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Reports of DROID MAXX/ULTRA Kit Kat Update Bricking Phones Arrive, Update Pulled for Now?

On December 19, Verizon announced that the DROID MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini were all ready to receive their updates to Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.” Initially, a group of our readers claimed to have received the update on that very same day, however, it appears as if Motorola and Verizon have pulled the update due to some pretty serious issues. No official word on a stoppage has been handed out at this time, but from reading both comment threads on our update post and in various forums, it’s pretty obvious that the update hasn’t arrived on phones in days. 

A handful of readers reached out to us over the last week to claim that the update completely bricked their phones, but also pointed to Motorola’s forums where quite a few others experienced similar disasters. Motorola doesn’t seem to have fully acknowledged the issue as being widespread, yet is working with members of their Feedback Network to hopefully get the situation sorted out. And even though Verizon said the update was ready, they also mentioned that it was rolling out in phases starting December 19, which could have meant that the first phase was to soak testers. Clearly, Motorola realized there was an issue here and decided to put things on hold until they can push out an update that won’t cause hell for owners of these phones.

This, folks, is why we do slow rollouts of major software updates and why soak tests exist.

If you received the Kit Kat update on your MAXX, ULTRA, or Mini, when did it happen and how did everything end up? If you were bricked, how has Motorola or Verizon addressed the situation? Let us know!

Via:  Motorola Forums [2] [3]
Cheers Todd, Dan, Grant, and Bob!
  • Brina

    I updated a few weeks ago and I HATE IT. My phone is incredibly slower, laggy, and overall just buggy. Id do anything to get rid of it.

  • Ty Peters

    My screen turns off randomly, although mostly when I am scrolling through my apps. Droid Maxx. Before 4.4 I never had this issue or semi bad battery life.

  • Angie Zimardo

    I have a Droid Ultra and am waiting impatiently for my kitkat update.

  • Rayman

    Does anyone know how water resistant the Droid MAXX is ? Is it only water resistant or is it waterproof. Can you jump into the pool with this phone ?
    I’m having a horrible experience with the Xperia Z – acclaimed water resistance.

  • Rayman

    Does anyone know how water resistant the phone is ? Is it only water resistant or is it waterproof. Can you jump into the pool with this phone ?
    I’m having a horrible experience with the Xperia Z’s acclaimed water resistance.

  • Steven

    Still trying to decide between the droid maxx and the note 3. I have less than a month to make up my mind.

  • Daniel Heitner

    I am in the soak test for the MFN for the Droid Maxx. I updated to Kit Kat when it first rolled out on 12/19/13. No problems and loving the update 😀

  • Anon

    My Droid MAXX is running Kit Kat at this time. That said, it was a harrowing experience.

    My phone didn’t brick, but the day of the update, it started acting strange. It became periodically unresponsive to presses of the power button. Eventually, I managed to restart it, and got an odd “Database Upgraded” message when it came up to the lock screen. Shortly after that, I received the following error:

    “UID’s on the system are inconsistent. you need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable”. The only option was to tap “I’m Feeling Lucky” and continue booting the phone, which was still not fully stable. Within an hour or two, I received the Kit Kat update, which installed but didn’t help the stability or resolve the error. As my phone was still booting, I used MyBackup Pro to back everything up to the cloud, and then did a factory restore.

    This resolved the UID error, but it took my phone another 1-2 days to fully stabilize, at one point, I was thinking I’d need to return it due to odd behavior. It is now operating normally, but I don’t believe any of those issues were a coincidence, and it doesn’t surprise me that the update was halted.

    TLDR: For those who don’t have Kit Kat yet, be happy you have an operational phone rather than upset you don’t have 4.4. 4.2.2 functioned as solid as a rock for me, the improvements aren’t so huge I couldn’t go back, and it’s far better to have Jelly Bean and an unbricked phone than to be one of the unlucky ones.

