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Deal: Google Offering Popular 2013 Songs and Albums Through Play Music for Free

Receive a new Android device for Christmas? Google wants to help kick-start your media collection with free songs and albums through Google Play Music, like Kanye West’s Yeezus.

In addition to the aforementioned LP, the respectable list of gratis tunes includes Chvrches’ The Bones of What You Believe, and singles from Arcade Fire, Drake, M.I.A., Rihanna, and Lil Wayne, among others. The promotion is U.S.-only, but Google says other regions are being offered different content.

All of the music can be attained from the Music on Google Play homepage. Happy listening!

Via: Play Music
  • Kevin

    Pretty sure you meant “obtained” not “attained”.

  • chris_johns

    I hope kanye dies so the real Jesus can bitch smack him across the face for being such an ignorant pos…I wouldnt download his bs album if i was paid to do so

  • Kyle Cordiano

    too bad all those songs suck.

  • JoserJDM

    Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that it’s good.

  • And not a single country song on sale…. I see how it is Google!

  • kuzronk

    >To verify your country of residence and set up your account, please complete the free transaction below. You will need to add a credit card to activate your account, but your card will NOT be charged.
    Why does this exist?

    • sweenish

      Big shot in the dark here, but I would guess it’s to verify your country of residence.

      • kuzronk

        I guess so but it’s kinda insulting to under 18s who just want to back up their music files online.

  • VodafoneTR
  • Chaap

    but its not in India ….very sad. one of the biggest android users are in India. then why they didn’t allow to get it

    • Gr8Ray

      Maybe because it’s only one user?

  • Fitim

    Off topic. So I upgraded my Galaxy Nexus to LG G2 using an upgrade from a basic phone like a month and a half ago. Was supposed to be switched over to a 2gb plan, but my plan still shows unlimited data. Anyone else upgrade recently and noticed this? Did I get lucky?

    • Read the forums bro! The dumb phone upgrade is OK in Verizon’s book.

  • StephenRice

    If you haven’t heard CHVRCHES’ new album, go get it. Such an incredible album!

  • droidboy 24

    i know this a little off topic but does anyone know if i go to bestbuy and get the note3 for 299.00 but dont let them activate the phone then call verizon and have them activate it i can keep my unlimited data????

    • slappy_sam

      To get it for the subsidized price you have to do it as an upgrade and assign it to an established line, or start a new line. If you want to just buy it outright it’s going to cost a wee bit ore than $299.

      • droidboy

        my contract is expired so it will be an upgrade so this will work correct????

        • slappy_sam

          When you assign it to a line (activated or not), the guy behind the counter looks at your account and he will see you have unlimited. He will then give you a nice little canned speech about how unlimited is unnecessary and of the devil, and a new share everything plan is really what you need. It’s not a s simple as just walking in an upgrading.
          DL did an article a month or two ago about the various options of how to upgrade and keep you unlimited. It’s worth googling up.

          • droidboy

            thx slappy sam i plan on telling them its a gift for somone

        • slappy_sam
  • Turb0wned

    Google must want us to die…
    Lil Wayne? Drake? Whats next Nikki and 2chainz?

  • ckeegan

    They have been rotating free tracks all months. I’ve easily added 75+ free tracks to my library, and I was pretty selective.

  • C.N.

    Oh my gawh! Just as expected…..I wouldn’t download them even for free.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    It would be nice to see a sale on music tailored to your likes and current Google Music collection. I know that’s asking a lot and most certainly a pipe dream, but any music sale anywhere is usually pointless for me to look at because they’re usually top 40 artist. Being someone who doesn’t listen to mainstream music (not being elitist, it simply doesn’t interest me) I think I’ve gotten maybe one album (Agalloch – Ashes Against the Grain) on sale.

  • n11


  • Tom Bryant

    Not the greatest picks, but 20 free tracks is still 20 free tracks.

    • Chris

      just because its free doesnt mean you have to download them….

  • Brian Menius

    Got the Chvrches album a few weeks back when it was free… great price for a solid album.

  • enigmaco

    Wish Google would do music that doesn’t make your ears bleed.

  • roberto.elena

    I love US-only promotions. Makes me not want to spend money in Google Music.

    • If you blame Google for this you’re dumb.

      • roberto.elena

        I don’t care if those promotions (not only in Music, but also in Movies and Books) are the responsibility of Google or the content providers, the result is the same: they are not getting my money. Why should I pay the same price (well, if you assume that $1=1€) if only US residents get free stuff?

