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Falcon Pro Update Brings Real Time Interactions and Tweet Statistics

The third-party Twitter client, Falcon Pro, is still quite the fan favorite around here. Those who are still rocking Falcon Pro will be excited to hear that the app is still receiving updates and today’s update brings some really cool features. Falcon Pro 2.1 is live for download now packed with new features and tons of fixes as well. 

The headlining feature to come out of this latest update is the real time interactions. That means once it is enabled, you will be able to see favorites, retweets and responses to your tweets as they happen. Up until this point, this has been a feature hard to find outside of the official Twitter application. Another really fun addition to Falcon is the “Stats” screen that will show you the impact of your tweets and just how important you really are on Twitter.

A list of other improvements are included here like optimized scrolling, bigger image previews and more accurate conversations. Quite a big update to an app we know many of you still use. If you moved on to another application, is this enough to bring you back to Falcon Pro?


Via: Joaquim Verges
  • John

    Tried it and went back to Carbon v2, Falcon Pro somehow gives a really cramped look when compared to Carbon, and one thing which I really didn’t like were the media previews on the timeline

  • Chris Smith

    Thanks for the update but how can you discuss this app without even
    mentioning all the many, many paying users who got screwed out of being
    able to continue with this app? I purchased this app and after doing an
    update was told I needed a token. What?! I HAD a token. wth happened
    to it? So, forgive me if I don’t share your enthusiasm for the app or
    its developer (who, btw, never replied to emails about it. Real
    professional.) If I were to try to download this latest update and use
    it, woiuldn’t I again be given the message “Token required”? It seems
    the dev brought this on himself by trying to get around the rules with
    token resets so more ppl coiuld purchase the app but, in process, he
    screwed the early adopters. I’m currently using Carbon but I should be
    able to use the app I purchased.

    • iButters

      There’s a way to bypass the token limit and install falcon pro free of cost (not pirated). Google it.

      • Chris Smith

        LIke others, I’ve tried this ‘simple fix’ only to find I can’t get it
        working. (See error msg that another commenter posted below) This sort
        of PITA maneuvering should NOT be foisted upon ppl who PAID for the
        app. PERIOD, end of story.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    Does anyone know how to get a token? I’ve never tried this app and I’m interested in trying it.

    • Ryan

      http://www.androidauthority.com/falcon-pro-token-bypass-239066/ – If this doesn’t help, I’ll try my best to explain it further.

      • BlackMaGiC1o0

        Yea i tried it everything works good so far until it says error data and network arent the same. I copied and pasted the code in there too. I read other comments and ppl are saying to make another app.

  • AndrewScottRox

    About time.

  • nastysquar3d

    I thought Falcon Pro was dead, so I switched to the official Twitter app. Then I switched to Carbon because the official Twitter app wasn’t getting the job done. Then I saw that Falcon Pro had just been updated to 2.1, so I switched back. Falcon Pro continues to be the best Twitter client I have used. I’m glad to see it’s still alive and well. Carbon was nice, but it seems like it’s more flash than functionality.

  • Darrin W. Crenshaw

    Haven’t tried Carbon but I hear it’s good. Falcon’s always been my go-to.

  • Hothfox

    Now, how come they can give us real-time notifications but other apps can’t? I thought Twitter limited that in their API? All very confusing.

  • Jeff

    This makes me glad. I still haven’t found another Twitter app that works as well as Falcon Pro.

  • they call me Rob

    Huge fan of Falcon and noticed some stability issues once I got a Moto X on Kit Kat. Updated the app yesterday and its smoother/stable but timeline notifications stopped working for some reason. I verified the settings, removed it and reinstalled – still nothing.Odd but it still blows away the stock twitter app.

  • Blue Sun

    Downloading now. I’ll be using Falcon Pro for a good while. I’m pretty sick of Twitter’s token limit. Now that I have 99,980 personal tokens, I don’t have a reason to use any other app for Twitter. Keep the updates coming!

    • Hothfox

      This will be my deciding factor between this and Carbon- which dev continues to provide updates to bring new features and bugfixes. They were both stagnant for a long time before these updates.