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SwiftKey Updated to Version 4.4.2, a Big Bug Fixer Release

Third party keyboard lovers can go pick up the latest update to hit Google Play for SwiftKey, one of more popular keyboard apps to ever launch for Android. In the newest update, version 4.4.2 (kinda neat), the developers were able to cut back on the amount of RAM the app was using, as well as fix several other memory and performance issues. 

From a look at the changelog, it’s clear this release is more of a bug fixer, but we like that. Nothing beats refining a user’s experience. Go take a peak at the changelog, then follow the link below to grab the update.

What’s New

  • Several memory and performance issues resolved
  • Ice theme uses less RAM now
  • Some force closes when loading languages
  • Other force closes affecting different parts of the app
  • Keyboard no longer jumps after unlocking the device with a password
  • The bottom row is no longer hidden by the menu bar on some Motorola and Meizu devices
  • Fixed some issues with SwiftKey Cloud sync

Play Link

Via: SwiftKey
  • LionStone

    I’m trying out the SwiftKey keyboard, I couldn’t put up with the Google KB on my N7 anymore.

  • rutgersjaffo

    I’ve never been impressed with Swiftkey, but I have to admit that Swype’s word prediction has become garbage lately.

  • Giovonni Fareed

    I don’t understand why its taking so long for Emoji support, is it that damn hard to add in??

  • Bring on the emojis already!

  • s2knj

    My only complaint about SwiftKey is the cloud. In theory it’s supposed to sync your predictions across various devices. Taking a Moto X for a test drive after using my G2 for 2 months and none of my predictions are showing up. Happens all the time. Unless I’m misunderstanding the purpose of SK Cloud

  • Use to use this keyboard a lot but find myself preferring Google keyboard

    • Chris

      Google keyboard sucks.

      Just because google has something doesnt mean we have to get en erection over it and manhandle it.

      • AbbyZFresh

        What’s the difference between this and the Google keyboard?

      • Manthas

        Overreaction much? How does the Google Keyboard “suck”? Missing features? Performance? All that was said was that he preferred to use the Google keyboard, which is a valid opinion.

  • I have basically used them all and have been told I’m a keyboard wh*re (Minuum backer, Fleksy, Swype, Google Keyboard, TouchPal, Thumb Keyboard, Go Keyboard, AI type, Smart Keyboard, SlideIT, ThickButtons, and many many more — you get the point). From the biggest pos keyboards where you’re like, “Where did this thing come from??” to the legit players, I’ve tried them all — and here are the reasons why SwiftKey will ALWAYS be the first device I install on any Android Device:

    — It’s got the best next word prediction of any of the keyboards I’ve tried
    — I love the swipe left across the keyboard gesture to remove the last word
    — I love being able to fine tune the longpress timing in ms to meet my needs (250ms works best for me)– I like being able to undock it on my Note 2 and float it around in a small version of it — and that it remembers my preference for this orientation in landscape mode only
    — I like being part of the SwiftKey VIP community, giving me access to try out new features early
    — Youcantypeonelongrunonsentenceandswiftkeywillinsertspacesforyou
    — I like the long-press @ in email fields that allows you to quickly autocomplete @gmail.com (among others)

    I continue to try every major keyboard that comes out, and I always find myself frustrated and coming back to SwiftKey. It just spoils you too much. The only thing I’d like to see implemented that’s not there today is the ability to assign function keys / text-based shortcuts to mappable keys (Thumb Keyboard supports this).

    I always encourage new android adopters to install SwiftKey, and I’ve even been known to buy it for them as part of my SwiftKey evangelism. I wish someone else would come out with something better, but so far, imho, no one has been able to.

    • veRdiKt


    • Chris

      Swift key does it right. They don’t bull sh it around like others. Besides word prediction and themes, you get the swift key cloud, you get customazations on a number of things like how much feedback (click and vibration) you get from taping a key.

      I say its well worth the money. After all you use the keyboard 99.9% of the time!

    • Ray

      I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. The one and only thing that drives me absolutely nuts is the auto-space after punctuation (full stop for example). I can’t even type my home or work email address without issue because they are both in the firstname.surname format.