        Steam sales (holiday sales, black friday, etc.) are GLOBAL. Same discounts (in percentage) and same free stuff all over the world.

        • Matthew Rebmann

          You still don’t get it. You’re punishing Google for not offering something that it can’t offer in the first place.. So blame Universal etc etc. I don’t care that you’re whining about not getting free stuff, I care that you’re whining and making it out to be Google’s problem. It isn’t.

          If you’re not using an service simply because it’s not rewarding you with a once in a while free item then you have need to reevaluate what makes a service worth it for you.

          • roberto.elena

            You don’t get it. When you pay Google for music, movies and books, some of it goes to Google and the rest goes for the content providers. So, it doesn’t matter who is responsible for this unfair policy, if I buy stuff, that company (either Google or the content provider) gets a percentage of my money.

            I’m not whining because I want free stuff. What I find completely unfair is that I get a worse treatment than US residents. And of course I’m not going to reward a company that treats some of their customers worse than others.

          • Chris

            then move to the US then if it bugs you so much

          • roberto.elena

            Yes, I’m moving to the US to get some free songs. Wait right there while I buy an airplane ticket…

          • Matthew Rebmann

            You got me on the bonehead remark, I apologize for that one. For the albums that we can get for free, are they available for purchase through Play in your market? If they then my point is is null. If they aren’t then money isn’t money. It still comes back to whether or not Goolge has the rights to distribute in those markets.

          • roberto.elena

            I also apologize for my rudeness. You know, the Internet makes one sometimes behave in a not very civilized way.

            Yes, they are available:

            Yeezus (Kayne West): 5,99€
            The Bones Of What You Believe (Chvrches): 9,99€

            For the singles of the other artists mentioned in the article (Arcade Fire, Drake, M.I.A., Rihanna, and Lil Wayne) I can only say that all of them have albums and individual songs in Google Play in my market, but I can’t give you prices, because I can’t access the list of free songs you are getting in the US (unless I use a VPN connection, which I don’t want to do right now).

            Now, please, all US residents living in your ivory tower that have been downvoting all my posts tonight, keep doing it. You will show Google how much you love them.

          • Matthew Rebmann

            Apology accepted. It’s sadly not the first time I’ve launched into an argument assuming it was going to be a battle. I suppose my opinion towards the matter has now become somewhat flacid. Thanks for checking on those prices and I agree, unless there’s something we don’t know it looks like BS on Googles part.

          • roberto.elena

            Yes, it is indeed a lot of BS on Google’s part which sadly adds to the BS that record companies and film distributors bring on their own.

            That’s why I used the example of Steam at the very beginning of this long conversation. I know that you don’t pay the same price for a game in the USA than in Brazil or in my country (Spain). There are o lot of reasons for that, different taxation among the most important of them, BUT when there is a 75% discount for a game, you get the same 75% in the US, in Brazil and in my country, even if the reason for this sale is a US-only holiday. And when they released Steam OS, it wasn’t a US-only or US-first release like Google does all the time, even with free services fully owned by them. Most people outside of the USA don’t care or are already resigned. The rest of us that still care are known as whiners and are hated like the plague in Android blogs and Google+ comments.

        • jack584

          Steam sales are global because they have more control over what gets into their store and they have much more interaction with the content owners (game developers). Google has no control over the record companies. You should be banging on the door of the record companies before you start bashing Google.

          • roberto.elena

            So, Steam does a better job with game developers than Google with music, movies and books publishers, doesn’t it? Or game developers are better than record companies, aren’t they? Or maybe it is both at the same time true. That’s why Steam and game developers get my money, but Google and the record companies don’t. Not hard to understand, is it?

          • Matthew Rebmann

            You not giving them your money isn’t hard to understand. You making it sound like Google has the power to give away movies or music that aren’t within it’s licensing rights makes you sound bone headed. It isn’t Google’s faults. It’s purely the record companies, and so on, deciding how they want their content delivered.

          • roberto.elena

            You making it sound like Google is completely innocent and the record companies are evil, makes you sound like you are a fanboy. Because of course you know what happens behind close doors with Google and record companies, don’t you?

            Apple sells music in 29 European countries, Google only in 16. Are the record companies asking Google for a higher price than Apple in those 13 countries? Maybe they aren’t, but Google doesn’t want to pay the price anyway, because it doesn’t find appeal in those markets, which is a legitimate business decision. Or maybe the record companies don’t even want to sell the rights to Google. Who knows!!! Don’t tell me that you do, because being a fanboy doesn’t make you know.

