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Verizon Acquires Intel’s TV Division, Could Make FiOS Available Everywhere

It looks like the cable TV market was harder to crack than Intel thought: Verizon finalized the acquisition today of Intel Media, the chipmaker’s research group dedicated to the development of internet-based “Cloud TV”. In a press release, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said the company intends to use the division’s intellectual property, products, and employees to improve its FiOS TV service. 

Under development for several years, Intel’s project, tentatively named OnCue, aimed to simplify the IPTV viewing experience. Features like easy search and the apps, along with the integration of live programming and on-demand content, were the highlight of the company’s set top box, which was announced in February of last year and rumored to have been tested in the homes of Intel employees.

Intel’s inability to secure content ultimately killed the project. Despite offering to pay significantly more than cable competitors for programming, the company failed to land a single deal. Verizon hopes to fare better; by relying on content deals the company has in place, Verizon could conceivably expand its TV offerings to new markets via the internet. That vision may take time to fully realize, but the acquisition definitely signals a challenge to cable incumbents like Comcast and Time Warner.

Via: Intel

  • Foo


  • socalrailroader

    FIOS Everywhere? That’s not likely. 🙂

  • Drew Galyen

    And to think, my name came up on the in-house beta testing list the day after I put in my two weeks notice.

  • So much for disrupting TV, yet another outsider effort gets snapped up by an incumbent.

  • Shawn John

    I actually get better bandwidth with (Cox) broadband than my colleagues get with Fios. Alot of people are misled when think their getting a “fiber install”. If you have Fiber from the hub that connects to coaxial at your house. Guess what?

  • Prime7

    Headline is kind of misleading. They could make FiOS *TV* everywhere–not FiOS Internet service, which is what I’d be interested in.

  • Jeremy Martin

    How does being able to serve tv over the internet equate to FiOS being made everywhere? I see where they would have the ability to serve television content over the internet but it does not mean Verizon FiOS will be rolled out everywhere to do that. Could just as easily be a device you connect to your TV that pulls the Verizon TV service over your existing internet service. Did I miss something in this story?

  • Lowell McAdam

    Um, I don’t know where you equate the statement that they’ll improve FIOS with they’ll expand FIOS. Verizon ended their rollout of FIOS several years ago.


    Content doesn’t matter if the physical infrastructure in the form of fiber optic isn’t there.

    • John Davids

      Exactly this. Spot on.

  • chris_johns

    Ohhh i can not wait for this fri when IO comes and puts in my cable boxes in and i can get rid of this god forsaken miserable pos called fios…i mean dont get me wrong i kinda liked fiox my boxes moved quicker then my cable did…but the internet can s my d…slow horrible connection yeah where as they say their faster then cable bc less people on it but they limit you to either 15/50mbps where as cable gives you 150mbps no matter what for cheaper…by me its better less people have it

  • Zack Kolev

    I used to lust after FiOS but with Verizon waging war on Net Neutrality, I’m not interested anymore.

  • Cesar

    This news would be very interesting and relevant if FiOS were actually available in my area. :/

    • DanSan

      same here. its in almost every hamlet around mine except for mine. the town is buddy buddy with cablevision and wont let anyone else in.

  • Chris

    Just got my 781 year old grandfather to “cut the cord”

    Why pay for crappy programing, ads or channels you never watch.

    a 60 min program is only around 40 minutes due to 20 minutes worth of commercials. (4 sets, 5 mins each)

    • John Legere

      He must be a fossil.

  • KChristainsen

    If this helps expand the service then i’ll take it. Kinda wish intel could have nailed down those deal but i’m guessing shenanigans were in play there

  • Tim242

    Men. I cut the cord a few months ago. 2 unlimited data plans, Chromecast, Hulu, and Netflix saves a lot of money. I got tired of paying for sports channels I didn’t watch, and reruns.

    • Silver Veloz

      I’m heading in the same direction Tim. As soon as my current promo (discounts….Ha) expire with Time Warner, I will probably go the same route. How is it going without cable?

      • Tim242

        It is very easy for me. I get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and several independent channels OTA in HD. If I miss shows when they air, I watch them the next day on Hulu Plus. I have Netflix for movies. I use my phone Hotspot to power the chromecast. This setup works for me.