  • Matthew Swanson

    I have yet to get my KitKat update on my Droid Maxx and I’ve been checking almost daily… 🙁

  • TC

    I have a Moto X and it messed my phone up royally. Not bricked thank goodness. I put Jelly Bean back on my phone.

  • Devin Nickle

    I am a Droid Maxx soak tester. I updated day one, and have had ZERO issues. I installed KK launcher, and my phone is very Nexus-like. Very pleased. 🙂

  • Christopher Yates

    I side loaded my 4.4 update with the zipped Motorola maxx available on the forums. I have the ultra. no root. update worked just perfect for me. I am typing this on the phone.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      can you provide a link for where you found this? thanks

  • cfinch5

    I was signed up to be a soak tester and on the expected release day, they began the mass rollout. I got mine that morning and haven’t experienced any problems. KitKat runs great, love tap to pay and some of the other minor changes.

    That being said, other than a slight increase in camera speed, the camera was not improved. Camera doesn’t handle/ process light properly and many shots come out grainy. (Unless camera is outside in direct daylight, the camera leave a lot to be desired). Also, no photosphere.

  • foolishness

    Has anyone else on here switched to the ART runtime? I’m convinced it’s quicker and smoother.

  • Mike Maloney

    Has anyone else on here switched to ART runtime? I’m convinced it’s quicker and smoother.

  • Secoh2000

    I have kitkat on my maxx for quite a while (at least since the 19th) and haven’t had any issues.

  • pill


  • Ralph Sutton

    I’ve had the update for about 2 weeks I think? I got the email from the motorola forums. It definitely seemed to slow down the phone that’s for sure. It didn’t brick it. It also made nova launcher a little wonky. Sadly the new dialer (with the caller ID feature) and the new home screen don’t seem to be a part of it – in fact I honestly couldn’t tell you ONE thing that is different other than my phone is absolutely slower. Oh – well the tap-to-pay is there.. but I use ISIS anyway.. and supposedly the camera is better, I didn’t see any difference.

  • Kevin

    I like how Verizon claims extensive testing before they release updates

  • Under the bridge downtown

    I received the update as part of the soak test. Absolutely no problems. I am not rooted using Nova Launcher. I cannot tell if the battery is any worse as I never have any issues with it lasting throughout a full day.

  • Chris Newman

    I got the update on day 1. My Droid MAXX works great. I am using the Nexus 5 Google Search home launcher. I haven’t noticed any problems. Sorry to hear about all the problems everyone else is seeing.

  • Daniel Vaughan

    I have a DROID Mini and when I installed the update, MANY things went wrong. When installing an app, it takes about 30 mins to an hour for it to finish. I listen to music a lot while browsing my phone, and every aspect of a third-party app interacting with another or even the OS itself is very slow. For example, if I use a third party widget to pause my music it waits about 20 mins to do so. This is very frustrating. Can anyone help me?

  • coolsilver

    Never take OTAs from carriers! Always wait for devs.

  • Pamela Doe

    my phone was bricked and i was about to mail it out to get a replacement from verizon but i was able to get a hold of a 4.4 sbf (full flash) from someone online before i had to do so and i fixed my phone, this would have not been such a big issue if the phone had an unlocked bootloader and people could have downgraded to 4.2.2 instead of having a brick, locked bootloaders on phones have to end.

  • Sirx

    Still have yet to actually get an offer to update the software :’-( Ready for that Touchless Control Pin Entry goodness…

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I am still on 4.2.2. Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    I have the 4.4 update no problem (still rooted thanks to jcase). Wanna know why so many are bricked? Because people didn’t feel like waiting for the OTA phases to hit their phones, so they took to XDA, and improperly sideloaded it.

    Simple directions, and now they’re crying.

    • Mahercs

      And you make this assumption based on what? Your own opinion?? I know people who were part of the soak, not rooted, not side loading anything, and the OTA bricked the phone. If you don’t have proof of something, don’t state it as fact.

      • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

        I love that you can’t read. I specifically said XDA. Do you need a link? http://forum.xda-developers.com/droid-ultra/orig-development

        Just look. You’ll see hundreds of people who THINK they’re smarter than the devs trying to help, so they skip steps. Go somewhere else troll.

        • Mahercs

          Clearly, you are the one that needs an English lesson, but rather than waste my time trying to teach you or explain, I will just let you go on your merry way. And Happy New Year to you too.

          • LiterofCola

            Ah, passive aggressiveness at it’s best.

    • Michael Visser

      Spot on sadly, expect an empty room of hands when VZ ask “how many non-dev’s sideloaded instead of waiting…?”

  • Von_V

    I updated the Maxx on day one when it came out for the soak test. Everything went smooth on the install, the phone is smoother, faster and better overall since the update. Camera is better, Google wallet is fully functioning, Awesome job Motorola and Google, this is the best phone I have used by far.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I installed the update via the downloaded zip file. No issues at all and GEL is still my launcher. Half the icons are white, half are blue. Not sure if it was like that when I was on 4.2.2., didn’t really pay attention. Although it is handy to have the blue in there when one of the LWPs have an all white background do to the transparency

    • googlyeyedfrog

      where did you find this zip file?

  • DCABuckeye

    The update was pushed to my Droid Maxx on December 19th and at the install point totally bricked my phone. When the phone is bricked it will end up on the Motorola welcome screen. When I first contacted Motorola they were not aware of the issue and pushed me up to tier 2 support. They suggested I take my phone into my Verizon store. After the manager reached Verizon tier 2 support and they validated the issue, Verizon authorized a replacement “like new” phone which arrived promptly the next day. The replacement phone is completely blemish free and is working perfectly. It was a pain to get the phone back to exactly as I had it before, but Verizon and Motorola stood behind the phone. This of course was before the untold many started to report the issue. Many in the forums are complaining that Verizon has not replaced their phones; however, my experience was successful. I still love my phone.

  • chris_johns

    on another note…i updated my og nexus7 last night to kitkat with pa…and as we speak restoring 4.3…i dont see any benift from kitkat the gel launcher was slower then nova and i couldnt dislike having googlenow on the left and the home my first screen not my middle screen…its a weird layout the stock widgets dont fit fully…and there were zero pa features and it ran choppy compared to 4.3…i know its beta but da faq…only thing i liked was the immersion feature but that is all…and it breaks flash, even though there is a workaround i still dont see a reason to keep it…im good with solid 4.3 rom

  • chris_johns

    i read this article as droid hd/hd maxx…got excited…now im sad…thanks dl for starting my day at work sad…jp

  • well for me 4.2.2 has been giving me a few annoying bugs, lockups when navigating, touchless controls not doing a thing, active display not working at times. I guess in a way turning the phone into a paperweight kinda fixes the problems.

  • airos4

    Never got offered the OTA, used the file on here. No noted issues, no great changes either. My BT audio still works fine and connects automatically.

    • googlyeyedfrog

      do you have the link to that file? i must have missed it

  • NicolaeTM

    I was a member of the soak test, got it the first day they started roll out on my Droid Maxx. After being bricked for half the day i ended up sbf back to 4.2.2 and I sideloaded the update after going root and disabling write protection, which i kept after update btw (follow walkthru on xda). Things seem to be working fine now, not sold on the blue icons at all as i was hoping for a more kit-kat like experience. Battery life seems about the same on my device.

  • Matthew Fults

    That’s not true my wife has the moto x from sprint and has the smart dialer it came with the update

  • Matthew Fults

    I have the KitKat update my phones fine BUT! I didn’t get all the KitKat features like the smart dailer ,Google luncher experience, that being said it might been a soak test to but I can’t say really

    • George Davis

      The GEL and new dialer are exclusive to the Nexus 5. Anyone who has them on a different phone either side-loaded them, or got them via a custom ROM such as CM11. They are not part of KitKat.