            And how do promotions in Google Play work? Again, don’t tell me that you do, because you don’t. And remember that Google sells music, movies, books and apps. Different companies in different markets, all behaving the same way? Do the companies go to Larry Page’s office and offer him to give only free stuff to US residents and he agrees? Or maybe somebody from Google contacts those companies and asks for a promotion? In this case, does Google ask for a promotion for the whole world and the companies tell Google that they only accept US promotions, or does Google directly ask only for US promotions? Please, tell me how it works. Oh, I almost forgot, you don’t know.

            I will say it again, Steam doesn’t do the same as Google, Apple doesn’t do the same as Google, Amazon doesn’t do the same as Google. But I must believe that Google has no say in this? Google doesn’t make any business decisions whose outcome is that they sell or promote stuff differently? Is it everything because the content providers want things this way? Please, tell me again how you know the answers to all those questions.

          • Matthew Rebmann

            I’ll concede that you probably have a point in your third paragraph but Apple also had a much bigger axe to swing than google ever has when it came to the record companies. The iPod and the iTunes store gave them that advantage. My “fanboy”ism for Google, or heck lets call it a “woody”, has no bearing on my thinking that you ALSO don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Google isn’t innocent. Far from it. They’re a company that makes almost all of their money by knowing our business and ads through search. You sound like a whiny little prick and your arguments come off as arrogant and as well as downright unpleasant.

            I would assume, and much to your amusement, that Google quite literally is paying for every copy of the property they are giving away and still following whatever licensing agreement they have to distribute said copy in the given regions.

            Other than the Rockstar BS that’s come about lately, I really don’t hate any company. I love Android. I also love my MacBook. I happen to enjoy My XBox as well. I spread the love, yo.

            (Except Sammy. I have an irrational hatred of Samsung in the mobile business.)

          • roberto.elena

            My arrogant and unpleasant response had two reasons:

            1. You calling me bone headed.
            2. You literally saying “It isn’t Google’s faults. It’s purely the record companies”

            Ok, it seems that you are changing now number 2. You assume that Google is paying for every copy they are giving away. Not a bad assumption in my opinion, we could agree, even if none of us knows it for real. But if this is true, it is not very believable that the record companies are willing to take that money only in the US and not in the rest of the world, because it doesn’t make sense at all. Money is the same in the USA as in Europe, as long as Google is paying and the record companies get the same amount, why would they not want more of Google’s money? If it is true what you are assuming, then it is Google not wanting to pay for that same free stuff in the rest of the world, only in the USA. Well, Google is of course not a NGO, it is a public company, and is free to spend its money however they want. It’s business.

            But what should consumers in other markets with Google Music or Google books (UK, Germany, Spain, etc.) think about this decision based on your assumption? If a US resident pays for example $5 for an album and $10 for a book and gets sometimes special discounts or free stuff, and a European resident pays 5€ for the same album and 10€ for the same book and NEVER gets those special discounts or free stuff, shouldn’t the European feel a little bit mistreated by Google? I know I feel this way. You call me whiner. Ok, call me what you want, but neither Google nor the record companies are getting my money in the foreseeable future.

          • Do you camp DL all day and night for a chance to troll, or is it just a big coincidence?

          • sweenish

            Publishers, not developers. You also appear completely oblivious to the fact that quite a few of the major publishers are already international companies, where record labels, film studios, and book publishers tend to not be.

            Your ignorance weakens your stance.

          • roberto.elena
  • lycosman

    As much as I can see, they’re not giving anything away in the Portuguese store. Not that it upsets me much since I’ve got All Access, but still, it’d be nice.

  • pezjono

    I’m not touching any of that “music” even if it’s free. Thanks though!

    • sweenish

      Are you seriously putting down CHVRCHES and Arcade Fire? And being upvoted for it? This makes me sad.

  • athensjohn

    Thanks. That is probably the most free music I’ve found in a while. Lots of free songs in different categories.

  • Rodeojones000

    Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake. Who knew Google had such terrible taste in music?

    • Royal2000H

      It’s almost like these artists got popular because no one likes them…

      • twist

        Yeah man, no one likes Kanye. His albums aren’t always more acclaimed than everyone else’s every year or anything.

        • Kisuk3

          Yah that’s why Google is giving it away for free

          • Zeiss

            Nah, on Google Play it clearly says “Album of the year” That’s why they’re giving it away.