        • I have the same setup, without hulu plus and we still have home internet. As a matter of fact, we don’t even use hulu anymore. I feel like they have become just as greedy as cable companies. You use to be able to watch any show on the website w/ out needing hulu plus. Now you need plus to watch some shows. The thing that really bothered me was how out of control the ads have become during the show’s that you watch.
          For example: I was watching the new episodes of South Park last year. hulu would place 2-3 ads before the opening credits. 2-3 ads right after that opening, before the show actually started, then 2-3 ads every 3-5 minutes. They’d even have ads before the ending credits. Did I mention they were mostly the same add. Needless to say that was the end of that.

          • Tim242

            I think the ads have gotten better. They’re not repeating the same ad over and over anymore. Some shows I watch have had zero ads, not sure why. There don’t seem to be as many ads anymore. I have to have hulu plus as a backup. I can’t always catch the shows when they come on. On the network sites, there is an 8 day wait now, without a cable sign in. So, hulu is the best way to avoid that. I plan on canceling hulu plus in May, until October when the seasons start back up.

    • Brandon

      Conversely, pretty much all I ever watch is sports. Sucks to pay for 150 channels I don’t care about when all I want is the ~10 I ever watch.

      • Tim242

        Actually, it’s the other way around. Sports channels are what cost the most, by far. Time Warner CEO said that 25-35% of a cable bill is for ESPN, alone.

  • Poison

    I hope they can actually expand FiOS. As it stands, in the St. Louis area there are only 3 major carriers for cable TV. AT&T U-Verse, Charter, and Dish.

  • NYAvsFan

    I recently had to switch back to Time Warner after several years of FiOS due to a move and it not being offered at my new location. I would LOVE to go back to FiOS; the drop not just in quality, but also presentation and customer service at Time Warner is palpable.

    • cns2007

      I had a friend actually base where he moved on whether or not FiOS was available.

      • NYAvsFan

        I seriously considered that. But FiOS is available a couple blocks from me(I’m in Brooklyn) so it will be hitting my street pretty soon I hope! Also I’m paying pretty much the exact same to TWC as I was to Verizon for internet almost half the speed.

        • FusionSaint

          Comcast keeps sending me information on their “better” packages. For what I pay for FiOS it would cost more to switch to comcast. It is laughable.

      • John Legere

        Where i move next is based on Google Fiber.

        • Justin W

          I would happily pay slightly more than what I’m paying now for over 30 times the speed for internet and a full cable selection. Another bonus of moving to a city with Google Fiber – it’s warmer most of the year than up north!

          And yes, I’m serious.

          • David

            Kansas City?

          • Justin W

            I was thinking Austin. Slightly warmer, but Kansas City, Provo, UT would work also.

      • FusionSaint

        I did this.

    • Ryan

      I’ll have to agree, TWC’s customer service is a bit lackluster at best. I’ve had to deal with them on numerous occasions due to a problem that persisted for months before we were finally able to track it down. Oh, and let’s not forget the hardware they try to force you to use. Those modem/router all-in-ones don’t even really let you have access to even the basic settings anymore… Luckily for me, I have my own router and my own modem I use now. Best decision I’ve made.

      Though it is a shame, TWC and AT&T U-Verse are my only options where I live currently. And I swore I’d never use any of AT&T’s services again, especially after how I was treated. No one, and I mean, NO ONE.. makes a fool out of me in the store when I’m trying to inquire about something.

  • Raven65

    …and it’ll only cost you $350/month!

  • Scott

    Anytime I hear a company use the word “improve” as it relates to their services, I just replace it with “charge more for”.

    Seems to work almost all time time.

    • John Legere

      Funny thing is, Fios isn’t much more than what i currently have, but is also 3-4 times the speed. Where you at Google. Step up.

      • TC Infantino

        I have Verizon FIOS at home for TV and internet and it is very fast. I just don’t like the pricing model for the TV channels. I really hope that something comes along to shake up the current cable business model. Maybe allow much more affordable groupings of channels, including ala-cart premium channels at decent prices.

    • jeff manning

      anytime I hear the name Verizon, im prepared to pay out my a$$

      • Trueblue711

        In all fairness, the Verizon FiOS and landline division is run separately and differently than the wireless division we all love to hate.

        • michael arazan

          Nice to Know that Verizon can make all these Billion dollar purchases thanks to NOT Paying Taxes (0%) for 4 Years, they have essentially not paid over 100 billion.

          • Trueblue711

            They’re playing the same game all companies do. Besides, businesses are double and triple taxed already. They are paying taxes for every employee they pay, the employee is paying taxes on that taxed salary, etc.