      • Jeremy Martin

        The new dialer is there in the Kit Kat 4.4 build on my Moto X…the only thing exclusive to the Nexus, other than the GEL, is the caller ID/search function of the dialer which is not included. That is NOT part of KK.

        • George Davis

          The caller ID/search function is what most people are referring to with the “smart dialer”. The Moto X got a new dialer with KitKat but it’s not the same as the one on the Nexus 5.

          • Jeremy Martin

            Isn’t that what i just said? 🙂

          • George Davis

            Sorry, my reply was more directed at the OP but I see now that his response is outside of the thread: “That’s not true my wife has the moto x from sprint and has the smart dialer it came with the update”

  • JR Walker

    I was in the first soak group. No issues and nothing really to report from my update. I got all of the new features and no real speed increase or decrease. Droid maxx updated.

  • Nolemiwi Witawemat

    I got the update file and manually upgraded both my phone and my wife’s phone using the well documented sideload method documented on DL.

    On both occasions, the first attempt using sideload would transfer the update file to the phone, the update would start, then suddenly the phone would reset into a soft brick. By going back into recovery and running sideload a second time, the update completed successfully with no observable issues.

    Since the upgrade I have seen no instance of any slowness in performance, quality, or weirdness. Still waiting to find the time to go out and try tap and pay, but I assume that works fine too based on some other comments I have seen.

    Hope Moto can fix this quickly so everyone else can enjoy the KitKat goodness.

    • Casey Koster

      This is expected when sideloading this update. The first step Is the bootloader being updated. When you reapply the updated it updates system. Its well documented.

  • beng8686

    Sideloaded update in recovery on my Maxx and haven’t had any issues at all. Rooting went great through the update. Happy here.

    • Ej McCarty

      Do you mean your phone was rooted when you updated or that you rooted after the update. In either case how did you accomplish this and do you have the regular model or the dev edition

  • bluh5d

    I have droid maxx with root on 4.4 kit kat. I am a soak tester for motorola. Whatever day was the first day the update was suppose to come early in the morning just like on 4.2.2 update. It didn’t come until the evening. Anyways I haven’t had a single issue on kit kat. It’s awesome and so is tap 2 pay !!!!!

    • Michael Luscher

      Wait, Google Wallet TTP is FINALLY WORKING ON Stock 4.4 Droid MAXX’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bluh5d

        Yes it does. Its awesome !!!!

        • Michael Luscher

          FU VERIZON!!!!!!

  • Billy Sweeney

    I got the OTA on the first day (19th?) and did not see any problems or changes at first. I am starting to get Touchless Control force closes now and when I go into the app drawer and swipe to the 2nd page, it locks the phone… very odd…

  • dave

    I received my update to my Maxx on the 19th. All went well and I’m running kitkat 4.4

  • daeshaun (Cookie Monster)

    Thankfully wasn’t the moto x

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Well KitKat messed up the BlueTooth audio on my Moto X, and the Motorola forums show that the same thing happened for a bunch of other people.

  • neo1738

    got the soak day 1. Phone honestly is about no different. I think battery might be slightly worse honestly. Overall not worth losing root and tether.

  • Ken

    got mine day 1, it’s fine. i hope nothing happens.

  • Kevin

    Updated my Maxx on day 1 of the availability. Definitely didn’t brick my phone but there are occasional hangups/restarts (though I could be confusing the issues with my nexus 10).

  • Guest

    This is my second rodeo w/ Motorola – Verizon upgrade fail. First with my original Maxx and the Xmas upgrade to ICS on my Razr Maxx, now my wife’s Ultra. Bricked solid, local Verizon apathetic, and corporate offering a certified like new. Done with Motorola, sick of Verizon, wishing we had any other choice besides Verizon. Rural living has its price.

    • Carlton Crasher

      I switched from Verizon to AT&T CU’s nexus 5…Verizon has LTE in my rural area whereas at&t is subpar…I will say this Verizon has excellent customer service in my experience compared to what I’m getting with at&t and somehow I’m paying more on one line than I was with Verizon about 30 dollars more a month I don’t get it…I want Verizon to cooperate with Google. At&t is crap and I thought they were supposed to be better than Verizon other than coverage

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Worked fine for me. Bluetooth doesn’t display song info anymore. But otherwise fine.