          • Still overcharging for it…

        • Aaron

          Kanye’s music is so bad that he is in more danger on stage than our police and military are while on duty. He said so himself.

        • Jenny T

          How old are you twist? 8?

          • Twist

            Tell me how old you are Jenny. Because quite honestly it looks pathetic to go on the internet and attack someone because you don’t like their music or judge his music based off what he does outside of that. Kanye’s personality and ego is trash. But his music is top notch. You can disagree all you want. But the fact that he is literally always getting more praise http://www.albumoftheyear.org/list/summary/2013/ http://www.albumoftheyear.org/list/summary/2010/ than everyone else when he releases an album is saying something. He’s diverse and he doesn’t rehash his music. We need more people like that

            There’s a famous story about Queen making “Bohemian Rhapsody”: Whenever the band thought the song was finished, Freddie Mercury would say, “I’ve added a few more ‘Galileos’ here, dear.” But nobody can out-Galileo Kanye. With albums like Fantasy, he makes everybody else on the radio sound laughably meek, but he’s also throwing down a challenge to the audience. Kanye West thinks you’re a moron if you settle for artists who don’t push as hard as he does. And that means pretty much everybody.

          • Adrynalyne

            This is what passes as talent these days?


          • Twist

            You’re right Adrynalyne. That music video is trash. And when asked why he made that music video he never gave a proper answer. People have been bashing that music video pretty hard. And surprisingly enough he isn’t fighting or arguing back against all the criticism like he is known for doing. Which makes me feel like he did it just because Kim wanted it and he knows it’s bad. Anyways, the song itself is top notch and probably the best song on the album.

          • Adrynalyne

            I can’t stand the song either. If it is representative of the album…wow…

            I respect all types of music, but I do not see any talent in this.

          • Twist

            You see, I could respect your opinion if you actually had a valid reason as to why you don’t like it. But rather you choose to just bash it, which to me just says you’re not even giving it a chance or you’re biased.

            Or you hate his lyrics, profanity and what he has to say, which if that’s the case you may as well just hate hip-hop and rap in general. The unique thing about the song is the change in progression from when Charlie Wilson breaks in with his solo vocals, to the point the song goes back on track with “uh-huh honey”. How about you listen to the song from the actual album rather than the YouTube music video Because honestly I highly doubt you had heard the song until the video hit the web.

          • Adrynalyne

            Here is something you won’t need to doubt:

            I couldn’t care less about you respecting my opinion. Kanye went full retard. You never go full retard.


          • Twist

            You continue to spout things without back up your statement. You can’t be taken serious.

            Petty immature bias you have there.

          • Yeenngling7

            Twist man just stop. Kanye’s haters are some of the most ignorant people you will see on the web. Nothing can be said about him without people taking it to the comment section to bash him. I’ve literally seen people wish death upon. yes death. You know how low that is?

            Just keep letting him do what he’s been doing(making 9/10,10/10 albums, wining amazing awards and inspiring other artists) and let the haters do what they do, which only fuels him.

          • Adrynalyne

            Hating him and thinking he sucks as an artist are two different things. It is sad that you do not understand that.

            Of course, you are just the same troll as Twist, you just changed your Discus name.

          • Twist

            Wow, can’t even use troll in the correct context. A troll would be someone going online spouting stuff they have no idea what they are talking about and refusing to back up their claims.

            Sound familiar? Probably not because you’re probably never in the wrong in your eyes.

          • Adrynalyne



            “In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory”

            Nice try kiddo.

          • Adrynalyne

            The only immaturity is you not valuing other people’s opinions because they do not align with your own.

          • joejoe5709

            Dude can’t rap or flow. Terrible.

          • michael arazan

            My music sucks so bad the only way to get people to listen to it is to reenact my wife’s sex tape.

          • Johnny Bravo

            So I watched the video on the bottom, and let me say this. I can do better. I can memorize and say (not sing) words too. But lets look at this from an artistic view. I have two legit questions that I have no idea about.
            1) Does he write his own lyrics?
            2) Does he compose his own music?
            If yes, he just makes horrible music. If no, he is just a person that can talk very badly to very bad music. BTW, you never answered Jenny’s question, how old are you?

          • Twist

            See, someone who finally takes the initiative and ask’s questions and goes into detail as to why they may or may not like him.

            But anyways, yes to both. He makes his own music and then samples old songs most of the time into them.

