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DROID MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini Receiving Android 4.4 Kit Kat Update Starting Today

droid ultra

After a brief discussion over a soak test of Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” for the new DROID family of phones (DROID MAXX, ULTRA, and Mini), Verizon and Motorola have gone ahead and made the update official for everyone. But even though the update is official and rolling out starting today, it’ll be happening in phases, so don’t expect that you will all be able to pull it. With that said, here are the dirty details of the update. 

For each device, you are looking at a final software version of 19.5.3.

Since the update jumps you up to Kit Kat, you get all that (well, most of) Google gave us weeks ago during the Nexus 5 launch, outside of the Kit Kat smart dialer and the Google Experience Launcher. So you are looking at Immersive mode, full color emoji support, stronger security, smarter power use, SMS and MMS together through Hangouts, and more. To see the run-down on Kit Kat features, check out our highlight post.

The update is more than just Kit Kat though, as Motorola included new camera software to improve your photo experience, FitBit support, a big update to DROID Zap (v2.0), and a whole boatload of updated bloatware.

The full changelog can be found below:

droid maxx ultra kit kat update droid maxx ultra kit kat update

droid maxx ultra kit kat update

Video overview of Kit Kat:

Via:  Verizon Support [2] | @VZWNews
Cheers Tom, Kevin, Jared, Ed, Ed, Rooster, P, J, C, and everyone else!

    I know I don’t want a brick… But this blows. Moto X and the droids were said to be ridiculously similar. Come on son!

  • Ken Caron

    3 weeks later, still nothing in Denver.

    • Ken Caron

      Got it this morning on my Mini.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Nothing in Ontario

  • Mayavi

    one of my friends got bricked motorola ultra. sending to verizon to replace it.

  • DroidGuru

    Still no update to my droid maxx, is this just me or re other experiencing this as well?

    • DroidGuru


  • Rich West

    Nothing in Orange County California as of today.


    Still nothing here. Got a fitbit and I’m using my nexus 7 2013 for the app. Hope the update pushes notification to my wrist. Says notification coming soon for the force

  • How many others have not received the update to 4.4 on a Droid Ultra from Verizon? Usually the update might take a week for all phones. Been 10 days, called tech support and they said hopefully soon. I can’t even force an update from the about phone, software, check for updates. Full battery, 4G, and wireless on….what gives…

  • rulingsword

    9 days and I have not received this update. Is there a hold up?

  • Campbell Rice

    I never got the update on my Maxx, has it ever been released?

  • cipearman

    Anybody else out there have yet to receive this? Nashville, TN.

    • BeejRich

      Nothing here. D Maxx Atlanta

  • matt

    Installed the update on Monday and it bricked my D mini. Verizon told be have a merry Christmas…its a motorola warranty issue. jackholes! (1/2 thru install…ERROR) batt was at 100%


    I’m getting a Fitbit Force in 2 days… Hopefully this is like last year and we get the update for Christmas eve

  • Marc Lewis

    I havent received an update yet. 🙁 I’m impatient. Haha.

  • RoadsterHD1

    They found some buggs and are being fixed. Roll out will continue shortly.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Still waiting in ontario CA. and Tustin CA

  • Ybbor

    Still Waiting for the OTA update… GRR! How long does the roll-out take? They should allow us, people that actually know about the update and care about it to have some way to get to the front of the queue, and then do the staggered roll-out to people that don’t know/care it’s coming!

    • Ybbor

      Still waiting for the OTA update… waiting…

  • dreeemer

    Was JUST about to root my Maxx when I came across this! Ima wait till I update…
    Anyone know if Kit Kat will interfere with the rooting process?

  • AnthonyMcEdwards

    Still no update for me & my Maxx.


      Me either

    • AnthonyMcEdwards

      Still nothing. I was in one of the last groups to get Jelly Bean too. Does Verizon haet me or something?

      • Stnkycheezman

        still nothing…you get it yet?

        • Missing Link

          Here it is December 27 and none of the three Droid Maxx’s on my family plan have been updated? What’s taking so long?

          • Campbell Rice

            I never got mine either.

        • AnthonyMcEdwards

          Nothing. A couple of days ago when I hit the update button it stopped and thought about it for 5 seconds like it was preparing to start the download instead of just saying no right away, then it said your phone is up to date…again.

          • Matthew Swanson

            January 8th and I *STILL* have no update! Argh

  • V338

    I got the update on Thursday, it has been a improvement across the board. Phone feels faster and smoother.

  • matt96

    Not sure if this happened to anyone else but my phone crashed with the update and now is stuck on the Motorola screen.

  • Jordan

    Still haven’t received the update on my MAXX. I check for the update every hour ha

  • Michael Visser

    Will the OTA update hit Verizon phones abroad too or is it limited to acctive VZ subscribers? I’m in Denmark using a non-Verizon 3G SIM…

  • katie

    does anyone know how long the update takes?

    • samuel harden

      will any of these work with droid razr m

  • Randy Rowland
  • Steve

    i still have yet to get my update

  • barrmy

    Since I dont see anyone having uploaded, here is the one for the ***maxx*** – http://d-h.st/Irq

    Flash in stock recovery

    For folks wanting to maintain root, I would highly suggest waiting a couple of weeks for a FXZ file. Other than being able to get the newer 4.4 moto apps, there isn’t much of a big difference IMHO

    Note: I did use this myself succesfully through stock recovery. I was never rooted, but had various apps disabled. The first attempt to flash just rebooted back into recovery halfway through, so i flashed again and it went through flawlessly.

  • Dammit… Kit Kat OTA finally hit my Maxx and it failed and now I’m stuck at the Fastboot screen and can’t do anything. 🙁
    “Partition (boot) Security Version Downgraded – Boot up failed”.
    Now my phone doesn’t work. 🙁
    Already tried RSD Lite back to 4.2 and all that did was fail on gpt.bin. Regrettably tried a factory reset so now all my files are gone, but still can’t go forward to 4.4 or back to 4.2. Why was I so excited for this updated again? blah…

    • Note: I wasn’t rooted, no custom bootloader or ROMS. I tried everything I could over a 4 hour period before resorting to RSD Lite. Read every article I could find (which isn’t much yet) on XDA forums (Ultra). Can’t understand how a stock phone could have this issue with an OTA when my old Droids (OG, DroidX, and Bionic) all happily accepted OTAs even when rooted (or at least let me FXZ back and try again). Sadness.

      • Mike

        I had the same issue. Went to VZW corporate store, where they tried to flash the ROM back onto my phone. No luck. Fortunately, I have insurance on my phone and they were able to file a VZW warranty claim. I should get my replacement phone today via FedEx.

        • I was hoping to find a solution before going to VZW, but it’s not looking good and I need my phone. 🙁

  • mcdonsco

    Now we just need root for it again!

    The update put my entitlement check = 0 back to = 1 damn it!

  • Still waiting for mine. 🙁