      What makes it more frustrating is that it has been one of the most highly requested features for almost two years (maybe longer) and yet still SwiftKey continue to ignore it; instead placing more resources into adding themes and emojis rather then improving efficiency.

      A simple checkbox which disables the auto-spacing all together is all that’s needed. Disable it by default for all I care but at least provide the ability to disable it.

      I want to be able to type (for the most part) how I want to type, and what I want to type, without the keyboard interfering with that.

      It is for this one reason alone I continue to use Kii. That is how frustrating I find it.

      • I agree that this specific nit also frustrates me, although I don’t have the same regular need that it sounds like you have with your email, etc. Kii was one of the keyboards in the market that appears to be getting some attention that I actually haven’t tried yet. May have to check that out.

        And I do agree that it should be fairly simple to implement disabling of auto spaces after periods. Another one of the most commonly requested features I saw was the desire for a toggleable dedicated number row, which came out in the last beta. Perhaps the disabling / enabling auto space setting will be in the next beta…? We can always hope.

      • Carring3452

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      • BTW, I’m been using the free version of Kii since I saw this yesterday and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed so far. The only thing I miss is the swipe back across the keyboard to delete the last word, and it appears that this is something that can be enabled in the paid version.

        When I saw the setting to disable auto-space after period, I thought of you. 🙂

        Also, the thing that might kill this one for me (like all others) is the frustration that builds over time when I get sick of hitting the space bar. Maybe Kii does that better than other non-SwiftKey variants I’ve tried. So far, at least, it hasn’t really been too much of a frustration for me. Like I said, I’m not against switching — just haven’t been able to find another one that’s any better than SwiftKey. Maybe Kii is it… ?

        • Ray

          I’ve tried a lot of keyboards myself but Kii is the one I keep coming back to. I’m using the paid version and it’s worth every cent IMO.

          I will occasionally try SwiftKey or various other ones to compare but Kii is perfect for me. I love the amount of customisation it has as well. Being able to change everything from key sizes, keyboard sizes, colours, fonts, paddings, and the list keeps going on. I look and Kii and see all these fantastic features yet a big company like SwiftKey can’t even add a simple disable auto-spacing check box. Amazing!

          Predictions aren’t great but certainly good enough for me. I like typing exactly the way I want to type so although SwiftKey’s predictions are fanastic (I’ll give them that) sometimes those predictions can get in the way and can cause more problems then they’re worth.

          For me personally, Kii offers a great balance of predictions, and being able to type exactly what you want to type, without too musch interference.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I used to love SwiftKey. But over time it went full retard. The predictions just stopped working and it stared to autocorrect with the most random words. I ended up being slower typing with SwiftKey than Google Keyboard.

      I’d like to go back to SwiftKey though.

      • Just curious — what phone? I haven’t had that experience / problem with SwiftKey before (stock note 2). Just curious. Maybe this release that fixes bugs and improves memory consumption would help?

        • kixofmyg0t

          At the time it was a RAZR MAXX HD. I just reinstalled it last night on my DROID MAXX and it’s meh so far.

  • Damien Luna

    They need to make a dedicated voice button and not have it as a long press, then i will switch to them in the meantime ill have swype

  • Saif

    Do we need to know about every single update SwiftKey releases!

    • Lucky Armpit

      Yes, we do. Swiftkey is the best Android 3rd-party keyboard hands down. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do. Affordable price, continued developer support for the product, and 1,000,000+ downloads means they are doing something right.

      And the fact that the developer LISTENED to the community and finally fixed the bug of where the bottom row of the keyboard is hidden (among other things of course)… what’s not to like?

      • ZeeX1

        I guess you either can’t read or can’t understand! Who said he didn’t like SwiftKey???

        • Lucky Armpit

          I’m afraid it’s you that’s not understanding my friend, no where did I say he didn’t like Swiftkey. I said “what’s not to like?” not “why don’t you like Swiftkey.”

    • We do.

  • bionicwaffle

    I’m glad for the memory and performance improvements. They still need an option under “Theme & Layout” to get back the inverted T arrow keys they had forever until they replaced them in the last 3-6 months. At least the last update let us move the number pad back to the left side.