            And I’m sure I’m going to get down voted for saying this,but it’s my belief that you can’t bash someone until you actually give them a legit chance and listen to their best albums from start to finish. Just listening to one song and saying “he just makes horrible music” isn’t valid. Listen to all of either College Drop Out, Late Registration or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy then I would actually take you more serious.

            Also, I’m 23, I fail to see how this has anything to do with what’s going on. I guess taking up for Kanye’s music must in some form or fashion make you look childish. Because clearly taking it straight to the comments bashing Google for giving away free music and because their opinion of Album of the Year is not the same as your own and saying an artist is trash without going into legit detail as to why isn’t childish.

          • Johnny Bravo

            So let me rephrase our concern about west. A musician is someone that can play an instrument. Can he play any instrument at all? At BEST he can vaguely be called a vocalist, but even then first off, does he actually sing or does he talk, and is his voice strong (I can answer that, no). Call me old schooled (im 19) but i love classic rock (doors, pat benatar..etc) and I call that music, and it is impossible to call what west does “music”.

            I respect country, classical, (love) reggae, and even (love) old school rap (not the ones in the last 10 years). I dont listen to Taylor Swift, but I can at least call it music. I dont like pop/hip hop anymore because you simply cant play it with an instrument ( not to mention they dont use their own voices anymore). Years ago, I couldve said I loved pop/hip hop; some backstreet boys songs come to mind. But not anymore.

            I just listened to two words (which some people say is one of his best), and all he does is talk (not sing) with a lousy beat in the background.

            Basically, what west does, does not fit our meaning of music, and it never will. He is not a musician both by our meaning and the dictionary meaning.

            This is is way better than what he offers


          • Twist

            Thanks Johnny, Appreciate the fact you actually went into detail about your concerns with him. At least you don’t sh** post and just say his bad without any valid reason.

            But anyways I like your taste in music. I love rock, way more than rap and hip-hop, only in recent years has rap/hip-hop started to become something I can appreciate if its done by a artist I respect. And after having listened to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye really opened up the world of hip-hop to me. When I first listened to it from start to finish back in 2010 it was hard for me to fathom that hip-hop could bring something this beautiful out of itself. I can agree to your definition of an actual musician. Only that Kanye can actually play instruments. He’s pretty mean on the piano and electric keyboard.

            So, yeah in a sense he is a musician, but more than that he is an artist. I think you will see what I am talking but if you would just watch this and give it a chance.. It’s 35 minutes long, but it’s none the less amazing and just incredibly artistic. It’s hard to follow what’s going on but there’s tons of metaphors and such going on.. This is what really put him on the map for me and made me realize why critics love him so much.


          • Johnny Bravo

            Thanks for being very civil. Most people just start cussing at this point.
            this is better than the other 2 songs i listened.But it is still not singing, it is talking by extending vowels, not raising the pitch of his voice. (I will be honest, I listened to a bit over half of it, i really couldnt stand it). Also, he may know how to play the piano, but i have never seen him in a photo with it. Im assuming he isnt known for his piano skills.
            Lets just agree to disagree, you may like him, i dont. But if anybody asks me, he doesnt make music.

        • morpheus282

          Google would have to pay me a pretty grand sum before I’d consider taking any of Kanye West’s albums. Remember, the movie “Battleship” was highly acclaimed as well. It’s almost as if that praise was generated to boost ticket sales or something…

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      I think it’s free because hardly anyone was buying it in the first place.

      I not a big fan of that type of music but there are so many better choices out there.

    • D3lusionz

      Kanye or Google would have to pay me to listen to that rubbish..

      • Chris

        and I’d just take the money and run

    • J

      lol Drake’s album is the truth. Check your technofile elitism, it doesn’t apply to music too.

    • I’m just curious, do you actually listen to the full new albums for some of these artists?
      Or do you just cast them away because of the name?
      I have a hard time believing that, with the hundreds of songs out their by popular artists, you couldn’t find just a couple that you like.

    • bprichard

      Kanye West and Chvrches (which is also free) made two of the best albums of the year. If you don’t like hip hop, fine, but don’t act like Kanye’s album isn’t good just because you’re not interested in the genre.

      • trumpet444

        i am interested in the genre, and he’s ruining it

    • Eric R.

      Buy ARTPOP

    • Redstone

      I’m returning my phone.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Google is racist. It’s not available in my country 🙁

    • Chris

      Not googles falut

    • MKader17

      Not sure you understand racism….

  • Turbine Tech

    Don’t care for Kanye, but free is free… Diggin the Churches album though…