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CyanogenMod Raises Another $23 Million in Funding, Looking to Hire Squad of New Engineers

Steve Kondik, Cyanogen Inc’s CTO, took to the official CyanogenMod blog today, announcing that the group has received another $23 million in funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz, bringing the total amount of capital to about $30 million. Pretty impressive for a group of dudes that started making custom ROMs a few years ago. With the second round of funding under way, the team is apparently getting ready to hire new staff “like crazy.” 

Kondik did a very good job at laying out the first step Cyanogen is going to take with the cash flow through his blog post, and we have gone ahead and posted an excerpt from it below.

This new influx of capital will primarily be used to grow our engineering team as well as our UX, design, and product teams so that we can continue to build the next generation of mobile experience.

What does this mean for you as a CM user? Not much yet, except that you’ll see more new things from us more often. We will continue to invest in the community by way of increased resources, sponsoring more events, and of course staying open. You’ll see new apps and features from us, new services, and also more devices which run CM out of the box.

Do you love Android and open source? We are looking for great designers and software engineers to make it happen. Visit http://cyngn.com/careers if you want to be a part of of the new revolution in mobile!

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of CM, definitely hit up that Careers link.

Update:  The Oppo N1 running CM 10.2 passed Google’s CTS and CDD certification programs, meaning it can run an official Google Apps package. That’s neat. [Google Groups]

Via: CyanogenMod | TechCrunch
  • chucklehead322

    I like the stability of the CM final releases and would use it as daily driver but it lacks some of the basic customizations I’m sure most of us enjoy.
    My biggest beef is navbar support. I want the buttons to do what I want them to do and look how I want them to look. Change that and I might start using it again.

  • SplashMTN

    I only used cyanogenmod for the last month or so that I had my Gnex, but I loved it. It made the phone more useful and I I couldn’t find any noticeable bugs, then again I’m not a Dev. I’m thinking about flashing it on my G2, but it’ll probably be a while before I do so.

  • David

    You’ve got to be kidding me. How on earth does a dev team that can’t even release a single stable rom with 100% of its features working get 23 million dollars in funding? It’s completely ridiculous. I’ve tried quite a few cm roms and they were all terrible. It’s befuddling that there are alternatives such as paranoid android, PAC-man and aosp that do a far better job at compiling stock android style with good features that ACTUALLY work.

    • SupportDevs

      It’s one thing to be a hobby and work on it, it’s another to be a paid employee creating something. Most devs that are building for phones are independent developers who do it for fun like dhacker. Whenever your main focus is developing and building roms and not having to worry about another job to support urself can do more. Also from what I see most of the roms that have features missing arn’t so much fault of devs, it’s that they are working with limited resources and starting with drivers and trying to make the software work around it instead of making the software and creating drivers to make it all work together.

      • David

        I’m not knocking the people building cm. I’m knocking the base they start with. I have not seen a sing cm rom that says 100% working, 0 issues. I’ve seen a couple that say 100% working and you read a little more through the op and then you see the camera doesn’t work. I’ve said it before, I fail to see the appeal of cm when it’s buggy and offers less features than so many of the great alternatives. I mean, why is it that paranoid android can get roms that work with out issue and cm can’t? I would rather be stock no root on touchwiz then use a rom with the cyanogenmod moniker.

    • MKader17

      Did you ever use cyanogen mod with the OG Droid? They really revolutionized the ROMing community. It seemed that as soon as they started seeing dollar signs the hobby work started dropping significantly in quality. Also have to take into account that they were trying to cover every device instead of an initial few.

      • David

        I’ve used it before. Back in the hay day on the hd2. The only good one was an aosp based rom with some cm features added. I look through some of the cm threads for the Nexus 7.2 and everyone of them has something not working. I fail to see the appeal in a rom who’s only decent feature is the theme engine. Outside of that cm offers nothing. And if you want to see some incredible skills from a dev, check out cotulla on XDA. That man is a genius.

  • Once CM becomes mainstream the flashing addicts will want to get away from it just as much as people can’t stay on stock Android with Nexus devices.

    • Chris Hughes

      This right here. People scream “I hate these OEM skins I want vanilla android!!” Then install CM with its insanely feature rich (bloated?) skinned version of Android and pat themselves on the back.

      If an OEM took as long to get a working/stable version of their version of android after google releases a new version as CM did people would cry foul.

      And look…I’m not a hater. I run CM on my GNEX. I’ve run it on almost all of my Nexus devices as well as others. But it’s just another skinned version of android. One that often has forks that run much better than the official release.

  • starnovsky

    I’m curious how their business model looks like…

    • Adrynalyne

      I’m curious if they have one 😉

  • Bob G

    Another fork-ish.

  • tuname1t

    Where is kleendroid?

    • Aardvark99

      you have to say his name three times to summon him