    • I always thought this was a CM11 bug on my G2, guess it’s 4.4 related.

    • Ryan

      Really? Though I don’t use a Moto X or any of the current Droid lines (I do plan to get a Moto X either way even though I have a Nexus 4), but I have been able to see my song title and stuff through my car radio via bluetooth from 4.3 to even 4.4.2 without any real hiccups.

  • mcdonsco

    I got the update and wish that I didn’t.

    First off, no kit Kat look, still solid notification bar and blue.

    Second, battery life on my maxx has been significantly reduced.

    Third, 4g signal is not as good as it was.

    Fourth, the camera now sucks…it was *close* to on par with Galaxy’s (S4/Note3) before the update and now its about as good as the camera on the droid x…not good.

    Motorola really needs to address this (or maybe its Verizon’s fault?), either way without a resolution / another ota to fix these issues, I’ll be ebaying my maxx and going to an s4 as this update ruined the phone (not too mention the loss of root).

    • Are you referring to the bars or actual dBm reading? It’s very possible 4.4 shows signal bars differently, yet your signal is the same. Also, the camera on the MAXX was NEVER even close to that of the S4/Note 3, you are dreaming. If you rooted your phone you should NOT install an OTA as you will always lose root.

      • mcdonsco

        We agree to disagree.

        • Show me one review where the camera is praised on the MAXX/Ultra.

          • mcdonsco

            Don’t need to, I have eyes…I’ve owned the S4 and Note 3 and after the camera update to the maxx/ultra, the camera was, as I said, “*close* to on par” with the Sammy’s (read (if you can?): not as good, but close).

            Now it just flat out sucks.

            Plus, most of the reviews on it were BEFORE the camera update.

    • Justin Gilbert

      The S4 doesn’t compare at all.. I am so surprised how slow all my Samsung products are after getting the Droid Maxx… I haven’t received the update but it isn’t that much different them what we have now so just relax..

      • mcdonsco

        I did get the update…the phone is not nearly as good after the update.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Bull. You’re just trolling. Just stop it.

  • jonnyrazr

    I got the update and it works great

  • Chris Bice

    I’m sure minus the carrier bs bloat and software mods it would have been stable…. I’m glad I have not gotten the update yet.

  • George Davis

    Got the OTA update on my Maxx the first day of the soak. It installed with no issues and is running better than ever — 4G speeds in particular are much faster than before. This phone has never been rooted. Got the transparent notification bar via Nova Launcher, but the icons remain blue and white. I prefer the all-white look of my wife’s Moto X, but on the other hand I can read the battery percentage much better because it’s white-on-blue rather than white-on-white, so kind of a wash I guess. Glad to hear there’s a fix for the folks who were bricked. Incidentally I flashed CM11 on my old Droid Bionic this weekend (4.4.2 based) and it now runs a whole lot faster than before. The reduced memory footprint seems to help a lot with the Bionic’s 1Gb of RAM. Still nowhere near as snappy as the Maxx of course.


      I also got the soak test on the 19th of December and it is running very well on my Maxx. I am getting 51,2 hours on a charge. My switching from radio to wifi is very fast. Camera has shown some improvement. I filled out a survey for Motorola on Dec. 22 on my experience has been very good.

  • Brian Kircher

    I was lucky enough to get the update the day it came out, for me I have nothing but problems with KK, reduced signal connectivity, reduced battery life, and over heating are the major things I’ve noticed with this build.
    As fat as the transparent notification bar, I don’t understand why moto would have it be transparent on the lock screen and not be the same once the phone is unlocked. I also don’t understand the blue, but whatever. Hopefully the next update will bring us up to 4.4.2.

