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Reports of DROID MAXX/ULTRA Kit Kat Update Bricking Phones Arrive, Update Pulled for Now?

droid maxx

On December 19, Verizon announced that the DROID MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini were all ready to receive their updates to Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.” Initially, a group of our readers claimed to have received the update on that very same day, however, it appears as if Motorola and Verizon have pulled the update due to some pretty serious issues. No official word on a stoppage has been handed out at this time, but from reading both comment threads on our update post and in various forums, it’s pretty obvious that the update hasn’t arrived on phones in days.ย 

A handful of readers reached out to us over the last week to claim that the update completely bricked their phones, but also pointed to Motorola’s forums where quite a few others experienced similar disasters. Motorola doesn’t seem to have fully acknowledged the issue as being widespread, yet is working with members of their Feedback Network to hopefully get the situation sorted out.ย And even though Verizon said the update was ready, they also mentioned that it was rolling out in phases starting December 19, which could have meant that the first phase was to soak testers. Clearly, Motorola realized there was an issue here and decided to put things on hold until they can push out an update that won’t cause hell for owners of these phones.

This, folks, is why we do slow rollouts of major software updates and why soak tests exist.

If you received the Kit Kat update on your MAXX, ULTRA, or Mini, when did it happen and how did everything end up? If you were bricked, how has Motorola or Verizon addressed the situation? Let us know!

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Cheers Todd, Dan, Grant, and Bob!
  • Brina

    I updated a few weeks ago and I HATE IT. My phone is incredibly slower, laggy, and overall just buggy. Id do anything to get rid of it.

  • Ty Peters

    My screen turns off randomly, although mostly when I am scrolling through my apps. Droid Maxx. Before 4.4 I never had this issue or semi bad battery life.

  • Angie Zimardo

    I have a Droid Ultra and am waiting impatiently for my kitkat update.

  • Rayman

    Does anyone know how water resistant the Droid MAXX is ? Is it only water resistant or is it waterproof. Can you jump into the pool with this phone ?
    I’m having a horrible experience with the Xperia Z – acclaimed water resistance.

  • Rayman

    Does anyone know how water resistant the phone is ? Is it only water resistant or is it waterproof. Can you jump into the pool with this phone ?
    I’m having a horrible experience with the Xperia Z’s acclaimed water resistance.

  • Steven

    Still trying to decide between the droid maxx and the note 3. I have less than a month to make up my mind.

  • Daniel Heitner

    I am in the soak test for the MFN for the Droid Maxx. I updated to Kit Kat when it first rolled out on 12/19/13. No problems and loving the update ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anon

    My Droid MAXX is running Kit Kat at this time. That said, it was a harrowing experience.

    My phone didn’t brick, but the day of the update, it started acting strange. It became periodically unresponsive to presses of the power button. Eventually, I managed to restart it, and got an odd “Database Upgraded” message when it came up to the lock screen. Shortly after that, I received the following error:

    “UID’s on the system are inconsistent. you need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable”. The only option was to tap “I’m Feeling Lucky” and continue booting the phone, which was still not fully stable. Within an hour or two, I received the Kit Kat update, which installed but didn’t help the stability or resolve the error. As my phone was still booting, I used MyBackup Pro to back everything up to the cloud, and then did a factory restore.

    This resolved the UID error, but it took my phone another 1-2 days to fully stabilize, at one point, I was thinking I’d need to return it due to odd behavior. It is now operating normally, but I don’t believe any of those issues were a coincidence, and it doesn’t surprise me that the update was halted.

    TLDR: For those who don’t have Kit Kat yet, be happy you have an operational phone rather than upset you don’t have 4.4. 4.2.2 functioned as solid as a rock for me, the improvements aren’t so huge I couldn’t go back, and it’s far better to have Jelly Bean and an unbricked phone than to be one of the unlucky ones.

  • Matthew Swanson

    I have yet to get my KitKat update on my Droid Maxx and I’ve been checking almost daily… ๐Ÿ™

  • TC

    I have a Moto X and it messed my phone up royally. Not bricked thank goodness. I put Jelly Bean back on my phone.

  • Devin Nickle

    I am a Droid Maxx soak tester. I updated day one, and have had ZERO issues. I installed KK launcher, and my phone is very Nexus-like. Very pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christopher Yates

    I side loaded my 4.4 update with the zipped Motorola maxx available on the forums. I have the ultra. no root. update worked just perfect for me. I am typing this on the phone.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      can you provide a link for where you found this? thanks

  • cfinch5

    I was signed up to be a soak tester and on the expected release day, they began the mass rollout. I got mine that morning and haven’t experienced any problems. KitKat runs great, love tap to pay and some of the other minor changes.

    That being said, other than a slight increase in camera speed, the camera was not improved. Camera doesn’t handle/ process light properly and many shots come out grainy. (Unless camera is outside in direct daylight, the camera leave a lot to be desired). Also, no photosphere.

  • foolishness

    Has anyone else on here switched to the ART runtime? I’m convinced it’s quicker and smoother.

  • Mike Maloney

    Has anyone else on here switched to ART runtime? I’m convinced it’s quicker and smoother.