for a day program so i can test the service! I might have to come out with that, trademarked it!

  • Austin Ferguson

    Well as a side note to most of the dislikes to sprint from the majority. As I been watching there deployment closely I can say that 90% of the Oregon and south Washington area are in 800mhz 3g w/ 800mhz LTE going live in Salem, OR now.. They also already have band 41 active in Seattle with Band 41 slated for Portland and south Oregon markets for 1st/2nd half this year which means the band offload and coverage map for the areas will be much vastly expanded due to 800mhz and the FDD band on 2600 bringing us 60+mbps.. From my perspective of using there service the last 2 months and being on just the 800mhz 3g service and 95% LTE coverage across the river of Portland, I rarely don’t find myself not on LTE anymore and when I am I’m pulling 25-35mbps on it. The 3g band pulls 1-2mbps. So most can say what they want but being in a market that is mostly on its way to being a complete NV 1.0 / and pre-2.0 Upgrade its showing big time. NV 2.0 by the way is the 800 LTE / 2600 LTE upgrades aka spark.

  • Tower72

    If anyone from the Milwaukee/ waukesha area sees this… What sort of speeds are you pulling?

  • Tony G.

    i’m more interested in when my nexus 5 will be spark enabled. we have spark in houston

  • Jared Denman

    Who cares about their LTE when it’s slower than most carriers 3G?

    • Can’t argue with that heh.

      • Guest

        Next one is from a site in Vancouver, WA; so terrible.. Just 3g Speeds there. Cant wrap my mind around this..

        The next one is a signal check to show one of the many sites already live in 800mhz (forced my Nexus 5 into 3g only)..

        Your titled to your opinions obviously, But using this daily in Portland, OR and Vancouver I rarely find myself stretching for a LTE signal, So far only areas I found were I don’t have it yet and the sites are in progress now is the Saturday market area in Portland, its spotty still, but outside that its beautiful from I-5, I-84, I-205… Vancouver is nearly 100% with exception of a few sites going towards battleground / padden park way. The speeds I pull are on average 20-35mbps. With 800mhz now on 3g on all the sites I pull 1-2mbps constantly as well when I’m not. I got a nexus 5 and a HTC One.

    • CHRIS42060

      Hey now back when I had Sprint I managed to get 10 mbps on Sunday morning around 6:00am while I was driving to work. Otherwise yea it was worse than most 3G coverage I have seen.

  • besweeet

    My obligatory comparison with T-Mobile: http://pastebin.com/6QN7pXrY

    • emcdonald75

      Some of those cities are wrong. For example, Jackson, MS is reported as LTE on the coverage map but I live in Jackson, MS and only Ridgeland, Pearl and a few other cities surrounding Jackson has LTE, not Jackson itself. I do not know how well Sprint’s reporting is. I do not have Sprint. I wish the FCC would force these carriers to display accurate data services on their coverage maps and not what they want you to believe.

      • Vitis

        I don’t know if it’s 100% accurate, but Sensorly does a pretty good job at mapping reception.

  • sagisarius

    I think you guys really need to start using quotation marks when Sprint says “markets”. They seem to be lighting up small towns and suburbs, while avoiding expensive cities or… actual markets.

    • Walter Partlo

      Or putting one or two towers in an area, and deeming it an LTE market.

    • ^^^THIS.

      I’m a customer of big red and still love my VZ-branded home button on my note 2 (lol). When I saw that Greenville, Ohio, Marion, Ohio, and Springfield, Ohio were on the list, I thought to myself — “Oh, cool, they must have finally gotten Columbus too!”

      And amazingly, they aren’t here yet!

      Yes, I have a response… um, whaT.

      • sagisarius

        Yeah, I’m in Minneapolis-St.Paul (like the 14th largest media market in the country)… Sprint has lit up a bunch of “markets” here that are actually just small towns outside of the city, or in some cases, suburbs, and called them “markets”. It’d driving me nuts. I love Sprint to death, and want them to succeed, but it makes me really suspicious.

      • michael arazan

        They are slowly rolling out LTE finally in St.Louis, 2 million is not a small market. I don’t get what took so long when their HQ is in KC to get to St.Louis.

  • John Legere

    And somehow, they still suck, ha.