    • C-Law

      Try a factory reset. When I’ve heard of issues like this after an update, a factory reset has helped cure them. Just make sure you have backups of important files first

    • kixofmyg0t

      Whats the build number?

      • Brian Kircher


        • kixofmyg0t

          Interesting. I’m on 2-2 and have none of those issues. I need to check and see if 2-3 is freaking out in the revised boards.

  • Patrick Craig

    Flashed mine manually on Friday, no issues except I hate the blue.

    • Oliver Ortega

      How you flashed it

      • Patrick Craig

        Got the zip from the comments in another DL post. Flashed it through stock recovery.

        • Devin


          • Patrick Craig


            Download this and rename it to update.zip. then go to stock recovery. Now I got held up in recovery because all I saw was Andy with the red triangle. On the Maxx you have to press power and volume up to get to the menu. Select the sdcardsdcard option and select the update.zip. it will reboot once and boot back into the recovery screen. Flash the same file again. The first flash is to update the bootloader. You will see the second time the menu has a different look than the previous flash. Again do this at your own risk, I assume no responsibility if you brick your device.

          • Seth

            I just did this flash. Worked great! No brick. Took about 10 minutes once the file was downloaded.

          • Seth

            I did this on my Maxx, but my wife has a Mini. Will this flash work on her phone? If this has been posted somewhere, can you direct me to it?

          • Patrick Craig

            So i have read that some people are confirming this works for the Ultra/Mini as well. You could try it but proceed with caution. If your wife’s phone is stock, unrooted then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. But as I said, be careful, bricking is always a possibility with this kind of install. In related news, many people are saying that they have used RSDLite to get their phones back to stock after bricking so if it does happen you may have a fix.

          • Seth

            I just flashed it on my wife’s Mini. Worked great. It even Calls it obake-maxx on my Maxx, and obakem on her Mini with the same file being flashed. It seriously is a quick and simple update through flashing in the boot menu.

          • Patrick Craig

            It’s funny how manually flashing it has had less problems than the Verizon OTA.

          • Sam Corona

            How did you rename it?

          • Sam Corona

            Did it I got Error install aborted

          • Patrick Craig

            There is a .zip inside a .zip the second .zip is the actual file.

          • Sam Corona

            Thanks got it installed works perfectly! Except the Kit Kat easter egg acts weird but its only 4.4.0

          • Patrick Craig

            Rename using root explorer or download file to computer and rename it there. Then put it in the sdcard folder and flash through recovery.

    • can you post a screenshot of that homescreen with transparent bars and blue icons. i’m dying to see how bad this looks.

      • Patrick Craig

        I mean it’s not terrible, I would just like it all to match.

        • Tyler Bowden

          You can’t see the difference with a black background.

          • George Davis

            Here’s mine, you can see it better with the purple.

          • Patrick Craig

            Here’s a new one.

          • Patrick Craig

            And another for good measure

          • Franky Velázquez

            I hate Verizon with Passion… That is why I will leave them for AT&T where I can by my phone directly from Google and have no bloatware. and on top of it I will get a $15 discount for bringing my own phone. Verizon you are so dead to me…

          • Haha posting about AT&T saving you money is pretty hilarious.

          • Franky Velázquez

            I know… But the fact is that I have done the math & I will be able to have with AT&T the same as I do now with Verizon for $30 a month less. I do know that T-Mobile is even cheaper but it wont work in my area.

          • Luckily I don’t need a text messaging plan (google voice and hangouts) so I only pay $79 a month for Verizon with unlimited data. Also I’m lucky to live in NYC and LA so Tmobile is an option for me at some point.

            Getting off of cdma is a big plus, though. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  • jamaall

    I got my update December 19th along with the mix mash of blue and white

  • Zach

    Bricked. Was able to fix on Christmas thanks to an sbf. Unfortunately 4.4 is not ready. Main complaint is bluetooth doesn’t automatically connect to my car anymore.

    • Carlton Crasher

      clarification…When you say it bricked your phone, and you restored back to a previous android version to get your phone working again….how did you test bluetooth again? retake the update?