    • Chris

      I hated when they moved the number pad over. Was happy when they gave us the option to move it back and the added color keys (on the black and green keyboard) was a nice touch

  • saimin

    Less memory usage is good. Switfkey is very piggy.

  • Darksthour

    I’m just waiting for the update that brings the numbers row that’s in beta now. Why that wasn’t a feature years ago blows my mind. Especially now that phones have more screen real estate.

    • bionicwaffle

      While I wouldn’t be a fan of that most of the time, tap and hold combined with the numaric pad is better for me generally, I definitely agree that’s an option that should be added under “Theme & Layout”.

      • Darksthour

        That’s the best part. It’s in there as an option and not forced on you. One of the many reasons why this keyboard is so great.

    • Dan

      That’s why I’m running the beta, love having the number row.

  • Chris OJ

    I’ve used Fleksy and SwiftKey in the past. I actually prefer Google Keyboard….

    • Mike Aurin

      You and me both.

    • bionicwaffle

      I don’t like Google keyboard. It’s missing too many tap and hold shortcuts, the swipe left to delete, and I don’t think the prediction is as good. I mean it’s great considering it’s free and built-in but it’s not close to SwiftKey. I haven’t used Fleksy.

    • wickets

      goog keyboard is better than SK if you compose,, but for repetitive text, same contact emailing etc, nothing touches swiftkey’s predictions…….goog keyboard with swiftkey predictions and you have *the* app of the decade lol

      • Chris

        but one ugly keyboard, but tis google. no surprise there

    • Sean Walton

      I was using Swiftkey for a long time then tried Swype a while back and I can’t seem to go back to Swiftkey. I find Swiftkey gets tons of words wrong and Swype does not. I prefer Swype but really keep trying to go back to Swiftkey but it’s just wrong too much for me.

  • ZeeX1

    Hmm… Is it really that newsless today?!

    • Chris

      what do you suggest they post?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Never really had any noticable issues with Switft key. It’s my GOTO. It’s one of the only apps I got people who NEVER pay for apps to buy.

  • jbdan

    People use that ice theme?? :p

    • Raven

      My wife does.

      • jbdan

        So does mine. Thought she was the only one 😮 t’is hideous

  • Mike

    I get terrible lag using Swiftkey. Sometimes it takes seconds to see anything I’ve typed. Is this common?
    I have updated to this version yet.

    • Jeff

      Maybe depends on the phone? The only time I had lag with Swiftkey was while using it on my old HTC One V, ran just fine on my HTC Evo V 4g, Nexus 5 and Moto X.

    • Steve B

      Time to trade in that Gnex…

      • Mike

        It is a GNEX 🙁
        On CM10.1.3 – 4.2.2
        Almost got the G2.
        Now I’m patiently waiting to see what is coming out for Big Red this year.

        • dazz1996

          Moto X rooted with xposed replaced my G-Nex very happy with my decision plus I use swiftkey beta..

        • Steve B

          Time to leave Big Red. They are a huge cancer.

    • stateofdesign

      I had the lag issue on my Maxx HD. Enough so that I moved over to the Google Keyboard. It’s just so much more responsive and smoother.

    • Chris

      no lag here.

      did you try to customize the settings? (AKA the response time)

  • Ethan Besbris

    I can’t leave Fleksy… Those gestures!

    • Philip J. Fry

      I just downloaded fleksy…… This keyboard is amazing! I can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet.

      • Chris

        lol who names their keyboard fleksy? sounds like cat food

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Fleksy is also one of the nicest keyboards to look at in my opinion. Not to mention that the devs also try their best to listen to user complaints and suggestions.

    • I tried Fleksy like all loyal d-l readers when Kellen went into his “I <3 Fleksy" phase a while back (I think when it was still in Beta). And I just downloaded it again to refresh myself on it. Generally fine (wasn't Fleksy supposed to be from the team behind blind type?), but I've gotten so used to typing run-on sentences in SwiftKey that it seems extremely inefficient to have to worry about putting spaces between words. Other keyboards will detect / insert spaces sometimes with their predictions, but none even close to as well as SwiftKey!

  • shawn

    updating now. hope the haptic feedback is fixed since its been broken for me on 4.3 on the s3

    • Chris

      You do know you can customize that right?