      • Zach

        If you go to xda there is a whole thread on the soak test. You cannot fxz back to 4.2.2. So we were stuck waiting for 4.4 while only being able to boot into the fast boot. Eventually someone posted what was needed to get 4.4 up and running but since then bluetooth has not connected automatically to my car and home button will automatically bring it to main home screen vice the last one used. Also battery seems a little worse

  • Richard Giordano

    Got update first day it came out on the soak ota and everything runs smoother then ever.

  • chris125

    See these fast updates didn’t give verizon the proper amount of time to test them so these issues don’t happen. You people wanted faster updates and this is what you get /s lol

    • LANCE

      the problem is verizons bloatware and they modify OS to take out things like tethering and nerf android…this is what happens

      • LiterofCola

        yeah, the bloatware is causing this issue. I swear some people shouldn’t breed.

    • This happened before even with months and months of a wait

      • chris125

        Clearly the /s flew right over your head…

        • Didn’t see the /s lol

          • chris125

            Apparently neither did the person who down voted my comment lol

          • chris125

            ah and even more butt hurt fanboys who can’t take a sarcastic joke. Gotta love the moto fanboys these days…

  • hyperbeatser

    I blame verizon

  • apple apple

    Got mine on the first day of the soak OTA. I unrooted installed, and all went well.

  • Sean Plantz

    I got it and the update went smooth. From what im hearing though, is moto is working with people one at a time with a solution to take care of the brick. They have been pretty responsive to it actually, just no official announcement.

  • Mike B

    Mine bricked on the soak test. It was down for 3 days until moto sent me an sbf file of KitKat. It fixed it. Only Verizon requested the blue status bar icons stay and it looks like ass with the transparent bar.

    • Kane Stapler

      That’s actually false. It’s against the Android agreement Google has for them to use any color other than white with a transparent notification bar. There was an AP article on it.

      • Mike B

        Yea I’m sure it is. Punit Soni said on g+ that the carrier requested it. I wish they were white it looks so much better

      • jamaall

        So google will break their own rules for Verizon?

    • C-Law

      Seriously? I guess I was very wrong to think they would just edit the vzw moto x build to include droid zap and droid wallpapers. Vzw moto x has white and not blue

    • Kevin

      I don’t see the transparent notification bar (just checked with YouTube app) but the blue icons are there…

      • Mike B

        I got the transparent bar thru nova launcher its only on the home screen. It changes to reg. black in apps.

        • Kevin

          You’re right. I wish it was consistent throughout. I’m not using nova but I do see the transparency on the home screen and nowhere else.

          • Charlie Rodiger

            Specific app developers must enable it. On the r/Android subreddit there was a thread which had a bunch of apps with this setting enabled.

    • kixofmyg0t

      What build number was the sbf you got from Moto?

      • Mike B


  • yodatom10

    its all that Verizon bloatware

    • Leon

      Honesty the new DROID lineup really doesn’t have as much bloat as other current phones, like the S4. Plus you can disable pretty much all of them in the app manager without root.

      • HarvesterX

        Can’t disable Verizon Voicemail unrooted (well on G2)…everything else yeah.

    • LiterofCola

      you’re an idiot

    • I can’t say it’s not due to the Verizon bloatware. Why? The Droids are basically the same as the Moto X internally — they have similar components — but the Moto X has no problems with the KitKat update.

      • C-Law

        While this is true of the moto x, Verizon forced moto to do some really stupid stuff to the version of 4.4 that will be running on the droid line, like keeping the blue icons in the status bar with a transparent background, which Google specifically has said NOT to do in 4.4, and they have the old dialer from what I’ve read too. It’s absolutely rediculous! So now the droid line isn’t as close to stock android as it used to be on 4.2.2

        • Michael Visser

          soon as possible I’ll be flashing an AOSP or alt. KK as I’m a non-Verizon user, wait, that’s not yet possible… 😐